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Subaru RS 2009 *Australian Model*

imprezaohno09imprezaohno09 Posts: 12
edited March 2014 in Subaru
I come to ask World-Wide, I Have just had it into Dealership for ignition problems, subaru Australia states to pull key out of ignition lock car and unlock car and start car, tried this theory on a dealers car because it had the same issue, yet dealers car still played up.

Basically you would go to start the car and it will just flood itself, you would crank to your hearts content, yet no turn over to firing the engine.

Have worked various back door methods, so far the Dealer may have fixed my car but will not say yes or no at the momment until I let the car stand for some hours at work and then go back to it.

Very annoying I thought Subaru had a good name. Also it would not register a error code on the car's computer.

Dealer witnessed me starting the car to ensure I am doing it right, no problems there.
Dealer has not witnessed the error code or the problem.

I intend on taking video footage as proof of evidence work with the dealer for 2 months if no resolution take issue further.


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