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2011 Buick Regal



  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    I wouldn't bet on the turbo being available on a base (CX) model at all.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,263
    This is the last year for the 3.6 V-6 Malibu, so if anyone wants one, better act soon.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I would not buy the Malibu without the V-6.

    The small block V-8 in the Impala is already gone.

    GM, if you are listening, don't sacrifice your affordable performance cars upon the altar of minimally higher mileage for if you do you will lose many of your loyal customers as there are and will be many of us who will not trade driving fun for that unproven green agenda.
  • I like the cashmere interior better. I suspect that it would be a pain to keep clean though. That's the primary reason I got the black interior.

    Another interior color will probably be added next year.
  • Buick is getting rid of trim names like CX and CXl next year. I wouldnt expect a base model car to be sold with the turbo. The turbo will remain a higher end model in all likelihood. The GS will be the range topping model and likely will have lots of standard equipment that is optional on the lower cars.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,263
    edited September 2010
    Funny thing. I prefer light colored interiors generally and have never found them to look dirty, even with minimal care. My '09 Buick's titanium leather interior still looks showroom-fresh. But every black interior I have seen outside the showroom looks dirty and worn after minimal real-world use. I think black shows every little lint speck, hair, cut blade of grass, or mud mark more than a light shade does.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • So it seem, but the Lucernne top model with Aurora when available left out several options available on lower models. At that time, the letter designation also was followed by a number. And on the letter model one below the Aurora version, it was as high as a five. And still there were a couple of available options on top of that.
  • light interiors absorb die from jeans and other items of clothing. My parents have a light gray leather interior on an Impala and its hard to keep clean.

    Black does show lint but its more of an issue on the dash than the seats.
  • We just got a 2011 Buick Regal.There is a sound from the back area.We took off license plate, side panels in the trunk, spare wheel. Sounds like vibration from (?).Service department said it was the plate!! We thought something with heat sensor shield. Any idea's.
  • I havent noticed any such sounds so far. Got about 2200 miles on the car. ONly issue is that the horn doesn't sound when you lock the doors with the fob even though I have it set up that way. The lights will flash though.
  • Is it possible that AWD will be offered as an option in the future?
  • It's got 20 more HP and 43lb/ft more torque than the CC that does 6.8 with a stick and 7.4 with the DSG. It would be great if the regal turbo can do under 7 seconds.

    I am hoping that the supply catches up quickly so these cars can be had for good prices. I've read that Buick dealers aren't discounting the Regal. With MSRP at 35K and Southern California sales taxes the Regal Turbo will find itself in a similarly equipped G37 territory and priced above a TL FWD w/Tech.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I certainly hope so. AWD cars have traction and handling advantages over non-AWD cars and are the wave of the future.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    The hardware already exists, since there's an AWD version of the LaCrosse. It's a question of (a) whether there is a market for it, and (b) whether there is sufficient power to make it competitive.
  • mean TSX? The TL starts at $35k without 18s or nav. Add those features and you are at $38k-$39k which is well above Regal. I believe a TSX with nav is about $34k with the four cylinder but that car will not be able to keep up with a turbo Regal with 258lb-ft of torque. the TSX V6 has a base price of about $35k and obviosuly lacks the features of a loaded Regal turbo for the same money. I don't see how the Buick is overpriced. G37s are a dime a dozen. Sure, it will be faster but I would be frustrated with a 328hp car in urban traffic and I think the Buick looks better.
  • The GS concept had AWD but there have been reports that the real GS will be FWD to reduce weight and cost. If AWD is offered I suspect it will be on GS only to keep some differentiation with the Lacrosse with offers AWD on the CXL model. The Regal is a heavy car and I don't know that AWD is a good idea on the base model or even the turbo.
  • This is what I found out:

    TSX 2.4L with nav- $33,270
    TSX v6 with nav- $38,810
    TL 3.5L with nav and 18s- $40,695.

    Even if you account for discounting its hard to see the Regal turbo being more expensive than the V6 TSX or TL. The loaded Regal comes with 19s, the IDCS, music HD, Onstar, 8 airbags, 12 way front seats (TSX has 4 way seat) and a larger trunk than the TSX or TL. The only thing you get on the Acuras is memory seats and homelink which arent on the Buick.
  • The thing (or my thing) with the Regal is that dealers are not discounting them. A car priced at 35K plus Southern California taxes and tags means OTD price above 38K. I've been quote a G37 Journey with Prem/Nav for 38K OTD and TL with 18' for 37K. At this point, and I emphasis this point in time, the Regal might cross into another territory.

    I can't comment on the features since those are pretty subjective based on individual wants or needs. I for one would love to have key less entry since I'm always carrying food or grocery when I get to my car. It would be great if I don't have to put them down so I can get the keys out of my pocket. I also need an advanced navigation since I'm the type of person who gets lost everywhere I go.

    Don't get me wrong, I drove a 2.4L and really liked the car besides the lack of power. The only car I found to have more fitting seats for my body is the CC. I have to be honest to say that the seats fit my frame better than all the other cars I've test driven, the TSX, TL, G37, Mazda6 to name a few.

