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Buick LeSabre



  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    Has anyone installed HD struts such as KYB, Koni, Monroe Reflex, etc? Thanks, Lamron
  • kcwolfpack59kcwolfpack59 Posts: 122
    Still love the 2000 Limited. I put 4 Kenwood speakers in my 97 Monte, which has a similar sound system. It made a huge difference and was $155 well spent. It was a huge pain to install both sets and I would highly recommend anyone considering speaker upgrades to let a pro do it. I did cut holes in the rear deck allowing the speaker grilles to be exposed which helped with the sound. Mom is the primary driver, though and lives 75 niles away, so I am not about to make the same upgrades. I am considering buying this Les. when she trades and I just turned 40 and will be proud to drive it.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    My folks have a 2000 LeSabre with the GT suspension. They live in Arizona and like how it drives in the mountains.

    My 35 y/o brother drove it wheil visiting and thought it was "cool".
  • dponsdpons Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 lesabre with the same vibration, when in drive when stopped with the brakes on. I got the "can't duplicate the problem" response from the local Buick dealer and have not gotten around to complaining to Buick about the dealer's lack of performance. But I managed to cure the problem by running a bottle of fuel injector cleaner (by chemtool) in the gas tank. It must have been a clogged injector that the dealer was not capable of or interested in diagnosing.
  • slimrjpslimrjp Posts: 5
    I am 27 and just purchased an '01 LeSabre Custom and I truly love the car. When I was ready to trade my '92 Caddy in I spent about 3 months searching for a comparable replacement -- the LeSabre fits the bill almost perfectly. I really only miss threethings - power passenger seat, an outside temperature gauge and the acceleration of the Caddy (I think the Buick could outrun the Cad).

    I really enjoy pulling up to the regular pump and getting 30+ MPG from a full size road warrior. Last weekend I was filling up next to a Camry owner who asked how I liked the car and what mileage I got. When I told him he would not believe me until I showed him the trip computer.

