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Dodge/Plymouth Neon

L8_ApexL8_Apex Member Posts: 187
...of the new Neon, this topic picked up a bit.

Welcome to the continuation of the Dodge/Plymouth
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  • 150yr150yr Member Posts: 2
    Yes, I've been wondering the same thing. My 2000 Neon has 4000 miles on it, about half being interstate miles. The mileage has consistently been at 26-29 mpg's, although I recently cracked 30 mpg. I was told by a friend that Dodges are not known for wonderful mileage ratings, and that all I can do is save gas by not peeling out at stoplights and by using cruise control. Certainly there must be more I can do. What gives?
  • ktondraktondra Member Posts: 4
    Do you have an automatic?

    The MPG has also been kind of an issue with our 2000 Neon (Auto) as well. My wife drives the car and mainly it is for a bunch of short distances (example: to and from work, etc.). I wouldn't mind seeing better MPG as well.

    He said once the oil is changed (Dodge uses some sort of special break-in (?) oil at the manufacturer, it should do a little better. He also said the car should do do better and better the more it is broken in (how long does that take?) ....
  • 150yr150yr Member Posts: 2
    Yes, my Neon is an automatic (oh well!), and it did have the oil change right before I got 30 mpg. So perhaps it is getting "broken in". My only other complaint is that a short person like me has trouble seeing out the back for lane changes on the freeway. Other than that, I think I got the best car for my $$. It's peppy, cute, and the bugs found in the previous Neons have been worked out (Or so I hear....)
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    My mileage on my 98 took about 2000-3000 miles to improve. It is a manual and can range from 25MPG around town with lead foot (my Jeep GC only gets 10mpg in the same situation) to 42MPG on long interstate trips keeping speed around 60 mph. If I increase speed to 75 or more the mileage will go to 30-35 MPG. This is the DOHC motor with the 5 speed manual. I also disagree about ability to spin tires, my Neon will spin thru 3 gears halfway down the block, this goes back to the 25 MPG thing.
  • ktondraktondra Member Posts: 4
    We are really happy with our Neon as well; also agree you can't beat the price.

    It's good to hear from people like yourselves about your experiences with MPG. We have an automatic as well, and like I mentioned before, are hoping we do a little better in the MPG area (we have about 1600 miles on it).

    I am glad MPG is getting some quality attention on this topic list, and am looking forward to hearing more ....
  • silencerazsilenceraz Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm strongly considering getting a used Neon to replace my old and expensive to repair '87 Toyota Supra Turbo. I've found a very good '95 Dodge Neon Sport Coupe. It only has 49000 miles and has a CD player also. I can get it for $5500, and it's in great condition. All I'd like to know is some general information that you can share with me regarding '95 Neons and what to look for...the good and bad.
  • seanrasseanras Member Posts: 1
    Hey silenceraz, we own a 95' neon. It has been great, we've had it about 2 years. We got it with about 40k on it. One major problem, head gasket failure. The 95' through 99' neon's have a badly manufactured head, too large a bore size I think. The head gaskets go out and are almost impossible to repair. Ours just went and they may have to replace the head or even the engin block. The second option is more expensive than the car was. Bottom line, great car but not so great after about 40k (ours now has around 80k).
  • hijinxhijinx Member Posts: 7
    I own a 95 highline sedan and it has been about 95% trouble free. The engine has been perfect through 84,200 miles (bought it with 39k). The 5% off comes from the currently dead a/c compressor and my front passenger window, which is slightly misaligned and thus gives off lots of wind noise. (That's minor. The a/c isn't.)

    The good: great kick to drive, great space, comfortable.

    The bad: not as refined as the 98s on. Watch the head gasket!

    I'd recommend checking the VIN with CarFax, and checking the price against Edmund's guide.

