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Volvo S80

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the Volvo S80 -
Part Four
topic. Those of you joining us from that
topic are welcome to continue your discussion.

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  • Howdy Folks:

    We were driving about the DFW metroplex this evening and again encountered a problem with our Volvo Navigation system.

    On more than one occasion - the system seems to get confused and has the car driving 10-15 miles off course, sometimes "cross country" and through lakes. Checking the GPS info- we sometimes show 3-4 satellites, sometimes no satellites being tracked.

    We've tried doing a reset on the system via the controls, unloading and reloading the CD's (thinking it would softboot the software). Even turning the system off for 10-15 minutes while driving; thinking the poor thing was overworked after the cross country/water race it had supposedly been through. :-)

    Sometimes this seems to help, sometimes not.

    At first, we chalked it up to our unfamilarity with the Volvo Nav system (our MB E55 COMAND system, while similar, does not seem to suffer from this problem). But after living with out '00 T6 for 4 months now; I'm beginning to wonder if it's something more serious.

    Anyone else experienced this problem with Accuracy on their Nav unit?

    I'll have the dealer look at in a few weeks when we roll the T6 into the shop for a few minor adjustments:

    - trim bubbling on the passenger window
    - the TSB for the "Turbo" hesitation
    - checkout out Bushing Thumping
    - broken battery clamp in the Engine Compartment
    - Nokia handsfree kit keeps losing memory and needs to be reset every 2-3 weeks. That is - when we plug the Nokia phone into the cradle - it no longer shows "Car" mode. The solution is to unplug the power coupling under the seat, wait 2-3 minutes, and then reconnect. The audio who installed the phone after we took delivery advises us that Nokia module is flaking out and should be replaced (under warrenty - whew)!

    But otherwise - besides these little sniggles - we ain't got one complaint on our Moondust beast; been doing just fine; averaging 18.3 mpg with our city driving.

    Taking the car to Tyler, TX this weekend to check out the Rose Garden there - and will be curious to see what the "true" highway mileage will turn out to be.

    Have a great weekend -- Phil
  • jarchjarch Posts: 16
    I have a 4 month old T6 with the NAV system. I have seen a couple of programming 'mistakes' on my unit as well, but it has been the exception, not the rule. Normally, the system has worked flawlessly for me.

    My NAV system cannot give proper guiding commands to my home (entered by street address). Instead, the system guides me to a location about 2 miles away from my house.

    Now, since I know where I live, this hasn't been a big problem to me and I 'wrote it off' largely to the fact that my home was inside a gate guarded community. I thought (?) the system might have rules which made it get confused when regarding certain areas regarding restricted access (just a SWAG though).

    In any case, I filled out a driver report online to Navtech, the makers of the CD-ROM nav database at:

    but have not heard anything back. I would suggest you do the same so they are at least aware of the problem.

    p.s. BTW - I normally get 5 or 6 satellites online here in Southern California. Obviously if you ever come up with 'no satellites' it cannot guide you (you would hope that the system would alert you to that fact and not start giving you incorrect guiding commands). From what I understand, this should NEVER happen unless you are in a parking structure or some other structure / area where you don't have 'line of sight' to the satellites. Do you have metallic tint on the back / rear window?
  • kerrykkerryk Posts: 2
    You might check if there is a software upgrade required.

    The DoD recently turned off Selective Availability and this has resulted in many of the aviation GPS units requiring upgrades to handle the "enhanced" signal.
  • fmodafmoda Posts: 1
    I have had my S80 with the Nav system for 3 months now. I also have problems with the Nav losing its bearings. This happens about once every week to 2 weeks. I just leave it alone and usually after 20 minutes or so it regains its position. I have had this problem since day 1 even before the DoD removed its selective availability. I have checked all my wiring in the trunk and everything seems fine. I will bring this up to the dealer when I bring it in for my first checkup. Any suggestions would also be appreciated.
  • jazzertxjazzertx Posts: 2
    Hi to all..haven't been on for awhile. Odds and ends: 1) My computer message center displayed the message, "pull back foil cover and continue to cook for 30 minutes until golden brown"..OK, it didn't. My 00 S80T6 has 3700 miles and has been wonderful. I highly recommend car care products from "One Grand" in Hollywood. The products did exceptionally well on the new car and our 94 850T. Very inexpensive, easy to apply and the hand glaze and Blitz Wax are great products. As I approach oil change #1, I've resolved to do them at 5k intervals with Pennzane, Penzoil's 100% synthetic. I also recommend IPD as an aftemarket resource for OEM oil filter elements etc. They also e-mailed intructions on how to eliminate the check engine indicator on both of our cars. A comment on the headrest release feature: It works great for "whacking the kids" on the noggin when they won't settle down after repeated warnings :)

