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Buick LeSabre



  • rwilcoxrwilcox Posts: 9
    Are there any follow up information regarding the noise problem discussed in message numbers 177 and 178?
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    LOL..Macarther2 you sound so conservative all around. Yep everyone knows about the pulsing accelerator penalty. It drives me crazy when I ride with someone who drives like that:-). The 3800 series is great, and very tried and true...but just don't put it in a 4000lb car and expect it to move as quick. There is a reason the V-8 is standard in the CV. What does the LS weigh in at? Apples and oranges. I usually don't get my numbers from Pop Mech. What model was tested? I understand that there is a touring option with the LS. Which model do you have?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    These are built on two different platforms. The Impala uses the 'W' platform (Shared with the Regal, Century, Grand Prix, Lumina and Intrigue) and the LeSabre is based on the 'H' platform shared with the Pontiac Bonneville. 'W' is midsize and 'H' is a full size chassis.

    I like the LeSabre as it has many good things going for it, included the excellent crash ratings. But I preferred the Impala LS as it came with the same 3800 Series II engine, same 5 star crash test scores for about $4,000 less than the LeSabre. Visibility in the Impala is better than the LeSabre. I didn't like the "Tunnel" effect of the LeSabre from the driver's seat. Also didn't like some interior details such as the lack of a rear seat headrest and fold away armrest (Impala has them). Didn't like the design of the fold down console and cupholders. Not a biggie but nothing to brag about the LeSabre either for the kind of money being asked. The Impala is more youthful (I am 29 so the LeSabre "senior" image didn't appeal to me that much).

    Overall both of these cars are excellent choices and can't go wrong with either one. By the way the fit and finish and built quality of my Impala LS is a cut above for anything that Chevy has produced in the last 20 years. Kudos GM!.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    The LeSabre weighs in at 3567 lbs according to consumer guide. The Crown Victoria at 3917 lbs. I guess you chose to misunderstand. I use the power when needed like getting on the interstate or passing. I just don't find it necessary to do 0-45 in 2.5 seconds at every intersection as some do. The model tested was a LeSabre Limited w/o supercharger. Mine is a LeSabre Custom with Prestigue Pkg, leather, AM/FM/CD 16 inch alloy wheels W/o gran touring package. The 2000 LeSabre has a firmer ride than the old kinda wallowy ones did--you may not need gran touring pkg. By the way all 2000 LeSabres come with standard self leveling suspension in the rear. In the CV it is part of a $700 option pkg. Am I conservative? Let's see, active Christian, pro life, pro-gun, Republican---I guess you might say that huh? And oh yeah this is my first LeSabre, we compared it three different times with a Mercury Grand Marquis and it was a close contest. Both are very nice cars with about even performance (Buick v6 has a tiny bit more hp and the Merc has more torque) The weight penalty the Merc carries makes these cars very close. We just thought the Buick was nicer--kinda a personal choice thing.
  • revae1revae1 Posts: 1
    I purchased a Buick LeSabre 2000 Limited August, 1999. From day one I have had excessive wind noise, especially from the front of passenger door. I have been advised it is the wind rushing over the car and air going around side mirrors. The noise sounds as if there is a hole and the air is rushing through it - Very annoying! I thought this car would be quiet - IT IS NOT!

    I have had it in to the dealer 7 times. They have readjusted the doors, checked and fixed seals, and per a technical bulletin from GM, "plugged up some areas." Don't ask me where; the noise is worse.

    Within the first two months I had a rain leak in the overhead over the driver's side. Again, to the dealer for repair.

    Area Rep from GM has suggested replacing the whole rubber seal around front windshield. He states may have to replace the windshield.

    This car has been "tweeked" so many times, in my estimation it is no longer new. Should I resign myself to live with the wind noise? What about your wind noise problems? Did you resolve?

