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Volvo S80



  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16
    I've recently joined a carpool which has helped reduce my fuel costs by 75% (as well as my driving pleasure by the same amount, since I now leave my T6 in the garage M-F three out of four weeks). I have about 11k miles on my car (2000 model, picked up in 12/99). I've noticed that whenever I leave my T6 parked for overnight (or longer) it runs roughly when it is first started up. Not rough enough to die, but almost. After backing out of the garage and any additional distance, the problem seems to go away. Any thoughts on the problem I seem to have developed? Thanks in advance.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #32:

    neil2212, if I were a betting man (and I'm not), I would put big money on the possibility of a low capacitance battery. It seems the initial Volvo batteries that come from the factory seem to loose their deep charge capabilities prematurely from time to time. I remember this started with the 850 series several years ago as I recall (I learned the hard way by playing the radio for about a half-hour while I washed the car once.) If you get a chance you may want to have your battery checked and or charged. Again, I can't be sure but I think the battery is a likely culprit given your symptoms.

    Good luck.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    To those who helped me with answers to some questions I had about the Orange County area - many thanks!

    Now another question, which Orange County area Volvo dealership goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep service customers happy? I will need to lease or buy another car in the next week or so and want to buy from a top notch dealership comparable to my current dealership of choice (Boston Volvo Village). If I can't find an exceptional dealer I may be forced to buy a [gulp] BMW or Audi to park alongside the T6!


  • zamazama Posts: 3
    I had the same question about the headlight wipers. They come on when you wash the windhield. Makes sense when you think of it. Not in the manual. I had to ask the dealer and felt kind of dumb after the fact
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16

    I checked my battery voltage last night. Resting voltage (with car off, and not having been started for > a day) was 12.45 volts. Voltage measured while cranking the engine dropped as low as 11.0 volts (for an instant), and rose as high as 15.0 volts (for an instant). From these measurements, I'm suspecting that my battery is not to blame for my rough engine performance on start-up. Thanks for the thought though. Neil
  • jack130jack130 Posts: 9
    There were several recent comments re an S80 model. For a little fun and the ability to download a paper model S80 T6 go to: Then link to "Entertainment" then to "Childrens Corner" then paper craft. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader as well as scissors and glue. I printed on photo quality glossy paper and it came out nicely. Enjoy!
  • campscamps Posts: 12
    Please inform me on how this ugraded system to the Dolby Pro Logic System works. Do you lose the cassette tape playing capability?
  • thanks to those of you who have been placing excellent comments on this post site. My wife and I have migrated our search for a new car from the Infiniti I30's to the Volvo S80. Our price has increased, but I believe the extra 10% will more than be worth the trade-in value 4-5 yrs from now.
    If anyone has recently purchased the S80, 2.9 or the T6, would you be so kind as to let us know what a reasonable price would be to expect from either model. We were just looking to pick up a decent price from dealer inventory. we are in Cincinnati,ohio, but any price suggestions are greatly appreciated !
    thanks in advance
  • emachineemachine Posts: 17
    Volvo is putting me up at the Best Western Plaza Elite when I get my car next month. Has anyone stayed here, and if so how was it?
  • rook2rook2 Posts: 1

    I bought my T-6 through Volvo- Irvine and I live in Detroit. Long story, but look up Alex Doegle (pronounced doogle) , we did the whole transaction via fedex and phone, he found my car in transit, had it delivered to dealership in Ann Arbor, that he felt would provide the best "service" after speaking with them ( he had 3 to choose from in the Metro Detorit area). I have had no service issues to date, but feel that if I do encounter a problem I can call Alex to get help, even though he is 3000 miles away.
  • jay_t6jay_t6 Posts: 2
    Rook2, have you considered Dwyer? They do a great job for me, but of course I bought my car there.
  • keithpakeithpa Posts: 17

    Are you sure that the 2001 are coming in Oct/Nov? I am purchasing the 2001 through the overseas delivery (OSD) program and I leave for Sweden July 1 and pick up the car July 4. As far as pricing goes (at least for the OSD program) the 2001 is cheaper than the 2000 if you are getting the leather seat/sunroof package. For the 2001 model the leather seat/sunroof package is included and the OSD base price of $37,850. The 2000 OSD base price is $37,000 and $1,200 for the leather seat/sunroof package.
  • ailsaailsa Posts: 2

    Thanks for your response. The 2001 S80's do not come out in the US until Oct/Nov according to Volvo N. America. Obviously going to Sweden is another story. I have no intention of dealing with Europe in the summer, it is a crowded mess. It looks like I will look at recent build 2000's because I can't wait that long.

