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    what fuses is it blowing. check all the wire running from the battery to the starter and make sure you have no unintentional grounds. look for any wires that are burned or touching metal. check all wires leaving battery on positive side.
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    I just bought a 2000 neon and I can't figure out how to turn on the fog lights. I've tried for 30 mins. I'm sure it's infront of my face but I just can't see it. Please Help
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    On the headlight knob on the left turn the headlights on and then pull out the nob. note: you cannot turn on just your fog lights. your headlights have to be on first.
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    i own a 95 sohc with 113k miles. wanting to put some money in it a little at a time. looking for more hp. i need to do a tune-up on it. tune-up related what can i do to achieve more hp without having to get to involved with other things? What r the best plugs and wires? should i get a new coil and ingnition? pleez fill me in.
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    The cars are exactly the same in dimensions etc. The only difference is the name plate .That was the main reason they dropped the Plymouth name .Total redudency w/ product .Years ago a Plymouth was a Plymouth and a Dodge was a Dodge .The 2 companies had different vehicles based on the same platforms such as Valiant and Dart ,but they were different in look and design .Very many shared parts but not the same car . Towards the end the cars were just re-labeled for each company . One funny thing though I have to mention about the Acclaim and Spirit models .Even though these 2 cars were almost identical in body and look (except for exterior lighting) the Plymouths always rated higher in crash tests .I don't why .
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    If you haven't changed the timing belt and put a new pully and water pump, than that is what to do right NOW! The neon engines valves will hit the pistons and bend valves. Also when you ever remove the head you MUST buy NEW head bolts. A good valve job with new bolts and labor will run you $ 600. + I did all the things above at 92,000 miles and at 197,000 miles the pully broke and the belt snapped and so we had to do everything. Beleive me that sucks!

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    looking for some info on heads. I am wondering if you can bolt a dohc head on a sohc block without cahanging the pistons? Any info would be great.
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    Hi, Liz... I have the same problem, except that it's only the driver side door. I realize that you had posted this nearly two and half years ago, but I was wondering if you had managed to fix your problem? If you wouldn't mind emailing me, I'd appreciate it.
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    I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon with 101K miles. Have had this current problem for the last 6 mos. but has been intermittent and gradual. My automatic locks are constantly clicking while I drive, above 30 and 40 mph. My dome light also turns on occassionally while driving and my dash reads that a door is ajar, even though it is not.

    Any ideas?
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    I had a similar problem w/ my neon ,however I don't have power locks .The dome light and door ajar would come on intermittantly . It turned out to just be the switch that controls the dome light .It was out of adjustment .Just check to see if its loose and try and adjust it so it goes all the way in when the door closes . Its been a few years since so I don't remember how its adjusted but all I think you have do is simply turn it .Let me know if this works and good luck !! Love my Neon ,145 ,000 and 85 miles a day at between 65 and 90 mph hasn't let me down yet !!! :)
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    I believe this MIGHT ne your instrument cluster. I had some simular things and it was replaced that ended the problems.

    Now my radio quit working no electricty getting there and the fuse is new.

    Here is an expensive lesson I have experienced. At 90, 000 miles I replaced the timing belt and put on a new water pump. I now have 197,000 miles on it. The timing belt pully broke the timing belt broke as well, the engine stopped. I had it towed to a local shop. The owner said he was sure at 50% he could replace the pullu and the belt and get it going, if the valves were not bent. Itook the chance and I was aware it might not work. Well nearly $400. and the valves are bent. Now whenI fix it, the cost will be more than $600. I was wrong to take such a gambel. So if you have not had you timing belt and water pump changed do so 101K is a belt just about to brake. Hope this helps.

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    Hi, striker223: Unfortunately, I haven't been able to resolve that rather annoying problem with my locks. I never really got a chance to mess with that problem, since not long after I posted, my car completely stopped working. (luckily I had another car.) I posted my question about the other problem on here also, so I'm still holding out hopes that someone has resolution to any of these problems and I still monitor discussions in the forum. Sorry I don't have any answers to your problem - I know it's frustrating. If I didn't have another car, I would've just cracked and taken the car to a mechanic by now, but I think that my problem may be computer-related or something. Basically, the gas pedal was sticking and the car was revving up by itself, then would just stick around 1500 rpms or something and would basically drive around by itself, Christine style. We tried all sorts of things and suggestions, but not long after that happened, the entire car just DIED. Nothing worked and it wasn't the battery. However, I've started getting worked up again about getting the car running, so if I do find any solutions to the door lock craziness, I'll definitely post something or will email you as requested.
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    I am a new member to this forum and i have a question hopefully some one can answer. My wife has an automatic 04 DODGE NEON SXT that she want to get rid of but i really like it and want to keep it for myself and trade my mustang for a new car for her cause we got a baby girl on the way. I was wondering is it possible to put a srt-4 motor in it and what would i need to do the engine swap.
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    Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the baby!

