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Buick LeSabre



  • gyverhgyverh Posts: 2
    About two month ago, I notified the potential buyers that 1SA package - the power seat recliners could no longer be ordered with driver side 6-way power seat. When I took deliver of a special ordered 2000 Custom sedan and found out Buick just deleted the option in the factory without any notification to the dealer or me, I got mad and called Buick customer service and basically got no solutions except was refunded
    $100 option money.

    After putting out 1500 miles, car started to stall
    at stops and low speed @ 20 mph all week last week, not to mention some extremely hazardous conditions. I brought the car in yesterday and it
    turn out to be a faulty alternator.

    So far my overall owner experience is not too happy. As far as I am concerned Buick charges too
    much for the car of this quality. The factory does not really pay attention to customer requests or maybe they just do not care. How could GM win back the market share if they keep on pissing off their loyal customers and make them go to competitors.

    By the way, I saw the ads on the 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis for around $18000 fully loaded with
    leather from several dealers in my area. Now that's a good buy. Too bad I already bought the
  • tmcgraintmcgrain Posts: 3
    I have a new BUICK LESABRE 2000 Custom (Medium Red Pearl) with TAUPE LEATHER interior. I'm looking for suggestions and sources to install a simulated convertible top (sometime referred to as a "PRESIDENTIAL EDITION" here in the northeast - Worcester, Massachusetts.

    I would like to receive advice as to whether CLOTH, CANVAS, or VINYL would be the best choice. I also intend to have a chrome luggage rack installed on the trunk lid as an accent piece. Although these treatments seem to be frowned upon by manufacturers and purists, I have observed some autos which appear very stylish and neatly done. e.g., Cadillacs, Mercurys, and other Buicks (both Lesabres and Park Avenues) Thank you very much for your interest and advice.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Just returned from the trip I mentioned above. Started in OKC and went through Wichita Falls, TX to Lubbock TX and on to Roswell NM. Mostly two lane roads. Got 29mpg running around 70mph. The 2000 is a little firmer on the road and the optional 16 inch tires I think firm it up a little more-think before you go to the Gran Touring Suspension or a least drive it. On the way back we came from Roswell NM to Clovis NM to Amarillo TX and then on I-40 all the way to OKC. Running a steady 75 mph it averaged 30.1mpg. Very impressive and good power. Some smaller cars don't get this kind of mileage. With just over 2500 miles on it it may loosen up a little more. We have had no problems and recommend the car highly. Nice road car that takes long sweeping curves in a confident controlled manner. Ours is titanium blue with blue leather and the Prestige package. Dealers in OKC seem to be selling a lot of them and the deals seem decent(I got $3,000 off sticker)
  • ratzratz Posts: 2
    I expect to buy a 2000
    Limited within the next
    few months. I would like
    to get some information
    from owners re the Gran
    Touring Option. Apparently
    it is placed on very few
    cars. On two occasions
    recently I looked over the
    local dealer's inventory
    of about 25 LeSabres (on
    Sundays so I wouldn't be
    hassled by salespeople).
    Not one had the Gran
    Touring Option but all had
    various combinations of
    other popular options. The
    question to those of you
    who don't have the Gran
    Touring Option---Is there
    anything about the riding
    and handling
    characteristics that make
    you wish you had it? To
    those who have the
    option---do you feel that
    it is well worth having
    and the apparent necessity
    of a special order. I am
    not particularly
    interested in having a
    "sports car" feel. Also
    does anyone have any clue
    as to when production will
    change over to a model
    designated as 2001?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    I have a 2000 LeSabre with 16 inch tires and it does not have the Grand touring pkg. The 2000 is more than a step up in ride firmness from the 1999 model, even in standard suspension. Mine is firm but absorbant, no more "buick float and sway". Drive it first. Some of the car books say the gran touring package is jiggly around town. I think you'll like the standard suspension unless you've just got to have that sports like handling. The new body is stiffer and you can really tell it from the way it handles
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    The only complaints I have is that in a 27k car with leather option there is no rear seat armrest and no cup holders for back seat passengers. Not a big problem since there are just two of us. Oh one other thing, no remote fuel filler door opener-my 95 Mazda 626 has that! Small stuff I could have upgraded to the limited for only 3k more and maybe got the armrest and cupholder.
  • chicocatchicocat Posts: 3
    I agree with macarthur2 about the gran touring option. I test drove vehicles both with and without it and didn't notice all that much difference. If anything, I preferred the ride better without the option. I didn't like the wheels that came with the gran touring option, either since I was buying a Limited. The wheels with the gran touring package looked too much like the base models.

