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2011 Buick Regal



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Yes, there are a lot of incentives, however I want to make the right move on a car. I want an engine that is going to be efficient and quick. I am not sure of the residual. I am doing a 12k, 39mth.

    It really is frustrating as to what to pick. I am currently going over my miles on my lease now, so I need to make a choice.

    I am choosing to stay with my current dealer as the sell GM and I get a discount through them that way. They sell VW, Mazda, Buick, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Audi. So I really have a few options. I like the Mazda3, but a bit small for my liking. But, a lot of fun! Tons of features.

    I need to take the Regal out again! See what I think on the interstate. IF it lacks power like my G6 big time...Then No!
  • Buick just announced a lease deal on the Regal and it seems worth considering.

    The Regal is only a little slower than the Jetta- about .7 secs according to C&D's test number- that isnt a big deal- especially when you consider the Regal is 500lbs heavier.

    The regal's engine actually redlines higher than the Jetta and handling appears to be a wash between the two. The regal has FAR more equipment including leather, 12 way drivers seat, dual zone AC, larger wheels, etc.

    I know someone who is about 23-24 who is interested in Regal as one of his options for a new lease.
  • The Regal's acceleration is on par with other midsize sedans and compacts with automatics and four cylinders. In other words- its not a fast car. My brother has a Mazda3 with 5 speed auto and its not notably faster than the Regal. It doesn't appear you are considering any genuinely "fast" options so the Regal shoudl be more than acceptable to you.
  • The turbo should be available within weeks, if its not already on the ground. It was available for ordering back in September so the first cars should be here very soon.
  • If you want fun - buy Mazda3 or new Focus. Forget about Jetta - it is discontented and unreliable car and according to reviews is not much fun to drive. Regal is too big and too weak for fun I guess. I have older Ford Focus with 2.3L engine and it is real fun and real fast.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    If you're looking at a mid to large-size sedan and want some power, out of those vehicle brands why not consider the Taurus which is 6 cyl? You also didn't mention the Mazda6 which again has a 6 cyl. option. When a vehicle is approaching 4,000 LB no thanks on the 4 cyl. I had a rental Dodge Avenger with a 4 cyl. this year and that size car is a dog with that size non-turbo engine. (I hate not having more-than-adequate power to get on freeways).

    Speaking of Dodge and such. Chrysler is launching a new vehicle in the Regal size and power, and Chrysler has always been marketed near-luxury. The Chrysler 200 starts around $20K for a 4 cyl., which is not bad, and has a 6 cyl. option of around 290hp. So it looks like competition in the mid-size market is getting much thicker.

    Oh, if you want to spend $30K+, I saw a Taurus SHO with about 5,000 miles on it, selling for about $30K. You may not be able to afford a brand new one, but a lightly used one might be the ticket!
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    edited December 2010
    The Regal lease deal might be a reaction, to this, if true. This was posted over on the GM news forum. So a "GM sale" is nothing more than a sale to a dealer? and the true customer sales may not be known? - s

    Why the deal on the Regal if it's a new, hot model? of an exciting brand?
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    If you're accustomed to a Focus you won't find the Regal slow.
  • You probably never drove Focus with 2.3L engine. Just drive one and then we talk - it will leave Hyundai with turbo engine in dust.
  • After reading all these political diatribes and arm-chair expert opinions I decided to test drive and compare how these two cars actually feel in real life. Well not in real real life but in short test drive. I drove them on streets and freeway so I think it is enough to come to some conclusions. Following is my short review.

    So - Sonata with I4 turbo and top of the line (almost) with moon-roof, navigation, premium Infinity audio system and so on versus Regal with 2.4L, moon-roof, but no navigation and basic audio system. Sonata sticker price was about 30K and Regal's about 28K. I estimated that Regal equipped similar to Sonata will have 4K premium. Will it worth it?
  • Exterior - Buick wins here by big margin. In person it looks like true luxury car. It has presence and that Teutonic tautness - quality which appeal to luxury car buyer. It is tight, solid, elegant and clean from any side. Sonata looks more like mainstream car, still more interesting than most FWD midsize cars, but somewhat similar to say Chevy Malibu, i.e. - not premium - not like VW. It is looks lower than Buick and most other midsize FWD cars, but has busy lines, too many wrinkles and surfaces. Front looks outright weird, back has too may stuff going on - i.e. is not clean. Anyway despite some saying it look like Lexus - it does not. It looks like nothing else on the road but you cannot mistake it for premium or luxury car.

