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Audi A4 2004 and earlier

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
to the second A4 discussion.

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topic can continue your discussion.

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  • If you're thinking of not getting the sports pkg due to noise, you need to understand that most all-season tires are noisier than summer tires that come with the sports pkg (I believe it's still Dunlop SP8000E).

    About the tire life, the softer the compound, the more grip it has, but shorter life. You don't have to corner at 80mph to feel the difference, a 30mph corner can make the difference. If you've seen those $50 cheapo tires, they feel like brick, they may last 70k miles, but they'll squeak at every turn. I'm not saying all-seasons will be this bad (Michelin MXV+ that came with my A6 is pretty good), but I'd definitely get performance tires if they are offered.

    About the tire life, even the better tires cost about $100 each from Tire Rack, so spending $400 every 2-3 years isn't a big deal to me.

    After all, it's the tires that bring the car's power (and Quattro) to the road, why not get the best?
  • I have all seasons on my 2.8 now, and have had all seasons on all my cars, and the tires have never squealed, no matter how fast my husband and I go through the turns. My husband takes turns at 80 mph. with the A4 and no squeal. When we test drove the A4 with the sports package, there was more squeal from the tires than with the all seasons.

    I don't know where you live, but where I live it snows. I didn't want to have to change to snow tires, get regular high performance tires on a semi constant basis, give up a little ride comfort, and have to get new alloys to replace the unappealing (IMHO) ten spoke wheels that come with the sport package. That said, the $400 that the sports package costs on the 2.8, has now cost me a set of snow tires (which I have no room to store in the summer), high performance tires every two years, and between $1-2,000 for nicer wheel covers. What a bargain!, just to gain a slight advantage on cornering.

    My husband, who drove race cars in Washington State thinks the standard suspension is great and so do I. I did not see that much of a difference in the sports suspension to warrant those kind of costs, plus the $400 initial investment. Getting the sports steering wheel was fine with me.

    To each his own. That's why Audi has so many color combinations, and choices on car configurations.
  • Here's the solution to your problem:


    If you feel it's worth the extra $750 (which I think is a steal), buy it. If not, happy trails to you.

    BTW, the new ten-spokes are pretty ugly. Glad I have the seven-spokes on my 99.5 QMS
  • Just when I was beginning to get Audi off my brain, the dealer called to say that the silver 1.8 front driver is HERE and off the truck this morning. Of course, it needs to be prepped. Now, I am in complete panic. Still haven't verified for sure who is chipping the '00 model 1.8s. Also, the dealer has a 2.8 silver front driver. I want to drive it to be sure that I am doing the right thing. God help me if there's an S4 on the lot that is not black or yellow.

    Jeez, am I the only one who LIKES the 10-spoke alloys on the Sports Package? I think they are worlds better than the standard 1.8 alloy, but of course not as attractive as the standard 2.8 alloys which are the best by far.

    Well, it is just possible that I could be in an A4 by Monday. Unless I totally freak out!
  • Due to personal preferences and location, I would love to get my hands on an FWD A4 1.8T with cloth seats and no sport package. I realize that this is an available combo from, but it could be an impossible find, no? And I don't want the Passat. No panache vis a vis the A4.

    Also wanted to point out that Audi dealers here in the States just love to make Audi sound like it's some hauty luxury division. But as someone else posted, most Euro A4 sales are of FWD 1.8T. And Audi has the Golf variant A3 and also a dinky little A2. I had a dealer tell me that Audi should really just concentrate on the A6 and A8, that the A4 was really a low-end car for them. Obviously he was oblivious to Euro tastes - for whom the A6 is almost obnoxiously large.

    Okay, off my soap-box I go.
  • lkanlkan Posts: 2
    Hello, does anyone have any experience with this particular modification? According to their website, it increases the HP from 190 to 280, and torque by a similarly generous amount. I'm curious as to why don't people discuss it around here. For example, many people make modifications on the 1.8T (new chips), but discussion on the 2.8 is mute. And the PES system is the only aftermarket upgrade available for the 2.8, as far as I know. I only knew about this mod after reading an article on Again, anyone have any experience? Top speed, acceleration, reliability, etc.?