    Has anyone got any recent 2000 purchase stories, please?
  • iskowitziskowitz Posts: 5
    For what it is worth, I have experienced the exact same thing with my 2000 t-6. I posted this to the newsgroup, no luck, I also took it in for service to have them look at it and they said they found no problem. If you come across anything let me know, it does nto do it every single time.

  • striker5striker5 Posts: 8
    This site has had numerous previous postings regarding noises attributed to faulty piston cooling valves. These noises have been described as hissing, high frequency, and/or high pitched. I am getting ready to take my car in to my dealer for a "hissing" noise which seems to be related to the a/c since it only occurs while the a/c is operating. I thought it might be the compressor cycling on and off. It sounds like running water and is extremely annoying as many passengers regularly ask me what it is. If anyone has experienced a similar noise and have had it fixed I would appreciate knowing if it is related to the piston cooling valve problem.
  • jkpowersjkpowers Posts: 1
    Bought a T-6 Nov.'99 (Nautical Blue - What a BEAUTIFUL car!). Has leather/sunroof, cold weather pkg, homelink, & 17" wheels. $39935 + tax & license.
  • kkatkkat Posts: 6
    Dealer wants about $160 for the 7500 mile service on my 2000 2.9. Am I getting ripped off?
  • anuthjanuthj Posts: 5
    Paid $225 for mine along with a oil change using synthetic oil. I've got a T6 but I don't think there's much of a difference.
  • jointjoint Posts: 4
    Any thoughts on where I can get a bra for my S80, and also whether people feel these are good or potentially harmful for the paint finish. How long can you leave it on? moisture issues? Thanks!

  • bs6408bs6408 Posts: 5
    I'm about to buy the yr 2000 2.8 T6 S80 with the SunRoof/leather package and am a little confused about the seat differences between the standard 2.9 and 2.8 T6 models. They look different in that the T6 seats appear to have more side/lumbar support. Apart from 'looks', just how different are they in terms of quality and functionality etc?

    Also, on price (I'm off topic some) I see Volvo is currently offering yr 2000 buydown of $1000 cash plus $500 for loyal Volvo owners. With these discounts I've been quote a selling price of $40,220 + Tax & Lic fees. This cost includes the following 4 options:

    1. Sunroof & leather package
    2. Homelink Security System
    3. Cold weather package
    4. 4 CD In-Dash w/surround sound

    According to my research this $40,220 is slightly below the dealer invoice price. Should I be negotiating a lower price given that Volvo is throwing in at least $1500 on this deal?

    Thanks in advance for any advice and/or replies.

    Regards... Barry Sharp
  • ailsaailsa Posts: 2
    I had asked for pricing stories before I bought mine last weekend, but I only got one, so I'll try to comment on yours. On Sat. (in NJ) I closed the deal on a T6, (to be picked up Thurs.) (build date around March 1, 2000) with sunroof & leather, cold weather, credit for the 17 inch tires being replaced with the 16 inch (as I did NOT want low-profile tires ever again), no upgrade on stereo (I need the cassette for books on tape for my commute or I'll go batty), no homelink security system (no need, but I did get the traction control option (on the advice of someone I trust) for $38,200 + tax and license. That takes into consideration the $1500 for the loyal Volvo discount (this is my fourth) but an additional $1000 will be coming my way from the class action against Volvo for 94 and 95 850 tires (which was a total crock but I'll take the money.) When you say $1000 cash back plus $500, how does that work? Mine was just taken off of dealer invoice. I'm also having them re-program the remote for all doors to unlock at once. I asked for the daytime running lights to be turned off but they balked at that.