    This for all practical reasons is a dangerous idea. Here is why. The engine would fit, but the tranny is a special beefed up stick, brakes are extra heavy duty, the body is strengthened, all the control moduels are different. But say yoy really wanted to put an SRT engine in the safe way it would cost more than you can buy a fairly low mileage SRT for.If your 04 sxt has acceptable mileage in the NADA sell it andthen buy a real honest to goodness safe solid worth something SRT. To give you go on ebay motors and check out all the SRT's. By having a blessing on the way I am assuming you are 30 or less years old perhaps uo to 35, insurance on a SRT just might be really up there.

    If you did find an SRT engine and tranny, you would spent real high dollars for it, there are lots of SRT's with needed rebuilding and many would rather get a used engine even for big bucks. Call some different auto salvage places and see how many SRT engines you find, id any.

    Sorry to but the brakes on for you, but safety is always the best idea first and formost.

    Oh, we had an 04 sxt. Our daughter had an accident, at 30 miles an hour everything worked perfectly. The air bags went off, the engine tucked under the body as designed and she just had some neck pain from the air bag going off. The Neon is designed to protect the driver and passengers, and because of that the vehicle crumbles. In a accident this is a throw away car. The design for safty was good, for rebuilding it costs too much.
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    if u dont have experience it can turn in 2 a headache need to straighten frame 2 align parts in order not that easy if u do attempt make sure u checkout everything before driving good luck
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    Thank you, and i am glad to hear that your daughter is safe. Oh I really didn't know that it would be that much of a pain in the butt. I really didn't even think about the safety hazards. I also have a 1977 Dodge W-200 4x4, and I am so used to working on an older vehicle that I didn't think about all that. Safety is very important especially with my daughter on the way. Thank you so much for replying to my post [farout], you prove that there are still some good people left in the world by giving good advice and worrying about the safety of others. Thank you so much and God Bless.
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    Here is an update to my post from two weeks ago, 4/13. Replaced the door ajar unit on my driver's side back door. Cost $12 from the dealership and took 30 minutes to change out. Since then, I have had no more locks clicking and no dome lights issues. Still have a malfunction indicator light on my dash and will have that checked out soon. Hope this is helpful to more people. Keep preserving your vehicles! :o)
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    I have a 1996 2. L single cam Neon. I have bent valves. I am looking for a good head at a cheap price. Anyone know of one?

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    Biggest mistake of my life.

    Problems too numerous to list without taking up 10 monitor screens of text.

    More expensive to keep running than a vintage Ferrari by FAR.
    Chrysler bankruptcy was in large part caused by the Neon in my book.
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    My 2005 is a piece of crap also. At 38,000 miles the lower control arm bushings seperated from their housing on both sides of the vehicle. The dealer says he has replaced many of these on both the neons and the PT Cruiser which has the same front suspension. No wonder Chrysler went bankrupt. they deserve it for the garbage they build.
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    Sorry to hear you got stuck with a Neon. A shame that in 10 years they improved the Neon probably by about 100%, but 100% better than total utter lemon garbage is still garbage, and certainly one of the main causes of bankruptcy.