    What are the future plans for the 3.8? I read many auto mags and they all are saying what a good power plant it is, but all of them recommend updating it to a more modern Aluminum engine. I hope GM isn't listening.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I have read that the 3.8 will be around the rest of this decade, but GM is developing a new DOHC V6 engine and a new OHV V6 engine, and these engines will eventually replace the 3.8. I am not aware of any improvements planned for the 3.8.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    My '02 Custom (2200 miles on it in 3 weeks) has averaged 26 mpg (even mix city/hwy) - I still cant believe it! I have shown the trip computer to friends (and non-believers) alike. Interesting that you mention no outside temp indicator - it's about the only thing I miss from my old cars. Seats are very comfortable - especially when I discovered the manual lumbar adjustment. I too have the manual pass side seat-oh well, when I "graduate" to a Park Ave..
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Just put the third coat of wax on my new 2002 Custom sedan - I have used everything on my cars from Meguiars to Zymol and found the best product for ease of application is The Wax Shop Super Glaze. Looks great on the lt bronzemist paint! By the way, that color must be the most popular this year - now that I have it, I am seeing a lot of it! Anyway, building up a few coats of wax early on makes it a lot easier to keep bird droppings, sap, etc. off the paint.
  • allterrainallterrain Posts: 8
    I have a '97 custom with 60k. Recently my brother-in-law and sister came to visit. We used the Buick to "run around" in and frankly was embarrassed. He is a biggy at probably 275 lbs. or so, sat in the front and the wives sat in the back. Here is the thing, we bottomed out constantly!! We have had this auto for 4 yrs. but really haven't ridden 4 adults very often. Help me!!!!!!! Do I just need new shocks or is there some kind of suspension modification that can be done or?????? I realize the car is a low rider but this is ridiculous. Also would be open to certain shock replacement manufacturers. The shocks are most certainly original equipment. What can be done?
  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    I read somewhere that GM was heavily revising the 3.8 and that normally aspirated versions were going to be putting out around 240-250 hp. The supercharged engine could be easily pumped up to close to 300 hp but the problem is in the FWD tranny to handle it. Of course the Northstar puts out 300 hp in FWD so I don't fully understand why that is a problem. Wish I could remember where I saw the article.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    I'm not positive about this, but even in '97 I believe the LeS had auto level control rear suspension as standard equipment. It does now. Just a hunch, as it sounds kind of early (60K miles) to be doing any major suspension work.
  • allterrainallterrain Posts: 8
    on a '97 LeS custom jb, but thanks. I very much hope that new shock absorbers do the trick because that is all I can think of what to do.
  • tlindemantlindeman Posts: 16
    A year ago I decided to get rid of my minivan and buy an economy car for mileage. I purchased a 2001 Honda Civic LX sedan with a 5 speed. After racking up over 23,000 miles in one year I have decided that buying this car was a big mistake. First of all, while economical (car averages 35+ mpg), the car has had it's share of niggling problems necessitating multiple trips to the dealer (lastest is leaking front struts and worn ball are on back order and could be up to 6 weeks...apparently these parts are defective on many Civics and Honda can't keep up with the demand for warranty replacements). Also, I'm really tired of shifting! I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided that the 5 spd. would be more "fun" but driving in heavy traffic with a manual gets old after awhile. Finally, the car isn't that comfortable...lots of road noise and a bouncy, harsh suspension make for less-than-relaxed driving. I have been very impressed with the responses regarding the LeSabre owners and am aware of the power, economy and longevity of the venerable 3.8 engine...I have a 1988 LeSabre in the driveway with 131,000 miles and the drivetrain is still smooth as silk. We took it to Pennsylvania last summer and it still got 29 mpg on the highway at 70-75 mph. I start a new job today and will be making considerably more money and believe I can afford a new LeSabre...looks like the dealers have some pretty good deals right now. I would really like to find one with the Y56(?) suspension and 16 in. tires. I read that cars equipped with this suspension have a numerically higher final drive ratio (3.08 vs. 2.86 for the standard suspension). Does this have any effect on engine rpm's and fuel economy? Is it worth getting or would I find the base suspension with the 16 in. tires adequate? I'm getting excited about this car (it doesn't take much anymore...I'm 46) and can't wait to take a test drive. Any input is appreciated...
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    You definitely wont be disappointed in the LeSabre - especially ride comfort. I have looked on GM Buy Power (the website that shows dealer inventory) and have yet to see one equipped with the GT suspension. Surprising since quite a few Park Avenues were being equipped with it. The base suspension in the custom has 15 in. wheels ( i think 16" are opt) As for the final drive, the 3.8 has enough torque to handle the 2.86 ratio - i havent felt the need for more power yet. It might be needed if you were pulling a boat, trailer, etc.
  • mrpoetrymanmrpoetryman Posts: 38
    jb7227 - Hi ! You don't mention what part of the country you live in, but when I purchased my 2000 LeSabre Limited 2 years ago, the model that I wanted was at another dealer. My dealer traded one of the cars on their lot for the one that I wanted. GM dealers do this quite often. What I would do is check on the Buy Power site again and expand the area maybe to another city or state. When you find the LeSabre that you want (with the GT Suspension), print it out and take it to your local dealer and ask them to arrange a trade for the car that you want to buy. I know that their are many cars in my area of New York with the GT Suspension listed on the Buy Power site. I have also found out that most of them with the GT Suspension are Limited's as opposed to Custom's. You might have to buy a Limited if you want the GT Suspension. I have 29,000 miles on my Limited and it gets about 35 mpg on the highway and about 25 mpg combined city/highway. This is the best automobile that I have ever owned.

    tlindeman - I am also 46 years old and I find the car very comfortable.

    Feel free to email me if you have any question's.