    Interior: Sonata feels more tight inside compared to Regal. I like interior design of Sonata - it was main the reason why I attracted to this car - it is more interesting looking and unusual than in any other mainstream midsize car I know. But again - it is not a Lexus quality. Buick's interior is less avant-garde but it is cleaner and has higher quality. Materials used inside Regal have more premium feel, but not up to Audi level. Steering wheel is higher quality and better shape on Regal than on Sonata. Sonata's steering wheel feels more ordinary - nothing special and some parts feel and look cheap. E.g. cover looks detached from steering wheel itself - kind of floating - esp if you look from passenger seat. Regal's interior even smells better. But it is all subjective. You may have different impression.

    Audio system - I am not impressed by Infinity system installed in Sonata. Regal's even though being base level still sounded cleaner and more premium. Evidently even on premium audio option Hyundai tried to cut costs.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    edited December 2010
    I just read your 2 posts, and I do agree with you that most of what you said is subjective criteria. And I didn't really see where you discussed "the driving part" of your test drives. It sounds more like you saw each model at an auto-show?

    Where do you live such that there are Sonata turbo-models are available?

    I've test-driven a Pontiac Solstice GXP that had a 2.0L turbo. Is that the same engine in the Regal? I didn't buy the Solstice GXP as I was disappointed in the way it drove - I think it was more the numb handling, but the engine didn't really compensate by being exciting.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    edited December 2010
    Thanks for steering us back into Regal-ville. Some of the off-topic posts were removed - last warning for individuals who saw disappearing posts. Put it down to "holiday spirit" that I held off this time.

    Posts about the 2011 Regal are like a little sip of eggnog... warms my heart. :)


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  • kernick, turbo Sonata just arrived week ago to dealership in Silicon valley.

    Sonata claimed to have state of the art I4 turbo engine. It indeed feels refined and powerful - compelling replacement for V6 engine. How reliable and enduring it will be in the long run given Hyundai's reputation of building cheap throw-away cars (I actually have the same concern about Opel) - is the different story. But there are problems too - it feels jerky: you press gas pedal a little - car does not move, you press it little more - car jumps forward. May be it is turbo thing but it creates nervousness and it is serious - this alone may eliminate Sonata from my shopping list. In other words it is difficult to modulate power delivery. It does not have smoothness of Lexus-Toyota. Gear selector is too small and difficult to handle - I actually liked it what saw Sonata for first time on SF auto-show - it looked so cute and did not take too much of precious space on center console, but in real life it is a hassle to use it. It is a personal note though and not a deal killer - you may get used to it after some practice.

    Regal's normally aspired engine is kind of let-down. Regal looks like luxury car until you turn on engine. Engine sound has some plebeian quality to it in stark contrast of luxury image that Regal's appearance projects - I could not believe my ears when sales person turned on the car! Gear selector is pleasure to use though, it also has a manual mode, but I had no opportunity to test it. Engine power delivery is not as jerky as Hyudai's - it is rather lethargic. During city driving it is not a problem, but on freeway - you press gas - and nothing happens - then after second or so car somehow accelerates. It might be transmission problem, or weight is too much for engine to handle. It reminded me Toyota Carina with 1.6L engine I drove in late 90s - to pass a car on freeway I had to floor gas pedal and wait and wait. You do not have to make this kind of sacrifice in America though where V6 is the norm. Said all that I will wait for turbo engine to make the final verdict because.
  • The 2.0 turbo in the upcoming Regal GS is exactly the same engine that was in the Solstice GXP, minus 5 ponies. I think the regular Turbo is simply a downgraded version of the same motor (either smaller turbo or less maximum boost).
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Will the new Regal Turbo require premium fuel?
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 10,031
    According to the Buick web page, premium fuel is recommended but not required.