    I have a limited with a sunroof, prestige package, 16" wheels, memory seats, and leather interior. I now am approaching 7,000 miles and haven't found any problems with it. The prestige package give you a lot of excellent convenience extras, and the 16" wheel option (with spoke wheels)only costs $50.

    I was able (after four months of shopping around)to purchase my vehicle for just a few hundred dollars over invoice ($28,144). The only option I wanted, but wasn't able to get, was the driver confidence package, which rarely seems to be available. I have been able to live quite well, however, without the "heads-up" windshield display and stabilitrak.

    So far, I am happy with my purchase and am glad to recommend the 2000 LeSabre to others who are considering it. I especially like the steering wheel controls for the radio, CD player, and temperature settings. The Limited version includes a rear seat armrest with cupholders.

    If the fuel door inside release is a big issue for you, it might be possible to have one installed post-market. Also, just about all car parts stores sell "locking" gas caps. Back in the 70's I had a problem with someone trying to steal gasoline. A locking cap solved the problem.
  • I own a Buick Lesabre and am very pleased with it so far. I read the above topics before I bought my car and frankly I was a little concerned about what I read. On my 1500 mile trip, I evaluated some of these comments. On wind noise: I found the wind noise no louder than any other car that I have driven. I noticed in Calif. when the wind was blowing hard from the side, then there was a little wind noise but not disturbing. On tire noise: Normally a little sound on rough roads but on smooth asphalt they were practically silent. The car is extremely quiet and my wife and I enjoyed normal conversation on our entire trip. On stability: I do not have the touring package and I don't have any experience with such but am impressed with the stability and lane changing. On the power train: SMOOOTH shifting and response. On the space: what can I say--carried huge amount of stuff, plus a 27 inch T.V. in the back seat (delivered to my daughter in Medical School in Davis, Ca.) The car rode true and level even with the load that I had. Instruments: could not be better--easy to read. I like gadgets, and when you start the car at night, the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree, real neat. I will post a note at a later date and give a more comprehensive report then.
  • looking over a can I tell if it has the gran touring thing pkg?
    dan parker
  • ratzratz Posts: 2
    Hi danparker. If the car you are looking at is new and unused it will have a window sticker showing equipment and prices. If it has Gran Touring it will be listed as an extra cost option. If the car has been used and has no such sticker, the Gran Touring option includes a 16" wheel with the five lug nuts in full view.
  • tmcgraintmcgrain Posts: 3
    I have a brand new Buick Custom Lesabre 2000 and the inside upholstered panel of the driver's door keeps detaching itself from the door frame. I'm not sure what's causing it because it doesn't happen due to door slamming or any other rough treatment of the door. It seems to happen spontaneously and it has to be reattached to the framework by pushing it back into place. It appears to be held on by only plastic retainers. Could this be possible? I purchased the car in Pennsylvania and live in Massachusetts so I'l probably have to bring it to another dealer to have it looked at. Does anyone else have a similar problem with the upholstered panel of the Lesabre's doors? Thanks for your consideration.
  • Just bought a demo (3000 miles) 2000 LaSabre Limited and already replaced the CD player once and now the radio turns itself on and off and blasts the volume at will. Waiting on another replacement but may be the main controling chip as the two driver seat and mirror controls have a mind of their own also. This on top of paint nicks that needed retouch and a broken A/C vent in back seat which has made this a rough start. Salesman a real piece of work to boot....
  • shivelytshivelyt Posts: 46
    Have a 95 LeSabre with ~60K miles. Not many problems so far except about 3 months ago started hearing a humming noise in rear of car. Thought it was power antennae. No such luck. Dealer says it is fuel pump. Best news is that it is in gas tank which must be dropped to replace pump. Quotes me about $600. Says it could cause trouble any time. Anyone else have this problem with GM's from this era and any ideas on fix? shivelyt
  • nergaardnergaard Posts: 1
    I am in need of a good 2nd family type car. Found a 93 LeSabre with 26,000 miles. A dealer got it from an estate of little old lady. The lowest I can get him down is 8100.00. What do you think?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Your 95 LeSabre is probably out of warranty. Don't go to the dealer his labor cost is outrageous--$600 give me a break! Ask your friends and relatives for the name of a good local (non dealer) mechanic and take it to him. This fuel pump should be accessibe from the bottom of the tank and should not require tank removal (but some cars are wierd). You should be able to get this done for about $250. Once the warranty is up the dealers labor costs will kill you--$65 an hour and up. Find a GOOD local mechanic and stick with him.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    1-See if the family has the repair records so you know what's been done on it.