  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    mrpoetryman - nice to hear from another satisfied LeSabre customer. Do you notice a difference in ride harshness with the GT susp? I didnt want to sacrifice that famous Buick ride. Just bot my Custom at end of April - already have close to 2900 miles! I have been averaging between 25-28 mpg - does the mileage improve with age? I have noticed that the best highway mileage is acheived with the cruise set about 75 mph - unfortunately, not too many opportunities to set it that fast in the Boston area. Cant wait to take this car cross-country on the kind of roads it was meant for - nice straight US Interstates! By the way - has anyone noticed an improvement in mileage by using 89 or 91/94 octane? My dealer said dont bother, but i'm worried about not using detergent gasoline.
  • kcwolfpack59kcwolfpack59 Posts: 122
    I love edmunds forums. I remember seeing that now all gas has detergent and additives in it. You might check a different forum. I wouldn't waste money on premium gas, but I do buy national brands.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    thx - I guess i'm having trouble adjusting to a car that wont bankrupt me in repair, maintenance & gas costs (i.e. foreign cars)! I never really knew what it felt like to get over 17 mpg with any car. Now i'm getting 25 mpg in the city, and using gas that's 25 cents cheaper/gal. I've been using Exxon/Mobil, Sunoco and Hess.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    My folks had a 95 Olds 98 and they now have a 2000 LeSabre with the GT suspension. They say it still rides nice, while giving better cornering than the 98's.
  • mrpoetrymanmrpoetryman Posts: 38
    Hi jb,
    I have used 89 octane Shell gasoline to get the good highway mileage. Premium gasoline does not make sense when the owners manual says regular will do. I also change the oil every 3000 miles religiously and rotate the tires every 7500 miles. I use Castrol Oil and have not added any products to the gasoline. My highway mileage has improved as the car is used more and more. You are right about cruising America's highways. I take a trip to New Hampshire every August and the 200 miles just fly by at 65 mph.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    hello mrpoetryman,

    Thx for the tip. I had the first oil change at 1200 miles - i know this sounds crazy but i've done it with all my new cars. Then every 3000 miles. Rotate tires every 6000. I was thinking of going to CA from Boston - 3300 miles. That should be enough time to test out a great American road car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Town Hall is about to take on a new look in an effort to make content more easily searchable and accessible.

    Have you seen the Letter from the Town Hall Manager on the Town Hall Welcome page? If not, you might want to follow that link to have a look.

    And hang on to your seats. Change is never easy - for any of us - but resolving the Search problems we've had will be worth the pain.

    Sedans Host
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Must be a testimony to how good of a car the LeSabre really is - not too many postings recently!
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    We just completed a trip of 1,000 miles from Oklahoma City to Roswell, NM and back. Our car, a titanium blue 2000 Lesabre Custom with Prestigue Pkg and Leather. Traveling includes half Interstate and half non interstate. Cruised quietly and effortlessly in the 70-75 mph range and averaged 32.4 mpg. I know that sounds outrageous but it is true. I don't know how the Consumer Reports road testers get such dismall mileage out of this car but they have to be leadfoots that blast off at every opportunity. It is very stable and the Concert II stereo radio/CD/cassette player is great to these ears. In spite of the medium blue color the A/C handled New Mexico's high 90 degree days just fine. A winshield reflecor helps when parked and big towels are needed to cover the leather seats which will fry your bottom otherwise. With 23K on the car it has never been back to a dealer and averages 22 mpg city and urban and always over 30 mpg on the road. Don't believe the road test mags they must really thrash this car to get that bad mileage. Very nice car, I do recommend the optional 16" tires and alloys, really adds to the look and I think helps handling. We don't have the Gran Touring Package. Try one you'll love it.
    Oh, watch for speed traps between Canyon TX and Clovis NM. Texas troopers watching for out of state cars (easy prey, Texas has front license plate out of states don't) Didn't get us but they were looking hard.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Been shopping new CTS or Lesabre...CTS
    in short supply. Dealer won't do GMO/
    GMS on CTS ! My 96 caddy 87K trouble
    free miles needs thos $2400 dealer only
    front struts and the dealers are only
    offering 5k trade in ! Had a couple of
    Lesabre rentals. Need full size 4 door
    car ! Been shopping and have a 1k buick
    Gm family savings cert. and a 2K Caddy
    cert. too. Heck plus GM rebate, employee
    discount too ! After pricing them out..
    Buick is a great deal !
    Deville 35k otd
    Lesabre 17k otd
    About the same car except for the V-8 !
    will keep ya posted........geo

