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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • swong1swong1 Posts: 14
    The TSB covers all the 4.6L sohc's from 92 through 97 model year vehicles. These engines typically are in Crown Victoria Grand Marquis, Thunderbird/cougars and finally the town cars. The problematic intakes typically experience what is called heat/thaw fatigue which is an accumulative damage as the vehicle undergoes each and every time the plastic resin intakes heats up from the engine being used then finally cooling down after the engine is shut off. Keep in mind the 4.6L engine was released in the 1992 model year and to date no one in the aftermarket makes a replacement other than the one ford sources from it's supplier. Plastic resin was used during the design stages since a cooler incoming charge of air is beneficial to maximum combustion of the air/fuel charge. The Ford engineers also elected to use non metal simply because it would cut down on vehicle weight to improve the CAFE results mandated by the government. Nothing much anyone can do to prolong the longevity of the intakes other than to stay vigilent stress cracks and the dreaded plume of white smoke as the coolant eveporates after contact with the exhaust manifold and other hot engine parts.
  • SWONG1: I read your last message indicating that the TSB covers 92 through 97 engines. Why? My 95 has a aluminum intake manifold. From previous postings, the bulletin only covered 96 and 97 model years. Thanks.
  • swong1swong1 Posts: 14
    Congratulations R92688 you are one of the select few fortunate enough to have a non plastic intake but for the rest of us not as fortunate that is why Ford's Technical Service Bulletin 97M91 was issued. In your post you neglected to mention what you were driving and since I cannot read minds lately you might want to visit your local Ford dealer and query them on this TSB. Pay special note the "97M91" which I decipher to be model years after 91 and pre 98 which makes a lot of sense since the '91 model year CV was the last year they used the 5-liter 302 block and starting with the model year 98 they used the second revision of the dreaded intake which is now undergoing it's third revision starting in year 2001). You might also want to visit and you will get a good taste of Ford quality!
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    how did you find a '99 Vic with only 400 miles? was it parked behind an Excursion in some dealers lot for 2 years? ;)
  • SWONG1: I have a 95 Crown Vi LX with 99500 miles on the odometer. It was a 1 year old program car with 36K on it when I picked it up. The only problem on it was squeaking brakes which I had corrected with new front rotors and pads. My car is not equipped with the H/P options, but I had added cat-back dual turbos (not too loud, but nice sounding)and stiffen the suspension for handling and added a trans cooler. To breath better, I had removed the air cone silencer. Its hard to beat the comfort that the Vi offers and performance and safety. The dual exhaust increased my mpg to 19 in city and 24 on highway. Of course, my car is standard equipped with the 2.73 differential, but it has no problem smoking the wheels. While I'm not young, I do enjoy my 90's muscle car.
    I had always admired the CV for its service durability.
  • I couldn't believe it myself! I was at the dealer and test drove a 2000 and a 1997 and wasn't really happy with either one. As the salesman and I were walking inside, I noticed TWO '99 CV's sitting in a line of F-150 trucks. They were in plain view, not hidden! I walked over, noticed that one was just what I wanted: Dark Green LX, Handling package, lumbar support, ABS, and NEW!!
    They immediately dropped 5000 off the sticker plus offered me $1000 for my rusty 1986 Suburban.
    I countered with an offer of $18000 bottom line, and we finally agreed on $18400 including all taxes, fees, etc. The only reason I can see that they still had it is because most people would rather spend a few thousand more for a 2001, but I am perfectly happy with this one! It actually drives better than the 2000 I drove.

    And.... they have one more still on the lot! It does not have the handling package but it is an LX.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    What a great find! Best wishes to you for many many satisfying years of CV ownership.

  • swong1...much appreciate information, now I know what it is like to be "between a hard place and a rock" as the saying goes. I am concerned about being the improved reinforced parts come out,will they fit on the 97 since they will be designed for later years? This car handles well, and we were pleased with it..2001 Consumer's Report still states the 97 and 98 Grand Marquis cars are reliable cars, and have the engine listed as needing no repairs.Maybe their editors should read Edmunds Town Hall! At least when the intake manifold "blows" we will have a clue to what has happened.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    wow! I could've bought a '99 Vic without the P/H package and with 19k miles on it for $18k... and I thought that was a good deal... I guess it was your lucky day!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    location of the dealer with one brand new 99 CV LX and Thank you.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    EVerything I've heard or read says the plastic manifolds are only on the 1996 & up cars. I know this is the case with the Thunderbird/Cougar, as mine is a 1995 and has the aluminum manifold. Also, the plastic intake is supposedly good for a few more horsepower than the metal ones. I have yet to see a 1995 or earlier car, (or even hear of one) with a metal manifold. I have also yet to find an aftermarket manifold for the 4.6, but I'll keep looking.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    according to the Feb. 12 issue of Autoweek, they say the Marauder is a go for summer of 2002 as a 2003 model... also it says the 4.6 is expected to produce more than 300hp. No mention of price, but I'm sure I won't be able to afford it... :(
  • Ordered this car from dealer and it still looks like it drove right off the factory line. Starting to have a slight problem and am not sure if it's a trany or throttle misfunction. Car goes through the gears fine, but letting off the gas causes a miss or bit of a jerky feel with no noise. Know this car is getting on in years, but it's worth keeping for another 50,000 miles. It's a "one of a kind" as it came from the factory with a Mercury Marquis logo on one side and Crown Victoria logo on the other. Really makes people look twice.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    your car is a rare Forcury Crown Marquis...
  • dukecdukec Posts: 2