    2-Drive it for at least 20 minutes.

    3-Take it to a trusted mechanic to put on a lift and evaluate top to bottom.

    If all is good news and you still like it - sounds like a great deal to me.

    I recently sold our 89 Olds Royale (cousin to the same era Buick LeSabre) We bought a 2000 Impala which does not ride as smooth or as quiet. That's why I'm looking at the LeSabre site and the 2000 LeSabres don't sound like the cushy Buicks of old.
    If that 93 Buick is clean and sound, I'd say it's a very good buy at $8100 for a very nice car.

    Good Luck!
  • jpsmrzjpsmrz Posts: 4
    Have a 1995 Buick LeSabre that has been giving on again off again check engine lights. The mechanic thought that there might be an extended(by GM not purchased) emissions warranty. I called a dealer and they said that there was a 7/70000 warranty on the ECM/PCM but could or would not tell me if anything else is covered-such as the sensors. The car is at a repair shop so I dont have the manual. Does anyone have experience with this problem?
  • jpsmrzjpsmrz Posts: 4
    Had the noisy fuel pump in our 1995 Buick LeSabre replaced by a local garage for around $280.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    I did try TireRack for tires on my Mazda 626 a couple of years ago and was very satisfied. However shipping costs have gone up and shipping on the 4 Yokohamas would have been about $36 (approx). Then since there are no TireRack appoved mounting places here it would cost about $25 each for mounting and balancing. So savings are eaten up by shipping and mounting. Having a local dealer also makes it a lot easier if you have a warranty problem.
    My 2000 LeSabre custom has been very reliable and I have never had it in the shop for anything except the recall. I change oil every 3,000 miles. On two occasions in four years I added about 1 quart of coolant to the overfow tank. Then got the recall from GM and brought it in for that--which took only a couple of hours. No problem since then. It is reliable, gets 22mpg in local driving, 31 on the highway at 70-75mph steady. Comfortable. I drive conservatively and don't push it. Dislikes are minor, badly designed cup holders in front. No rear arm rest in spite of leather option, no cup holders rear. My biggest complaint is it is hard to find the horn in an emergency. Nice ride, no Gran Touring Package but 16" alloy wheels instead of the standard 15". The alloys are handsome compared to stock wheels, check them out, you will agree. Nice car, I would do it again.
  • walterburawalterbura Posts: 3
    My 2000 LeSabre Limited went dead with about 1,600
    miles. Road service jumped the car(Easter Sunday).
    So far it hasn't happened again but it has happened to a friend of mine with a 2000 Limited.
    The dealer was baffled. It seems that this is happenning to quite a few LeSabres. If anyone has a solution I'd be happy to know about it.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    Did it start BECAUSE it was jumped? Was the battery dead? I had a GM product a few years ago that drove me nuts. There was never a shortage of battery power. The engine would falter, sometimes completely die under any and all circumstances. Since that time I have wondered if there is a "safety" switch that perhaps senses that the car is upside down, etc. and disables the ignition. Mine would always start back up again but three GM Service Departments were unable identify the problem. Good luck.
  • mercerjmercerj Posts: 2
    As I recall, there use to be a cut-off switch in the trunk that would cut off the fuel pump in the event of an accident. I believe it was on the Towncar that I once owned. Not being a mechanic, I'm not that familiar with the problem.
    What is interesting is the adverse comments made about the LeSabre. I presently own a 2000 Toyota Camry, 4cy, and due to the lack of power and mushy acceleration, was considering trading it on a 2001 LeSabre. I'm now having second thoughts
  • fwilson3fwilson3 Posts: 1
    I have owned my 2000 Brick LeSabre Limited since May 1999. I have put 13000 miles on it and every mile has been a pleasure. Last Saturday I was stopped at a red light and hit by a jeep wagoner traveling at a high rate of speed. My car has been totaled by the insurance but I was protected by the passenger compartment and was able to walk ways. The insurance adjuster told me he had read the 2000 LeSabre was one of the safest cars on the road and this accident has made him a believer. I have already started thebpapers to purchase an other 2000 LeSabre. The only option I am getting differently is the color.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    I agree with fwilson3. I have 10,000 miles on my 2000 LeSabre Limited and am still waiting for the first thing to go wrong. The passenger headrest was replaced by the dealer because it would not maintain its adjustment. That's it. I recently read in the newspaper that the Japanese cars finished first, second, and third in terms of owners complaints. Finishing first among all the American cars, and not far back of the Japanese, for having the fewest customer complaints was the Buick. I also own a 1991 4 cylinder Camry so I know all about excellence in design and engineering and, of course, I am on intimate terms with mush acceleration. I am happy with both cars and I would encourage you to take a close look at the 2001 LeSabre.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    I'm an Impala owner but since the two cars share the same engine, trans etc, I also read the LeSabre forum.

