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Volvo S80



  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    I agree with the follow ups to #1421.

    The opinion of one, however skilled and Volvo-savvy, is still but one mans opinion, just like mine. Sodium chloride particles should be ingested concurrently.

    The previous concern was possible turbo damage if you shut down the engine immediately after a high rev jaunt. Even with sound engineering you're more likely to damage a turbo (albeit any engine), 2.5T or T-6 included, if you pull in the driveway or garage, put your foot down to redline, and then turn off the key. If this isn't your driving style, you're golden. If you live on an interstate let them spin down at idle say 20 secs. This near-myth is not worthy of influencing your powertrain druthers. If anything it further justifies the non-turbo 2.9, less to go wrong.

    I didn't see worlds of difference between the 2.5T and 2.9, continents yes, but not worlds. Our '04 2.9 has plenty of zip but isn't quite as sporty. The 2.5T is gutsier without a typical turbo rush. To me, the 5-cylinder engine isn't as refined as the 2.9 or T-6, doesn't idle as smooth, but does feel more responsive. Remember, with the exception of a head-snapping T-6 w/4C-chassis (or now the S-60R), these are luxury cars that can be sporty, not visa-versa.

    I tried, then ruled out the 2.5T partly because I have trouble shelling out this many clams and getting the 'mid-line' S-60 powertrain in Volvo's premium sedan... even though I agree it has merits in adverse weather and a more broad powerband. Also, Florida snowfall totals don't justify AWD nor could I ignore the $4K+ wallet tug for a T-6. Maybe you should go for a ride with my wife, you'd swear our 2.9 was a turbo...

    Just my salty opinion.
  • First, thanx for the responses to my 2.5T questions. I need to drive a 2.5T S80 before I make the final decision. Is everybody aware the '04 S80 will be available with the 2.5T W/O AWD? I have had a recent problem with removing the wheel lug bolts. They are very difficult to remove only recently as I rotate my tires every 5000 miles. Question is-can I convert to studs & custom lug nuts? Last week, after removal, I applied copper anti-seize to all. Hope it helps.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The FWD S80 2.5T will be available in Jan-Feb.
    Don't worry about the 5 cyl engine, its been bulletproof.
    Also, the idle technique for the turbo only needs to be applied during extended high speed use.

    I don't think that you will find it easy or desireable to change the lug bolts to studs.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Thanks for the response, wasn't trying knock you down at all but I don't think there's technical validity for the turbo concerns, they are bullet-proof. Curious if your guidance was based on introspect, opinion, years of repair histories, secretive Volvo training, do tell? Being somewhat science/physics savvy, I can't see what the extended in "extended high speed use" would matter. Is there special control circuitry or are there magic beans in the turbos resulting in synergistic inertia (I love a similar line Joe Pesci used in My Cousin Vinny)? Look forward to your response as the professor never taught me a thing about beans. I did take a class in horticulture, they never mentioned turbos, wink.

    Thanks for the heads up on the front-wheel-drive 2.5T. Should be a a fine logical replacement for the silky smooth non-fire-breathing 2.9 '04. Probably a big seller in FL with the Climate package (heated seats-- only funny if you go to #1393). I look forward to your test drive feedback. Drive one of the '04 sixers too if you haven't already. My bet is you'll put your first-born up for adoption once you drive a T-6. If Volvo stuffs a different AWD in a T-6 (the S-60 one probably won't fit), lookout Audi!

    Happy Holi- & Volvo-days to all.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,191
    Read your owners manual. In my manual for the LT C70, it states to let the turbo wind down after spirited driving.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Why will Volvo replace the current 2.9 I-6 with turbo I-5? The power is not a huge difference. I never had a car with turbo engine. From the discussion, I kindda feel that turbo needs more care and maintaince (I may be totally wrong on this).

    What is the obvious benefit of a turbo I-5 over the current I-6? Other than the slight power gain, does turbos yield better fuel economy?

    Few years ago, Car and Driver said that Volvo turbos are made by Mitsubishi. Is this still true?

    I also heard that turbos are good for highway driving not city because of the "turbo lag". What do you think?
  • Thanx for the input on the 2.5T. Currently own a '01 2.9 S80. Will be ordering an '04 S80 2.5T NON AWD in 30 days. Questions for the forum. Should I use premium fuel as I normally use 89 octane? Does anyone feel that synthetic oil or so called 'TURBO OIL' will make enhance the basic performance of this engine? I change oil every 3000 miles. Any thoughts on that? Is that too often? THANX AGAIN GUYS.
  • The manual says to use 91 octane gasoline. That said I really don't find any difference between Amoco silver and gold which are 89 and 93 octane. No difference in gas mileage or performance. Also, I have a 2003 s80 2.9, every other car I've had I've always changed the oil after the first 1000 miles and then 3000 miles from then on. When I got my volvo I posted the question of oil changes on multiple boards along with asking the dealer. Was told 7500 mile intervals. So that's what I'm doing.
  • Hello All,
    First midwest winter for a North Texas Volvo S80. After not using for a couple of days the orignal battery was dead. Got a new one, after a week of using the car everyday the new battery is dead too. Any clues for the battery drain?

  • Could be anything from a glove box or trunk light on, to alternator not charging. You need a voltmeter across the battery while idling to check the alternator. SB 12v with engine off and above 13v while idling. Flip trunk latch with a screwdriver with the trunk open to check, or peek thru the rear armrest.
  • didacdidac Posts: 1
    Any advise or suggestions or concerns from owners of this model/year? It's been very frustrating to read very bad reviews about this car. I thought Volvo cars were well made cars. Where is the battery in this car?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Volvos are great cars, and they're very well made. Nobody ever said they were maintenance free though.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Have you (recently) been leaving your key in the ignition while the car is parked in a locked garage? My S80 will run the battery down in an hour when the key is left in, even in the "off" position.
  • The owners manual says to rotate tires each 7500 miles and to rotate front to rear and rear to front but never to criss-cross to other side. The car has 17" Michelins.

