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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    If you are buying a new Taurus these days, you cannot get the 3.8 engine anyway, as it was replaced by the Duratec as the optional engine in Taurus/Sable when the '96 redesign came out. So no worry about headgaskets. I would bet any 3.8 engines they are putting in Windstar these days probably have a redesign to fix the headgasket problem anyway.
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I know that the 3.8 was discontinued in the Taurus (replaced by Duratec) in 96 and on models.

    My point is they continue to put the 3.8 in the Windstar and the Mustang. So don't bet on the Vulcan going away. I also wouldn't bet that the 3.8 head gasket problem has been addressed.

    As far as putting a four in the Taurus; maybe a reasonable stratergy if energy gets tight and the fours make a 20% or so improvement in fuel economy over the current v-6s.Also gas would have to increase by 50 cents to a buck a gallon fior most folks to consider a four. Right now fuel economy is not an issue with most new car buyers. Why should it be when gas is as cheap as it has ever been!
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    500 is smaller because it is based on Volvo S80 platform. Though originally I heard that it is going to be a big car - between Tarus and Vic. May be they were meaning the interior space - the same tricks as with Focus - higher seating positions and etc.

    Taurus originally was thought to be based on Volvo, but after 500 arrival they decided to move to less expensive platform like Mazda6. Not bad to me, it should more sporty car, though I would rather go for Mercury Sable based on Mazda6. It ought to be of higher quality and more sporty than Ford. They also may shoose to keep Taurus as Lumina or Malibu Classic - just for fleets and rental. Why not Mondeo, probably it is more expensive platform than Mazda6.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    The leather seats in my Sable are really really cold in this New York winter. I wish I had heated seats because my old butt suffers in this weather.

    Well, yesterday I paid a visit to dealer service because the hood release handle malfunctioned in my S.W. They fixed it and replaced windshield wipers which were brittle. I should've bought an extended warranty. Mine expires in April 03. With an hourly rate of $85 + parts, the dealer is going to take me to the cleaners. After April I'm afraid my car will begin experiencing mechanical problems.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I have often thought leather seats were overrated. Cold in winter, hot in summer, and when they age tend to get wrinkled and messy looking. Cloth seats suit me fine and are less expensive.

    I usually try to avoid dealers for service except for recalls due to their generally high prices. Fortunately, so far, little need to go anywhere for service with my '00. One insignificant recall, and two tire rotations is all it has been in for any service. I change oil, oil filter and air filter myself. With buying oil and filters on sale, I spend about $8-9 max per oil change also.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    "But to get their V-6 versions, they will tend to push you up to at about $23K or more (negotiated price, not list)"

    $23K just happens to be the list price (not negotiated) for the accord lx v6.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    OK, Edmunds lists MSRP with shipping for Accord LX sedan with shipping of $23460, with invoice of $21,159. Are there any incentives for Accord? If not, and given it is a new model, I doubt you could get it under invoice, right? Please go find one, bargain hard, and report back what you can buy it for.

    Meanwhile, many other Taurus and Sable owners have the proof they can get a well equipped one with DOHC for $18K. I have the proof sitting in my garage. Taurus SES, DOHC V-6. That you will notice is $3k less than I will bet you can buy your Accord LX sedan.

    Since you are obviously not going to change your mind, and the happy Taurus/Sable owners posting here are unlikely to either, I think it is fruitless for me to respond to your posts anymore. I will leave it up to someone else if they want to carry on.
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    indeed. He drives a Jetta. Talk about over paying for a set of wheels. I owned one for 10 years. Like the car, had good luck with it, but parts are ridiculously priced.The Jetta was an 88; had a 93 Escort Wagon that held its integrity much better than the VW. But VWs are back in vogue, go figure.

    Taurus/Sable are good value. There is a large segment of the population that think they are inferior. Ford did that to themselves.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I have read that Ford has fixed the head gaskets on the 3.8L, but now the 3.8L has problems with the intake manifold that can harm or ruin the engine in the 60,000 to 90,000 range. I have read that all of GM's OHV engines, including the 3.8L, also have intake manifold problems that can destroy the engine in the same range.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    kinda hilarious, if Ford can sell a DOHC Taurus for 17-18K, how is it all the GM lovers can whine so much about the 3800 engine saving them so much money on their car? I can't think of a single GM car with a 3800 engine that you can buy cheaper than the Taurus Duratec. Kinda kills that whole argument for GM fans right there.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    You can buy an Impala LS for 17K or even less using all available rebates, GM Card earnings and dealer discount. Max GM card earnings on the blue/gold card are still $3,500. You would probably have to do a factory order, though.
  • I purchased a 2002 SES in Nov. of 2002. I really like the the car except for the ventilation system ,it doesn't seem to have a good air flow in any of the selector settings. Side windows fog and especially the rear side windows. Had dealer check out and they say it has normal flow. It's really annoying having to have the fan on high to keep windows clear. I have owned fords since 1973 and have never had this problem. Ford also needs to put in heaters for front seat, especially with leather seats. I live in Western New York an these leather seat are cold.
  • atcersatcers Posts: 26
    Venus537 isn't worth the effort. While he isn't uncivilized in his conversation he is somewhat of a "troll". He owns a VW yet finds the need to post quotes from this board with his own questions. Then when someone responds he doesn't answer. Search how many posts he makes on the VW boards versus here!
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Leather seats are not only cold in winter and hot in summer but also, in my opinion, unnecessary. Mine are also of a light color and they get dirty. However when I purchased my S.W. the dealer didn't
    have any other with cloth seats. I frankly didn't even know at that time whether or not I could get a Sable/Taurus well equipped without leather seats.