    Thank you!
  • I'm very excited for you. Can't wait to hear your first impressions. Post them as soon as you can. Good luck! P.S. The ten wheel sport spokes are not bad. They are definitely better than the standard wheel covers as you indicated. Alot of people on the A4 forum love them. You'll be so involved in the car that it won't matter anyway. If, down the road you want to change them, it is an easy change.

    Ikan: You would benefit greatly asking about the PES supercharger on The only thing I know, and why people probably don't discuss it that much is that it is quite expensive. For the price you would pay for the supercharger, you could have practically purchased an S4!
  • At the beginning of this discussion, you said it was the second A4 discussion. It is really the third.
  • Good luck with whichever version you choose to drive off with!! Don't freak out--just enjoy the ride and let us know how it is. You will definitely be cruising on those smooth highways of Florida--that place is flatter than a pancake and the roads are flawless.

    I'm on the lookout for a dealer who has an A4 without sport that I can test drive---no one seems to have it, not even here in Cali. But, I do want to check it out for myself. I'm leaning away from it though--I must say I do prefer a softeride.

    Has anyone actually received delivery of a car from yet? There has been alot of discussion, but I'm curious if they are as good as word says. And how does that work as far as working with a local dealer for service when you have not bought the car from them?
  • I've seen several A4s aroundabouts here that have no sports package. Some had quattro but no sports package and I think one had no quattro and no sports. I've driven the standard suspension and found it very comfortable. I certainly could live with it here in Florida. But, one of my reasons for purchasing a German car is to get the edgier stiffer feel. I really think that the sports package A4 is the most solid feeling piece of sheet metal on four wheels I have ever been in. By the way, it's very hard to find the cloth seats. There's a yellow front driver here that has the cloth (but it also has the sports package). Personally, I don't mind the cloth, but I am going to tell folks that I have leather and see if I can get away with it. Will be interesting to see who calls my bluff. Also by the way, Niblets, Florida is actually hilly compared to South Louisiana! My house here is 24 feet above sea level. In New Orleans, I was five feet BELOW sea level. North Central Florida is even more full of rolling hills. Gets flatter as you head toward Naples or Miami of course. Well, I am going to "pet" my car on Friday and will hopefully drive her home on Monday. I am trying to prolong the agony with this.
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    re: PES S/C

    seriously consider the S4 as an alternative.

    I picked up a new S4 on Monday and have driven about 200 miles. let me tell you, the reviews are all true and then some!

    although I've got no direct experience with a PES blower, I had the Jackson Racing S/C installed on a '98 Acura Integra GSR last year.

    when it worked right, it was a blast to drive but there were quite a few problems with the timing.

    the belt noise from the S/C was also much harsher than the biturbo on the S4, which sounds great.

    the GSR S/C was removed after only 4000 miles and set me back around $4000.

    there is a detailed post by me in the Sports Cars topic #8 post #571 and subsequent discussion.

    to fully realize the extra power of the PES unit, you would probably have to modify the suspension, go to bigger wheels, etc.

    the Audi engineers have already done all that for you with the S4 and if (God forbid!) there still isn't enough power for you, there will no doubt be a wealth of aftermarket stuff like chips, bigger turbos, etc. for the S4 pretty soon.

    you also get some extra stuff (like Xenon lights and leather seats) that cost extra on the A4.

    the S4 has a close ratio 6-speed manual to get the most out of the power although 3rd gear by itself can handle many curvy roads at two or three times the legal speed limit.

    (for any police officers out there, please note that I always drive responsibly and stay well within the posted speed limit.)

    Audi's new RS4 (the wicked little station wagon avail. in Europe) starts with the S4 engine and makes 380 bhp. it's one little bugger that can definitely HAUL your groceries!
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    re: PES S/C

    seriously consider the S4 as an alternative.