  • vader3vader3 Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    I've been trying to ferret out info on the 2001 S80 for a while now. One thing I've found (I believe) is that it won't be possible to order both the warm weather package and the navigation system. :(

    Living in the deep south, I really want, at least, the power sunshade. Any thoughts/info on if this can be ordered separately or dealer-installed?
  • My 1999 S80 2.9 with 17" wheels, which I purchased new in March of 1999 (02/99 production), developed a clunking/popping noise in October of 1999, which seems to be coming from beneath the driver's footwell. The clunking/popping noise can occasionally be heard when accelerating, turning right or left and when braking. I also hear the noise when driving over rough roads at low speeds. It seems that the noise generally occurs when the chassis is being flexed. The vehicle had only 1,200 miles on it at that time.

    I contacted my dealer last October and they replaced the left-rear subframe bushing with P/N 3507924-3 and used J-B Weld to secure it, per Volvo Cars' service bulletin. The noise returned immediately! The dealer again replaced the bushing (same part number), however, used a different (costly) adhesive this time, as recommended by Volvo Cars. The noise is still present. I again contacted the dealer and asked that the vehicle inspected by the Volvo Cars representative. The rep claims he and the service manager road-tested the car and could not recreate the noise! Unfortunately, I was not able to road-test the vehicle with the rep that day, however, I heard the clunking/popping noise TWICE, WHILE STILL ON THE DEALER LOT!!!

    I contacted the dealer and requested to meet with the Volvo Cars rep, to personally demonstrate the problem I am having. The service manager refused to schedule an appointment with the rep. I then contacted Volvo Cars Customer Relations and requested an appointment with the Volvo Cars representative. I was told that this request can only be made by the dealer. I informed Volvo Cars that the dealer is refusing to honor my request. Volvo Cars Customer Relations suggested contacting another dealer in my area (northeastern New Jersey).

    It seems that I am getting the run-around from the dealer and Volvo Cars. I've read the numerous posts about the subframe bushing problem. I recently read that Volvo Cars has a 4th generation bushing (P/N 3507924-4) and an o-ring available, which supposedly solves the problem. Has anyone had the latest bushing installed?

    It seems that Volvo Cars doesn't have a solution to my problem. I am very disappointed that Volvo Cars has failed to even acknowledge the existence of the clunking/popping noise in my vehicle, probably out of fear of having to repurchase/replace the vehicle. In the past, I have even offered to make the vehicle available to Volvo Cars of North America for inspection, since I live near their Rockleigh headquarters. They refused and referred me back to the dealer.

    The last time I was at the dealership, I was given an identically-equipped 2000 model-year S80 2.9 loaner car, with 5,000 miles showing on the odometer. This vehilce made NO CLUNKING NOISES WHATSOEVER!

    I would appreciate hearing from other S80 owners who have also had similar noise problems and what if anything can be done to correct it. Can anyone recommend a Volvo dealer in northeastern New Jersey who has been successful in resolving this problem?

    The vehicle currently has only 1,600 mile on it and is my second Volvo, my first being an S90. Aside from this ongoing problem, I really like the car. However, I feel that this subframe bushing problem poses a serious safety concern.

    Any advise on how to proceed in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    I am sorry, I have no advice for you. But, can I ask how you liked your S90? Any problems with it? Considering a used one from a reputable (if there is such a thing) dealer in my area.