    As for dealer's service, I used to hate it and, in fact, I had my previous vehicles serviced at a private shop. Well, since I began taking my Merc. to the dealer, service has been considerably cheaper than at he private shop.

    If I were to trade at this point in time, I'd go for either another Sable or a Taurus.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    leather warms quickly in winter and holds your body heat....gets all toasty on the rump.

    leather cleans easier. yes, you do clean your seats don't you? when you kid or dog yacks on the seat you wipe it up. With cloth, gotta shampoo it and hope the odor doesn't stay in it.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    an Impala for 17k will only have the 3400 and you'll need to use your GM card with a lot of bucks on it to get a 3800 version for that price. Lots of folks don't have a GM card.
  • cds12cds12 Posts: 139
    Why in the hell would anybody in their right mind buy a new Ford Taurus?

    This is a seriuos question. Make your case Taurus owners.
  • Because they are a great value and every bit as good as a Honda or Toyota. I've had 4 Sables, sister to the Taurus.
    1986- 50K miles, no problems, Vulcan. GREAT mpg.
    1988- 125K miles, no problems, 3.8L. Very good mpg.
    1991- 175K miles, no problems, 3.8L. Very good mpg
    1996- 115K miles, no problems, Duratec. Best mpg was just over 25

    The '88 & '91 had the 3.8L engine and I did not have the head gasket problem. The '91 & '96 needed a water pump and A/C clutch around 100K. The '91 needed PS hoses around 150K. They all needed tires, struts and the normal wear-out items. We still have the '96 and it runs as well as the day we brought it home almost 7 years ago. Were I not in the financial position I am in, we would have a 2000 Sable in the garage instead of the Lincoln LS that lives there now.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    too bad no one in here is on trial.
  • I'm not Ford bashing (actually I'd still buy one if the price is right). But on my 93 Sable GS 3.8L(purchased used with 20K from dealer) I had the following unscheduled maint. Windshield replaced,repair to pwr steering (don't remember what the fix was) to correct a problem with lockup of the steering but it was expensive and two recalls during warranty. Between 36K and 100K I had - radiator replaced,pwr steering hose ($300 job),engine mounts,A/C compressor,head gasket, transmission. Not to mention starter and water pump (which I consider normal) Curiously my 89 Taurus wagon had the same problems except for the gasket. In addition it needed a new rack around 100K. ( I think my Sable is leading up to a rack replacement too, because its making the same noises)The trans was skipping at 110 when I traded the Taurus.. To me it means that very little was done to address supplier quality between those years (89->93)for both cars to have exhibited the same list of problems.
    On the positive side the 3.8L is a smooth engine and is still running strong at 114K and does not burn oil. I have always maintained my cars religiously. Also the pwr windows and locks have had no problems on both cars.
    I think Ford should make quality their sole focus instead of trying to boost sales with new concept cars.
    I also think that they don't (or didn't in the past) care to retain customers because their first reaction to a widespread problem (like the head gasket) is to deny it, to keep costs down. Jac Nasser may have had something to do with that philosophy...
  • I need to replace tires on my 93 Sable. Have any of you Taurus/Sable owners had any experience with Bridgestone Turanzas? I'm primarily looking for ride/quiet and thought there may be a cheaper alternative to Michelin X-1's.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    We shopped the Taurus but decided on the Imp LS as a better value. Actually, you can get the LS with the 3.8 for $17K if you have enough GM card earnings and do a factory order. With the new, unlimited earnings GM card you only get up to $1750 rebate but it should still help you get an LS for a little over 18 K with the 3.8.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    "Actually, you can get the LS with the 3.8 for $17K if you have enough GM card earnings and do a factory order."

    Without the GM card, you still can't match the Taurus pricing on a Duratec vs. 3800 comparison.

    Plus, the Taurus is better looking, inside and out. Sable too.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    Well, I basically bought my SHO because it was a SHO...(a 99) and I previously owned an 89. I bought the Taurus because GM sedans bite and I couldn't yet afford an import or luxury marque which I would prefer.

