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Buick LeSabre



  • maxmostmaxmost Posts: 1
    I have a 93 Custom and it did have a similar noise that you are describing. mine was a broken engine mount.
  • les98les98 Posts: 1
    Ihave a 98 with 28,000 mi. that went out of warranty in March, '01. In 12/00 my tran. cooler line failed causing leak of fluid. They were replaced under warranty in addtion to an oil pan which was faulty. Last Sat/ 6/2 my tranny. failed. Being out of warranty the dealer wanted $2300 parts and $900 labor. It didn't matter that only 2 mos. had passed and there were only 28,000 mi. on the vehicle. After much negotiation GM agreed to pay for the part , but I have to pay for the labor. Iam not a novice to GM products, Since 1971, (I am 52 yrs. old) I have bought either a new LeSabre or Olds Delta 88 every three or four years. From this current dealer I have purchased three vehicles in his 10 years of being in business. I find it hard to believe that the tran. cooler line failure had nothing to do with my current problem. The dealer says they are not related. Note, to the writer who complained of a shutter when the vehicle slowed, that was starting to be noticed in this vehicle before the trans. failed.
  • rhraaschrhraasch Posts: 9
    I'm responding to the mail about the uncomfortable seats in the 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom. For what it's worth, I have a 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom. I'm 6'4" tall and I'm able to raise the seat up to where it is completely comfortable. Over the last year I've taken several long trips and I believe the seats are the most comfortable I've ever had in a car and so far, in my lifetime, I've gone through 28 cars. (This should also tell you I've been around a while).
  • stan13stan13 Posts: 14
    I agree with rhraasch that the seats in the 2000 LeSabre are supportive and comfortable. I've driven many, many miles on long trips without getting tired or suffering back pain or discomfort. I like the power lumbar support (Limited version)which is easy to adjust unlike the manual hard-to-turn knobs on so many cars which discourage the use of this feature. Now if GM would only learn to use decent looking leather on their seats............
  • captbobcaptbob Posts: 1
    Purchased my car on March 23,2001 I have had it back for a noise when turning right or left. sounds like it is coming from inside the car. The seat track has been replaced the noise is still there. Hard to tell exactly where the noise is coming from. Anyone else have similar problem.
  • I am college student who is looking for an affordable car that can get me back and forth to college (2 hrs away) when I want to go home for the weekends or for breaks. I was thinking about a Honda or a Toyota but then I saw a '95 Buick LeSabre Custom on sale for not that much and looked it up on Edmunds which showed good ratings. I'm trying to get a car that lasts til I'm out of college at least (if not longer) which is 2 1/2 more years. Does anyone have any advice on which type of car would be best for me?
  • tmahtmah Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone could provide a short review (from personal experience) of the 1992 Buick LeSabre Custom. I'm planning on buying one in the near future (within the next few days). The one I'm looking at has 89,000 miles and I know too little about cars to be able to tell if it's in good shape or not just to look at it. In terms of comfort it's a beauty. Other than that, anyone know how reliable it is? Any safety concerns I should know about? I'm a grad student and need a reliable car for another three years.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    You can go to the National Highway Traffic Safey Administration site at and get data like safety recalls and crash tests. It takes a few minutes to orient yourself to the site but after that it is easy to use. I don't know if info goes back to 1992 or not but it is worth a try.
  • schuellerschueller Posts: 3
    Well after 44,000 I finally had a Kazoo noise attack today. Does anyone know the service bulletin number on this issue for when I take it in the Friday?
  • rhraaschrhraasch Posts: 9
    The bulletin number for the kazoo noise is
  • markcareymarkcarey Posts: 1
    Wher can I Get a good set of seat covers for a 200 lesabre custom. Cloth seats?
  • devil_tazdevil_taz Posts: 21
    In response to vsaxena posts about the steering noise. I have a 96 lesabre and I first noticed the steering noise after a cold start. Later, there is a mysterious hum. The pitch of the hum varies depending on how fast I'm travelling. (A higher pitch sound when I'm travelling over 30mph, and a lower, deeper hum when I'm travelling under 20mph)
    The dealer checked the car and replaced the problem by replacing the front right steer bearing which cost about $450-500 (canadian) in parts alone. (forgot the cost of labour)
