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Buick LeSabre



  • Considering one as my next car. Any issues?
  • I am new owner of LeSabre 1999.

    It has 34K on it. It has depreciated by 50 % in 2.5 years which is of little concern to me. Generally, Toyotas and Hondas do not show this kind of deep depreciation but I have another Toyota and wanted to try some thing different.

    I liked the test drive, like the interiors and took the decision.

    Let us see, time will tell.

    Any special tips for longer life would be appreciated.

    - Sajala00
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Is the Park Avenue going to be discontinued in the near future? If so, when exactly is it going to be and what will its replacement look like?
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    The Park Avenue will be around a few more years.

    There are rumors it may be replaced by a new RWD sedan that resembled a Buick show car from a few years ago.

    Or it may be replaced by an Ultra trim on the LeSabre.

    Or it may be just be discontinued.
  • change the fluids at least as often as the manual says don't abuse it and you should have a 200,000 mile car.
  • Okay by me, now do you think we could get the supercharged 3800 engine that is available in the Park Avenue and Regal? Weird that they have that engine for the more expensive and the cheaper Buick but not the LeSabre. God forbid that we tamper with the "Older Generation," stogy, reputation of the wonderful LeSabre. Some of us would love to have this car with the supercharged engine with 240+ hp and a little firmer handling package. Any others interested? Maybe Buick actually reads this column and might get the message.
  • indrekindrek Posts: 6
    I accidentally backed into a light pole in a parking lot. There was a slight jolt at less than walking pace, resulting in a broken red tail lamp lens cover. Imagine my surprise when the friendly GM dealer informed me that one cannot buy replacement lens covers. Instead, one has to purchase the whole lamp assembly for a total of Cdn $900+

    Needless to say, I went to Canadian Tire and bought a four dollar roll of red lens tape to patch things up. Not as pretty, but functional.

    The bigger question is why GM cannot design a bumper that will protect from costly damage after such a seemingly trivial bump?


    Indrek Aavisto
    Sudbury, Ontario
    2001 Le Sabre Limited
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    It does not surprise me that you need to purchase the entire lamp assembly. GM (and most of the other manufacturers too) save money by supplying parts as full assemblies rather than bits and pieces of assemblies -- there are fewer parts to inventory and keep track of. Also, it is usually the case where the assembly is manufactured as one big piece, as with the tail lamp. They don't think about repair costs. So GM keeps it's costs down and the consumer pays more when it comes time for repairs. Stinks, huh?
    Maybe troll around eBay; someone might be auctioning off a tail lamp assembly cheap.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Red Green would be Proud of You! After all, you can always count on duct tape for the temporary fix (unless of course it holds up well enough to be come permanent!)

  • My family has 1999 LeSabre Limited and 1993 Toyota Corola.

    One fine day my wife broke the tail Red lamp of my Toyota while she was backing. The Toyota dealer quoted me $650. So I put the duct tape as Indrek. Unfortunately, water started sipping in from the cracks and I had to change the inside bulb every now and then [ especially for every state inspection ]. Finally I ordered that part from for $60.

    Now it is working fine.


  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    My womans 96 Deville with 81k trouble
    free miles will be needing some expensive
    strut (AIR-ELECT.?) and brakes. She
    don't like the new Devilles either and no
    dealer around has a new CTS to look over.
    Our last couple of vacations we have rented
    a Lesabre. She has checked them out and
    likes the SEATS ! (no leather). With our
    GM employee discounts, rebates, aarp, etc.
    A new Lesabre custom is about 17k cheaper
    than a new Deville.....Any comments etc.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    No light or service warning on..But the
    front end bottoms out easily on speed bumps
    or rough road etc. So its gonna need
    some attention soon. My mechanic buddy
    sez the Caddy struts are now aval. at the
    parts house cheaper than GM orig. equip.
    And its gonna need brakes too.
    Syracuse NY winters are not kind to cars!
    I only keep em' about 5 years or 100k miles.

    BTW: My aunts 90 Skylark ?troublefree 120K miles.
    She just took advantage of 0% interest, rebate
    Gm employee discount on a new Prism!
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    I replaced the entire right rear lamp assembly on my 1999 Chevy Venture....$55 from the dealership's parts counter.
  • artwisartwis Posts: 66
    Where did you find the aarp discount? I have a membership but haven't found a discount coupon etc. Picking up wifes new Buick in 11 days would sure like to find one.
  • How much did you get it for?? Did you get it at a dealer or private party??

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Actually it is my mom that is a member
    and I will have to ask if its aarp or
    aaa. She got it in the mail last Oct?
    But it has been discontinued but
    the rebate is still good till June 02.
    The coupon can be used by family member
    also at a reduced value 500 bucks i think !
    I also have a GM family saving 1000 rebate
    because of mom is retired from the General ~!
    Thats why we are replacing the 96 caddy
    with a Lesabre ! 17K cheaper..........
    Will post about that coupon deal when woman
    comes home today. Prob. with a New BUICK !
    I WANT a new 03 Caddy CTS.........
    Shes the one who has to drive it....
    So you know how it goes .....LOL.......Geo
  • Anyone here by chance own a 1996 Buick Lesabre?
    My family owns one with 165 000kms on it. We don't hammer the car and regular maintenace is perform when needed. There is a annoying problem with the car. When the weather is cold, there is a grinding/sqeaking noise (like when you jump up and down on a old sofa or bed) emulating from the front passenger side of the vehicle (loudest when driven in the morning). It happens when I turn the steering wheel (both direction) and when travelling over bumps/potholes. I replaced the upper suspension mount a year ago (it was fine then) but the noise is reaccuring. I looked at the shocks and there was no leak. Any ideas?