    Hope this helps!
  • teenteen Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 T6 with 3700 miles. The other day SRS Airbag alert came on. The service mgr cleared the message with his computer and told me the message may or may not return.

    Next day it returned. And occasionally (about every 5th start) all gauges go dead and no electronics work- no a/c, blower, computer, nothing.

    Dealership doesn't seem to know what is wrong and have taken 2 days to try to fix problem so far. Anyone with similar problem or ideas to help?
  • bs6408bs6408 Posts: 5
    I recall reading a post that said this was possible. Can anyone confirm this and what the total cost might be approx?

    Thanks and regards... Barry Sharp
  • eyedahoeyedaho Posts: 2
    Is there an easy way to attach a bike rack to the top of the S80?
  • shaunsshauns Posts: 24
    Yes! Buy the Volvo roof rack rails. Cost-about $140. They fit Thule bike mounts. If you look in the gutter just above the doors, you'll see 2 plastic covers on each side. These hide the mounting bosses for the roof rack towers.

    I was skeptical of this arrangement when I first got it, but it works wonderfully! Very quick on and off, and no interference with the doors, like normal universal aero mount towers.

    Useful addition-4 lock cores, 1 for each tower, available at any Thule dealer.

    Disadvantage - the rails have 1 meter of clear mount space, and don't extend beyond the towers. so forget about putting 6 bikes on top.

    But that's what you have the wagon for, no?

  • bs6408bs6408 Posts: 5
    Can any S80 owner tell me how vulnerable the headlights are to breakage from say a rock bouncing onto it during driving. My dealership is warning me that a headlight assembly replacement is around $400 and that installing a 1/8" thick clear mylar slab onto the headlight facing would be a good investment. I have a tendency to agree as they use this same technique for aircraft landing lights.

    The mylar treatment which is almost invisible to the untrained eye includes protecting the wheel arches and door edges with a much thinner mylar application. The dealer outsources the work to a trained technician and will cost about $300.

    What do others think about this investment?

    Thanks in advance and regards... Barry Sharp

    Any comment
  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    I am using IPDs stick-on headlight protectors on my S80. It's a DIY project. It's great and there was enough left over to do the fog lites. And they are just about invisible. Joel
  • ponghpongh Posts: 8
    it is available now, and definitely worth the money.
  • bs6408bs6408 Posts: 5
    Talked with Volvo service/parts people about cost of headlight assembly replacement -- they indicated cost of assembly is $300 and to actually replace/install it requires front bumper assembly to be removed etc. Labour time would be about 1.5 hrs. So $400 would be total cost incurred if headlight glass was to be broken by, say, a flying stone.

    The parts person did say however that requests for S80 headlights are few and far between. The ones he does get requests for are usually for S80s involved in collisions. He indicated that he gets about ten requests for the 70 series headlights each week and that they are far more prone to damage.

    The S80 headlight glass supposedly is thicker and stonger and because of their position do not suffer the same plight as the 70 series.

    Based on the $400 replacement cost I'm investing in the 1/8" thick mylar facing for my headlights.

    BTW the parts man said in general he gets very few requests for S80 part items to replace day-to-day wear and tear -- a good sign I think.

    One last thought before picking my car up tomorrow. As I'm opting to have the 4-CD built-in changer and surround sound I'd like to hear back on whether anyone has had CDs stuck in the unit, and if so how was it resolved?

    Thanks in advance and regards... Barry Sharp
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    Joint: We put a bra and mirror covers on our T6 to protect the paint from rock chips and juicy Louisiana love bugs. It never stays on the car longer than a week, as the car gets hand-washed at least weekly. It also comes off immediately if we get caught in a rain and then park the car. You never want to leave a wet bra on any car, as it can cloud the paint. (On a road trip, if you drive through and out of a shower, you could leave it on, as it should dry out, assuming your trip is long enough.) I keep a good wax job on the finish and spray with Pinnacle Crystal Spray Mist between washings. The bra has not harmed the paint at all. And it gives me some peace of mind that I'm protecting the finish. The protection is well worth the investment and the time to me.

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