    I also noticed that the Turbo has a different auto trans than the normally aspirated car. The Turbo uses an Aisin trans, while the regular car uses a HydraMatic 6T45. The Aisin trans uses lower-numerical ratios for each gear, which may explain why the performance of the Turbo is a bit disappointing. But I have to think with 70 more lb-ft of torque, it would have to be a lot more responsive.

    I see that my dealer now has a few Turbos in stock. Maybe I'll see if I can drive one over the next while.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • With any turbo motor, it's best to use premium. With all the extra air forced in by the turbo, it is easier to induce knock or detonation, which is not good for the engine. A higher octane will keep that from happenning. The only turbo I've ever seen that doesn't recommend premium is the Sonata. I'm actually curious to know what they did different to be confident in the use of 87 octane.
  • How can you say no thanks on the 4 for the Regal and then recommend a 173hp 200 with a 4 speed automatic? The 200 is a much improved car but its NOT going to be a fast car nor will it be on par with regal in terms of handling or features. The 200 will compete on price and is aimed more at the Sonata than the Regal. It starts at $20k vs $27k for the Buick.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    edited December 2010
    I will repeat this again- in spite of all the complaining and exasperation over the Regal's acceleration its ON PAR with similar cars. In fact, edmunds just tested the Optima EX and 0-60 was 9.1 secs- keep in mind this is for a car with 200hp and 200lbs less weight than the Regal. IL tested the 2011 Accord with auto trans and 0-60 was 9.2 secs. The Kizashi has 185hp, weighs less than the regal and still needs 9.1 secs to hit 60. The Regal is slow- just like many other cars with I4s in this market. NONE of them have ample passing power in naturally aspirated form. Since I actually have the car I can tell that in normal driving its a non issue. If you need to accelerate on an incline or pass a truck quickly its definitely as issue since there isnt an ample reserve of power, but this is the case for most vehicles with this kind of power.

    I got an inquiry about my car after parking it yesterday from a guy who appeared to be in his 30s. He said he wanted to test drive one. Also passed a Regal a few blocks from my house yesterday.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    You know, engine power on the interstate is my issue with the engine. I know that in my current 08 GM 4cyl engine it really struggled to get through a hill. It was actually quite bad. My 06 Accord 4cyl did not struggle that much, seemed to have more guts. Some 4cyl engines seem to have more power than others, but when compared on paper they are so similar. If the Regal is able to have that oomph like other 4cyl engines than it would be a no brainer for me to lease one.

    Looking at it now, I am almost willing to lease the new Regal and gain style, tons of features, but yet again lack the engine power and fun. Though it does drive really nice, the turning ratio is great!! The whole package is great, the quality is great! I am very impressed. It is the engine that turns me away. I am actually scared to be stuck and unhappy with it. This is a car I'll have for 3yrs.

    Anyone know if white is available with black interior?
  • The regal has 172lb-ft of torque and a relatively flat torque curve for a four cylinder engine. In comparison the Accord has 161lbft and likely a peakier torque curve. This is one reason why the Regal isnt really slower than cars that have similar or more power and less weight. The DI and gearing keep the car competitive in terms of accelertaion. I doubt a Regal is any faster than a G6 I4 but you arent going to be storming up any steep hills with any four cylinder unless is got a turbo strapped on. If your old Accord felt faster it was likely because it was lighter. The 2006 Accord only had160hp if I remember correctly so it wasnt exactly a powerhouse.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Good points. Plus my G6 4cyl only has 4 speed in the auto, No sport mode. The Regal has 6 speeds. I would be able to manipulate its power using the shifting method on certain terrain. I am sure that would help out! I actually just now thought about that feature. It would be much nicer that way. I need to take the car out again.
  • The Chevy Cruze 1.4T also runs fine on regular and does not recommend premium. Lower boost pressure helps these engines run well with 87 octane. We'll be seeing this more and more in the near future - turbo engines that do not require premium (91 octane) fuel that is.
  • Interesting. I did not know that about the Cruze. I'm sure the high pressure turbo in the Regal GS will not like regular. The Sonata's turbo is not a low pressure unit though so I wonder how it manages to run fine on regular...
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    ".....I know that in my current 08 GM 4cyl engine it really struggled to get through a hill. It was actually quite bad."