    I copied this post from the Impala forum V.
    It may be the aanswer to your problem too.

    "#93 of 201: Engine shutdown (wilhannes) Thu 18 May '00 (05:03 PM)

    I,ve been following this forum with interest, I
    have a 2000 Monte SS Silver, with every option. I
    am as crazy about this car as you guys are with Impala. Now have about 4000 miles and love it more than ever. When it had about 150 miles it
    started the dreaded "engine shutdown" no warnings
    and I could not associate it with any other
    functions. Hot, Cold, it would happen any time. It
    would always start right up,and not happen for a
    week or two. Sometimes it would do it 2 or 3 times
    and not happen again for a long time.
    There was no check engine light so I figured there
    was no trouble codes stored in the computer.
    I finally took it to the dealer figuring they
    would have it forever,

    <<<<<They put thier scanner on and it showed a bad crankshaft sensor.>>>>>

    They replaced it (same day) and it has run perfectly since. This was about 4 months ago. The car was built in the end of November, 99. I took delivery just before Christmas 99. I hope this might help some fellow 3.8 owner. It'a terrible thing when the car you love has a mysterious boo-boo. "
  • rviscusorviscuso Posts: 2
    Lets start at the beginning, back in June of '99 we ordered a Ltd with the GTS option from Thompsons of Placerville, CA. As everyone knows by now the GTS was on constraint. The car we ordered never arrived however one did sans GTS. The dealer asked us to come in and test drive it anyway. So we did, checkbook NOT in hand since we were not prepared to go without the GTS. After the test drive and hearing that we were willing to wait for what we ordered, the salesman makes the statement that he heard the entire Le Sabre line was being put on constraint. Well, we weren't willing to wait two more months so we believed what he said and took the car. What a mistake that was. After 200 miles the car developed various problems, the primary one being rattles throughout the entire vehicle. Thompsons service department: replaced the drivers visor due to rattle, the rear passenger door seal due to noise, speed control did not work due to faulty connection, replaced front passenger power window motor due to sluggishness, every door panel was removed to correct rattles, trunk pass thru modified due to rattle, constant engine whine coming from speakers which they said was normal, and most noticeably the entire dash rattles which they were unable to resolve. Of the numerous visits to their shop three times the car was returned damaged, once a glob of grease was on the headliner, once the entire interior had dirt/oil marks throughout, and the last time the rear door was scratched. After the door was touched up the car has not been back to Thompsons. A letter to Buick HQ and to Thompsons outlining the above resulted in a phone call from Buick, however Thompsons refused to acknowledge my letter. What is Thompsons lack of response telling me, that they don't care about the customer?