    Hope this helps.
  • dispencerdispencer Posts: 6
    I just bought a 1997 LeSabre and unlike my '94, this car has a noise in the transmission -i.e. I can hear it shift -sort of a whine at lower gears. It goes away when the car is in overdrive. I took it to the dealer (and so did the previous owner) and the dealers said that there was no cause to worry -it shifted fine and the noise appeared to be keyed to RPM. It seems a bit louder when the engine is cold. Anybody else experience this? Transmission fluid is fine and the car was owned by someone who took care of it. Thanks - Karl
  • andy80andy80 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 LeSabre limited with 52k. Great shape but it is beginning to stall. It originally began to stall occasionally only when at idle. No codes present. Replaced idle motor? Now it momentarily shuts down often even when beginning to accelerate or drifting without acceleration, often so quick you feel like someone hit the brakes, the dash lights flash and then the car continues with no problem. Sometimes there is still a full stall at idle. The engine rpm has also "surged" just as I am removing my foot from the brake. I would appreciate ideas for I fear an expensive repair that may be just a guess. Thanks for your help.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Anything else would be guess work.. My guess is that it is setting codes in the computer. Dealers are expensive on a six year old car. Look and ask around for an engine computerized diagnosis center with a good reputation. Beware of old joe the shade tree's garage--go pro for an accurate diagnosis. Simple things can cause weird problems -- like leaking/cracked vacuum lines, egr valve etc. Good luck
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    An update. At 17,000 miles our Titanium blue 2000 Buick LeSabre custom with Prestigue Pkg and leather is doing great. It has several trips from OKC to Roswell NM under its belt (500 miles one way). Out on the open road it is hard to keep it on 75 because it just wants to go higher. We are in the midwest and speed limits are higher. It continues to pull a tad over 30 mpg cruising at 75mph. Very quiet and effortless cruiser-a tad over 2,000 rpm at 75!. On curves it hunkers down and pulls through nicely with no noticeable leaning. Not much I would change except for some decent cup holders (fold down armrest). And even though this car stickered at 27k it has no fold down armrest in the rear and no cupholder(even with the leather option). Yes I could have spent 3k more and got them on a Limited, but come on Buick this is kind of chinzy. The leather is not of the greatest quality but most folks like the blue interior. Rear seat cushions have little support for my 200+pounds but I don't ride there much. Has 16" tire option but not gran touring pkg. I keep tires at 35psi as opposed to the 30 psi recommended. Handles nicely and tracks excellently in heavy rain as well (although I slow down anyway). No problems whatsoever with the car. It gets 22mpg city/rural driving. Looks a lot like the new Jaguer sedan, especially from the rear. Waxed up it is just plain beautiful. Would love to hear similar reports from other 2000 and newer owners.
  • kcwolfpack59kcwolfpack59 Posts: 122
    I have posted several times over the past year. I griped about minor glitches such as the kazoo noise and an exhaust rattle which were fixed. The only thing that was not fixed was an intermittent battery rundown, which has not happened since Oct. '00. maybe the car fixed itself. I am extremely happy with the car. If I had it to do all over again, I would choose the Lesabre, especially after driving other similar full size cars from other manufacturers. This is a great car for all day driving.
  • cw10cw10 Posts: 2
    well it has now become a real problem,my buick cuts-off (shuts down)while driveing,once on a bridge...did go in for repairs,now later again on the highway,in again (dealer)still waiting.what would be next,a stall in a tunnel (c.b.t.)all eletr. cut out info on dash...just wait 1 min. and re start.??
  • eric227eric227 Posts: 8
    My parents purchased a 2001 LeSabre in mid-May. 10 days later the car started acting funny while they were on the expressway (transmission shifting funny). Once they applied to brake to get off on anexit ramp, the car died. They were 4 hours from home. The dealer there said they could fix it in a couple of days and gave my parents a free rental. My dad went back to pick it up and an hour later the car did the same thing again. He had towed to our selling dealer. They kept the car for about 4 days. My mom picked the car up and when driving to work it tried to stall and the 'check engine' light came on. My dad took it back to the dealer - it still ran at this time. The dealer kept it a week and from the codes given from the check engine light they needed to replace the MAP sensor.