  • justpurplejustpurple Member Posts: 12
    Just wanted to let you all know...my 2000 Neon has nearly 27,000 miles on it now. The best mpg I've ever gotten with it was 27. The worst was 20. It usually averages around 25. The majority of my driving is highway/interstate. I don't think "breaking it in" is going to make a difference!
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    was just that a gasket problem, it had nothing to do with the head or block. They didn't change the head or block design just the gasket. The new gasket is fine and will make an old neon fine as well. Head and block problems can develop after the gasket fails as you loose coolant and or oil wich if continued to be driven will destroy the whole thing. Chrysler is fixing the old head gaskets out of warrenty for $100. The 95 you are looking at may have the original gasket still or if it was replaced before mid 1998 it may still have gotten the old design. Even if you had to pay the whole cost of a head gasket replacement on a neon it would be less then the common distributer failure 95 Hondas suffer from, even if you just bought the parts for the Honda and put it in yourself.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Member Posts: 157
    Front pads problem,tell your dealer to service them.
  • silencerazsilenceraz Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your responses. I got the Neon and it was actually a '97 not a '95. It has the new style head gasket on it and is in almost perfect condition. Driving it around is a real blast!!! I am so surprised by this car. I already have a bunch of stuff planed for it ... like ... 16x7 rims, Progress springs, Iceman air intake, Thermal exhaust, AFX UDP ... :) I'm all giddy ... ;)
  • prowler24prowler24 Member Posts: 4
    Hey dudes. Can anyone tell me how much horsepower and torque gain i can get by installing the ICEMAN Air Induction system? Also how much is it? I dont think it was that much last time i checked, but I want to know if I can get my R/T to close to 160 horsepower, without spending lots of billz. Thankz
  • silencerazsilenceraz Member Posts: 3
    Hey, checkout these sites and decide for yourself ->

    http://www.neons.org/ -> plenty of info on all the Neon mods, check out the boards

    http://www.neoncars.com/ -> carries the Iceman for $199.00

    http://www.howellautomotive.com/ -> also carries the Iceman and many other mods

    The Iceman is good for anywhere from 5 to 10 HP gains, although the biggest gains are for the SOHC engine.

    Some type of air intake upgrade is often the first mod most people do to thier Neons, it's a cheap and easy upgrade with no negative effects.

    The next upgrade is the underdrive pulley, this is also good for 5 to 10 HP increase and runs $180.00 for the AF/X model. Although harder to install and requireing a special tool to install, this upgrade is an easy HP booster like the Iceman. Also, it lowers the power draw from car accessories, mainly the A/C.

    Anywho...check out the sites, tons of cool stuff for Neons that aren't too bad on the pocketbook.
  • jr1drjr1dr Member Posts: 5
    I've got a '97 DOHC 5 speed manual. It's been a great car...so far. I've had wheel balance problems on the front and I'm waiting for that gasket to blow. I've gotten approx 40 mpg on the open road at 80mph. If you have bought one already check to see if it has a rear anti sway bar. I put one on mine and love it.
  • ktondraktondra Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply, "copperhead".

    The dealer seems to think it is the hub caps ... they are ordering new ones.

    He told me if it still made the noise after they tightened them, they would order new ones.

    That's where I stand ... what makes you think it is the pads (I'm interested)?
  • tellietellie Member Posts: 3
    This past fall (oct.99) my husband and I purchased a neon 2000...In the first three weeks, we had to have the power steering pump replaced...Since then we have had it in the shop on several occasions...We have had 2 oil changes so far...now this past week it has been in the shop all week...We found that there has been a terible vibration while driving or sitting at traffic lights...The idle is very low too...we also find the car to be very "electrifing"..there seems to be a short somewhere that keeps the car giving us shocks when we get out...we have taken it to the shop to have it looked at and they didn't seem to find anything..but then again I don't think they really looked at it carefully...So I took the mechanic out for a test ride with me...we have since found out that the car needs to have the motor mounts replaced due to the vibrations we felt...and the computer needs to be replace due to the fact that it has been reclibrated (according to the mechanic) but never solved the problem..so needless to say they are replacing the computer..as for the electric shock we get they have no clue on to why it happens...This past fall when we bought this new "reliable" car..we were hoping not to spend as much time in the shop as we have so far..As to the gas mileage it has been great...the comfort is great too...so far it has taken us 12000kms and hopefully a lot more...if anyone has heard of anything about what I have written and know what we can do beside grin and bare it please contact me at: c_hadwen@hotmail.com