    I have a 96 GM with 70K on her and she runs great. I have developed a braking issue that centers around abrupt grabbing of the rotors or it seems. If I brake softly to a stop there seems to be no issue, but under load, the brakes grab abruptly like someone was slamming on the brakes full force. Midas couldn't duplicate and sure enough when I took her off their lot and was heading down the highway, I needed to brake for suddenly for some stopped traffic and right about when I was coming to a complete stop the brakes grabbed again put Juniors milk bottle on the floor. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated as I head for the Merc. dealer on Tuesday and expect to get reamed as usual.

    Also, is there a way to tell if the manifold in your car has already been repaired or replaced. Plastic? Hmmm

  • I have a 99 CM with 33000miles. Every time I run over a little bump on the road the car squeaks under the hood. At first I thought it was the suspension but it wasn't. Then I checked underneath the car. Any ideas what seems to be a problem?? I think it is the hood. Is there anyway to tighten it? Any ideas ??
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    have you checked the hood bumpers that keep the hood flush with the fenders? maybe they just need some tweaking...
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    What kind of shape are your plugs and wires in? I thought the transmission in my T-Bird was dying when all it needed was a tuneup. Good luck.
  • The car will go in for a check-up this week. Hopefully it will be a simple fix.

    It's amazing to me that this car: 1. Was ordered from a dealer in Wisconsin, 2. Most of the parts were made in Mexico, 3. Came off an assembly line in Canada, 4. Has the mixed logos of Crown Victoria/Mercury Marquis on the sides....AND YET the book value has a $1000 difference!!
  • Try greasing the hood latch. It may be rubbing there.
  • I read two other posts about this problem, but saw no answers. After a long ride on previous day, but when car is cold, my 2000 CV with 54,000 miles (and handling pkg) keeps stalling out. Must hold gas pedal down about 1" to keep it running. It has done this about 10 times now. Took it to dealer and they couldn't find anything, blamed it on key which was mis-coded. But problem came back. Anyone have any ideas???
  • I just ordered a new CV LX with handling pkg, dual exhaust, Comfort Plus group, with digital dash, ATC air, leather seats and steering wheel, prem. radio, ABS and traction control. I should get the unit around April 1. What can I expect?
  • Kinley,

    Sorry for the late reply, but I've had computer problems. The dealer is Carman Ford in Wilmington, Delaware. Call 302-323-2300. The salesman is Barry. It's a '99LX with cloth, no handling package.
  • When the pedal is at idle, the throttle body is totally closed and another valve, the idle air control valve,is opened by the computer to control the idle airflow. Perhaps it is sticking closed.

    My 92 Grand Marquis had one sticking open(lots of carbon on the shaft) and with my foot off the gas it went 60 mph! What fun!

    Try tapping on the idle air control valve and see if it idles okay. It's on top of the engine on the LH side just behind the plastic cover on top of the engine. Just a thought...
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Try STP Fuel injector cleaner (no affiliation) or a comperable product. Sounds like you may not be getting enough fuel
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    my '90 Vic did the same thing! well, mine would only hold 35mph, but its still hard on the ol' brakes...
  • thanks for the tips, will try both of them
  • ltd86ltd86 Posts: 1
    My 85 Crown Vic wagon won't start. It trys to start, but it won't. I can't tell what engine the car has. I'm assuming it has the 5.8, because when I pulled one of the plugs to replace it, the plug was for the 351. But the car's vin says it is supposed to have the 302. I've checked the plug wires, the coil, and I replaced the ignition module on the distributor. But when I bought the ignition module, I bought it one for a 302. Is it possible that the ignition module is my problem? If somebody could help me with this, it would be appreciated.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Your car has the 302, I'm pretty sure. I think 1978 was the last year for the 351 in the Crown Vic. Anyway, the fact that more than one engine takes the same spark plugs is no surprise to me. You'd be surprised at the amount of parts sharing that goes on in Ford cars. (I found interior lights in my 1995 T-Bird that are identical to the ones in my 1978 Grand Marquis).
    BTW, how did you know the plug was for a 351?
    As far as no start, an engine needs 3 things to run, Fuel, Spark, and Compression.
    Spark: Are the plugs good? What kind of shape are the cap & rotor in?
    Fuel: Is it water/other contaminants in the gas? Is your car carburated or fuel injected? Is it getting fuel to the carb/injectors? Are your injectors clogged? Is your fuel pump working? When was the fuel filter last replaced?
    Compression: Have a mechanic run a compression check. Did the car burn any oil? (Oil on spark plugs, bluish-white smoke from the exhaust) Did it get less than 10 MPG highway? Was the engine loosing power as it got older?
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