    My parents have had the car back exactly a month and no recurrence of problems. They have almost 4,000 miles on the car now. They're taking too many trips, but I guess that's the luxury of being semi-retired. It was disappointing having a 10 day old car break down, but my parents love the car - ride, handling, gas mileage, comfort and the 0% financing sealed the deal. They still say they'd buy another one.

    Anyhow, maybe the MAP sensor is what is causing your car to cut out.
  • Hey everyone,
    Sorry about not writing sooner, but I have been busy. Since macarthur2 asked for road reports, I thought I would contribute mine. I have a 2000 Limited Silver/Grey Leather interior with everything except the memory seats and HUD Package. I have 16,500 miles on the car and it still rides like new. No problems with the car at all and I get 31 mpg on highway and about 21 city. I drive 25 miles to work each way at 65 mph on highway. I have changed the oil every 3000 to 3500 miles and keep the tires at 32 psi. Nothing else has been done to the car in terms of service. I love the car and would buy another one without a thought. Feel free to email me or ask any question's. I'll try to write more often.

  • cw10cw10 Posts: 2
    to Eric 227, thanks for the reply... problem not fixed,so they wash the car for me ? so if it happens again... will mention "map sen cr."
  • ez2changeez2change Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Buick Century and love it. However, I have started to hear a click when I apply the brake. It usually cannot be heard unless I am going under 30. The click will not happen again until I accelerate then brake again. Sounds like it comes from the middle uder the car. The biggest problem is that it will do it for a week then not for another week. Anybody have a similar situation?
  • andymsnandymsn Posts: 19
    I've been looking for a cream puff 1998 or newer Park or a 2000 or newer LeSabre with lower miles (under 36k) at the right price for a while. 30+mpg on the highway for a car that big still amazes me. I own a 1992 Bonneville with 167k that still gets 28+ which I'm planning to keep.

    About two months ago, I discovered the bucket seat/console option on a Park I saw and I personally think it's the Road Warrior's dream setup. I've been told that the console option is relatively rare as it makes the car into a five person vehicle and dealers don't like to take them used because they're harder to sell. I'd also been told that after 1998 or 99, the console is only available on the Ultra but on Friday, I found out that it's available on Limiteds with leather, too!!

    Last week, I thought I had nailed a 1998 Park with buckets/console but found out through a connection of mine at the DMV that it had been t-boned in 1999. It was otherwise in great shape and I obtained all the service records for it (including the hit) and there were no unusual entries after the accident (alignments, etc.). Nonetheless, pretty much bagged the car because of the hit.

    I called around to some dealerships last Thursday to see who had what. Surprisingly, found a 2000 LeSabre Limited, Y56, traction control, HUD, leather AND the console with about 6600 miles on it along with a few Parks that interested me so I checked them out.

    Drove the LeSabre and really liked it except that very mild vibration between 50 and 60 and at about 70, perhaps because the tires are out of round from the car sitting for so long on their lot. The tires on it were Firestone 225/60/16s. I've read some about that on here and I want to confirm that it can be dealt with by either new tires and/or proper balancing? Also, are those Firestones the original equipment for the Y56 suspension? I thought it shipped with Generals? I'm partial to Goodyear for all-seasons and Michelin Artic Alpins for winter. Has anyone used either and, if so, did you get no/worse/some vibration?

    My other and more important question is what people think this car is worth? According to the sticker in the glove compartment, this car was built in August, 1999, stickered for $30,700, or so, and was ordered by the dealer I drove it at. Apparently, they used it for a demo and their Service Manager drove it for a few months during that time. The disclosure sticker indicates they've had it for sale since mid-December, 1999!!! It's never been titled to anyone so it's still considered a "new" car so I COULD qualify for new car rates (although not GM promotional rates), even though it's almost TWO years out of current model year.

    The numbers on here indicate a Limited-base trade value of $16,700 and $19,500 on a customized analysis. Dealer retail alleges $19,500 base and $22,600 with the options. Kelley says $19,800 on trade with options and retail of $23,300. I haven't been able to get Black Book on it yet. I asked the dealer to give me a figure to chew on over the weekend and they came back with $26,300.00, which I HOPE they didn't think I'd agree to pay.

    The car appeals to me but I'm not willing to save their behinds by immediately being way upside down on it the minute I drive it off their lot (I'm planning to put about $2,000 down plus tax).

    What should I pay for this car? I know it's a weird situation. Anyone's thoughts are very much appreciated!!!!
  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66

    I've got a 2001 LeSabre Limited with every option except the engine block heater. Sounds like the car you are interested in is pretty much decked out the same way. If you decide to buy it, you'll love it.

    Here are my thoughts. As far as the Park Ave vs LeSabre question goes, I personally think the LeSabre is a better value. There used to be a pretty good gap between the two cars, but now you can get most of the Park Ave options on a LeSabre Limited. The Ultra tops out over $10,000 more than a loaded LeSabre Limited. Besides the Supercharged engine and a little more room, I don't know what you're buying for the extra $10,000. I'm talking about new car prices, of course.