    I picked up a new S4 on Monday and have driven about 200 miles. let me tell you, the reviews are all true and then some!

    although I've got no direct experience with a PES blower, I had the Jackson Racing S/C installed on a '98 Acura Integra GSR last year.

    when it worked right, it was a blast to drive but there were quite a few problems with the timing.

    the belt noise from the S/C was also much harsher than the biturbo on the S4, which sounds great.

    the GSR S/C was removed after only 4000 miles and set me back around $4000.

    there is a detailed post by me in the Sports Cars topic #8 post #571 and subsequent discussion.

    to fully realize the extra power of the PES unit, you would probably have to modify the suspension, go to bigger wheels, etc.

    the Audi engineers have already done all that for you with the S4 and if (God forbid!) there still isn't enough power for you, there will no doubt be a wealth of aftermarket stuff like chips, bigger turbos, etc. for the S4 pretty soon.

    you also get some extra stuff (like Xenon lights and leather seats) that cost extra on the A4.

    the S4 has a close ratio 6-speed manual to get the most out of the power although 3rd gear by itself can handle many curvy roads at two or three times the legal speed limit.

    (for any police officers out there, please note that I always drive responsibly and stay well within the posted speed limit.)

    Audi's new RS4 (the wicked little station wagon avail. in Europe) starts with the S4 engine and makes 380 bhp. it's one little bugger that can definitely HAUL your groceries!
  • Wow! 24 feet above sea level! Do you ever get altitude sickness?? I have heard that there are some hills around Tallahassee, but I have only spent time in South Florida, so my experience of Florida is flat.

    Best of luck with your decision this weekend. And let us know if those ventilation holes really work in the leatherette, as you will truly put them to the test in your climate!
  • Fantasitic disussions. I've just ordered a 1.8T A4, Silver/Onyx, leatherette, Quattro, Convenience Package, Sideguard Airbags. Dealer says 4months to wait so I get to torture myself until March.

    Will I burn the skin off my legs when I sit on the seats on the 45th day over 100degrees in Dallas? My car sits outside during the day at work and this is a big fear. Anybody in the Dallas to Phoenix type climate have any wisdom?

    Anybody have the Sideguard airbags or heard anything about them. Big part of my decision to go A4 is the fabulous safety reviews by Consumer Reports. Sideguard air bags make me wait but it seems like an excellent option.

    Any body had problems with the sunroof? I'm not a big sunroof fan, (my Miata satifies that need) but the wife likes the sunroof. Any problems or concerns with this option?
  • yes they deliver, yes I bought through them, yes they paid $1600 to get me a '00 A6.

    I haven't taken the car to dealer for Audi Advantage service yet (only 5 weeks since the purchase, the first oil change is at 8000 miles!), but I'm guessing that it is no different than if you moved from another state. The warranty manual clearly states that you can take it to any Audi dealer.
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    Can anyone provide information on quality of service, both initial purchase and repair/maintenance, by the local New Orleans dealer. I'm real interested in purchasing an Audi, but with only one local dealer, I want to make sure I enjoy the car after I buy it. Thanks.
  • I first drove the A4 with leatherette on a hot steamy Florida day. The car, of course, had been sitting on the dealer's lot with no shade. I was very curious about the leatherette and the climate control. I thought that the AC was fine and that it will handle the summer here okay. The leatherette will not burn you when you go to sit on it (which actually the leather in my Jeep does) but it will make your legs sticky in a humid climate until the AC has cooled down your cabin. Now, in your drier climate, I don't know. When I go to the beach here, I always have a light all cotton towel to put on my Jeep's leather seat when I get back in 'cause that leather in the sun will definitely scorch my bare skin. Fortunately, my Audi will usually be parked in shade. If I go to the mall or whatever, it does have that nifty feature where you can lower all windows. That will at least get your interior temp down to the ambient air temp quick. In this case you might actually appreciate the sunroof as a very nice vent on a hot day. Good luck with your order, boy you have more patience than I.
  • I have the same color combination as you're getting with the leather, not leatherette, and went through the same dilemma about the heat and leather/leatherette. Although I live in the NE, where it wouldn't present much of a problem, my husband and I were supposed to relocate to Texas, and/or Florida, and I still would have chosen that color combination. It looks great.

    I asked that question on the A4 forum, and the majority of people with Silver exteriors have onyx interiors, and they all say that is doesn't get very hot. Just get a sunshield, and open the windows like beachbumm indicated (Audi has it where you can open all windows at once with your key, I believe it can also be programmed into your remoted as well). People answered me from all over the country, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, and noone had any complaints about the onyx seats in the heat. The climate control system works great, and I really don't think it will be a problem. Also, like Beachbumm said, I would put a towel down if it were to be in the sun all day, no matter what color interior I had. You guys in Texas also tint your windows, which should help alot.