    This is totally different from the recommendations for US cars I have owned. They have been to move rear tires to the front on same side and to criss-cross the front tires to the rear. Also, the US manuals say the first rotation should be at 4-5000 miles, then at 6-8000 mile intervals.

    I haven't called the dealer to ask if they follow the manual. It seems very few Volvo owners do any of their own maintenance based on the reactions to questions posed to the service dept. I have always done all oil/filter changes and tire rotations. I would bet the tire shops do not follow Volvo's recommendations on tire rotation.

    Would appreciate any comments on tire rotation procedures and intervals. I had planned to rotate at 5000 miles until seeing the 7500 mile recommendation without any mention of the first one.
  • Battery drain did not happen in the past one week. Not sure what caused it. Planning to go to the dealer to get Alternator checked.
    We have been very happy with S80 for the past three years plus.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  • Sometimes when I turn the key in the ignition the key turns a full rotation before going to the normal start position. Before I get the owner's manual out of the glove box, has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
  • Interested in '04 S80 "retired loaner" w/ 6K miles. Dealer only offering $1500 f/ depreciation. Has come down to $31K. Good deal? Using invoice of $38K, less $5K dealer incentive, less $1500 f/ depreciation. I feel they should offer more (around $3K f/ dep). Am I correct in thinking this? Any advice is appreciated! Dealer won't even consider Edmunds TMV of $36K.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Dealer has given you everything he has.
    6000 miles @ .20/mile is $1200.
    If Edmunds TMV is 36,000 and your getting it for $31000 be happy.
  • for your input. I'm looking under Edmunds' True Cost to Own (Depreciation) is listed as $8092 for 1st year. Also, IRS tax rates allow $.29/mile. I'm not in a huge hurry to buy, so I will probably wait until the 2005's come out & pick up an '04 then. Again, thanks.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    V-max is right once again. Rejoice, the dealer has given you all they have. You could get what Edmunds considers a good deal at $31K. I was able to pick up a 'fresh' non-demo '04 2.9 for a almost three grand under Eddie's TMV about 8 thou under sticker. Mine depreciates that same 8-grand this year too. If you consider depreciation it's always a loosing battle, cars aren't a good investment.

    The point of my response is to point out that while you'll be getting a good price on a practically new vehicle with almost a full factory warranty (44K left), you aren't bridging the depreciation gap but are still doing better than your average new car buyer with the additional discount. I'm assuming this is either a T-6 or 2.9 as there are no incentives on the 2.5T. If it's a T-6 it may hold value better than our 2.9 as that engine is now out of production.

    Favorable financing may be a deciding factor if you can find a bank or CU that offers 3.9%/60, who knows if that'll happen again. Best of luck, keep us (I almost said abreast but that wouldn't be appropriate considering your gender) aware of your decision as maybe we can advise. Happy New Year!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    When the dealer has given you all he has to give on a demo, you'll come out fine if you keep the car a while. If you're going to sell it inside 3 years, you may as well get a new one.
  • My ignition turned like that for a while. Then it began to sometimes turn and not grab, so that you would have to turn the key several revolutions.

    So then I had it replaced for a couple hundred bucks.

    Be sure they order the ignition or lock assembly before you give them your car. They had my car for 2 weeks as they bumbled along. The assemblies are shipped in some slow, secure manner to limit access to thieves. I made the dealer pay for my 2 week rental.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That is the one beef I have with our Volvo dealer too! It seems they stock NO parts whatsoever, and every one of them has to be ordered from Sweden, and shipped by rowboat to get here! I thought it was just our dealer. Rather disturbing to find it's not.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    I think it must vary by dealer and region. I've had major parts ordered for my cars while living in Boston and now in Orange County, CA. It has never taken anything more than a day to get them to the dealership (and that includes a transmission I had replaced once - for no reason as it turned out but that's another story.)


  • tmex12tmex12 Posts: 15
    Recently bought a 2000 S80 2.9 with 42k miles on it. I just took it on a long road trip (>1000miles). The moonroof rattles at high speed with any of the windows down. It also rattles whenever I hit a bump or bad stretch on the road. Anyone experiencing this problem? What can be done. I only want to approach the dealership when I have an idea of the solution.
  • tmex12tmex12 Posts: 15
    Can anyone recommend a dealership with an excellent service department in Northern New Jersey?
  • tmex12, sounds like a mechanical problem. I have a 2000 S80 2.9, no issues with the moonroof when the windows are down. To be clear, is the moonroof open or closed when the other window(s) is down? I do notice a weird vacuum effect at high speed with the roof open and the windows down, my ears feel like I'm taking off on a commercial jet.
  • Is there any way to lock the doors (2000 S80 2.9), with the motor running FROM THE OUTSIDE? It's cold in the Northeast, I'd like to warm up the car before I start my commute to work. I hit the lock button on the fob, the car locks and instantly unlocks. Thanks.
  • tmex12tmex12 Posts: 15
    Thanks Waustin. Same rattling sound with or without the Moonroof open. I already called up the dealership for an appointment to have it checked out.

    I have no ideal how to lock the doors with the engine running. I guess if you have an duplicate remote lock that might help.
  • eitan56eitan56 Posts: 22
    Go to Paul's Volvo in Hawthorne. Great service dept. Stay away from the one in Ramsey. Real bad news.
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