    I've driven both cars, and I feel like the LeSabre is a much more balanced vehicle. It rides as smooth as the Park Ave but I feel it handled much better. I've driven both cars with the Y56 suspension; the Park Ave still rolls around too much for my taste. The LeSabre corners much better.

    I prefer the interior of the LeSabre to the Park Ave. The LeSabre is much more contemporary than the Park Ave. It also has the "catcher's mitt" seats that is supposed to cushion your body much better in the event of an impact. I don't believe that the Park has these type of seats.

    The LeSabre is also a better looking vehicle. It's not much bigger than a Regal or Century and has a very Jaguar-ish type look to it, especially from the rear. The Park still looks like a big Buick with a front grille that swallows up the entire nose.

    Now, back to your "new" 2000 LeSabre. A fair price for that car is about $23,500. If you buy it at $26,000, the dealership guys will be high-fiving each other as soon as you drive it off the lot. If you really like the car, play hardball and offer $23,000. Don't go over $24,000. This car is basically a wart on the dealerships lot right now. They want to get rid of it. If I were you, I would offer $23,000 and if they say no, just walk away. I'd bet anything they'll take your offer just to get rid of it.

    I'm starting to close in on 9000 miles and I can't find a thing about the car I don't like. I also disagree strongly with the notion that the bucket seats and center console available in the LeSabre lower it's potential resale value. In my opinion, there are only two cars built in the world that can comfortably seat six people - The Caddy DeVille and the Lincoln Town Car. Other cars may have a bench seat in the front, but I couldn't imagine trying to haul six people around, especially on a long trip. The extra storage space of the real console plus the extra power outlets available more than make up for the lack of a sixth seating position.

    If your budget is too tight for a new car, grab the LeSabre you've been looking at. If the dealer won't budge, get a new one. Wait until one of the holiday weekends; dealers are always dumping cars then at good prcies and/or financing.

    Good luck.
  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    Back from a 2000 mile trip on my 1994 LeSabre. No problem at all...not a single. And really drove the rig over the limit on the PA roads in a rainstorm (I take 5th on specifying how much over). Passed several BMWs and Audis on the way. This car has amazinlgy high limits. And it is so comfortable on long trips!!! The family loved it. To put in context...last year's trip of 500 miles one way in a Civic had put me out with back pain for a whole day.
  • spindelspindel Posts: 8
    2000 Lesabre Ltd with 17K has steering wheel vibration on US Highways at 60- 70MPH. I have 15 inch General Tires that are not worn. I've had the alignment and wheel balance checked. My daughter has a Honda Van with Michelin Symmetry tires that do not provide any steering wheel vibration.
    Is there any way to correct this problem without spending a fortune for new tires, or is new tires the answer.

  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Have a competent tire shop check the tires for being out of round or for a cord which may be crooked. There is also a chance for a warped rim.
  • eric227eric227 Posts: 8
    Does anymore know if there will be any new colors for the LeSabre in 2002?
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    It's kinda like a rocking chair; in fact at speed the long stroke struts don't have enough umph to keep the tire in contact with road and evidently the tires will start to cup/flat spot..

    My encounters with Buicks is only with three of them, all bought new; 87 Electra T-Type,92 Regal GS, and a 94 LeSabre. The 87 was my wife's car and I flat spotted all four tires on a quick trip to S.Fla from Detroit when the car had less than 20K. Sold at with 34k miles.. 92 Regal GS creamed 4 sets of Eagles in 90k miles and the 94 went to 113k miles. The 94 LeSabre was given all new struts at my expense at 50k since the originals were totally shot--replaced with Monroes by the Buick dealer per my instructions..

    The Grand Touring pkg is a sham; for no Buick suspension will withstand continual 75+ on a daily basis..It ain't a road car..

    It's the soft creamy ride that is downright dangerous in any serious road maneuver..In panic stops I realize why seat belts are needed--to keep from sliding out of the seat onto the floor!!!!

    The drivetrain is std issue GM which is okay, no excitement..The pricing is too high and someone is looking at a 2000 LeSabre for 25+; sheer madness..not worth much over 22 max..

    For a similiar size car the Pontiac Bonneville is a much better handling car that will age gracefully, don't really like the looks but its geared for performance and roadability..

    Just my two cents; after all it's your money..
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