    it is greatly appreciated...thanks =)
  • prowler24prowler24 Member Posts: 4
    Hmmm, sorry u are having these problems with the Neon. I have not heard of any of these problems occuring on the New 2000's or the old Neons. I think u just got a bad one. Most of the comments on the 2000's owners are usually great ones. Sorry
  • justpurplejustpurple Member Posts: 12
    The problems you've described are very, very similiar to the ones I've experienced with my 2000 Neon in the last 12 months. I've had the power steering pump replaced and the motor mounts replaced twice. New motor mounts didn't help the vibration and idle. Next week it will be back in the shop. I'm tempted to tell DC to keep it till they can fix it right!
  • nightshadenightshade Member Posts: 2
    My 97 Neon has a problem where when you go to get
    out and touch the metal of the door it will shock
    the heck out of you. I think it is a short in the
    speaker wire or something because my speaker in my
    passenger door seems to have a lot of static. I am not sure what I am going to do about this problem.
  • nightshadenightshade Member Posts: 2
    The Electric problems above are not the only problems I have had with this car, Turned out the radiator cracked on it after driving 3000 miles and the head gasket blew. Supposedly it had the updated gasket too. I am now pretty leery about this car, and don't know if I want to keep it.
  • tellietellie Member Posts: 3
    Well we finally got our car back from the shop after them having it for a week...they replaced one motor mount with a new one...they also found a belt that runs the power steering pump and the a/c+ heat fan...it was all cracked and chewed up...so they had one shipped in from out of town...I still find that there is a vibration still but it is not quite as rough as before....I also found out that the power stearing pump was what the dealer called a "bulletin." meaning that is an information sheet about possiblities of problems only to the dealer and mechanics...NOT to the general public...We spent a good part of the afternoon talking to the owner and mechanics....Sometimes I get frustrated telling people what is wrong with the car and them looking at me like I have another head protuding out of the side on my neck...I know that I am not a mechanic but driving the car and knowing my car I should know what is wrong with it....my husband laughs sometimes but he knows I am not wrong..I have been dead on with everything so far...=)..Anyway..we are happy right now we have a running car again...=)


  • gabigirlgabigirl Member Posts: 1
    The first car I bought for myself! My '96 Neon, named Maxine. Shortly after I got her, there was a recall on something called the "front end wiring harness". Had it replaced under the recall, and 3 times more since then. She gets good mileage, I'll say that, and she shifts well (5-speed). the AC really kills the mileage. Then my trunk leaked, destroying rather a bit of my stuff I had in there. It was allegedly fixed, but they hadn;'t fixed the right thing. It leaked again. It's fixed now. Just over 30,000 miles, the head gasket went. It went again, this past January, at 64,000 miles, and necessitated a new head as well. I am unfortunately not impressed. My parents have never had this kind of problem - they are still running their '89 Horizon! It has over 450,000 miles on it, starts up every time you turn the key. I wouldn't take it on a road trip, but it gets Ma to work, 10 miles away. My car is cute, has nice features, and gets good mileage, but I have been frustrated enough so that I seriously doubt that my next purchase will be anything from that corporation.....
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    were not fixed until mid 98. If you have a 97 neon that has not had the head gasket replaced since mid 98 then it doesn't have the updated design. Same thing goes if you had a 97 since it was new and the gasket blew at 30000 miles, it was the old design. The bulletins you all talk about are called TSB's and you can get a list off all neon TSB's at www.neons.org all makes of cars have TSB's issued on them its not some chrysler secret. I'll say it again if you want really good solutions to problems about all thing neon go to www.neons.org and will find much more accurate info them some people put out here.
  • theophanytheophany Member Posts: 4
    Greetings. I am new to this group and am considering buying a neon after 10 years of driving nissans. While the new sentra is appealing, the neon seems like a better value. Still, the 140hp engine in the sentra sure does make it tempting. So, here is my question...