    Now I hope by early next year Buick lots would be filled with Regals so the prices can come down. If I can get a Turbo with TO7 package for 32OTD then it just might blow a lot of its competitors out of the water.
  • you arent going to get discounts on any new model. I only got about $900 of sticker on my car. The TSX doesnt have push button start and I believe its optional on the TL. The only features the TSX has that the Regal doesnt are memory and homelink- that's it. The regal has Onstar, turn by turn directions, 12 way power seats (you get manual lumbar on the TL", split folding seat with pass through, 19" wheels, 40GB hard drive, active damping, etc. I wouldnt say the TSX is better equipped than the Regal. The TL is slightly better equipped but it costs substantially more. The TL's styling is an absolute deal breaker for me so I wouldnt buy one regardless of price. I'd pay $1000 more for a loaded Regal. You didnt indicate if your OTD price for the TL included the $3100 nav package but I will assume it doesn't. Add that option and I doubt your TL would be cheaper than the loaded Regal.

    By next year I'm sure some incentives will be offered and prices will come down but I wouldnt expect any miracles. The Lacrosse has been out for over a year and incentives have been minimal.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • Good news first. I went to my local dealership, Tuttle Click Buick / GMC and was told that they ordered the first batch of Turbos 2 weeks ago. They ordered 6 and they will arrive in their lot in 4 weeks. I left my information with them and they'll call me for a test drive when they get it in. If that works out, I'll post my test drive impressions here. Cheers!!

    I know there wouldn't be much discounts which say I emphasized that pricing might be an issue at this point in time. Let's move away from the pricing right now since we really don't know how much a loaded Turbo would really sell for. The dealership I went to didn't how much is going to cost them either so they couldn't give me any kind of numbers.

    The TSX V6 has push start. Tech Packaged TLs have push start too. The TL with 18" I got quoted includes the tech package and it does come with power lumbar via 10 way driver's power seats. The Acuras come with more features that "I want" so you can say I'm biased when it comes to features.
  • I didnt know the TSX had push button start on the V6. But the V6 starts at $35k without nav so I'm not sure if that features is enough to make a $35k TSX better than a $35k Regal turbo. complete pricing for the turbo has been released so they should have a rough idea of what the turbo will cost. Seems like they were holding back for some reason. You know loaded MSRP is $35k so I would think you can beat that by at least $1000.

    I was underestimating the incentives on the TL, I guess they are really making an effort to move product. I believe the styling is a major factor there. Other than push button start and memory I'm not aware of any significant features on the Acuras in spite of their premium prices. I know for a fact the Lacrosse CXS(which matches up better with TL in size and price) offers more equipment than the TL. If I was in the market to spend $35k I might actually get the Lacrosse CXS over the Regal turbo. The main reason I got the regal is because for $30k its better equipped than the Lacrosse and I would want the 3.6L V6 if I got the Lacrosse which means spending at least $34k.
  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Posts: 76
    edited September 2010
    ...always pays more. When the lot is full of them they'll deal. This car was sold in the US last year as a Saturn Aura, so there is room to drop price if they need to.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Not the same vehicle. The Aura was the previous generation.
  • this car was supposed to be the next Saturn Aura, its new to the US market. Its the second car on the Epsilon 2 platform in the US after the Lacrosse. Malibu will be the third.
  • All this about Epsilon has intrigued me to I looked at wikipedia.
    Some good info, but still confused, especially why they would modify it and still call it Epsilon.
    First was Epsilon, then extended Epsilon. Supposedly the extended was used under some 08 Malibu which had two wheelbase longer one under the wagon which matches WB for current. It would take more digging to find out for sure which Epsilon.
    And more confusing is that it says the Regal is on an Epsilon 2. So what exactly is it?
    It hints that the Malibu might move to an Epsilon 2 and in the works is a super Epsilon for large vehicles. The Lucerne going away to become a new Park Ave eventually and it and the Impala will have the Super E. But that is so far down the road they hint the Impala will be on an intermediary platform, Maybe the Epsilon 2.

  • Overbrook, what do you think about the steering weight on your Regal? When I test drove the Regal I was more focus on the quietness and engine power. I completely forgot how the steering felt. I went to test drive the VW CC again and the steering was just too light, Toyota Camry light. If the ICDS can really add some weight to the steering the Regal is going to move up on my list. Thanks.
  • The first US car on epsilon I was the 2004 Malibu. It had the short wheelbase and the Maxx had the long wheelbase. The Aura, G6 and 2008 Malibu were all EP1 cars on the long wheelbase. In Europe, the Vectra was always on the short wheelbase. The Insignia was the first car on EP2 and this time the Malibu will share the short wheelbase with its European counterpart. The Lacrosse is on the long wheelbase version of EP2 and most presume the Impala will share this wheelbase when it shows up in 2012.

    The Regal is the Insignia which means its on EP2 platform. If any Buick larger than the Lacrosse shows up it will be a RWD car, not an epsilon car.
  • The regal's steering is definitely heavier than any Camry or comparable Japanese car. I drove a CC briefly but I didnt pay close attention to the steering. The regal's steering requires at least as much effort as the CC, maybe more. I don't believe the ICDS regulates steering, its a damping control system that allows you to firm up the ride.

    Compared to the CC the regal's advantages are better equipment in the base model, 5 seat capacity, 18" wheels standard, larger trunk and onstar. My friends have a CC luxury and its a very sharp car BUT for nearly $28k you dont get features such as XM, auto climate control, 18" wheels, USB connection, etc. All of that is standard on the Regal for $27k.
  • Is Epsilon a new division of GM that is responsible for body design? Much like you used to see a placard on many GM cars that said, "Body by Fisher".

    The article did not say if the Super Epsilon was for RWD, FWD, or AWD.
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