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Buick LeSabre



  • I just got back from a dealer that had a limited with the Grand Touring package. I compared it to a regular LeSabre and I have to say that neither of them seemed as good as the last one I tested which was also a 2000. It must be my perception. I still think the car is a great deal but I'm going to look around a bit more. I want to try an Infiniti and a Camry. I'd try an avalon but they're expensive.
  • Thanks for the info. I found out from the dealer that we could get the cross-laced wheels for an additional $50 . We are going for them it is good value.
  • Be aware of the two following recalls on the 2000 Lesabre.

    99V238000 which is the failure to tighten bolts on brake booster. Failure could cause loss of brakes.

    99V301000 which is the failure to tighten the tie rod end. Failure could cause loss of steering control.

    If you have already purchased a 2000 Lesabre - contact your dealer immediately as both of these present serious safety concerns.
    For more info visit
  • for info on the 2000 lesabre suggest you goto and follow the links to 2000 m0dels and then to full size sedans. Despite some people being ticked off about the constraint on the gran touring package this is a great car and I will buy one if I can get the Pontiac Montana out of my mind.
  • kensrkensr Posts: 5
    Hello: Some of my thoughts on the Y2K LeSabre. (For what they are worth, I'll admit, not much.) Last week we too deliver of a Limited w/SE package, Leather & Y56 (GTP). It took 3 mo. for it was a special order that got caught up in the hold for the GTP wheels for 5 weeks. Even after we got the word about the hold, we waited for we didn't want it w/o the GTP. (Also, we had already sold our '95 Olds LSS.) It drives and rides great and (more important) my wife thinks so too. It has no surprises for we had an '89 Olds w/FE3 suspension (Olds '89 version of the GTP) & a 95 Olds LSS. The LSS was Olds' equivalent of the new Buick.

    I have been reading some comments from those who didn't wait and bought rice burners instead. They keep telling us how great they drive and never need any maintenance but they never tell us about their frequent (and expensive) "scheduled maintenance". While waiting for the Y2K, we drove our son's pumped up 5 banger Volvo [Volvo 850 Turbo (Supercharged 5 cyl)]. It is a great car but gives a harsher ride and is not a stable as either the 95 Olds or the Buick, has less room and costs much more. Also in 45,000 it has been in the shop many time for warrantee work - including two tow jobs. Good thing it has a 50,000 mile warrantee. My 89 maintenance consisted of oil changes and lubrication and a battery. It ran as good as new and used no more oil. The 95 only had 61,000, looked and drove like new but we got the "bug".

    Concerning the Crossed Laced wheels vs the GTP. As you probably know, the GTP not only includes the wheels but also Firestone TOURING tires, leather steering wheel, stiffer fron springs and rear stabilizer bar and a 3.05 axle vs 2.86. I like the looks of the cross laced wheels but in my book, the Firestone tires alone are worth the cost of the package. The cross laced tires are the same size but are non-touring Generals worth much less. Both Olds had touring tires that lasted well over 70,000 miles. I have had several GM cars with heavy duty suspensions and would not buy any - repeat any - car w/o it.

    About engines. The replacement for the 3.8 "pushrod" engine is the 3.5 OHC "high tech" engine. As this is my 3rd 3.8 and I have had no problems, I personally will take an "old fashioned pushrod" that has had some 13 years development over the new 3.5 "high tech" that doesn't get any better gas mileage and has to work harder to get the job done. True the OHC does away with many parts (lifters, pushrods & rocker arms) but GM has been using them since the '20s and seem to have them working pretty well. Also, they seem to work pretty well in NASCAR racing engines.