    May Chrysler designers and engineers rot in hell! :mad:
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    Maybe a 95 wasn't the best neon out there ,but they worked out the bugs of earlier ones later on . I read that 2004 and 2005 model years are actually recommended by Consumers Reports (who always bash American cars and Chrysler especially) as a best buy for a used car . I have a 2000 and it now has 149000 on it (bought w/ 83000 ) and I haven't done anything special except regular maint . I drive 83 miles a day to work and it hasn't let me down yet . I only wish that it had a 4 speed tranny instead of the 3 so I would get better gas mileage ,but I know that the 3 speed is actually a better tranny .
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    i got 103000 out of it then i changed the timing belt why i was in there changing a waterpump 2 neon i did a timing belt on pretty sure its done great car was over heating before now lots of fun or i thought now sometimes it putters or hessitates when in drive in neutral it is ok studders just a bit never had this before someone on here comminted on the feul pump saying it could be going bad and not sending enough gas to the motor causing this. i also was told no its your coil pack the car putters in gear little getting worse but feul pump is 200 and the coil pack around 75 i no the smart thing would be go cheaper parts unless u no well this is what im trying to do is save money any answers would be great also this car is what gets my fiance to and from work so i need it fixed cant have her sitting on the side of the road appreciate it . jay
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  • drenndrenn Member Posts: 9
    I have a 1995 dodge neon 2.0 single overhead cam. had this problem before computer said evap system bad replaced. it run for a week got up morning went about 20 ft shut off won't start replaced crankshaft sensor , camshaft sensor,map sensor.replacd coil pack still won't start pull spark plug grounded plug no spark???? need help about ready to run it over a bank
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    God, Those were the days! The first new car I ever bought was a 1997 Dodge Neon Highline 5 speed. I was, (stress was) a Chrysler fan when I was a kid, and everyone made fun of me, well I showed them, I bought a new Dodge! I never knew what people meant till I owned one.
    The first head gasket leaked at about 40,000 miles, I blew 5 Five! Head gaskets up to 170,000 miles.
    I blew a cam seal at about 50,000, it took me like 12 quarts of oil to get 2-3 miles to a supermarket marking lot to call the dealer.
    The recall was no big deal, cars get recalled.
    The thermostat went around 50,000 miles and I was stranded on the side of the hwy, overheated.
    The inner door panel holding pins broke and the (panel) would get caught on the frame and the door wouldn't open.
    The clutch felt like it had "gristle" along the cable and I would have it no avail.
    CV joints like to just "go"
    Rain and winshield fluid whichever would piss into your face if the window was open a little bit.
    The girl I was engaged to had a neon as well.....against my advice......the list of problems was just as long.
    My spontaneous shopping brother on a whim bought a 2001 sport..his problems were really bad, in fact, he had the balls to drop it off at dodge, told them to "*******" keep it. I hope you all learn Chrysler never will change. and I wish you all luck..
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    I just bought a 1999 DOHC 2 door 5 speed Neon Sport and I couldnt be happier with it. The car is great!!1
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    I wonder is anyone cam give me a GOOD place to buy a head for a 1996 Dodge neon. So far all I have found is junk for $200. My 96 belt tensioner broke and bent two valves. I took a chance hoping that did not bend a valve and had the tensioner and belt replaced, I lost. $600. down the drain. I live in central Missouri
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  • adra21adra21 Member Posts: 3
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    Have you tried car-part. Com ?? You might even might want to give eBay a shot , u might get lucky there !
  • lakeg41lakeg41 Member Posts: 9
    I just checked eBay and there are a few , even rebuilt w/ free shipping for about 200 or less . Check it out !!
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    lakeq41: Yes, I have seen several at different places. The problem is there is no real way to get a warranty taken care of if there is a crack, or valve guides are new or drilled over sized, or enereld. I have two bad valves, and that's all I want fixed. If I do a full valve job, then the bottom part of the engine has a greater chance of sooner failure. I have 197,000 + miles on the engine and I have taken very good care of the car. I have been quited from $ 650. to $ 1,500. to remove the head and take care of the two valves and put it back on with new head bolts. The bolts are a one use torque bolts, and should never be used again.

    What happened was the belt tensioner broke, which I had repleced, and the timing belt. When they started it up it was clear two valves were bent. So that $ 650. was down the drain. I would consider a engine with low miles, but the low mileage eeeengines are pricy and again the question of trust worthiness is there. Anyone can say they have a low miles engine, that could have 150,000 miles and lie about that the engine has 70,000. That's my issue.
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    I have a 95 neon. It was running great until a couple of days ago. Now I have power but does not turn over. I work for a auto parts store so I have tested the starter, checked the cables, gotten ideas from co workers but still nothing. Im lost. Can anyone help me with more ideas?
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    By "new" I mean its used, I just bought a 2000 Dodge Neon Es about a month ago, so far nothing major needs done other than a Camshaft positioning sensor and a upstream O2 Sensor.
    So why am I posting, more just curiosity I suppose, I am in the process of figuring out why my dome/ trunk lights wont work and if there is any way to supplement those with some strip l.e.d.s that I have from Wal-mart ( Idea is to make them work in the same way the dome light would open door and/or the multi-function switch, next question would be what the difference from the regular neon an the ES I ask this mostly because the Haynes manual that I bought the fuse box numbers don't match up from the book to what is on the diagram on my fuse box cover, my Haynes manual covers Dodge & Plymouth Neon 2000-2005, so not sure about that, I know that the Haynes Manual for the '84 Dodge Rampage 2.2 I had up till this year didn't match, but that was because it covered the Dodge Omni Plymouth Horizon and the '87 Dodge Shelby Charger, which the Rampage were modeled around, could this be another problem of Haynes is covering to many years/models and the wiring diagrams are just not accurate do to that or something else entirely.
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    if this car has a Cadillac converter might need to be cleaned out
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    Most likely the fuses I had a similar problem with the radio
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