    I have heard that the Neon will once again feature the 150hp DOHC engine as an option beginning this summer. Anyone else know anything about this? A more powerful neon could most certainly be my next car!
  • 71charger71charger Member Posts: 116
    2000 Neon 5 spd is returning 28.2 to 28.7mpg consistently in mixed city/hwy driving about 45/55 ratio. As for electric shocks, if it were a wiring problem you wouldn't be getting it with the car shut off. I read somewhere, one of these newspaper car columns, of someone with the same complaint on their (I think) Toyota. The response was that it had to do with the tires not having something in the compound (possibly carbon black) any more that used to conduct electricity and ground the car. This keeps the static charge built up and when you touch the door to get out, wham. Happens with our Cherokee real bad. Only once in a while with the Neon. Maybe a pile of crap, I don't know, but that's what they said.
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    it will not be a DOHC motor in the neon R/T coming soon, it is 150 HP version of the current motor. The biggest difference between the old DOHC motor and SOHC motor was the muffler. Just swapping the DOHC muffler to an SOHC car made the HP difference equal until over 4500 RPM when the DOHC car would make an extra 10 HP. The new R?T motor will be much better. As reported at www.car-truck.com :

    "The new SOHC 2.0-liter will produce increased speed by delivering higher torque at lower RPM than the DOHC engine it replaces. The R/T uses a new intake manifold that has a second set of intake runners and an electrically operated set of butterfly valves. The manifold keeps the low end torque up, while still offering high rpm operation. A new tubular exhaust manifold will also boost performance."

    That boost in the low end as well as the high end should make for an impressive Neon.
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    The R/T is a 2001 model and the actual release date is not yet set as far as I've heard.
  • theophanytheophany Member Posts: 4
  • 71charger71charger Member Posts: 116
    Title says it all. Goes back to the 67 (I think)
  • theliztheliz Member Posts: 26
    I have almost 5000 miles on my 2000 Neon and I think it's great! No motor-mount problems, no head gasket problems, no battery or radiator problems either. It did shock me and my wife when we exited the car (static charge), we bought some cool seat covers and no more zaps. Maybe it's the fabric? The ES package is worth every penny.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Member Posts: 157
    You will love it,the car runs like hell!!
  • jeremy773jeremy773 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Neon R/T with 46000 miles and just had the head gasket changed. DC is aware of the problem and is fixing them regardless of warranty, I didn't pay a dime for it even though I was 10k miles out of it. I also get shocked everytime I get out of the car depending on what shoes I'm wearing, go figure. As for my opinion, I absolutely love the car.
  • ed12ed12 Member Posts: 100

    I saw teh Neon R/T at the NYC auto show this past Saturday. Way cool.

