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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • gtyatesgtyates Posts: 14

    I am considering Bridgestone Potenza's for my Taurus (actually, my wife's car). The tire dealer we use recommends a couple of different models in the Potenza line, depending on if I want better handling or better ride. I have Potenza's on my daughter's Tracer LTS and they do well. I lost a little on the handling of that car, but gained a huge amount with the ride quality. I will say that the Affinity's ride pretty well when traveling, but for everyday use they are terrible!! (We travel 64 miles per day back and forth to work on a mix of country roads, interstate, and city streets. Also, I keep the tires inflated at 34 psi, instead of the recommended 30, which seems to help the handling some.) For now, I am keeping the Affinity's because I am a cheapskate, but I will have them replaced before the end of this year, probably by 20000 miles. I also understand that Yokahoma makes a tire that is really good for the newer Taurus. Again, we are very pleased with the car and have not had any issues with the car at all!!!
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    I went through my 01 Taurus and found some NJ stickers on it. So, apparently it spent one winter up north. Do you think the salt may have harmed it?
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Posts: 154
    My 98 sedan came with crappy OEM General tires, which were probably equal to the Affinity rubber. I replaced them with a set of Michelin Pilot XGT H4's. Made a world of difference.

    My 2000 wagon came with OEM Continentals, and they seem pretty good.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    My Merc. Sable used to give me lousy gas mileage
    so after the shop cleaned all fuel lines gas mileage improved markedly. However, my 6 cl. Duratec engine is thirsty and I realize that I need to keep a light foot on the gas or my 20 mpg
    average will go down sharply.

    Regarding the Firestone Affinities, My car came with them. To me they seem fine but I've been reading a great deal of dissatisfaction with them from other owners.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Never really been happy with any Firestone OE tires on any car I've had.

    My wife's 2001 SEL came with Continentals and we like the way they feel
  • a6chrisa6chris Posts: 15
    I've been looking at the new 2002 Tauri for a while. Is there a noticable power difference between the Vulcan and Duratec motors? I had a 93' Taurus with the good ole' 3.0L V6. It was great. If the Vulcan does ok then I won't waste the extra money to get the bigger motor. I do a lot of city driving so I need something to merge in and out of traffic and on the freeways I cruise at anywhere from 75-95. Any input??
  • I have it in my '96 Sable (and a version in my Lincoln LS). It has very good power, however, it really likes the upper RPM's. If you drive without any kind of a load on flat terrian, then the Vulcan should do just fine. If you EVER carry a load or drive hilly areas, the Duratec is the ticket!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    It is a 3.0L The Ford 3.8L OHV V6 is a piece of junk. Loves to eat head gaskets galore.
  • This is a 3.0L, 24V, DOHC, engine that makes 200HP and 200lbft torque. It is much quicker than the old Vulcan that I had in my '86 Sable. Then it had only 140HP and somewhere near 175ftlb torque.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    The last 3.8 V6 Tauri were in 1995.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I have had a number of Taurus's (Tauri?) through the years as company cars - Vulcans, 3.8s, and Duratecs. We currently own a 2000 with the Duratec. I agree with Ezaircon4jc - Get the Duratec! In addition to the extra power, it is smoother, has a much better sound (IMHO), and is simply a more modern design. The Vulcan is quite durable and will not likely give any problems but I really think you would like the Duratec better.
  • joecugjoecug Posts: 15
    Can a Duratec be used to replace a
    3.8L engine. My 93 needs a new engine
    since the gasket blew on the 3.8L and I
    dont want to replace it with another
    3.8. The Vulcan has too little horsepower
    for a wagon. I do not think the Duratec
    was being made in 93, so I'm wondering if swapping a Duratec for a 3.8L possible
    for that year. I'm also wondering if the
    4.0 used in the Aerostars could be put
    in a 93 Taurus.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    (which I don't know if it can be done)


    a rebuilt Duratec runs $3,955.

    a rebuilt 3.8 runs $2,398.

    I think the rebuilts are more reliable than the old factory motors, if purchased from a reputable engine builder...

  • gwen3gwen3 Posts: 2
    I live in the north-east, drive my 2000 sable with the duratec engine to work every day, average of 45 miles per day from Long Island to the Bronx and Westchester. The car is a good commuter car and has held up well so far, I have posted 20000 miles, Firestone tires are satisfactory. The negative at this time is that the car is somewhat noisy (engine noise during acc.)and in my opinion, it will not hold up in the long run. My husband dissagrees.
  • My '96 Sable has the Duratec and 106 thousand miles. It still runs strong and the only repairs have been the A/C compresor clutch and the crank bearing (non-internal). I have had to replace tires, battery, struts, brakes, rotors, fluids, etc., but these are normal wear items. Even the clutch was worn out. This is our 4th Sable (86, 88, 91 and our current 96) and all but the first had'have over 100k. We had 175k on the 91 with the dreaded 3.8L with NO issues. It still had very good power and if it wasn't for the smog check I was dreading, we would probably still own it. That, and the Lincoln LS at the dealer had MY name on it ;)
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Is the latest generation Taurus considerably approved? I heard the new transmissions are better and the 3.0L V-6 is much better than the old 3.8L. Also, the safety record of the Gen IV Taurus is supposed to be exemplary.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    The 2000+ cars have the 5 star ratings all around for crash tests.
  • Hi everybody! I need some advice. I'm looking into the Sable, but I have just one problem. I'm very little, 4'10", and I'm afraid that the Sable will be too big for me. Any opinions on whether it is a good car for a short person???
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    The Sable is about 195 inches long (give or take a few inches). slightly longer then the Accord or Camry. That shouldn't be a problem

    I believe the Sable has adjustable foot pedals as well as height adjustable seats. the foot pedals are designed specifically for shorter people so they do no ahve to sit so close to the steering wheel. Plus you can always get "booster seat" to help you sit higher.