    We are now brining the car to Folsom Buick. They are having limited success in resolving the problems. The car now has 12,000 miles on it and the rattles are getting worse. Additional developments: the drivers side mirror is blurry, the replacement is also blurry. The drivers top door seal does not seal, letting water get past. The radio and temperature settings mysteriously change themselves when returning to the car (no memory option, no one else driving the car). The engine sometimes idles smooth, sometimes rough which can be felt through the steering wheel.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems? Aside from the problems we really do like this car; the ride is comfortable, and the gas mileage is very good averaging 26 mostly freeway and 31 on trips, engine is powerful and transmission smooth.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    What does "on constraint" mean? Curtailed production? If so, why was it constrained?

    It sounds like rviscuso has a "lemon" loaded with problems. I've read that it happens in all makes and models. Does CA have a lemon law for cars?

    We bought a 2000 Impala in Feb. and it was a step down from my Olds Royale. Although I love the way it drives - same engine and trans as the LeSabre - the radio/CD/cassette is absolutely THE WORST sounding thing I've ever heard. It really spoils a great car. The Chevy dealer has given me no satisfaction with it. And NOW my wife tells me she hates the look of the Impala (but she sure loved those heated leather seats in the cold weather).

    Unfortunately, many of the features of the Impala are tied into the special radio, therefore it is not readily replaceable. (One guy actually put in a whole second audio system just to get decent sound!)

    Although the Impala runs fine, I'm thinking I should have gone for a Buick of some kind instead which is why I'm reading these Buick boards. I'm actually considering trading it already with just 3000 miles. However, it is very discouraging to read about some of the problems on the LeSabres.

    What else should I be aware of and how is the road noise at highway speeds on concrete and asphalt?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Just my usual .2 cents worth of opinion. I know your frustration with your Impala LS over the quality of the sound system. However the question to be asked is if you are willing to, first of all, take a strong hit ($$$) at trade in time to get a car (Buick) that might come with the good sounding Radio you like, but in the end the car might not be as satisfying as the Impala?. I think the trade off and loss is much greater by getting a Buick Regal (That you know has annoyances you can't stand....Windshield reflection for example) letting go of your 3000 mile Impala, bite the bullet, and be now stuck with a car you don't really have warth feelings toward??

    It's your call, but I think in the end you'll be much better off risking it and upgrading the amplifier and speakers of your car. True you don't know what they will sound like...but until GM releases a "fix", you can seek advice of a good an experienced car stereo'll be surprised at the results!. What's more, you can never compare the $$$ losses over Trading the Impala for a Buick vs. Installing a new AMP and speakers in the Impala and sticking to what you really like.

    I'll bet your wife doesn't like the Impala much anymore, because probably you complaint to her about the car every single day and she is already annoyed by the subject. She, I am sure, wants to see you happy with your set of wheels, so think about what to do next, but I honestly don't see you too happy behind the wheel of a Buick, whether Regal or LeSabre.

    Good Luck!
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    On paper the Buick LS sounds good. Good acceleration, good gas milage, good safety. But I looked to the real world to choose my car. I have 33,000 hard driving miles on my 98 FORD Crown Vic with NO problems. CD/Radio works as good as day 1, haven't had interior light problems, no engine shutdowns, no check engine lights, no door seal problems, etc. As someone once mentioned on the CV board, keep an open mind when choosing a car. If you don't consider gas millage as your highest priority, check out the CV/GM board before you choose a car. If you are looking for that mpg limit, there are a lot of cars that can average 31mpg highway and go from 0-60 in about 8 besides the LS.
  • mercerjmercerj Posts: 2
    Since first reading about the problem several people have experience with the engine shutdown, I've conducted some research. The results indicate that there is an excellent possibility that the engine shutdown is due to the electronic ignition system. This can be difficult for the computer and the mechanice to diagnose because after the shutdown, the engine will often restart after a brief period without jumping the battery. If the car is running when taken to the garage, the computer, nor the mechanic is able to say for certain if it is the electronic ignition. Since it is expensive to replace, generally $125 to $250, the garage doesn't want to experiment by replacing it. The car can cut off numerous times and restart as though nothing is wrong. It will never correct itself until the electronic ignition is replace. Good Luck !
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