  • lsaukalsauka Member Posts: 8
    Well, here it is Apr 24 and I still have not received my CD's from the Dodge Dealer. The CD changer was replaced at the end of Feb 2000 and they keep blowing me off when I call them to ask where they are. Last I was told they were mailed from Mitsubishi on Mar 22. I guess if there had not been so many problems with the dealer and the problems I have had with the car itself this would seem like a minor problem. But since both dealers have treated me so poorly I guess that is why I feel the way I do. I wrote a letter to DaimerChrysler and received a call back in two days. They explained that they were limited to what they could do because the dealers are privately owned but they promised to do what they could. I will under no circumstances EVER buy anything but a GM vehicle next time- they have better reliability and also offer a loaner standard on the warranty when your car is in for warranty work.
  • tellietellie Member Posts: 3
    well we are back from our holidays...we left with our fingers crossed that nothing major would happen...We put about 2400kms on her...before we left we got a bit of grinding from the fan again...=(...other than that she made it there and back safely...we are going to take her in tomorrow to get looked at she seems to be idling low again and the vibration is back too...but other than that it was a good trip out west...thanks by the way for the idea of seat covers to help with the shocking experience...well it's late and gotta work in the morning early...thanks again
  • prowler24prowler24 Member Posts: 4
    fine buy your GM products i dont care. Even though i dont see how u think GM of all makers has better reliability than DC. They produce such hideous things like the god awful Cavalier and Grand Am. Yuck! I have a 98 Neon and my mom has a 98 Intrepid. The one time my neon has been in the shop overnight for a small fix i demanded a loaner and got one. The same goes for the 2 times my mothers Intrepid ES was in the shop. They dont like given out loaners, but bitching and complaining usually does the trick. I love DC cars, but HATE MOST of their dealers. If anyone is thinking about buying a chryslerdodgejeep,u should find a nice dealer even if its a bit outta the way, it'll be worth it, they will treat ya much better.
  • 71charger71charger Member Posts: 116
    I must agree with Prowler, I like the Chrysler cars but have always felt that their dealers are terrible. I think the dealership experience goes a long way toward your opinion of the quality of a car. If you have a head gasket go and the dealer takes it in and fixes it promptly and gives you a loaner, you're a lot less likely to look back on it as a real problem when it's new car time again. Everybody sells cars for around invoice any more. I think you're better off finding a good dealer and paying a little more if you have to and use him or her. As for GM being higher quality, my Camaro was like a bad science experiment gone horribly wrong. I got a survey in the mail for my Neon with six pages of small print of everything that could possibly be wrong with a new car. I couldn't check a single box. Of course I could have worn out a pencil on my 83. But as the Monkees said, that was then, this is now.
  • nateatvtcnateatvtc Member Posts: 2
    I have had my 98' Neon for just over a year now. When it have 1,000 miles on it, the rotors needed replacing. Then this winter, I got between 20 and 22 mpg (long trips and short) which is not all that impressive. I also have experienced the shock that you get when getting out of a Neon. I am to the point where I have a phobia and when I get out of any car I make sure that I close the door using the window. Yesterday I found out that I have blown head gasket. Not very good for a car with only 26,000 miles. Not to mention the fact that when I am going down the interstate, I am embarrassed to have people ride with me because inevitability there is always someone in the car that asks me if I have it in overdrive because the engine is revving so high and it is so loud. Overall, I would say that I am not impressed with the Neon. This is my first new car and only my second car and I expected a lot more.
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    You guys need to get off this 'shock' thing. Static electricity is not being produced by the neon, it's a combination of your clothing and the seat fabric. The other day I didn't wear my work clothes to work but a wool shirt with my polyester uniform jacket over the top. Normally I wear a cotton shirt. Anyway every time I got out of the windstar (which is every 5 blocks or so for 4 hours straight) I got a hell of a shock, I had never experienced this with the windstars before so it must have been the clothes. Maybe neon seats have a wool blend fabric which is why seatcovers may solve the problem.

    I also have no problem with my dealer here (Grizzly motors in Missoula, MT or with the service department where I bought my neon Coast Auto in Brookings, OR) maybe it's because in these small towns dealers sell mutiple brands like here it is Chrysler/Dodge, Suzuki, and Lincon/Mercury. The Honda Dealer is also to Isuzu, Caddy, and Pontiac dealer. Ford also has Toyota. So it would so the service for Honda would not be any better then Pontiac cause it's the same Bubba doing the work.
  • b4scottyb4scotty Member Posts: 2
    Some things I've noticed since driving my new 2000 ES for that last 3 days...