    In case I am accused of being a GM ad man, I plead innocent. True I have owned mostly GM cars, but I also have had Fords, Mercs and Toyotas. The day the Japanese bad mouthed the US auto workers, they turned me off to all Japanese autos. (No, I'm not an auto worker either.)
  • I agree with kensr especially concerning the scheduled maintenance costs. I drove my Camry for six years and still have it. It is a great car. Almost nothing went wrong with it in the 70000 miles I have put on it. But, the 30,000 mile service cost $250 several years ago and the 60,000 mile check was twice that. I am ready for the 90,000 mile service now. Scheduled maintenance for the Le Sabre consists mostly of oil changes and tire rotations. But, the big advantage in my mind is the comfort I get from my Buick. I never got that from the Camry.
  • Has any owners had problems with torque steer when accelerating? This a problem with the 2000 I own and the Dealer and Buick have been
    unable to find a fix or cause.
  • Hi king34
    What do you mean by trouble....could you explain...I would be interested since I just bought a Limited and do not know what you mean.....
  • I went looking at LeSabres this Sunday since the dealers were closed and noticed that there appears to be a design change on the 2000s that wasn't originally on the car when they came out a few months ago. Half of the LeSabres have what looks like additional bodyside cladding along the wheelbase under the doors. It looks like an additional lip has been added to the car. There is no mention of this on the window sticker (i.e. a new option). It appeared on Customs, Limiteds and Gran Touring Models. Cars that have been on the lot longer (my guess) don't have it. I personally think it detracts from the looks of the car. Of course this car is for my mother so she may not care.

    Not to make this post too long, but about 7 of the 25 LeSabres on the lot had the Gran Touring Package. Some were Customs with 1SD package others had the 1SE package and a few Limiteds as well. The Gran Touring wheels are MUCH better than the standard wheels. I also was not impressed with what appeared to be poor build quality on many of the cars. Most models had pinstriping (included in the package) and it did not line up between the doors or doors and fenders. Also the doors appeared not to line up for the trim by the windows. I personally thought this was a shame for a 26K car.
  • I'm going to try Infiniti and Toyota and retry Mitsubishi and Volvo before deciding on what to get. If the seats were just a little more comfortable on the lesabre I'd be sold already but the volvo and diamante were just amazing for seats. The ride on the diamante was quieter and smoother too. I'd have just bought one of those but there are no side airbags. I wish someone would make the perfect sedan. It's such a hard decision.
  • Torque steer is a condition that causes the vehicle to steer or pull to right or left when accelerating. This is most noticeable when accelerating hard. When moving forward from a stop the steering wheel will first rotate counter-clockwise momentarily, then back clockwise and continues to steer toward the right. This pull to the right can also be felt at higher speeds(like 40 mph) when accelerating to pass and transmission shifts down. The pull can be felt immediately after shifting. My vehicle also has
    a vibration/chatter sound/feeling in the steering system at idle speed, transmission in drive and turning the steering wheel. This condition has not caused any problems but affects drivability and stability.
  • I just got back from trying an Infinity I30 and a Nissan Maxima. I liked the i30 pretty well but I noticed quite a bit of torque steer on the maxima. I think the best cars in my opinion under 35k are: Mitsubishi Diamante, LeSabre, Lexus ES300, Infiniti I30 and Volvo S80. I still need to try a Toyota though.
  • have them check the motor supports. I had an 88 dodge aries which after about 5 years began to have bad torque steer. After checking I found the motor supports were worn which allowed the engine to twist in the motor supports thus the high torque steer. Replacing two of the three motor supports fixed the problem. Maybe they have some bad motor supports out there which allows the motor to over flex in the engine compartment.
  • I had a lesabre on order with a dealer and buick would not accept the order due to a restriction of the gran touring package. I ended up canceling the order and bought an i30 - my first foreign car. After reading the postings on this topic and the i30 topic I believe I made the best decision.
  • We took delivery on a custom Buick Lesabre on Friday and we are delighted with it. We ordered it with cross-lace wheels and a sunroof, amongst other goodies and the workmanship is impeccable. The only complaint that we have so far is that we can't program the Universal Transmitter to open our garage. It may have something to do with the fact that we have a rather sophisticated opener that as a safety feature changes codes constantly. We will be picking up our new license plate from the dealer next week and we will see if he can accomplish what we were unable to. But if that is the only problem that we encounter we will be most pleased. Good luck to all you prospective car buyers.
  • Any info on 2000 Le Sabre Limited Sedan w/Gran Touring Pkg price paid would be so helpful. Thanks
  • Just bought 1998 Buick Lesabre Custom, Did not hit , drag or run over any objects, just in front of right passenger wheel, moulding came loose, screw in panel can be seen. Has anyone had this problem with Buick Lesabre. Also back window, drivers side will not roll down, saw this on two or three Buicks while shopping for them, anyone else with this problem?
  • In June of this year the invoice price of a 2000 Buick Le Sabre Limited with Prestige Pkg, GT Pkg, and leather seating was $26,447 (Source:MSN CarPoint, Kelley Blue Book, USAA.) Sticker price was $28,945 here in Washington State. I paid $27,000 which at $553 over invoice was fine with me. My dealer had to find the car I wanted and pick it up about 90 miles away. I had, over the last seven years accumulated a little over $5,200 of rebate earnings on my GM MasterCard. That came off the price after negotiation with the dealer. It was quick, easy, and very helpful. Good luck with your purchase.
  • kensrkensr Posts: 5
    Just read about your garage door opener problem. I had the same trouble at first but think it was me, not the opener. The book says that if a code has been set, you must push both the outside buttons until you get a rapid (or steady light, I don't remember which). Mine had never been set that I knew of (the car had 5 miles when I too delivery) so I didn't do that step at first. When I couldn'dt get it to work, I did that and then was able to set both doors with no problems. I have two doors both with rotating codes. Good luck. We have almost 2000 in 3 wks and love the car better day. In a previous post, I mentioned that we drove our son's 95 Volvo that had been in the shop many times for warrantee work. Today, it went in again for a gasoline leak that will probably require the tank to come off - this time, out of warrantee! Enjoy the Buick!!
  • We had so much to read in that manual that we overlooked the garage opener. Anyway we have now programed the garage opener. Enjoy your Buick too is such a fun car!
  • I have a new Limited and we have no problems with the windows.....they all work great ..just like they are supposed to....also all pin striping is perfect and all body panels fit wife and I just came back from a Sat drive of about 300 miles and really enjoyed the the way, it really will take off from a red light or stop don't have to worry about getting in anyone's way....this is the first time that I have had a V-6 and it seemed like as good as a V-8.......
  • Ref: #45 of 53: torque steer (i30owner)
    Fri 12 Nov '99
    Until last week I was the proud owner of a 99 Olds 88 50th Anniversary Edition and it had torque problems. The dealer had the car the first few weeks more than I did trying to solve the problem, and eventually did with assistance of the GM Engineers in Oshawa, Ontario. The car had torque steer accellerating PLUS while driving, it drifted continually to the right. Both problems were resolved by the following progressive steps by GM:
    - tire rotation and 4-wheel alignment
    - complete new rack and pinion unit installed
    - right hand motor mounts shimmed 7 mm
    - SPRINGS rotated 1/4 turn to right both sides
    For reasons I don't understand, it was the SPRING rotation that finally did the trick and it drove beautifully for 12,000 km over a 4 month period until last week, when an idiot, who is a living example of why birth control should be made retroactive, pulled out in front of me on a through highway and the car was written off ...totally.