  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    Vader3, when we ordered our S80 in 9/99, they adamantly insisted we could not have the full warm weather package, because the infrared windshield would interfere with the navigation system. We did get the rear window sunscreens (3), though, for $200--they are NOT powered, by the way, at least not on our 2000.

    Some time ago, someone here posted that they had ordered the navigation system and WWP, and they insisted that the Volvo dealer assured them there was no conflict. I don't recall anyone posting absolutely that they in fact have both options, working perfectly together. So, you may want to research this further.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #7:

    I hate to parrot VCNA on this one but your best bet is to find a better dealership. It shouldn't have to be this way but it is sometimes (and this can happen with any marque). If your current dealer won't even make the appointment to speak to the Volvo regional rep. I would leave them in a heartbeat if it is an option. Take your hard earned money elsewhere. Explain to the other dealer your problem and the work to date and tell them you want to give them a chance to earn your future service spending. The sub-frame bushing problem is an annoyance that has taken Volvo too long to finally find a solution for but it is not a major safety issue by any means. If you can't use another dealer send a letter to Wolfgang Rietzle (sp.) who is the head of Ford's PAG. He is in the process of implementing new customer service programs and is tying executive bonuses to customer satisfaction (isn't it about time!)

    Good luck.

    [email protected]
  • jack130jack130 Posts: 9
    I just got off the phone with Cara, Volvo NA OSD rep, who stated categorically that because of Swedish govt requirements (not Volvo) you must take a minimum of 15 days insurance whether or not you intend to drive the car at all. She states that Volo is trying to resolve this but could not provide an ECD nor promise of favorable resolution. She also stated that a ship leaves weekly for the US West Coast but not on a specific day just "when it's full." On a related note, two dealers in my area (Seattle) have stated they'll make no concessions off the stated OSD pricing. Anybody have any luck in this respect or any suggestions?
  • I owned my S90 for a year before purchasing the S80. The S90 was absolutely trouble-free, being a mature product. However, the stock Michelin XGT V4 all-season tires lack the steering response of some of Michelin's more performance-oriented tires, they also wear quite rapidly.

    Good luck!
  • pix_epix_e Posts: 2
    The climate control system is annoying me so I would like to read about your opinions/experiences. I have both of my climate controls set at ~72 degrees F. I have seen the outside temp read in the low 50s (Seattle area) and the AC is on. Is this abnormal? Those of you in the Seattle area, what's your story?
  • drmikkidrmikki Posts: 3
    Just had my battery suffered a "short circuit". Dea ler says that it can happen. Any experience from the group?

    Have a '00 S80 T6

    Your comments are appreciated
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #13:

    pix e, under the circumstances you described the AC should be on but you shouldn't be able to really feel that the air is colder than ambient temperature. Unless you are running the heater, you should always keep the AC on in Volvos (and Mercedes) in order to keep the windows from fogging up (the AC removes the moisture from the cabin air). Odd but true...


    [email protected]
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    I found the same to be true of other vehicles, including Honda Accord and Lexus. Leave AC on, then set a comfortable temperature.

  • keithpakeithpa Posts: 17
    I to also contacted Volvo about the insurance and was told that it is now required. They said they use to be able to waive it but they can not now. I was not given a reason as to why.
  • jhamleyjhamley Posts: 2
    Love my 2000 2.9 but am suffering the annoying thunk through the steering wheel problem. My guess is that it relates to lash in the adjustable column. Dealer says there is no known remedial action at this point. Any of the rest of you have some experience with this?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #18:

    jhamley, this problem sounds like the lubrication issue with the splines in the steering column. It has been referred to by multiple owners on the BrickBoard ( so their may be an actual TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) out on it. If you check the BrickBoard you should be able to find an S80 owner more familiar with the remedy.

    [email protected]
  • trip7trip7 Posts: 5
    I too live in North Jersey. I purchased a '96 850 and a '99 S70 from Englewood Volvo. The service department at Englewood has been excellent. I purchased a '00 S80 from Ramsey Volvo but have not had the opportunity to bring it in for service.