    1. I don't like how, when you are about 10 yards away from the side of the car, you can see the naked metal stripping underneath the car - it looks unfinished.
    2. I don't like how the passanger side windshield wiper doesn't seem to go all the way down. It's distracting.
    3. The trunk interior seems REALLY cheap.
    4. I don't like how you have to put a lot of force into pushing the turn signal up or down.

    1. The color of the lights glowing inside the car at night - very cool... turquoise and blood red.
    2. Windshield wipers are very fast.
    3. very comfortable armrests for 5-speed shifting.
    4. even though the 4-disc cd changer is down too far, it's cool that all your actions occur right on the stereo interface.
    5. the overall looks of the car is unique.

  • stephie2stephie2 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a 1997 Dodge Neon with 5000 miles on it.After i have it for 2 wks. i had to be put in the shop 4 times for rewplacement of oxygen sensors.It would go through them in 15 min.!! Also, it has an electrical prob. that no dealership in town can find,but it is showing up on the computers(it shocks the piss out of you when you get out of the car and when you put on the brake the left turn signal comes on)Also mine had the same prob. with the leak in the trunk. and finally it blew a head gasket at 25,000 mile and then it blew again a week later. i have had this car foe a very aggervating long 22 months and it has been in the shop 17 times!!
  • theliztheliz Member Posts: 26
    It sounds like you have a lemon for sure. There are "full disclosure" laws--the previous owner was legally obligated to inform you of any existing problems. BTW, the 2000 Neons are not the same as previous Neons.
  • edswordsedswords Member Posts: 47
    Is this board for owners of the prior model (95-99) to lodge complaints, or is it for the 2000 Neon?

    I owned a 95 Doge Neon and drove it 95,000 miles. The only time it went back to the dealer was to replace the exhaust donut. The car ran so good that I traded up for the 2000 Neon. I have put 9,500 trouble free miles on my new Neon. I got a base Neon with a 5 speed and AC. My dealer added cruise control for 250 dollars.

    - The lack of 15 alum wheels option for base model
    - The stock Goodyear tires suck
    - My base model lacks remote trunk release
    - Rear end styling (the brake lights dont look right!)
    - No 4 speed automatic transmission

    - The car handles extremely well.
    - The excelleration with the 5 speed is excellent
    - The interior dash layout has 2 cup holders, a shelf for my sunglasses, and lots of storage
    - Lots of room. The car seems as big inside as the much higher priced Ford contour.
    - The base am/fm cassette sounds pretty good.
    - The car looks great from the front and side.
    - The 1% financing is awesome. I have already paid down a substantial amount of the principle in 8 months.

    So far so good.
  • prowler24prowler24 Member Posts: 4
    Hey I got a question about the now famous Head Gasket issue. MY old 95 neon had the head replaced at 45,000 miles but the only way i knew i needed a new one is when the dude at the shop lifted the car and saw that it was leaking.
    My 98 R/T has 33,000 miles on it and i just want to be sure i dont need a new head. Is there a way i can tell by driving or listening that i need a new head gasket? Or do i just have to take it in and let someone look at it???
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    This is stolen from www.neons.org under the huge FAQ section.

    "The Neon has a reputation for headgasket failure, and it has affected many Neon owners. Since the blocks are identical, both the SOHC and the DOHC are susceptible. Chrysler revised the original gasket twice to address this issue, and finally released an all-new part. The new MLS (multi-layered steel) gasket supersedes the old part under the same p/n. The new gasket went into production SOHCs in September of 1998 (part of the '99 m/y), with the DOHC following shortly after that, probably before November of '98. TSB 09-05-98, which describes the revised part, was issued on November 06, 1998. This means that the new piece was available at parts counters around that time. (Thanks to Greg Smith for this additional information.)
    Nearly all failures occur in the driver's side rear of the engine block, where an oil passage crosses between head and block within 1/4" of the outside edge. The most common symptom is an oil leak at the block joint in the vicinity of the brake fluid reservoir. Other, less common symptoms of headgasket failure include: water in the oil (indicated by foam on the dipstick or drain pan), oil in the coolant overflow reservoir, and burning of coolant (continual steam or light grey soot in exhaust pipe). However, most Neon headgasket failures do not cause mixing of oil and coolant.