    BTW, those GM Next Generation airbags really do work folks!... but keep your fingers out of the way... the explosive force on deployment broke my ring finger! Sounds like both barrels on a 12 Guage shotgun going off, and it filled the car with acrid burning fumes that made it very hard to breathe. The explosive and plastic smouldered on the steering column for about 1.5 minutes. It's quite an experience!

    THE REPLACEMENT VEHICLE I CHOSE WAS A 2000 BUICK LESABRE with pretty much all the goodies on it including HUD. I have been reading posted comment on the Y2K LeSabre and Avalon with interest. My LeSabre was the first one into the dealership here a couple of days ago and they sold it to me before it was ever even cleaned up coming off the truck. Dealers just haven't been able to get product. It was the most car, and the most similar to my 50th Anniv. Olds that I could find BUT WAS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. THE 2000 BUICK HERE IS UP IN PRICE ABOUT $5000 OVER 1999 PRICES! I looked at and loved the Avalon XLS but it was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!
    It's a very impressive automobile but the LeSabre has enough toys to keep me occupied and happy.... I hope! -- Paul
  • I checked the campaign recalls posted in this thread for the 2000 LeSabre Limited. While there were campaigns for the brake booster and tie rod ends, mine was not affected, and the recall was not universal to all vehicles manufactured. The best way to check if a vehicle was affected is via the GM computer sytem and vehicle VIN... it will show in seconds ANY recall based on the vehicle VIN number.