    I really don't think there should be any problems. We had a really hot summer in NJ this past year, with temperatures getting into the 100's almost every day, and I had dark gray leather seats on my Pathfinder, and never felt hot, and my climate control system was not anywhere as good as the Audis.

    Good luck. I know it's hard waiting for the car, but if you go to, you will live vicariously through the other owners and people waiting for their cars!
  • Well, the new baby has arrived and while she is taking a nap I thought I'd tell you about her. I have the silver/opal gray 1.8 with Tip and sports package/sunroof. I am really thrilled with the sports package because the handling is just so fine. I am slightly puzzled with the color. In the brochure it says that silver is metallic but actually the color on my car is silver clearcoat. It is very elegant and gorgeous too and the 10-spoke sport wheels look great. Personally, I would have preferred the onyx interior too, but the funny thing is that everyone who has seen the car loves the opal gray interior. Of course, they haven't compared the two. Well, I knew that rather than wait forever to get exactly what I preferred I could compromise on some things like interior theme. All it really needs is a little wood on the console, so I'll be looking out for that. I really do not have a power problem with Tiptronic front trak. Without the weight of quattro this car is perfectly adequate. It is a little sluggish from a stop but once moving I have no complaints at all. The Tiptronic shifting is great. Just downshift from 5th to 3rd to pass someone and I doubt you will have any complaints. Interior noise is well subdued and actually quite "sporty". Wind noise at highway speed is a trifle greater than I would like. I have discerned no tire noise at all yet with these Dunlop high performance tires. Yes, I can see chipping the engine to get a stage one level, say .8 or 1.0 bar, which would bring it up to stock TT coupe level. Really, I can't imagine needing any more than that. Already I am looking down and seeing 80 on the speedo with no effort. It's that comfortable a cruiser. I think this is where the Tip has it over the manual -- highway cruising is very relaxed. I have a few ergonomic quibbles -- my head is hitting the pod that houses the sunroof control and map lights when I enter. I may need to just lower the seat a bit. Drove to breakfast today into the sun and my friend loved the little flip down visor over the rear view mirror. It was just enough to keep the low sun out of his eyes. All of the details on this car are extraordinary and the fit and finish are without doubt the best I've experienced. Well, I could go on and on and on (and probably will!) but this is enough for now. Just sign me, very happy papa.
  • Congratulations! The day has finally come. I am sure you out driving your new baby.

    1. The color on the car (which has to be the same as mine), looks very metallic on my car. It is gorgeous and has gotten alot of compliments. It is a true light silver. If you put it next to other silver cars, it shines out unbelievably.
    2. As far as power is concerned, I have the 2.8 and thought it was sluggish at first, but after the first 1,000 miles, it changed dramatically. I am at about 1,200 miles now, and it is changing every day. That also goes for the tiptronic, which sort of changes to your driving style as time goes on, and becomes more responsive to your shifts. I find that the tiptronic definitely makes the car seem faster. I would certainly use it as much as I can, except for really bad traffic.
    3. As far as the wood goes, I think I posted once to go to Alot of A4orgers got their wood there. They have real wood that is made especially for the specific type of car that you have, and is much cheaper than the OEM wood. It will probably cost you about $300 as opposed to about $800 for Audi wood. The gray interior is gorgeous, it just needs the wood. As they say on the A4 board, there are not bad combinations in Audi. They really plan their colors and combinations very carefully, and I have not yet seen a color and/or combination I didn't like.
    4. It definitely seems that you need to lower the seat, as my husband is 6'3", and the power seats sit higher than the non power seats and he has plenty of headroom, even with the sunroof. It takes a while to get that sweet spot in the seating position. Even with the power seats, it took me about three weeks to get it just right, now it is so comfortable, it is like a barcalounger.
    5. As far as wind noise is concerned, I have excessive wind noise as well. There is a TSB/fix for this, and I plan to bring it up at my first service. That is probably one of the biggest things people have complained about on the A4 forum, and most people have had it fixed by the dealer. I believe it is due to the driver's side mirror, and they put some insulation in there. If that is my only complaint, I will be very happy. Also, you might notice that the driver's side windshield wiper stops about 2-3 inches from the side of the window. The people on the A4 forum said that is the way is comes from the factory, and the dealer can set them basically anyway you want. That is another thing I will bring up at the first service. Otherwise, this car has been flawless so far.