    Two items should be kept in mind on this subject. First, with more than a million Neons on the road, even a large number of failures is a small percentage of the unaffected cars. Second, this problem is common among most cars with aluminum heads, not just Neons. This kind of head design saves weight, and is typical on modern cars. However, aluminum heads are sensitive to overheating and may crack or warp, which leads to gasket failure.

    Headgasket failure is enough of a problem, however, that Chrysler has made special provisions for headgasket repairs beyond the normal warranty period. While dealers probably won't volunteer to fix a car that has exceeded its warranty, many Neon owners have found that a call to the Customer One phone number may help. Depending on the age of the car, Chrysler may pay a portion of the replacement cost; in many instances, repairs have been made just as if warranty coverage existed. Also, owners who have paid out-of-pocket to have the headgasket replaced may be reimbursed under this extension. In many cases, full coverage of headgasket failure has been extended to five years or 100,000 miles."
  • stephie2stephie2 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased my neon form a Dodge/Chrysler dealership.They knew of a few problems w/ the car but didn't tell me about.I have written to Chrysler about all the probs.I have had w/ my car,they are supposed to be investigating it,but it has been about 2 months.I told them all I wanted is for them to take their lemon back and give me every $$ I put into this lemon toward the purchase of another dodge/chrysler product.That they need to stand behind their product.But Chrysler needs get their butt in gear cause my warranty ends the end of this month!!I also have to put it back in the shop again because the steering wheel is popping when you go to stop. Any suggestions on getting Chrysler to back up their product?
  • theliztheliz Member Posts: 26
    Maybe you should talk to a lawyer? I really hope you get DC to do the right thing without too much of a fight. Good luck and don't give up. Let us know how it goes.
  • gigsgigs Member Posts: 11
    I'm a first time buyer from Ontario Canada. I recently went to Toronto because I saw a good deal 18 288 purchase price for a loaded 2000 Neon LX. I wanted the 0% financing for 48 mths or .8% for 60. When I said this they added like $1500 to the price. What I want to know is should I be able to tell them to screw off with that extra charge and let me finance it for the cash purchase price or is that not an option? I also wanted to know what the invoice plrice of an automatic LX loaded with everything sunroof etc. is with and without the abs option. Maybe some of you Canadian purchasers can let me know what kind of price you got on your 2k lx neons or at least what kind of price I should be able to get one at right now. I heard 3% over inoice is ok but can I still do better and still get the good financing with the price? Thanks really need the help. ps Edwords your not by chance Ed who goes to Ryerson are you?
  • armus13armus13 Member Posts: 1
    Need help, cuz the mechanics are stymied.

    Here's my story. Got a 95 sport sedan, last yr the a/c blew out. 13 months later (of course, 12 mos warranty on parts!) it went again! Had it replaced again. Since the replacement, the engine is running rough when just 'cruising', say on the freeway. It accelerates fine. The feeling is like a drive belt letting go and grabbing, or like an alignment problem (which I already know it's not). At the shop, they scope it, can't find anything, they drive it, same thing - they just don't know my car like I do! :)

    Quite a while ago, somebody posted a similar problem, somebody else posted a possible solution, and for the life of me I can't find those two posts! If those folks are around, or if anybody has any ideas please help! Thx!

    1) The shocks are real. Never had that problem in any other car. Maybe the power locks shorting? My locks don't 'snap' like they used to and the front psgr side is out of order altogether!

    2) No head gasket problem (yet!), and 160K km. :)

    3) Love the car, if I can get this shaking thing fixed I'll keep it for another 160K!
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