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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • It is a best time ever to buy a new car. Incentives never were so generous. And there are still new 2002 loaded premium Sables for 6,000 less MSRP. I have an old 1994 Taurus and can tell you that with Duratec engines it is much more refined and modern car than old Taurus, simply no comparisoin here, for increadibly low price. I would go for 2002 because you buy a new car for the price of used one.
  • I think than GM simply don't have a clue how to build good modern cars. They still continue to use pushrods all around and their new Vectra platform is not good enough to compete with Mondeo and Mazda6 (yeah Ford now has two new excelent platforms for new Taurus or Mercury). GM interior quality is not up to modern standarts too and they still cannot get an idea what folks in 21 century like good designewd interior made from high quality materials. So beating GM again after new Taurus and 500 arrive will be piece of cake.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I had a '90 Taurus for ten years and it was an excellent car, in my opinion.

    The current generation is much improved over that one and over your '86.

    I would go with the Duratec if you like a little more boost, and I understand the Duratec is a bit smoother as well.

    Depending on how you equip it, you can get a base Taurus brand new for maybe a little over $15K, and should be able to buy a very well equipped one for well under $20K.

    Venus537, no denial going on here. I read the reviews of the competition. I have not driven the competition recently, ie Camry, Accord, Passat, Altima, but I am sure they are very good cars, and likely deserve their good reviews. I still think that Taurus is one of the better bargains out there, and I personally don't care how many fleet sales Taurus has. The Taurus basic redesign in 96 upgraded the structure of the car to one of the most rigid around, and the improvements implemented at the 2000 model year much improved the suspension, transmission smoothness, interior quietness and quality to a point where it definitely will satisfy a majority of the family size sedan market and not flatten your wallet.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    You must have missed my 1900 post. Is it so hard for you to understand that we Taurus/Sable owners don't give a rip about other more expensive cars. If we wanted to unload a ton of money on a car, we would. But why, when we can get everything we want at a decent price, including style, which is primo important for me. I'd never drive a butt-ugly Volvo or Saab. As long as those Ford cars are selling who cars where they go. As a matter of fact I rented a 2000 Taurus for 3 weeks in May 2000 and the next month I decided that now was the time to buy. I didn't want to give that car up so I bought one - same color, too. Toreador Red.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I forgot to comment on one of your statements

    "the only reason these cars are considered to have any kind of value is because they sell at such huge discounts"


    My point exactly. Tauri sell at large discounts which is exactly part of the reason they are a good value. I prefer to keep my money in my pocket, not the dealer's or for that matter the manufacturer's. If the dealers and Ford are willing to discount, why should I not take advantage and get a good deal?
  • "My point exactly. Tauri sell at large discounts which is exactly part of the reason they are a good value."


    I test drove a new 2002 SES, 24V, Loaded out last night. The window sticker was around $23,000 and I was quoted a sale price of $18,500. Now try and go into a Japanese dealership and get the same type of discount.

    I'm not going to buy a new Taurus but will find a used one for even more savings. Typically you can buy a year old car with under 20K, loaded out for around $15,000.

    By the way - I've own a lot of Fords and I sold Fords for 3 years in the late 80's and early 90's. THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR TO BUY A NEW CAR OF ANY KIND IS DECEMBER 24TH. You can shoot a cannon through most dealerships and not hit a customer on that day. The sales managers will opt for just about any sane price you name. They have to answer to the dealership owners if they don't get at least a respectable sale count for the day. Don't wait until after Christmas because (oddly enough) the week between Christmas and New Years is crazy with buyers. The reason for that is that a lot of people get Christmas bonuses and also there are a lot of people that want to buy a car in the current year to depreciate it out (if they use it for business).
  • Thanks for all the input, I am close to retiring the beloved old beast.
    I test drove an '02 wagon with traction control in the snow the other day (big fun, but THE BRAKES...

    My question - is that spongy brake feel normal? Are they all like that? If I squeezed it I could get the anti-locks on, but I felt like I was sinking through the floor!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I do not notice that the brakes on my 2000 Taurus sedan are particularly spongy. I would test another sample. I believe the wagons have rear discs while the sedans have rear drums. Could be the wagon brakes feel different. Try another wagon and compare to a sedan also and see how they feel.
  • Just drove an '02 sedan in shadow grey - it was a beautiful car. The brakes (and everything else)were fine. Selling for 17K loaded. I was sure tempted, I'll tell ya...
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Go for it my friend! We love our 2001 SEL!!!!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    What was the model and what engine and what was the MSRP of the Taurus sedan you could get for $17K?
  • Loaded, 24V Duratech, moonroof, leather, ABS. List is 23045.
  • A good price. Probably prices are even lower than in september. I bought similar '02 Sable with MSRP about 23,700 (may have more options) for 18,700 (with all taxes it was 20,700) three monthes ago. I got already 5,000 miles and oil change (with synthetic blend 5W20)and I am happy with the car - well executed and fun to drive fast, isn't your dads oldstyle pushrod. Accelerates from 70 mph up really fast, revving happily and is comfortable and quiet on the freeway. Yeah it provokes speeding and you don't notice it, just leaving traffic behind you.
  • I own a 3.5 year old Mercury LS "Touring Sedan". The "Touring Sedan" was part of a national promotion which included ABS, leather and moonroof for about $19,000 in April, 1999.