    You will notice new little things every day that you will probably say, why didn't I think of that. It is a really good idea to read the manual, as it showed me things I would never know existed on the car. In fact I took it through it's first car wash yesterday, and the owner of the car wash insisted on sitting in it and asking me a million questions. He said it is one of the safest and nicest looking cars on the road, and he is thinking of getting one.

    Best of luck to you and your new baby!
  • Just came back from my first drive at night -- WOW!! Nobody told me about the interior at night; it's simply awesome and quite impressive in a Star Trek way. I think I'll just run by Saturn for one of those starburgers heavy on the mayo. I am definitely going to be looking for excuses to go to the convenience store at midnight now. BTW, at breakfast today I parked beside a silver Lexus. Guess which car had the better paint job? Right, the one that cost 20K less! Okay, okay so he could blow me away at the stoplight. Do you want the brute or the fashion model?
  • Also, re: the engine break-in, I am sure that the performance will improve. You know, my Jeep has 93,000 miles on it and I swear it runs better now than when it had 5000 miles on it.
  • The dash is great at night. It does look like something out of Star Trek. Whereas, I never really liked to drive at night, now, like you, I find every excuse to go out for anything at night.
    The dash used to be all red before the Y2K model, now it is white and red, and looks great!

    You should be O.K. with the tiptronic without quattro after the breakin period. Like you said, without the quattro, the pickup should be alot better, probably equal to, or close to the 2.8 with quattro.

    Keep up the driving, it's good for you!
  • "Like you said,without the quattro, the pickup should be alot
    better, probably equal to, or close to the 2.8 withquattro"

    You did mean a CHIPPED 1.8T, right? 'Cause a non-quattro 1.8T still won't be as fast as a Quattro 2.8 unless you chip it.
  • What I really meant is that a 5 spd. 1.8 non-quattro, will be somewhat on par acceleration wise to a 2.8 automatic with quattro.

    Beachbumm has an automatic 1.8 without quattro, so he would still have to chip it to get the power of the 2.8.
  • Well, went to a mom and pop furniture store today to pick up a small end table. Shoulda taken the Jeep, but I'm trying to break in baby Audi so I took it instead. The table was not quite able to fit in the trunk, so we had to put it on the front passenger seat and belt it in. The owner and his helper came out. The helper wouldn't stop drooling over my Audi A4. He was totally in awe over the ability to shift gears (on the steering wheel no less) without a clutch. Okay, so he was a little wet behind the ears. While we're putting the table in the car, the owner says, be careful, don't scratch the man's LEATHER. Ha! It's leatherette! I'm grinning from ear to ear.

    I am really loving the way I can toss this car around. It loves to turn. Too bad our roads are so straight! I am SO glad I got the sports package. Really makes a difference with the tires and the handling. I realize that most people think this car is underpowered and it probably is with both Tiptronic and Quattro. But I am not disappointed at all with the pickup. It is a little slow off a stoplight but at 3000 rpm she will do anything. I can see getting the boost pressure up to 11 lbs or so and watch me peel rubber then. Did I tell you that I LOVE to drive this car? She is so sweet. People really look at this car. Of course, the silver is simply gorgeous. Did I tell you that I really really LOVE to drive this car?
  • dbndbn Posts: 1
    This summer I bought a new 1.8T quattro with the sports package which comes with the SP8000E Dunlops. Here in Toronto we can get quite a bit of snow/ice but replacing the Dunlops with a good snow tire is an expensive proposition, and a pain in the butt. Does anyone have any snow experience with these tires and any recommendations ? Do I really need snow tires ?
  • Dunlop SP8000E in winter is a disaster waiting to happen. Especially in a city like Toronto. Quattro will give you extra traction in getting out of slippery surface, but it will do nothing to stop the car.