    Big disappointment in my purchase, although the car does ride nice. I have had Japanese cars for the past 35 years. Never a problem.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    NEW CAR SALES FIGURES: Can anyone out there refer me to a convenient source, preferably on the internet, which lists total unit sales figures, by make and model, for new automobiles produced in the United States?
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    Ahhh I see. My CV weighs 4125lbs. It is rated at 215hp and 285ft/lbs @3000rpm. It includes self leveling suspension. I use 87octane in the winter but bump it up to 89 for towing my trailer. Just averaged 24mpg on a 80+ mph cruise from Charleston to DC with the AC on all the time. How does the LS level itself out? Does it use air springs or air shocks/struts? Are the 2000LS the only ones with the wind noise problem?
  • Anyone out there bought a new LeSabre recently? What is the going rate for straight non-trade purchase? Are your dealers willing to take $100 over actual invoice to move the inventory. Out here they are looking for $300-600 since GM dealers out west are few and far between. Also, how about rebates and incentives. Despite what Edmunds says that there are no such things on Buicks, GM says there are
  • You can check back with respose #155 and after to read more discussion on the dreaded Kazoo sound. I wrote before that it seemed to be related to the windshield wipers but subsequent experiments tend to make me believe that I was wrong. It does seem to come from the windshield area. The seal around the windshield is very loose and flexible, could that be part of the problem? Allowing wind to get underneath it and cause the problem? I hope that a solution can be found before we leave on a planned road trip in August.
    Other than that we really like our 2000 Buick Limited. We bought it in Feb. 2000 and didn't get the On star package. Bummer.
    Also, we check our fuel economy by actual mileage and gas pumped at the station and always come out about 2 miles per gallon less than what is stated on the autos Fuel Average read out. Always....
  • judysgajudysga Posts: 2
    I just purchased a new 2000 LeSabre Limited, loaded with every option except the moonroof and 12 disc CD-changer, on July 3. The MSRP was $31,015. Cars Direct offered it at $27,422 after the $1000.00 rebate. A Dealer in Atlanta, GA. beat this price by $5.00.

    I am realizing it was not such a great deal, as the car I bought has a lot of wind noise, as mentioned by several others. Last Thursday, my local Buick dealer adjusted the doors and stated there was nothing else they can do. After a lot of pestering, the service manager took a ride with me today. He stated there is wind turbulence coming in the rear windows and around the left passenger mirror. I am supposed to take the car back next Tuesday for their "leaks & seals" specialist to fix. In the interim,I wrote to Buick (via their web site). Today I received the 1-800 number of their Customer Assistance Center. They indicate they will follow up with the dealer in Atlanta if I call the number and provide all of the details.

    Has anyone tried to get the front license plate mounting package or locking gas cap for the 2000 LeSabre? Although the front license plate mounting package is listed as a free option, the Buick dealers are now telling me there is not one for the 2000 LeSabre. They say the tag is to be mounted directly to the front bumper with self-tapping screws! Who in their right mind would want to break the paint on a brand new $31,000 automobile by screwing screws directly into the bumper?!?
  • i just took delivery of my 2000 lesebre limited
    may 18, 2000 and just took a road trip of 2500 miles and had the suprise of the kazoo wind noise
    it seems to me that it only happens above 50 mph
    and only when the outside wind is at a certian
    angle to the car. please tell me if anyone has
    been able to get this fixed. otherwise i really
    like the car.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    I have had my LeSabre for six months and 5,500 miles and it has never had any kazzo sound. Now I live in OKC and I know crosswinds and I have never had the problem. I drive 75 on the turnpikes (legal limit) and have never had this problem. Maybe somewhere in production Buick changed the style, or manufacturer, of the wiper blades.
    On two longish trips the car has averaged just a squeak over 31 mpg. I test drove this car against some fine competition in the Mercury Gran Marquis. But have never regreted my decision to go with the LeSabre.
    One thing I have noticed is that the tire warranty is Firestone but the tires are Generals. I have the 16 inch wheels w/o gran touring suspension.
  • tsw019tsw019 Posts: 13
    I also just purchased a 2000 Lesabre Limited and getting the same noise referenced at 60-65 MPH. Has anyone gotten a competent answer from Buick??
    My last two cars were Toyota's and this is not a pleasant welcome back to GM. Let's hope we all do not regret our purchases.
  • marvdmarvd Posts: 1
    I must be one of the lucky ones, I have a new 2000 LeSabre Limited and had the dreeded wind noise. I called Buick direct and needless to say they knew nothing about it and I should see my Buick dealer. Well I did, and I was lucky to find their trim man there that day and he exactly what to do. All he did was loosen the windshield and re seal all around it. I just came back from a 2500 mile trip and had no problem with "Kazoo" noise.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    I'm sure a lot of people are going to appreciate your telling them the fix. Mine never did it but apparently it happens on some cars. Hats off to you and the trim man.
  • b_mailb_mail Posts: 4
    well gentlemen, I've been reading this topic for sometime now because I was preparing to purchase A new buick lesabre. I thought that I would be one of the ones who would not get a car with the "DREADED KAZOO NOISE", wrong. After purchasing the car 6/28/00, everything seemed great, I really love the way the car drives and handles. On a 400 mile trip to visit my children I discovered that at 75MPH the noise developed.
    It comes and goes. On 90 deg. days and above it acts up, on cooler days(early mornings) I've had the car up to 125MPH (this car will fly and still had power to go)there was no noise. Go figure! Thanks to "marvd" I have something to take to the dealer. With this percentage of problems, you would think a service bulletin would be sent out.
    Thanks for all the information all you fellows have posted. I will report back soon. By the way "marvd" , where did you take your car, I may be close enough to take it there?
  • neilm2neilm2 Posts: 2
    I've read through most of the postings... (Seems like much are placed by Infiniti salesmen!) When comparing the LeSabre with the Ford CV, or Merc GM, (which are both excellent vehicles, which my family has owned), the cars are quite different. (Regardless of being marketed together.)