    I was attracted to the car for its safety ratings and overall value. Even today, ABS, leather, moonroof, automatic climate control, wood accents, are found only in cars starting in the mid $20s and higher.

    I'm approaching 50,000 miles and have had no problems. The Duratec engine is powerful and smooth and the 4 speed automatic is works well, if just a bit rough at times.

    The fit and finish has always impressed me and I prefer the interior materials to that of similar Accords or Camry's.

    My wife has driven the car around town and we take most long trips in it. Eight, nine, and ten hours on the road and the car just wisps along and keeps us comfortable. I look forward to the day when we buy my wife a new car and the Sable rounds out its life with me commuting 100+ miles a day.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Really excellent prices to be had for loaded Taurus/Sables these days. I haven't really seen many posts in Edmunds with anyone having significant problems with the current generation 2000+ Tauri and Sables either. $17K to $18K for loaded Taurus/Sables with the Duratec V-6 is very good.

    Hard to imagine people paying that much and more for a 4 cyl Camry with less bells and whistles as well.

    The downside, of course is that the struggling economy is forcing down prices on new cars. Unemployed people or people fearing potential unemployment are not likely to buy at any price.
  • Just purchased a new '02 Sable LS Premium sedan for $16,999 (Champion Lincoln Mercury - Brockton, MA). MSRP was $23,145. $4,000 rebate available until 1/6/03. Amenities too numerous to list including leather and moon roof as a N/C options. Really love it.....a real pleasure to drive. A lot of car for the money, IMHO.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    $6,000+ discount. just an illustration of how unwanted these cars are at the retail level. i could sell my 2002 jetta (similar MSRP, purchased last april) for more than $17k. great news for those in the market for a new taurus/sable though.
  • In Ohio they are/were selling Taurus SES with the Duratec that lists at 22,930 for $6,000 off of list price. The dealers were selling any Taurus in stock with that discount.

    Also, in this sales region the SES comes with leather and a moonroof for no charge. That's $16,930. My good friend almost bought one, but he decided to keep his 93 Jeep Cherokee with 130,000 miles a couple of more years.
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    Sable Premium is a better vehicle than Jetta and is more reliable too. People are not stupid though. The reason I think is that there is oversupply of these vehicles and Ford is selling too much to fleets. If there were so many almost new Jettas out of rent or fleets the price would be much lower. Compare the price of used Camry that has excelent powerplant and quality and its reselling value isn't so great, because you can get a lot of Camries with 20,000 miles from Hertz.
  • atcersatcers Posts: 26
    Go and actually put your Jetta up for sale and see if you can get $17k for it!!! Just because Edmunds or NADA values it at $17k doesn't mean you will actually get that price. Don't give us one of those, "well my buddy at work offered me $17k for my car"! Go search e-bay motors for VW's and see the pathetic prices. It's not just Ford that is struggling with the market value of their vehicles. Pity the poor seller of a used vehicle in the present market!!!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    the sable is more reliable. i'll give you that. thankfully my particular car has been trouble free so far. better car? well the sable has more room.

    atcers: i would get MORE than $17K. then again, maybe one wouldn't be able to get a $6k discount on a sable in my area either.
  • I agree on the resale value issue. Nearly every car's resale is horrible anymore - new car incentives are flooding the market with late model used cars.

    Honda's, Toyota's, etc. are not immune to it either. VW's as well.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Taurus and Sable combined sales make them the best selling car in the US. If you lumped both Taurus and Sable sales together, no sedan has yet to beat their volume since their introduction in the late 80's. To me, that doesn't translate into them being "unwanted vehicles".

    Yes you can rant on about a lot of these vehicles going into fleets, but again I say, so what? If you build cars, why wouldn't you exploit every possible customer base? You have got to realize that Ford has two plants,in Chicago and Atlanta, able to produce these cars in high volume. Due to union contracts, it is more expensive for them to shut the plants down than to keep producing. Thus you see the great pricing and incentives available and Ford's willingness to sell to fleets. Yes, this situation may squeeze Ford's profitability, but does not necessarily mean there is lack of demand, just an axcess of manufacturing capacity. Just look at all the manufacturers trying to grab a piece of the US market these days. It is very difficult for any manufacturer to obtain really substantial volume to support two full assembly plants.

    I guarantee you if Honda or Toyota had the manufacturing capacity in the US for Accord and Camry that Ford does for Taurus/Sable, you would likely be seeing them pushing more incentives as well.

