Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 questions

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I have a 1994 Rodeo LS and have a few questions.

First : Does this model have an indicator light on the dash that tells you if the 4x4 is on ?

Second : What is the correct way for this model to change from 2 wheel drive to 4x4 ?
I can only seem to move the 4x4 stick when the engine is off.

Thanks in advance for the input.



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    Yes this model has an indicator light to tell if the 4X4 is engaged. It is a green light that is at the bottom middle of the instrument cluster. The correct way to change from 2WD to 4WD is to STOP the vehicle, put the trans in neutral and then put your vehicle into 4H or 4L. If you're transferring between 4H to 4L or from 4L to 4H I reccomend that you do so at a slow speed of about 1-5 MPH or do it stopped. You cannot however take it from 4H or 4L to 2WD mode while the vehicle is in motion. You must stop the vehicle, place the 4WD selector into 2WD place the transmission in reverse about 3-5ft and then you're good to go forward again. You can go forward without going in reverse, however the 4WD will still likely be engaged.
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    Hi I just have a Q? on using the 4H and 4L on my 1995 Rodeo. When is the right time to use the 4H and the 4L? I never have to try it because i dont know where and when to use the 4H and 4L.
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    i own a 2000 isuzu rodeo 4x4. when i push the 4x4 button it blows a fuse every time and doesnt work. my mechanic cant figure it out. and im fed up with it. you have any idea??
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    1st, DO NOT let the dealer sell you a new 4wd actuator for $534!
    2nd, DO NOT let the dealer sell you a new engine wiring harness for $800!

    I have a 2000 Rodeo S 4X4 and had the same exact problem. If I remember correctly, the radio and windshield wipers and maybe defrost also went out.

    Do you have a wire plug for trailer lights on the back of your car? If so unplug it, You can find the connection on the drivers side in the back side compartment where the jack is stored, stick your hand & arm in the space behind the jack, like you reaching up towards the rear side window, you will feel some wires going to the tail lights and the wire for the trailer will "T" into the main wire, it is pluged in so pulling it apart will work, try to support the other wires before you just start pulling it!

    Problem #2

    Does your Rodeo go into 4wd by it self or especially when someone is sitting in the front passenger seat, if so let me know and I'll tell you how to fix that too.

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    My 2000 isuzu rodeo has an issue every morning (warm or cold) it starts fine, and the moment I put a load on it D or R or even AC on/off the idle sputters and it either stall or almost stalls. Thank I start it up again and drives great the rest of the day. My mechanic cleaned the ERG valve and throttle body, now the AC load doesn't stall it, but is more its almost worse especially since the ERG cleaning?

    Just as a background, I had the tranny rebuilt last year and computer replaced with another used one. It seams like the computer messed up the tranny. Thanks for any feedback.
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    I own a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo, unfortunatley my wife didn't pay attention to the oil light. :-( Long story short, the engine needed replacement. I went to a local shop and they replaced the motor with a used one. The 4-wheel drive doesn't engage now and the shop is telling me it's not their responsibilty? Everything worked prior to the engine running out of oil. The shop replaced an acuater which is located under the center console. They said the actuater was corroded, this did not fix the problem. I search other possibilities and found that if the pin connection at the end of a vacuum line was connected properly, this would cause the 4-wheel drive not to engage? I told the shop this and they still can't figure it out. They brought to a dealership and the dealership also told them it's the actuator. Any advice?
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    What do I do when this happens? It happened 2 years ago and cost me $480 to get the transfer control unit replaced.... any suggestions?

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    I do not like that the transaxles are always spinning when driving this rig, even when not in four-wheel drive. Looking for an easy way to go about swapping out the shift-on-the-fly feature on this rig (1996 Passport) with a auto-locking hub feature from another rig (1995 Passport). Can I get away with just swapping the hubs; or will I have to remove the entire differential? The '96 has all of the vacuum and electronic switch gear; the '95 does not. Can I just disconnect, add the locking hubs on the outside of the wheels, and be done? Eventually, I will have to swap out the transaxles (both boots are cracked); but the weather is crap lately. I just want the axles to stop spinning when in DRIVE. In the alternative, what is the easiest way to remove the entire four-wheel drive feature until the spring thaw comes? What needs to be disconnected beyond the rear of the differential? Is it just a driveline from Point A to Point B that will disengage this along with swapping out the hubs so the transaxles aren't engaged from the outside of the wheels? Thanks.
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    Ok sorry to dig up an old thread, but I have a 1996 isuzu rodeo v6 5 speed 4x4. this morning I was driving and the roads were icy so I decided to shift into 4hi. well I was going about 20mph when I tried to push the stick from 2hi to 4hi, I've done it close to a hundred times before and it worked like a champ. as soon as I got the stick into 4hi I heard a grinding noise so I tried to pull it back out and the stick wont budge. It wont come out of 4hi wont go into 4low or 2hi. I've tried backing up, putting it in neutral, shutting the truck off and moving it and nothing.Can anyone help me out here with what my problem is? Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!
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    Have 2 1994 Isuzu amigos.One is 2wd one is 4wd.Will transfer case bolt up to the 2wd ?...Thanks for your help
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    I need help with mine too plz... this morning I noticed that the 4x4 was engaged and had did so on its own, but will not come out of 4x4 now and indicator light just flashes. What could be the cause of this? How and why would it be in 2wd last night when parked and be engaged in 4x4 this morning on its own? I am stumped and need help asap! It's all we have atm and I can n9t afford to take this to a shop. Please plz please help us!!!! Thank you everyone!!!
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    I have 92 Rodeo fwd with 3.1 and 5 spd mua trans.
    I put it in shop they broke clutch release bearing assembly ( I'm not sure if is called that) but the bearing is pressed on this part and it attaches to clutch fork with a spring.
    My truck has been down for  for bout 14 months I can not find part I've called Isuzu they discontinued I've tried pick parts .
    Please help
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    Also Of course I am sueing for that and shop wrecked my truck 
    But the 23 days they had it. They dropped tranny 5 times. They couldn't get new clutch to work. Long story.of course I told them truck was MUA required high performance clutch .
    They tried 5 different clutchkits. Come to find out after I demanded old parts to be put back in and return truck .
    They came gave me new clutch kit I paid 300 already . But When I returned it . I have
    It was the 89.00 14 tooth not 245.00 24 tooth 
    Is that possible for they to install at all a 14 tooth kit on my 24 tooth trans

  • Isuzugirl92Isuzugirl92 Member Posts: 3
    And I was told by few guys that my broke clutch release bearing assembly will still work .. the collar is is half gone where spring sits 
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    I have a 1998 isuzu rodeo and the 4wd doesn't work when I push the button the green light on the dash just blinks and I hear something engaging in the transmission and it will go from 4hi to 4low but for some reason the front wheels won't engage.
    Any ideas and thank you for any help you can offer.

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