    Compared to the cost of an accident, or even the insurance deductable plus increased premium, a set of snow tires is a bargain. You can get a set of excellent snow tires (Pirelli 210A, Dunlop M2, Michelin Pilot Arpin) for about $500 in the US ( Many people mount them on separate rims to avoid scratching the wheels during mounting and also to save on the mounting cost. A complete set of 4 tires and 4 alloy wheels is about $1000. For a car that cost $25k-$30k, this could be the best money spent.

    Remember that you're not simply throwing away money on snow tires. Your summer tires will not get any wear during winter so their life will be greatly extended. Even if you don't have snow tires, you will be purchasing a new set of tires 2-3 years later when they wear out anyway, so why not purchase a set of snow tires now?

    If you're still not convinced, go to Wheel Forum and read what A4 owners say.
  • Glad to see you "LOVE" your car. I do too. Of course, living up North, we get to see different things on the car than you do, such as a snowflake when the temps go below a certain degree to warn you that there may be ice. We also get to use seat warmers, heat and headlight washers.

    Yes, if I lived in Florida, I would more than likely have gotten the sport package. Without having to change over to snow tires and storing them, it would have been a no brainer.

    Glad you're really enjoying it, so am I. I get alot of compliments as well. Just trying to keep it ding free for as long as I can. I informed my husband that his Jeep is the new "mall" driver, especially around this time of year!
  • My biggest problem right now is bug juice! I am sick and tired of kamikaze bugs splattering the contents of their alimentary canals on my shiny new silver bumper and hood! You should see me out there each evening with the bug juice remover. It's just too new to let it wear bugs overnight. Oh, I got the seat right now and no more hitting my noggin on the sunroof pod.
  • I know what you mean. I have all kinds of cleaning fluids at the ready for bugs, bird S***, etc. I am fanatical at this point. Hopefully I will get back to normal soon. My husband can't deal with it.

    I'm glad you got the seat right. It took me a while, but now it's like a barcalounger!
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    I wholeheartedly agree with woobin's comments.

    Dunlop M2s (H-rated at 130 mph) were put on my S4 last Friday and worked commendably in our first snow here in upstate NY. they give very good dry weather handling and road noise is no worse than the stock performance tires; definitely worth the incremental cost of mounting each year.

    beachbum, your "brute or fashion model" comments made me laugh because I'd just run across a big 4x4 V10 Ram Truck in a big hurry at a stoplight on a wet, slippery road.

    he revved that big motor impatiently waiting for the light to turn as I sat there beside him in the innocent little sedan. I figured this was the perfect time to test the Quattro AWD. he gave me a look of utter disbelief as the S4 rocketed past him and will definitely be giving every A4 that he sees a lot of respect from now on!

    BTW, my owners manual says activating the heated driver's seat will also heat the steering wheel, which came as a surprise to me. I've read that the A6 has a heated steering wheel, but wasn't aware this also came with the A4/S4.
  • My A4 manual said the same thing about the heated steering wheel, but if you look closely, there should be a * there, indicating this is an option. It used to be an option on the A6, but they discontinued it completely. I don't know if the A8 still has that option.
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    the auto's torque converter eats up some of the power so less goes to the wheels; cars with more power, esp. torque, at lower RPMs usually have less dropoff in performance with an auto.

    the auto doesn't penalize the torquey S4 as much but adding .6 seconds is still significant since the manual gets to 60 in under 6 seconds.

    an auto also adds weight which is another reason it's a bit slower.

    even though you can shift the car yourself with the tiptronic, power is still channeled through the torque converter. millon dollar Formula-1 cars have pushbutton shifters but these buttons actually activate a computer controlled clutch, resulting in lightning quick shifts. it will probably be awhile before production cars use this technology, which is quite expensive.

    personally, I think 0-60 times are overrated and what's really important is how easily you can accelerate in everyday driving.

    equalizer1, my owners manual has the * so I guess the heated steering wheel isn't there after all.
    thanks for the clarification.
  • In manual transmission, torque from the engine is transmitted to the wheels via mechanical coupling, i.e., clutch plates. In automatic transmissions, torque is transmitted via fluid coupling in the torque converter. There is no direct mechanical coupling between the engine and the wheels, except on the higest gear. Obvisouly, there is a greater loss of torque in the automatic compared to manual transmission.
  • Most auto trannys have a lockup torque converter. This means the TC will shunt once the revs are high enough in a given gear. On older cars, it meant 3-speed autos seemed to shift 5 times (2 shifts, 3 lockups), but now it usually isn't apparent. This lockup is mostly so that you get better highway milage, as you remember auto trannys used to get significantly worse highway milage than MTs until the early 80s.