    This is Day 1 with the new car and it is a dream to drive, even at night. The insurance on this vehicle however is going to cost me $250 more annually than my 99 Olds 88... Bummer. This was due to the vehicle price increase this year.

    I was surprised to learn the battery is under the left rear passenger seat.... but there is a boosting terminal under the hood. A good safety feature actually.

    My LeSabre Limited shows absolutely NO symptoms of torque steer on acceleration and the steering is smooth and perfect. The variable assist feature is also effective.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to find a lot of the 'toys' on the vehicle are more advanced than 99 vehicles... i.e. the Driver 1&2 Memory, the garage door opener, Stabili-Trak, Disk Brakes, etc etc and I was thoroughly delighted with the Heads Up Display and the speedometer Km/Miles display.
    I think this will be a delightful automobile... it sure has all the creature comforts.
    -- Paul
  • kensrkensr Posts: 5
    Reference my #51 about Volvo and #52-55 about the 2K LeSabre. The Volvo first - I said my son's 95 850 Turbo was in the shop out of warrantee for a gas leak - well after 5 days and nearly 500 big ones it came home but now after 200 miles it has a "Check Engine" light. Any guesses about that cost??? Now about my junk US product. I have found nothing wrong including the stripe or chrome line-up, panel fit or anything else. I have never noticed any torque steer in this car, my 95 Olds LSS or the 89 "88" (all with the same engine and basic platform). I will admit that it has a few "goodies" that I would just as not have but they all work (I think) which puts it in the luxury line as far as I am concerned. The only thing we have noticed is that the right cup holder does not hold a canned drink tightly enough although we have never spilled one. As I read in edmunds one time, if all you have to complain abut is the cup holders, things are not all that bad! Love the Buick although I have been an Olds man for years but think they just priced me out of their league when they did away with the 88 in favor of the Aurora. (I expect the 6 Aurora will cost as much as the present V8 and the new V8 will go up a few K.
  • I just purchased a new 2000 Buick lesabre custom and find the engine is noisier than a 1997 lesabre I had. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have a 97 buick lasabre that has an unsmooth gearhange and sometimes a jerk when pulling off buick is unable to fix this they replaced i think they said the torque converter and checked the fuel filter this jump never happens while cruising only during excelarating feels like a jumping action. Has anybody had this problem. I have owned 3 buicks and have had trouble with 2, i am now thinking of trying a 2000 model just hoping for the best. jk
  • I have a 97 buick lasabre that has an unsmooth gearhange and sometimes a jerk when pulling off buick is unable to fix this they replaced i think they said the torque converter and checked the fuel filter this jump never happens while cruising only during excelarating feels like a jumping action. Has anybody had this problem. I have owned 3 buicks and have had trouble with 2, i am now thinking of trying a 2000 model just hoping for the best. jk
  • Hello to all. I'm new to this post..anyway..I saw two 2000 Custom Demo models on the lot this morning. Both with leather, 1SE, CD/Cassette and each had about 3,500 miles on it. Does anyone know kind of discount should be offered for a demo model? Also, can the GM credit card credits be used for this purchase? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Just took delivery of 2000 Lesabre limited. The seat belts are not adjustable and they cut my wife and myself across the neck. I'm 5'-8" 152 pounds,so theirs no excuse because of size. we have the 10 way adjustable seat and their is no position that will allow the belt not to cut across my neck. If anyone has a solution other then getting rid of the car(which we are considering)or any suggestion we would greatly appreciate it. I would suggest that if someone was considering a 2000 Buick LeSabre they should be aware of this problem. We test drove the car, but did not give much thought to the seat belts.
  • Have you tried other LeSabres on the lot. Is the problem specific to your vehicle or do all Lesabres have this problem? If other cars don't have this problem, would it be possible for the dealer to switch the seats with another car.
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