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Buick LeSabre



  • My '94 Lesabre has died on me twice, (going about 30-40 mph and it eventually restarts). First I had the fuel filter and plugs changed and after the second episode the fuel pump replaced. It seems fine except when I go around a corner it starts to die OR after going downhill, at idle, it starts to die. ANYBODY got any ideas? To add to the dilema this MAY happen more frequently when the gas tank is on the last 1/4.

  • If you are just throwing parts at it, try the fuel pump next.

    Otherwise, get the fuel pressure tested, it may indicate the pressure is low. Your local parts store may even be able to loan you the fuel pressure gauge to make the test. (After all, they'd like to sell you a fuel pump!)

    Until you said may be more frequent at 1/4 tank or below, I was thinking battery going bad or a bad ground.

    Of course, I just went through the bad battery thing on my 87, so I know it well. The car never died, just intermittently lost power. I'd hit bumps and the dash would turn into a Christmas tree. One of the terminals was making intermittent contact and warrented battery replacement.


  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    I hear an ultra version is being shown in Frankfurt and may be bound for production very soon.
  • My wife has an Uncle who is selling his '98 Custom LeSabre with all the bells and whistles. He will sell it to us for $13K. The car is in excellent shape, been garaged and has only 24K miles on it. I used to sell these cars in 1998 but I don't remember much about any recalls, problems, etc.
    Should we or shouldn't we???
    This is the question. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. I could think of a few features I wouldn't mind seeing in a "LeSabre Ultra". Better stereo, better bucket seats, little more wood trim (or real wood instead of fake), power lumbar for the passenger, 17" wheels/tires for the GT suspension, backup alarm, more info on the HID, and last but not least, HOW ABOUT A SUPERCHARGED ENGINE WITH A HEAVY_DUTY TRANSAXLE !

    Go build it Buick. I'll buy it tomorrow.

    - vtech83
  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    ...I will buy in a jiffy. This car I am driving ('94 Ltd with base suspension) is superb. With a little more suspension tuning, Steering wheel and oomph, this car will really kick a..

    I have to start modding it someday...I plan to go from suspension (bars, better shocks) to intake/exhaust and lastly to supercharger. This will be the sleeper sedan of the century.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    especially since the Park is soon to be replaced with a sexy and gorgeous new concept car. (Wish I could remember the name - not Blackhawk)

    An Ultra based on LeSabre, priced below present Ultra would be a sweet addition to the line.

    Mike - got your checkbook ready?

  • Buick LeSabre Ultra. I love the sound of it. Especially if that sucker has the 3800SC engine which it sounds like it will. Mine will be gone tomorrow if Buick builds this thing.

    Actually, it's sounding more and more like Buick is going to be one of the sedan survivors in GM. I've been hearing the rumors about the Bonneville and other Pontiac sedans. It looks like Chevy will be building trucks/SUVs/Vans, importing small sedans, and of course, building more Vettes. Pontiac is supposed to be focusing on sporty SUV models and possibly a successor to the Firebird/TransAm. Olds is gone. Saturn has their own little world. That leaves Buick and Cadillac as the primary sedan makers in GM. Hopefully Buick will start sprucing their lineup a little to reel in a different market group. Cadillac will still be the premier division, so I don't see a mass shift of GM sedan buyers to Cadillac, even though the new CTS looks pretty hot.

    Hope everything is going well in the wake of the September 11 tragedy.

    - Mike
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Thank-you Edmunds for the flags - you were ahead of the curve on this one! It's great to see those flags standing proudly. Next - how about making them wave a bit?

    God Bless America

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Mike - I'd also love to see Buick produce this car - and would definitely consider it when replacement time comes for my Bonneville. I have fond memories of Buicks in my past and although I'm also enamored with Impala LS, LeSabre Ultra would be a wonderful consideration.

  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    I also like the idea of a LeSabre "Ultra", but I also think that perhaps the new home for the Aurora will be Buick, and that car will be the "performance" model of the lineup.
  • I keep hearing that, too. That would actually make more sense that a SC LeSabre. All they really have to do is change the front and give it some type of Buick grill and get rid of any Olds logos on the car. If Buick does take this car, I hope they improve on the quality. That seems to be the biggest complaint about the Aurora.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    What would cause the "service engine soon"light to come on at about 100,000 miles.It doesn't stay long but returns.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    The new upcoming Buick LaCrosse will probably have some Aurora bits in it. The current Aurora is supposed to soldier on until spring 2004. But, I wonder if even that will really happen?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I've been trying to think of that name - the LaCrosse. The concept car was fabulous - can't wait to see how Buick does it in production.

  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    The upcoming LaCrosse will use components from the upcoming Cadillac CTS. It will not use any components from the Aurora.
  • I can't help but wonder what lead foot does car testing for Consumer/Guide/ Reports and the like. They rate the LeSabre at something like 16 city and 22 highway and take points away for that in their ratings. In rural driving (stop sign every mile) my LeSabre gets 22mpg and on extended highway trips (all interstate) cruising at 75mph it gets 30.4. That is a lot different than the car test mags. What do they do, floor it at every light? I'd like to hear some realistic numbers on gas mileage. I don't do much city driving but some of you must - is your mpg better than Consumers/Guide/Reports?
  • We have a 2000 leSabre and it get's up to 32 on the highway. we also have a 1990 bonneville that get,s between 20 and 22 on a 16 mile commute on back roads, and 30 highway.
  • My 87 that just turned over to 90K today is averaging 24MPG in a mostly urban freeway environment. Plenty of Stop and Go. Yesterday was 300 miles of mostly rural interstate at 80+ MPH and some serious cross winds and I got about 25MPG.

    I think the CR/CG must be estimating a bit and have gotten it really wrong.