    BTW: Local dealer has a BLACK one
    with Free LEATHER ! prem. wheels and
    CD ...Only 26 sticker....17k otd too
  • devil_tazdevil_taz Posts: 21
    Anyone know how difficult it is to change the engine oil pan gasket and oil pressure gauge on a 1996 Lesabre?
    One more thing, how much oil does the 3800 series II take? About 6 litres? ( I've misplaced my owners manual :( )
  • gmlover1gmlover1 Posts: 60
    4.5 quarts which is just over 4 liters. Post 604. I just returned from Vermont in a 1990 bonneville with over 100,000 miles, and got 31.5 mpg.
  • giants515giants515 Posts: 5
    Will have comments about Concert II sound in a moment for jb7227 (#580) and kcwolfpack59 (#582)--thanks to both.

    First some more general stuff. Thanks to y'all for many useful and interesting messages on this board. Owned a used '90 Limited from early '92 to late '93--drove it from 44K to 90K, loved it, especially the great interior look, the overall feel of the car, and the 3800 engine. Was away from GM until I bought a '98 Bonneville SE as a program car in late '98. Drove it from 12K to 89K. Traded it in yesterday on a 2000 Limited--*hated* to see the Bonnie go (great seats, great looker in and out, great engine, great trunk space, very good sound)--even if there were major problems in the cooling system.

    Decided on the LeSabre over the 00-01-02 Bville primarily because the seats on the Buick came highly touted by, whereas the reviewer specifically yelled at Pontiac for downgrading the comfort of the seats. Sure enough--test-drove an 02 Bonnie 150 miles and felt like I'd been spending way too much time in the ring with Lennox Lewis (not that I think of myself exactly as Mr. M. Tyson, although my wife might disagree). Drove the Limited that same 150 miles and felt great.

    And I'm still a big fan of the 3800. My son recently bought a '97 Camry. Wonderful car. But with others here, I still prefer the size, ride, and power of the LeSabre. (BTW, mine's silver, with a grey cloth interior. Previous owner had whitewalls on the car. Not a fan of whitewalls at all, but they look terrific on this car. And I'm glad to have the passenger power seat and the driver-info goodies.)

    Now for Concert II sound. Wheeee-ew. It's terrible, just as's reviewer said it would be. I frequently rent Tauruses and Sables, and the sound in them blows Concert II completely out of the water. What the *heck* is Buick thinking of, putting together a great (and fairly expensive) car and then giving it terrible speakers? Could it have been the same person who put those crummy seats in the new Bonneville? Reminds me of what Honda used to do--maybe still does--in the Accord, which had wretched sound back in the late '80s. And why not a good equalizer in the supposedly premium Concert II package? The Bonneville has a standard EQ. If I sound a little grumpy here, I am.

    So immediately last night I was thinking of upgrading the sound system but didn't know whether it would be worth the money or how it would be best to go about it. Thought of calling Crutchfield and asking them some model-specific questions, especially since their web site says people can install new speakers themselves. Then a little voice said, "Check Edmund's Town Hall." Within minutes I found posts 580 and 582. Thanks hugely to you both. I'm going to do exactly what you suggest, kcwolfpack. I'm going to get the Kenwoods or something similar, let a pro put them in, and will uncover the rear speakers.

    Thanks again to the LeSabre board for the posts. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • oregonajoregonaj Posts: 21
    We're considering the purchase of a new LeSabre. We took a ride in "Custom" today and I thought the air-conditioning was a little weak. It was about 85 out and we drove about 20 minutes with A/C on maximum. The car got reasonably comfortable but not really cool. Can anyone comment on the A/C in their LeSabre?

    Also any comments you might have on the Custom vs Limited models would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86

    Ive had my 02 Custom for about a month and half - I've had about 3 days of 85+ weather in that time. No problem cooling the car. In fact, with fan on high, and setting on "max" or "norm" (with recirc button on), the airflow was almost too much. I didnt notice any meaningful reduction in engine power either (as I used to with foreign cars). Hope this helps!
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