    The reason I bought the S80 from Ramsey is because, strangely enough, my salesman at Englewood was not interested in selling/leasing me a Volvo. At the time I wanted to buy either the V70 or S80. He suggested I buy a Honda!

    Still, the service department at Englewood is great. The sales staff at Ramsey has been exceptional; hopefully the service department is as good.
  • trip7trip7 Posts: 5
    My S80 has 1600 miles and has been perfect except for one thing: the engines pings or knocks occasionally while accelerating.

    I only purchase premium high octane gas but still hear the knocking.

    Does anyone else experience this same problem?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #21:

    trip7, yours is the first I've heard of with a pinging problem. I would call the dealership and ask them if there is any reason you shouldn't try a can of dry gas in case you somehow ended up with excess moisture in your tank. This would be the easiest solution. If it doesn't work then you would need to waste some real time with the dealership to let them diagnose the problem.

    Good luck.

    [email protected]
  • k8dmk8dm Posts: 4
    Greetings everyone!
    It's been awhile since I've been to this site. Has anyone had problems with their air conditioning fan? Mine will only work on low speed. I took it by a dealership that I happened to pass and they didn't get any messages when they put it on computer. They will need it for at least a full day to try to track down the problem. Any clues? I could sure use high fan with 100+ heat!


  • jhamleyjhamley Posts: 2
    I also have noticed a slight pinging. It occurs during light-to-mild acceleration from stop or a low speed. I had been using the middle octane grade (89?) in my Feb 00 2.9 and switching to high test did not make a significant difference. I mentioned this to my Service Dept. at my first oil change and they reported they could find no pinging.
  • bbensonbbenson Posts: 2
    A dealer has quoted me a lease price over the phone of $399/month 12000 miles for 39 months with ~2800 out the door for (cap reduction, tax/license, 1st month payment). Oh and the 399 does not include tax so it would be about 430/month. I'm due to go in next week for a test drive and just wanted anyone's thoughts on this lease. Thanks
  • bbensonbbenson Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention that the lease is for a 2000 S80 (leather, sunroof). He really didn't go into all the options but said most of the cars were pretty loaded and any lease deal wouldn't be above $450/month including tax.
  • anuthjanuthj Posts: 5
    Have you tried another gas station. I've found at least one gas station in my area of NJ that took advantage of the sky-high gas prices by slipping me something other than the 93 I usually use.

    I got a full load of fuel from a particular station and noticed after I got the car back out on the road that acceleration was very poor. The car didn't knock or ping but the RPMs wobbled a bit at idle.

    I didn't like the look of it so I siphoned out some of the fuel and let a chemist friend check it out. He said it looked like someone mixed 89 and 87 octane fuel together, with about 3 parts 87 to 1 part 89.

    Needless to say I haven't gone back there since.

    - Jim
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    anuthj and rollie, I think you both are on the right track. Years ago it was not uncommon for gas stations to deceptively peddle lower octane gas from the high octane pumps. And when living in Delaware I had so much water in the fuel system from gas bought at one station that I had to have the gas tank removed and cleaned and the whole fuel system flushed and carb rebuilt--cost me hundreds. That station's tanks were found to be leaking and were finally dug up and replaced. The attorney general's office conducted an investigation and found water in many stations' tanks, and otherwise mixed and tainted fuel. It doesn't surprise me that these problems persist in some stations. It seems to be a worse problem with off-brand, cheap gas, but its not restricted to them. My watered fuel came from a big name company.

  • emachineemachine Posts: 17
    I am getting the standard stereo with my new T6. (I listen to too mant books-on-tape to give up the cassette player)

    Is the center speaker in the dash only for the pro-logic stereo? Is this the 9th speaker and the center channel for surround?

    If so, will there be nothing under the mesh speaker cover in my T6? Maybe I can make another cupholder out of the empty space!
  • pix_epix_e Posts: 2
    I found out last night that the headlight wipers are activated by using the windshield washer function (pull the windshield wiper bar). I was wondering about this for awhile and didn't find it in the manual. I thought I read somewhere that the headlights wipers are activated with the windshield wipers. How do you activate them on your S80?
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