    I rented a 2000 Taurus once and thought it a nice car as well....I admit, its mediocre in comparison to some of the most recent additions to the sedan market. However, its probably the best value out there for a car that has some tech in the powertrain and doesn't have the overall cheapness of some of the GM products.

    I think Ford could improve the current Taurus with some tweaking however. But tell me what other car can you drive and not get scorned at like you would with a Grand Prix, and have an up to date powertrain, solid ride and handling, interior with decent plastic, good space, and reliable overall? Taurus....the Duratecs are extremely solid and reliable.

    Rode with my brother in law yesterday in his 97 SHO. 134 thousand miles on it now and NO PROBLEMS. Sounds and rides as tight as my 99 with 50 thousand on it. He thinks it will go to 250k no problem. Still looks new. He may put struts in it soon though.

    Another friend I have had a 96 and 97 as company cars and both were very solid in 170,000 combined miles.

    Factor in the good prices new and used, and a Taurus is a real solid buy. The car is not class leading, but is a better purchase decision than lots of other alternatives, either from a cost, or reliability, or looks standpoint.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Taurus is a safe, powerful, comfortable car. It comes better equipped than the Japanese. It generally carries lower insurance premiums that the "hot" Camry and Accord, Taurus' parts are cheaper than the veritable Japanese brands. Ford gives nice incentives in either cash or 0% financing. Overall, is a better value than Accord and Camry, and is easier to buy. I don't care very much about depreciation.
  • To reply to a couple of older posts:

    I think it was Pluto5--I'm agreeing with you on the GM 3.8. It's ancient in terms of original engineering and when it began life. It's been constantly updated, and the fact that an engine designed in 1961 or so is still viable (and very much so) just proves the soundness of the design. It's very much like the 737 (nice analogy, BTW). That design is about as old, and yet it's still competitive versus the newer designs from Airbus because Boeing has kept improving it (I think they're up to the 737-700 and 737-800 now).

    Also, I think you made the point that you prefer the 3.8 to the Vulcan, having driven both. I'm sure that's true (it's been a while since I drove a GM 3.8); just don't forget that the GM 3.4 is more of a direct competitor to the Vulcan in the size range we're talking (say Impala vs Taurus). The Duratech makes a better comparison to the 3.8.

    Moving on to a more on-topic reply :-)

    I've had Bridgestone Turanza RS-Ts on my '98 Taurus for 5000 miles now. I love them. The local tire shop (not Firestone) recommended them, based on my desire for decent snow and rain traction, a decent ride and handling, and good treadlife. They said I could go with Michelins, but they were $20 more per tire, and he didn't think it was worth it.

    The store has a 30-day ride guarantee (full credit for other tires if you don't like them), and they have not replaced any yet. I can see why. They have great traction in snow and rain, and they handle well (much better than the General G4S tires the car came with). They are rated for 80,000 miles, as well.

    I think Bridgestone themselves have a 30 day ride guarantee as well (look at their website to check) and so maybe you want to try them that way. I love mine, and I see no reason (nor did the tire guy) why I'd need to spend more on the Michelins.

    BTW, for those who may be leery because they're Bridgestones and that means they're related to Firestones, the Turanza LS-Ts (probably all Turanzas) are made in Japan. They are not a rebadged Firestone tire, nor are they made in one of the plants that made the Explorer Firestones...
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I have to agree with bagerfan, also - why do you get on this board and try to convince OBVIOUS Taurus and Sable lovers that a Jetta (snicker) or anything else is better for us. You should be on the VW board where you can knock Tausus/Sable to your hearts content.

    venus537 - you ARE the weakest link - GOODBYE!!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Guess what Venus537 posted in the Honda Accord discussion, post 8297:

    "my local dealer doesn't have any lx v6 models. i guess they're using all the v6s for the ex models."

    Could it be that Honda is listing an LX V6 in their product lineup but not actually building any of them? Sounds like a type of bait and switch to me-get the buyer who wants a V-6 Accord in the door, then switch him up to a higher priced version because the LX V-6 they make so few of.
  • Actually they are up to the 900. Mostly the different series' designations are lenght, engines and avionics. SWA bought a bunch of 300 series', which had the most advanced avionics, but didn't certify their crews or planes to take advantage of the systems. They have since rectified that situation. The bad part of the electronic "upgrades" is, as one pilot told me, they are becoming really good secretaries and not so good pilots (relying too much on the automation).

    Now to stay on subject. Due to my overtightening of the pan bolts I have to get a new pan gasket on my Duratec. $500, YIKES! I guess I need an in/lb torgue wrench!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    a little touchy and defensive. you misstated the price of the accord lx v6 and i was simply correcting you. i didn't mean to slam on you. many posters have said that they're getting their accords near invoice (i do hope this is true). so you're correct, that's around a $3K difference. not the $5-6K if the negotiated price of the accord lx v6 was $23K.

    true, accord lx v6 models are more rare than the ex v6 models. but i will not be baited to something i don't want.
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