    My mechanic also told me that the seal around the engine oil pan is leaking and the seal around steering shaft is also leaking. The A/C compressor have signs of hitting the hay (There would be a 'derderder' sound when it is switched on, louder at higher rpm range). A few days ago , I had to replace the intake manafold gasket because it was split (MEGA $$$$ for labour). I've also noticed that the coolant level is dropping steadly on every oil change. The car was warmed up (driven more than 15kms) and it would be at the 'COLD' level instead of the 'HOT level. No signs of coolant leak on the ground.

    Please help!

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    That aarp coupon is only good for
    1000 on 02......2000 on 01
    Lesabre. They came in a GM family
    Savings promotion last year not direct
    mail from AARP. plus 2002 GM rebate !
    Woman still not decided!
    I can wait a bit..but I do want a new CTS !
    I have a GM Caddy Repeat Buyer cert. also !
    Good luck with your new Buick !.....Geo
  • Annoying alternator whine transfered via heater hoses to passenger compartment at low rpm. Why don't the GM dealers want to deal with this complaint when there is a TSP on it? GM is supposed to be aware of it but what are they doing about it? It is a mystery to me how Buick can market the Custom with this annoying whine. Has anyone had a similar problem and can share a possible solution? Thanks.
  • indrekindrek Posts: 6
    On my 2001 Le Sabre Limited I have noticed that air flow from the passenger door defogger vent is very much less than from the driver's side door vent. While the defogging on the driver's side is very fast, it takes quite a while for the passenger door window to clear.

    The dealer said this is a design flaw with GM vehicles, and claimed to have seen the same problem on an Impala. This does not sound very likely to me, but unless there is a mechanical blockage or break somewhere in the vent tubing, I can't think of a way to fix it.

    Has anyone else encountered this, and if so how did you resolve it?

    Thanks In advance
  • ajacatajacat Posts: 63
    Custom, 130K miles...I was driving along last Wednesday and it started having a hard time accelerating, and two or three times it almost did not kick in when I was starting up from a full stop. Then as I was driving it just stopped, dead stopped. It would turn over, but it never caught. The guy who towed me (works at a service station) and two guys who were painting our house said it was probably the fuel pump. We tested it and it wassn't getting fuel to the engine. So, first I replaced the fuel filter, and that got fuel to the engine. I could hear the fuel pump turning on when I turned on the ignition, and fuel is *definitely* getting to the engine. Then we tested whether any juice was getting to the spark plugs by sticking a screwdriver in one of the plug cables coming out of the ignition coil, but there was nothing. So I replaced the coil, and still the car doesn't start. It turns over, the dash lights come on, but it never catches.

    I never cranked the engine for more than 15 seconds (at the very longest), and never tried more than three time in a row to start it (i.e., I didn't sit there cranking it for long periods of time).

    What should I try next? The guy at Autozone said I should get a new rotor, spark plug cables and spark plugs, the painter guys (who work on their own cars) say that's ridiculous. Still though my car doesn't start.

    One last thing: when the car first died, I checked the engine coolant. It was empty (there is a really slow leak in the system somewhere). I refilled the coolant tank, but am wondering if I might have fried something in *that* system that's causing the engine not to spark?

    Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  • rhraaschrhraasch Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 Buick LeSabre with leather seats. The car is still under warranty. This morning I noticed the driver's leather seat has a small wear spot in one of the seams. Has anyone attempted to get a leather seat repair under warranty?
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    I looked hard at a LeSabre, but I was weak, and bought a Z28 I'm paying!

  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Probably screwed up the demographics in Flint - I'm 33 y.o. and just picked up my new Custom on Saturday. After a steady diet of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc., wanted an American car. Just plain tired of the $ 1500 "scheduled maintenance"!!! Same goes for the rice burners. The car is great - lots of room, quiet, still on first tank of gas and i've already driven 300+ miles! Got mine with 1SD (Best Seller) package and CD Player.
    Cant wait to drive it cross country.
  • eric227eric227 Posts: 8
    Has anyone experienced one of these? My parents took their '01 LeSabre in for an oil change at one of the quick lube places. The lube joint noticed something hanging low on the underside of the car and said to take it to the dealer since it is still under warranty. The dealer fixed it for free and said it was a loose tie rod.

    My parents were happy to get it fixed, but is this something common or just a freak thing? They have 16K on their car. Thanks.
  • tigercat21tigercat21 Posts: 28
    Speaks very well for one of the most owned cars in America (6 posts for all of march and april), people usually dont write in when satisfied...of course it could be that car is owned by older folks who aren't big computer users so consider that too... Ed
  • stan13stan13 Posts: 14
    I have a 2000 Limited with about 35K miles. At idle, in "Drive" and particularly when shifted into "Reverse" there is an annoying vibration which is transmitted into the cabin and through the accelerator pedal. It is accompanied by a very low exhaust rumble or drone. Could this be attributed to bad motor mounts which allow engine vibrations to intrude through the frame? It is not a problem when moving. The dealers seem to think this is "normal", the default reason for anything they cannot figure out. Any clues as to a fix on this would be appreciated. It takes away from what is otherwise a very pleasurable car. Noise and vibration are detractors from the refinement one espects from a car of this class.
  • stan13stan13 Posts: 14
    Sorry...last line of # 577 should read "expects".
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Would like to hear from younger LeS owners out there.... where are you? Had my Custom about a week now - 1st tank of gas average 26.9 mpg - mix of city/hwy. Too bad more people shopping for an Avalon or Camry dismiss the Buick as an alternative - much better styling, softer ride, more people/cargo room. Only real improvement needed is sound system - I have the "concert II" and it doesnt sound like the speakers are up to the task.
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