    Anyway, if you are in a gear for any given length of time, and it is the right gear (you haven't jammed your car up to 5th at 10mph using the Tiptronic), then the torque convertor is locked up and you aren't losing much power except to friction.

    Last I checked (a couple years ago), Mercedes-Benz had resisted lockup torque converters since they thought it made the tranny a little harsher.
  • My 97 A4 has at present 73,000 miles on it. At less than 60 the clutch goes. Then at under 70K the Catalytic convert begins to go. The dealer quoted $1600 plus work for this part. I found out that the convert is federally covered up to 80,000K which the dealer withheld this information or failed to learn his basic warranty coverage (it's in the handbook!). The car is coming apart! I'm calling Audi on the dealer and the preformance of the car. After all it is an Audi and they expect us to believe we are getting the Lexus red carpet service (kind of!). The dealer service dept just shrugged at my growing dilemma as the car fails and they happily suck down my money. Should this car last longer? Makes me wonder if I really want that A6 2.7T in 2000. A cheesed off expensive A4 owner. P.S Don't get me wrong I love the car, little compares but ...really!
  • jwolffjwolff Posts: 19
    re 38- Do you have the 1.8 or 2.8 ?
  • It makes you wonder why you didn't get an extended warranty. It's like holding a loaded hand gun without one on any car. One thing goes wrong, you've practically made your money back, putting aside the peace of mind factor.

    I would get the A6, but not without an extended warranty, at least until 100,000 miles. Worth every penny, especially for a high end European car. Don't blame Audi, lot's of cars start breaking down with 73,000 miles. Even my Prelude died it's final breath around that mark. You just need to think ahead next time.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm kinda laughing at your post. What other vehicles have you owned and what was your experience with them? 73000 miles on a '97, so you're doing 20000+ miles a year, right? What kind of driving conditions? That's pretty high mileage. Yet you still "love" the car? I had a Subaru that was so bad I still break out in hives when I think of it. No way did I "love" that car. It just sounds like what you're really upset over is the high cost of repairing a Euro car, not to mention possibly being ripped off on the cat converter. I better read up on my warranty info again.
  • RE: the loss of torque in the auto tranny, I found it very interesting that the Saab 9-3 brochure quantifies the loss of torque in its automatic version (a 4-speed auto). It comes down to 169 lb/ft which may explain why I thought that the Saab was slower than the A4 1.8 with Tiptronic. (Also, the turbo lag was much more noticeable in the Saab.) The Audi brochure does not quantify this loss of torque, only giving a difference in 0-60 performance figures. Anyway, I agree completely that 0-60 is meaningless in real life driving habits. I much prefer a good midrange punch which I think the A4 1.8 has in spades. Between say 3500-5000 rpm this engine just sings and the Tiptronic will do whatever you want it to. I can pass anything I really need to be passing if ya know what I mean. And it cruises beautifully. I am constantly trying to keep her under 80. Don't need no tickies here.
  • Okay, I found something I don't like on my A4! I don't think the cruise control switch is as smooth as it should be. It's a hard click to get it turned on. Once it's on, the set and resume are easy enough. But that on/off switch for the cruise control is just not as fluid as the other switches in the vehicle. I must write to Mr. Audi about this. Oh, also, if I lived up north and was trying to operate that intermittent wiper control with gloves on -- well, forget it!
  • Hey, Equal, did you read the new review of the Volvo S40 here at the Edmunds home page? The reviewer says it's a swell car -- until you compare it to the A4!! He also praises the handling, about the 3rd review I've seen that says the same thing. I can't imagine what they're talking about. I thought the car was almost dangerous on a highway on dry pavement. I am tossing my A4 all over the place, at least whenever I can find a decent curve around here.
  • Hi! I'm sure you're still in seventh heaven. So am I, and yes I saw that review about the S40. They mentioned a few times that the S40 is not a contender to the A4 or Bimmer. I thought that Volvo was marketing that car to go squarely against the Audi. I guess we've all discovered that is not the case. Cannot compete with the Audi in real world situations. The S40 is definitely more of a match for the Camry, Accord, etc., like he points out. As far as them talking about the handling, they are probably comparing it to appliances like the Accord, Camry, etc., where the handling is numb. The S40 definitely beats them all out in the handling category. That is why they usually single out the A4 and Bimmer, because the S40 does not compete with their handling.