    I've hit the 30MPG in my 87 when I drive 5 under the speed limit and am really gentle with the throttle.

    I would imagine the newer ones are even more fuel efficient.

  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    I never get any better than 16MPG in city (16 miles commute - stop and go)...I got about 26 on highway.

    By the way I aleady got the fuel system and plugs tuned. The above mentioned figures are after the tune up.

    Otherwise, this thing is a pleasure...solidly built as a tank and totally reliable.
  • andymsnandymsn Posts: 19
    Considering a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limted with about 7k, Y56, 16" Affinity tires, leather buckets, console, traction control and HUD (not sure if it has heated seats). This car has never been titled and is still "new." In other words, the dealer apparently ordered the car and accepted it in about September of 1999. Allegedly, it was used for a demonstrator and one of their managers used it to commute from work to home and back.

    If I purchased the car, the dealer claims the bumper-to-bumper warranty would start as of the date of purchase and extend for 36 months or to approximately 43,000 miles, whichever comes first. I had a friend of mine who works for another GM dealer run the VIN through GM's warranty database and it came up as having been initiated in late September, 1999. Obviously, I have some serious concerns in this department because the dealer is located approximately 90 miles from my home. Thoughts on the issue are appreciated.

    I posted quite a while ago regarding what the cognoscenti on this board thought would be a fair price for the vehicle. The responses were thoughtful and I appreciate people taking the time to express their opinions. Unfortunately, the dealer was not reasonable and so I decided he could keep his car. Over three months and now a second model year later, the dealer still has the car. Thoughts on what the car is worth now would be appreciated. I'm thinking something on the order of wholesale value (I think the reason they haven't taken it to the auction is that they CAN'T because it's never been titled).

    FINALLY, I rented a 2001 LeSabre and it has that damn vibration problem at 60-70 mph which drove me nuts. As I recall, the car I'm considering also had the issue when I test drove it. I know some have claimed that the tires being "out of round" is one possible cause of the problem, but I'm not sure I buy it. Does anyone have a legitmate, tried and true fix for the issue or is it simply a suspension problem, NOT tire/wheel balance issue?

    Thank you in advance for anyone taking the time to respond.
  • I have a 2000 LeSabre and do not have any "vibration problem" However it has the optional 16" tires (Generals) without the handling package. I have had it up to 80 on our 75mph turnpikes and it is steady as a rock, there is no vibration. A friend has a similar LeSabre, also on General tires and no vibration. I'd be interested to know if this so called vibration problem has anything to do with the Affinity tires. Maybe you could ask other folks who have the vibration to identify the tire brand? Cord separation could also be the problem--it takes a tire pro to spot it.
  • marki1marki1 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 LeSabre Custom, which had all the features I wanted except an that is has the cassette player instead of the in-dash cd. Is it possible to add a cd changer that is controlled by the radio controls? I know Buick offered it as a trunk-mounted option, but I think they may have recently stopped (on the 2002) and it may have applied to the Limited only (maybe the Limited was pre-wired or had to be ordered with that option to be wired). The dealer offered to install a CD changer that plays through a radio station, but I figured if I decide to do that I'll wait a while (I can always get that from an audio installer).

    If it not possible to get an integrated radio-control operated CD changer, what are people's experiences with aftermarket RF cd changes (those that play through a radio frequenc and come with their own controls)?

  • tiny6tiny6 Posts: 6
    I'm thinking of getting a 2002 Buick LeSabre. What's the best price going for an extended warranty? I know Honda has a 7 year, 100K miles and 0 deductable that goes for as low as $850. Does Buick or GM have something similar. Besides responding here, if you wouldn't mind letting me know via emai I'd appreciate it; Thanks.
  • Click on Advice (at the top of this page)and then Warrantys and read what Edmunds has to say about extended warranty. Also you may want to read what Consumers Guide/Digest thinks. Some like the idea and some really don't. If you are buying but will trade off in three years forget the extended warranty. But if you intend to drive it 'till the wheels fall off' you might want to consider one. Shop around though I have seen them add $1700 to a friends Grand Marquis purchase and that was a rip off. Read up on them so you can be an informed purchasers. That's my two cents worth.
  • Hey gang,

    I'm helping my mom with the first car purchase she's ever had to make on her own, and she's got her eye on a 1996/1997 LeSabre. I've never owned one myself, and wondered what all of you had to say about them. I know they have generally solid reps, but the law of averages says each car has its' own problem areas too.

    We've got a mechanic lined up to double check anything she is really interested in, but if any of you folks knew of potential problems unique to LeSabre's it'd really help out.

    Thanks in advance for any help...later.
  • I too, have the gens with the 16 wheels, they seemed to be OK but I have a very minor vibration which I attribute to the rock collection these tires pick up. I've never seen anything like this. Every rotation I pick out the rocks one by one with a screwdriver. You would not believe what comes out. Sooner or later, I'll own Michelins....Also, has anyone had a stalling problem when decending hills? Mine's done it twice since new, summer of 2000.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Whether a car like the one you describe is new or used depends on the state you live in. In CA, such a car is new and the new car warranty begins at the mileage and date when first sold. As for price, I would look at Edmunds retail pricing for a used car as a guide. The only extra thing you might be getting is the extra warranty, and this is not enough to alter the price, just enough to seal the deal. The should be plenty of data on 2000 models to get a good feel for used retail pricing.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The factory CD changer can not be added to these cars (there is a GM TSB on this). The CD changer ties into the class 2 serial data bus, and if the car was built without the changer, the data bus is not wired back into the trunk. There may be a cassette/CD combo (like the one in the Aurora) that would be a drop in, or if you do not need the cassette, an in-dash CD changer may be an option.
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