    Don't forget, the G6 was a lower hp version of the 2.4L. The Regal has the 181((??) hp version that is also found in The Equinox.
  • the 6 speed automatic helps quite a bit. The Equinox FWD is about 3800lbs and still manages a class competitive 0-60 time of 8.7secs thanks to the DI and tranny. The G6 I4 was never tested to my knowledge but the Malibu with the 4 speed was timed at 9.3 secs or so if I remember correctly. A 6 speed Malibu was around 8.6 secs. I'm pretty sure the Regal will feel faster than your G6 or your old Accord.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    How can you say no thanks on the 4 for the Regal and then recommend a 173hp 200 with a 4 speed automatic?

    Where do you I see I "recommend" it? here's the exact wording.
    "The Chrysler 200 starts around $20K for a 4 cyl., which is not bad, and has a 6 cyl. option of around 290hp. So it looks like competition in the mid-size market is getting much thicker."

    What I'm saying is that the Chrysler 200 gives the buyer of a 4-door sedan, a choice to get certain functionality - midsize, adequate transportation for $7K less. Sure the Regal is probably better in features, but if you all want is transportation from Pt. A to B for 5 people. So no I'm not recommending it, I don't know enough about it; I'm just pointing it out that the market just got that much more crowded.

    I'd guess the Chrysler 200 with the 6 cyl. is going to be typically optioned and priced near the Regal.
  • This a conclusion of my comparison of Sonata and Regal.

    Steering is where Sonata really fails short. It is void of feedback especially on center, I would say it feels empty, and in general it does not have that smooth refined feeling of Camry or Regal. Regal's steering is light and refined but unlike Camry it is also precise and provides nice feedback. In other words - when driving Buick you do not pay attention to steering because it feels natural. With Sonata you feel sometime emptiness like in computer game. Buick's steering wheel itself also feels expensive and well contoured, while Hyudai's is kind of flimsy and mainstream.

    Regal handles and feels like German car - solid and expensive. Sonata feels more like Asian car - not very exciting and kind of tinny. Regal is quiet and stable at freeway speeds, Sonata is noisy and nervous. In some aspects Sonata reminded me Chevrolet Malibu and probably for a reason since Malibu is an actual competition for Sonata, not Regal. But Malibu is more fun to drive than Sonata and it has better chassis too. If to compare Sonata to Fusion - Fusion feels like more upscale, premium car - it is more refined, handles better, steering is better and it is quiet and feels solid at freeway speeds. In other words platform used by Ford is better engineered than one used by Hyudai.

    I would rather compare Regal with Fusion or Lincoln MKZ, and Sonata with Chevy Malibu. Hyudai still has to do its homework regarding steering and handling to be able to compete with big guys. Of course Ford engines are better than 2.4L on Regal or may be Fords simply have less weight to carry around or better transmission. But where Regal really shines is exterior design and quality and design of interior - thats where Ford falls short in both Fusion and MKZ.

    If to compare Regal and Sonata in one sentence: the difference is similar to difference as between FWD Audi A4 and Acura TSX - you decide which one you prefer.

    So I am skipping Sonata because of steering, chassis and nervous turbo engine and Regal with 2.4L for apparent reasons. My next step will be trying out Regal with 2.0T and comparing it to Infiniti G2.5L. I will report then about my findings.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    You drove a different Sonata than I did. The Fusion is a decent car (the MKZ is too, though it is too much like the Fusion to justify its much higher price), but it is not significantly better nor more quiet than the Malibu, nor even the Sonata for that matter. The 4 cylinder presently in the Fusion is one of the weakest in the mid-size field. Ford has better engines, and I suspect one will show up in the Fusion soon. But it isn't there yet. Get one of the V6s, if you want the Ford. For myself, I found the FWD A4 and the TSX to be quite comparable. IMHO, the A4 quattro is superior to the TSX, but I could see a person go either way with the FWD version. The Infiniti G 2.5 is a really great car for the price.
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