    As far as the cruise control is concerned, it is a little bit unergonomic. My husband thinks its great, but I think touch and feel on something like that can be a little dangerous, but it actually works very well once you get the hang of it.

    I haven't had the chance to use the intermittent wipers with gloves on yet, but I am sure it will be a little clumsy. I guess everything with gloves on everything is a little clumsy.

    Took my car to Audi yesterday to have the windshield wipers adjusted so that the driver's side one wipes a little closer to the A pillar, and it is a million times better. Took them 2 seconds to adjust. Also, this past weekend my husband (eagle eyes), noticed that the leather on the driver's seat by the power switches in one spot, was coming out of the plastic bucket it is supposed to be in. Everything else was fine. I showed it to the service manager at Audi, and without hesitation, he is ordering me a new seat cover and I'm going to have it installed. The only thing that bothers me is that they have to take the seat out to recover it. He promised me that nothing else will be touched and everything will work perfectly. I am so anal about anyone touching my car, even an experienced mechanic. My husband is anal about little things, like the leather coming up. He thinks that in a car of this caliber, it should not look that way. I could live with it, rather than them tearing the seat out, but he is very insistent upon everything being perfect. I guess it's easier to be single!
  • BTW, if I recall, the S40 had the same exact cruise control setup. I remember remarking to my husband about that.
  • I don't particularly like front wheel drive cars, but this car offers Quattro-(All Wheel Drive).
    I havent been for a test drive yet because closest dealership is an hour away. Is there a big difference in the ride and handling of the car if you get the Quattro instead of just haveing the front wheel drive? Also the Audi TT is now available as a convertiable.
  • I don't think the TT will be available with the convertible until the Fall. I might be wrong.

    Yes, there is a big difference between Quattro and front wheel drive. So far I haven't experienced it in the snow, but in the rain, you are glued to the road. I never had so much confidence driving in the rain before, and I have owned all front wheel drive cars. Also, taking corners and off ramps at a good clip will be a breeze with the Quattro. You basically never lose your grip. Also, resale value is much greater with the quattro option.

    If you go to, the majority of Audi owners in general will tell you to get the Quattro no matter where you live. The biggest advantage of not having the Quattro, is not having the extra weight of the Quattro, which would make acceleration faster.

    I also have the 2.8, and it is the best car I have owned so far (I have it only six weeks), and I have owned many. I think it is worth an hour's drive to test drive one.

    Good luck!
  • I won't dispute what Equalizer has said, but I do suggest that you drive both the front wheel drive WITH sports package and the quattro. Audi has a very unique front suspension that provides very neutral handling for a front driver. There is no torque steer at all that I have felt yet. There was quite a bit of torque steer in the Saab and Volvo I test drove. (Torque steer is the tendency of front wheel drive to pull the car off to the side during acceleration.) The sports package on the Audi gives you the performance tires and the grip is terrific. Now I confess that I have not driven yet in rain! We are in dry season and rain is hard to come by. So I'll have to take a pass on that one. I did find the quattro made the car feel heavy with the 1.8. Perhaps not a problem with the 2.8. You'll have to let us know after you do a test drive.
  • There is a country road near me that is very curvy and I've been trying to take it more now that I have the Audi even though it adds a couple more miles to my route. Today I am behind an A6 on this road that is being driven by a ninnie! Each time we came to one of the turns he/she (I couldn't tell) actually slowed down for the curve! And this in an Audi. I was so frustrated. No way does that person belong in an Audi. More money than sense.
  • I don't think the A6 is anywhere as nimble as the A4, so I can understand the person's hesitation. I think you need the sports package with A6 to get a little daring. Isn't is annoying when anyone is in front of you when you want to take those curves at a decent speed? I just want to scream! I am definitely getting more daring in the car, as I am learning it more and gaining more confidence in what it could do. Hope everything is still great with you.
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