    The Ford and Merc are able to give you excellent size and strength (a mini Town Car) for a great value. Plus, who can say 'no' to a V-8, even if the 3.8 is just as fast! However, its greatest drawback is the RWD, which, even with traction control, is no match for the front drive LeSabre. (We have two '95 Chevy LT-1 Caprices,(As well as a 96 Chevy SS) which also were marketed as competing vehicles, but are totally different in every way. I love the size, strentgh and power of the Chevies, but they are wide, and, like any very powerful RWD car, without traction control, are a nightmare in anything more than mist!)

    Our '97 LeSabre, by far, it is the cheapest vehicle we have ever had maintain. Like most GM cars, serivice is minimal, and cheap. The tires seem to last forever, (my experience has been 50K on previous FWD GM's), the 3.8 is like an anvil, has no timing belts (Like almost all GM's), which most of the imports, and Chrysler's have, has super long life anti-freeze (unlike the Fords and most imports), plugs are good for 100K, no scheduled tranny service, (though I will at 50K), the brakes, even in the harsh city life this car lives, also seem to last forever.

    Try that is most other cars, especially the imports. (Although the 3.8 is old fashion, anyone can fix it, it can be abused, and not having a timing belt is a real plus for those few who actually own their cars for the long run.) The only servicing this car has had, besides 3K synthetic oil changes by me, has been a fuel filter and drive belt at 30K. The build quality was the best of any car.

    Drawbacks are a small guage cluster, (it has the full guages,) and a wimpy suspension, despite the grand touring. Also, on a car like this, I wish it would have what even the cheapest Chevy Cavilier has -- pass-thru trunk, and map pockets. (The car has NONE!) The traction control, which is overpriced on other cars, was a bargain.

    Also, unlike the imports, the car can be heavily discounted, and has various rebates and incentives, (+ AARP discounts) at times.

    As compared, my Chevy's go thru belts, brakes, and tires at a much faster rate, (the car is a tank, though), and there is much more to service, such as rear-end differential, and repacking bearings in the front.

    Soon to be ordered will be an 2001 LeSabre, with all the "good stuff" (traction, touring susp, stabili-trak) for my dad. Although I wish him to stick to the rear-drive sedans,(like the CV or GM) he's alway's owned, (He has one of the Chevy's), the RWD has now turned him off. The control in the bad weather of the Buick is night and day compared to the Chevy.

    As for long term life of the big sedans from Ford and GM, my family still has an '83 Olds 88 (Dad's former, former, car!) no engine work ever, never burned a drop of oil!) his former 88 Merc GM (original everthing, no problems ever, except for the A/C which stopped last year), and mom's 88 Pontiac Bonny (NEVER a problem, everything works, car looks like new, even though it was never pampered.) (As a confession, the current LeSabre is hers).

    As an added benefit, these American Sedans are very cheap to insure.

    If any Q's about any of these cars, or maintenance, let me know. As a disclaimer, I have been a high school auto and driver ed teacher for 15 years, and a true motor-head and car nut. I truly beleive in sticking with American designed, and American owned car companies, and furhter believe that we do not operate on a level playng fieled in this country as compared with American companies trying to sell abroad, especially in Japan. Overall, many American have an inferiority complex, knocking our cars, even though many have never even been in one, lest drive and own one!
  • The car is 2.5 weeks old and was driven 500 miles this last weekend. The 'sound' kicks in above 65 and gets progressively louder and more constant as you go faster (80). Spoke to dealer service and they are aware of problem and use an outside windshield service to reseal the trim around the windshield. Said to expect about an hour. GM has not issued any 'correction'.
    By the way, the salesman that sold me the car was also aware of the problem and knew of the 'fix'.