    I would definitely put it on your shopping list and give it a drive.
  • Thanks so much for your advice. What you said is what I was pretty much thinking. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  • gtyatesgtyates Posts: 14
    My wife is 4'11" and loves her 2001 Taurus (except for the Affinity tires) We have the adjustable pedals, which means she can get to a comfortable position as well as me, and I am 6'tall. With adjustable pedals, you will not be disappointed.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Is there really a major difference(s) between the Taurus/Sable and the more costly 1995-02 Lincoln Continental? I can't justify why people spend the extra money for a Conti when they can get a premium Taurus or Sable for less.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Two weeks ago I was at a shopping center on a Sunday and could NOT get the gear shift out of Park. Called the Roadside Assistance number and the woman could do nothing for me except call my dealer. The service dept. of course was closed so I talked to a salesman. He didn't have a clue. Called back the Roadside Assistance folks and told another woman my problem and asked to have a tow truck sent out.

    Hurrah for this very knowledgable woman!! She told me to simply put my foot on the brake, depress the emergency brake, and turn the key to "on". Then move the gearshift to "neutral" and start the car. This saved me hours that I would have had to sit out in the cold and waste time. I was on my way.

    The next day I called early to the service dept. and was told to come in and they would try to fit me in. He also warned me that I would NOT have brake lights!!! This got me to thinking that this seemed too familiar. I took it in last March for it's first of two recalls. The reason - the grease from the adjustable pedals could get into the brake light switch and cause one to not be able to move out of Park, brake lights not come on, etc.

    Even though I had this fixed to prevent what actually happened to me, it did anyway!!!! Geez, why have a recall if the problem can happen anyway??? I'm a single female that doesn't have a cell phone and would have limited people to call anyway. This really disturbed and angered me.

    The next day they took care of me within 30 minutes, to their credit. When I asked about what was wrong and what they did, the mechanic said he replaced the brake light switch!! I brought this up to the service manager who seemed like it was no big deal. I asked him if they kept track of recall problems recurring and tell Ford about it. Of course , he said "yes" but it didn't seem like it.

    I ended up calling Ford's Customer Service in Canada and complaining. They were very receptive to my problem and wanted a lot of info about the car.

    Has anyone else had this happen?
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Anyone else buy a Taurus as a program car? I'd like to hear about the reliablity of former rental Taurus(s).
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    a 97 Taurus GL at the end of January 98. It was a Budget rental. Car had 23k on when I bought it. Has ABS, Power Seats, 4 wheel disc brakes etc.

    Have spent $160 in repairs; door switch went bad; had the work done at a dealership.

    The car has been solid. I change the oil, air filter, cabin filter and wiper blades myself. Had the trans fluid drained twice, 30k and 60k. Flushed brake fluid and coolant. Car has 65k now. Car has run flawlessly. Have a little rotor shutter at high speed stops, but I can live with that until I do the front brakes.

    I don't buy the abused rental car theory. As a matter of fact I'm less comfortable with owner leases. Lots of those cars have had little routine maintenance.
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Posts: 154
    I am on my third former rental Taurus. All came from dealer fleets. All were very clean and trouble free. I think buying a used car this way is pretty low-risk.

    FWIW, all were purchased when they were a year old. The first was a 92 GL wagon, retired after 9 years and 150k good miles, the second is a 98 SE Duratec sedan and the 92 wagon was replaced with an 00 SE Vulcan wagon. Saved a bundle over new, and the cars were/are all well equipped.
  • gjbwjgjbwj Posts: 27
    To your experience, in what case, why my steering power did not work properly. should I have to fix it. Thanks
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    I'm considering the purchase of a Ford Explorer
    as my Sable S.W. doesn't seem to fit a minimum of 6 passengers.

    I'd like to save some money and would like to know whether or not Ford equips rental fleets with Explorers.

  • Yes, Ford does equip rental fleets with Explorers. They own Hertz, and Hertz rents them. I've seen them on other rental lots that deal with Fords (Budget). Also, my local Ford dealer rents cars and trucks, and they also rent Explorers. They may not be as common as rentals as Escorts, Focuses (Foci? :-) or Taurus/Sable models, but they're out there.

    You may also want to check out the Ford pre-owned site, where they sell the best ex-company service, off-lease, and rentals at a fixed price (which is usually very good). The catch is that the program is available in only 5 areas--metro areas of Atlanta, Boston, NYC, Oklahoma City, and San Francisco. Check out They usually have a good number of Explorers available. (If you want to browse the inventory and aren't in the area, use zip codes of 02101 for Boston, 10011 for NYC...). You pick the car, pick the dealer you want it delivered to, pay a $300 deposit. When it arrives at that dealer (in no more than 3 days), the dealer calls and you set up an appointment for inspection and test drive. If you want it, you buy it. If not, you pass on it. As long as you keep the appointment, the $300 is refunded if you turn it down. Painless...

    How do I know? My '98 Taurus SE (Vulcan) was one of these (to continue the thread). It was an ex-Ford company car. Got it in late August 2000 with 11,000 miles on it. Pristine condition, and we paid $1400 under Edmunds TMV book value for it. Have done only routine maintenance on it since then except for a broken transmission cooler line clamp (a plastic one). Fixed in 30 minutes under warrantee. The clamp caused a minor leak, not a gusher. The car needed front rotors and pads at 25,000, but those were also replaced under warrantee. Car now has 35,000 miles and runs beautifully.
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