    Venus537, what did you pay new for your 2002 Jetta and what was the MSRP? If you spent over $20k, I personally cannot see spending that much for a Jetta, which while a nice car, is not really in the same size/classification as a Taurus. It is actually closer to a Focus. Jetta back seat capacity is probably even smaller than a Focus.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    true, the jetta is not in the same size classification as the taurus. but the quality and engineering of this car puts it in a different league than the taurus.
  • If you go to Consumers Reports and compare the Jetta Vs. Sable history up through 2002 you will see that the Sable is in fact a better quality car. And the reliability rating of the Sable is also superior to the Jetta. My friend has a 2001 Jetta and he was amazed at the quality, workmanship and amenities in my 1 week old 2002 leftover Sable LS Premium.
  • You can't really compare Sables to Jettas. Sables compete with Passat, Camry and Accord. And, VW just doesn't measure up to the Japanese, so you give up the reliability advantage, which is the only traditional reason to buy the Camry or Accord, but if something breaks on the Japanese car, you're gonna get soaked on the repair. To load them like the Sable LS Touring, you're gonna pay $30K. By the way, I bailed on the new car altogether and got a '96 Taurus wagon with 80K on it for close to TMV. Call me cheap! I'll keep $4K in case the motor falls out, and use the other $11K to go skiing.
  • I've just read a bunch of postings regarding Sables. I'm on my second Sable, 2000 LS Premium, and I'm as delighted with it as the first I had which was a '97.

    The postings quarrel about resale values, better cars, top selling cars, etc. Can't we just be happy with the car we drive, assuming it gives us good value, a minimum of problems, and a very fair amount of comfort?

    I'd drive a Blitzmobile if it met the above criteria. Since Blitz's aren't manufactured on planet Earth, I opted for a Sable - not once, but twice. A car that stays out of the shop and on the road is worth its weight in gold, (well, almost!), and this is the reason I bought a second Sable - the first never casting its shadow in a dealer's garage from the day I bought it. My 2000 seems to be going the same way.

    One can think of many other reasons not to buy a car, (not top selling, bad resale, poor radio knobs, etc.,etc.), but when the car you do pick suddenly hits the dealer's repair shop for two or three days, many of these reasons suddenly become superfluous, especially if you're bumming rides from friends or relatives, taking cabs, or blowing $40 a day on a rental car.

    Pick the car that stays on the road, doesn't give you a slipped disc, and doesn't pig out at the gas pumps. Yes, there are cars other than Sable that do this, yet I haven't found the need to look for one of these. In other words, I'm happy, and all this other rehtoric is just lip service - which it quite different than the dealer service which often sends chills up your spine, often giving way to great inconvenience and nightmares. If you have a good car - be happy - don't sweat the small stuff !
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    "And, VW just doesn't measure up to the Japanese, so you give up the reliability advantage, which is the only traditional reason to buy the Camry or Accord..."

    people who do buy camrys and accords over tauruses do it for more than just reliability.

    bcbjr420: i just checked my april 2002 issue of consumer reports and the jetta is rated higher than the taurus (car rating section, not reliability). this is just my foolish opinion, but i think it's laughable that one would think the taurus/sable is of higher quality. the taurus/sable does a much better job as a family sedan though. it's torture for adults sitting in my back seat.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I think we happy Taurus owners and you will just have to agree to disagree.

    First, your Jetta is not in the same car classification as a Taurus. If you want to compare a VW midsize non-luxury (ie affordable for the average Joe) family car, then you should be comparing Passat with Taurus, not Jetta, and you will be paying much, much more for the equivalent Passat.

    Second, yes Accords and Camrys and maybe even Passats are good cars, and most of us in this discussion are not saying they are bad (even though Camry seems to have slipped some on the reliability front with its latest generation and VW seems to have a spotty reliability record these days).

    Third, yes people buy certain cars for a lot of reasons, some of which are perceived quality and reliability, styling, performance, price, snob appeal, mileage and probably a for a lot of other tangible and intangible reasons. Two of these, perceived quality and reliability which seems to receive a lot of emphasis when it comes to family size sedans these days, does not necessarily correlate with actual quality and reliability, especially when one looks at the initial price differential between Taurus and its "higher quality" competitors.

    So, what exactly is your beef with Taurus, or are you just trying to bait the people who happen to really like their Tauri? Have you even driven one lately? You may be very surprised at what you are missing.
  • I have two Tauri. One, a '96, has 143,000 miles on it and has had few repairs. I did just put a starter in in for $250. It's the 140 hp 6. I also have an '02(200 hp)with 54,000 miles. I did have to get a new front stabilizer bar link a month ago and my heater blower fan also died. That was $640 total. While that sounds like a lot, I had two Bonnevilles in between the Ford's and the repairs were more frequent and much more costly. The only minor complaint that I have is the gas mileage. I do considerable interstate driving and can't seem to get over 29 mpg. The Bonnevilles got 30 plus.
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