    On my car, the sound is at the driver side post---you can feel the vibration point at the edge of the windshield.
  • rpetzinrpetzin Posts: 1
    Just bought a Buick LeSabre Limited one week ago and already have 900 miles on it. I drive 110 miles back and forth to work. Am very pleased with the car, but apparently have the dreaded torque steer. The car pulls to the left at high speeds and when accelerating from a dead stop. I called the dealer and he said wait until there are 2,000+ miles on the car, saying that sometimes these things work themselves out. Any ideas?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    I have a 2000 LeSabre and although I usually am gentle on things mechanical I do boot it from a stop sign or to pass and have never noticed the torque steer you mentioned. Could be a tire problem, try rotating them--or have the dealer do it under warranty. Once in a while a tire comes out out of round.
  • Thanks for all the information about the Dreaded Kazoo Sound. Armed with this info I'm taking it to the dealer to have it "Looked at". Hopefully they'll take the right action.
    About the Torque steering, I think it is fairly typical on the 2000 Buick. I have it on mine also but it doesnt seem to be very strong. Before I bought the car I read a road test report that had mentioned the problem so I guess I wasn't surprised when it happened.
  • tsw019tsw019 Posts: 13
    Not a computer guru,use internet very little,not even that familiar with .coms,but glad to be at this Town Hall!! Thanks "MARVD". You may have saved a lot of us days--even weeks or months waiting on a factory response. Wish us luck;hopefully our dealers will be as competent as yours.Will keep in touch.
  • Took the Buick in today for "The Fix". Resealing the windshield. Heading out for a 3600 mile trip and will be back after labor Day. Will let everyone know how "The fix" Worked. Thanks to all who talked about the problem, probably saved our sanity. Fingers are crossed!!!
  • moram2moram2 Posts: 4
  • I am looking at a 94 lesabre, custom. 56,500
    Asking price is 8500. Very good condition. Does that sound like a good price?
  • Met with the factory rep and left the car with the dealer for two days. Some of the problems were fixed; e.g. drivers door adjusted to correct for water getting past seal, rear seat back reattached. Some problems were not resolved; engine whine sound coming through speakers, rattles throughout the dash (even though the dash cover was replaced) doors and back of vehicle, radio station and temperature settings changed when returning to vehicle, and of course the dreaded wind noise.

    Now for the bad stuff; the factory rep says the following are considered normal; blurry drivers side mirror, brake pedal clicking sound when brake is applied (it didn't do this for the first four months), engine that idles smooth then suddenly hiccups and idles rough causing steering wheel to vibrate, pulsating steering wheel when turning at low speeds.

    I have contacted Buick customer support requesting their assistance. Now waiting to see what happens next.

    To say that owning this car has been a major disappointment is an understatement. Really thought that by now Buick/GM would have its act together, especially for a car in this price range. I appreciate Folsom Buick's efforts in trying to resolve these problems, but if they can't be fixed then what? It's up to Buick to see how much they truly value their customers.

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated, am I being too particular about this car?

    Lastly, no kazoo noise, just everything else, and torque steer is a byproduct of front wheel drive.
    I once had the wheel literally jerk a good 4-6 inches when accelerating in a turn. Not a good feeling.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    NO - you are not being too particular.
    The problems you describe are NOT normal on any car.

    I test drove a LeSabre and was very disappointed.
    Although it was big, fast and heavy and drove and rode really well, it had lots of little stuff wrong with it. The air conditioning didn't work at all, the trunk release had a problem and something was wrong with the driver side power seat.

    The design was also flawed by the very distracting reflection of the defroster vent in the windshield. Very annoying. I came away wishing I had bought a 99 LeSabre which I liked much better overall. We wound up buying a 2000 Impala LS.

    This torque steer thing shows up to a degree on our Implala and I don't know why.

    I previously had a 1989 OLDS Royale 88 and it had no trace of torque steer even under the hardest acceleration.

    Your stated problems are more than annoyances - especially the engine hiccup and pulsating steering wheel. No way is that right unless you're straining the steering at the end of its range. According to the LEMON LAW, I think they get three chances to fix a SERIOUS problem.

    Good Luck.
  • dauber2dauber2 Posts: 2
    My car is a 94 LeSabre and has recently developed a problem with power while the AC is running. My mechanic has changed numerous fuel and gas tank filters and has inspected the spark plugs. Has anyone else had this problem, and what was the eventual fix? The car now has 92,000 miles.
  • acb2acb2 Posts: 1
    My 2000 LeSabre has a loud wind noise on both sides anywhere above 45 mph and above 90 degrees. We drove from Tuscon to Yuma in 110 plus and had a steady, loud whistle from both sides. No noise at all below 85 degrees.

    Has anyone had the same experience or has anyone had any experience with their dealership or with Buick on this? Thanks.
  • judysgajudysga Posts: 2
    Boy, have I had experience with the dealer, GM, and wind noise!!! I bought a new 2000 LeSabre Limited on July 3. It has had excessive wind and road noise from day one and has been in the shop 15 of the 35 days I have owned it. Today, the dealer told me there is nothing more they can do and that GM does not offer buy backs on cars with excessive wind noise! My next course of action is to contact the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office to file a complaint, and send a letter to the newspapers. Maybe that will get GM's attention re: the excessive wind and road noise on some of these cars!! Hope you have better luck with your dealer than I have...
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