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Acura Legend



  • This is a fast car with a 230 hp engine. Do you trust your daughters driving skills?
  • I have owned a 88 Acura Legend L and currently own a 95 Acura Legend GS. For both cars I have purchased parts online at http// I have always found their prices including shipping to be lower than the dealers. I have done about $1500 worth of business with them over the years.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    I bought my daughter a 1991 Legend Sedan as a college car 3 years ago. 105,000 miles on it then and 150,000 now. We have had to have a head gasket job done and radiator replaced.
    Speed sensor has gone out on the transmission twice.

    Acura dealer service is good and expensive.

    This is a substantial and powerful car, and seems to have served us well. The leather interior is starting to come apart.

    Very similar to our '99 Intrepid ES. In fact, it looks like Chrysler looked hard at those Legends when they were designing the Intrepid and Concorde. The Dodge is a quieter and smoother car, however. But it is 8 years newer.
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    Mine shufts abruptly too. All of them do. That is why the 1990 Legend is faster than the current one. 0-60 in oh say 6.9. Reason was to say we are as fast as the Lexus LS with a V6. Has 220,000 miles on it and was running very well, but got rear ended by some jackass who did a hit and run. I don't think it is worth a full repair job. Maybe a small one at $800 and sell it for $2500 and save the insurance.
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    Pretty safe car overall and especiall good since it is the only car that year that had 2 airbags. Structure is overall strong. If your daughter is not a speed demon then getting a fast and agile car such as this is a very good thought. If she is I am sorry to say get her a 1996 Civic or something. Sedan had 200hp but was pretty fast overall. The 230hp one is no joke about as fast as a 2002 Q45. Sound strange? Thank that transmission.
  • hey im 17 years old, im from new jersey, and im a guy, and im thinkin of gettin this 95 acura legend LS.( HERES A PIC d0e6d4130ac7/fb82fdb3.jpg ) the car has 202K miles, which kinda of scares me since this is going to be my 1st car. the driver side seats are a little torn and dried.( HERES A PIC 71d734d84877/fb8300b0.jpg )(HERES ANOTHER PIC 747136223a99/fb8300a5.jpg) and the arm rest is messed up too ( HERES A PIC dc438060169f/fb8300a8.jpg)

    other then that the car seems to be in good condition...i think. the back seats are mint. thanks to i've been able to get an estimate for around $2000-3000, and i know a place where i can get custom leather seat covers for 1150 installed (

    and since it has so many miles on it im plannin on gettin a new acura legend engine with 35-45K miles. and does anyone know how much that would cost to get installed?

    so i just wanna know if its a good investment for me, and how long its goin to run well, since it is my 1st car and i want it to last through a better part of college...thanks
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Why are you replacing the engine? Is there something wrong with the one in the car? I wouldn't change it unless there is a real problem. Miles on these modern cars are amazing. It may last you another 150,000 if it has been taken care of.

    Acura parts are expensive, so be careful. But these are wonderful cars.

  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Where is the engine computer located in a 1991 Legend Sedan? The dealer says ours is bad, and wants $1100 to replace it. I can buy one for $189. I figure I can replace it myself.


  • amplifier last year? If so, where can I find information on it. I have only owned my car for about 3 years....would I qualify? thanks in advance for any info...
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    We received a recall notice for our '91 sedan about 2 years ago. If you didn't best to check with your local dealer. I'm sure they can tell you rather quickly whether you need to have yours done.

  • I have a 93 Legend L Sedan and have had it since 93 the shifting that you described IS NORMAL!
  • Hey everyone...I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have the opportunity of buying a 1991 Legend coupe. I love this car already. I am in college and need a reliable but inexpensive car. The only thing is that the car has 250,000 miles on it. THe original owner's son is saleing it. What do you guys think? Is $4000 an okay price? The only thing he has mentioned so far is an occasional oil leak. I test drive it this week.
    Thanks so much
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    I had 1993 Legend few years ago, beautiful car, I still like the looks in and out, but would not buy one with 250000 miles. You can probably get on with 100000, for the same price.
  • i was wondering if the 1995 acura legend L shifting problems that where discussed in some of the above letters had an problems with a clicking noise as well.I have had this car for about 4 yrs now and still no answers.The dealer says its normal but it holds like it is in overdrive or something and once the speed decreases to like 20 or below it feels like what ever was holding it back releases and the noise stops.Anyone that has this problem or something like it please let me know what to do..
  • For those of you who are in search of reasonable places to get FACTORY Acura and/or Honda Parts, try WWW.AHMOTOR.COM (Acura/Honda Motor). If you're specifically looking for Honda Parts, you can either try the URL above or WWW.PAGEAUTO.COM. I stumbled across both of these site in the Motor Trend Magazine.

    On a different note, I just purchased a '94 Legend L with 36K miles on it. Owner had 4 other vehicles and just purchased a '99 BMW 528I which prompted him to sell the Acura. This car is in immaculate condition from the Engine to the Interior Cabin to the External body (Paint is like new {Garage Kept}). I currently have a '93 Honda Accord which I just turned 250K miles yesterday. Kelly Blue Book value on the Acura was at $10,300. I got it for a flat $10K. The car is beautiful. I've actually gotten two offers for $15,000 for the car which should say something about it's condition. I've seen that some of you are looking to buy a Legend with pretty High Mileage (upper 175K+ to 200K+ miles). I would just suggest you take these vehicles to someone you trust knows something about cars before making those purchases. Whether you buy a car new or used, it is a major purchase which can affect your daily life. Typically, a higher car note is associated with the Security of having a new car that will not spend any time in the shop. The lower car note, if any payments are involved, could have you sitting on the side of the road running late for work or missing work altogether. Honda/Acura makes great vehicles but they only run as good if taken care of. Many people know these cars are in great demand and will try to pull fast ones on people who appear very interested in buying a Legend. Just keep that in mind!
  • I have a honda accord and an Acura Legend. The Legend has a slightly hard shift from first to 2nd gear but each higher gear thereafter is super smooth. My Honda has a similar shift patter. However, with 250K miles on it, the Honda does exemplify a little more of a rough shift from first to 2nd. I took it to the dealer multiple times and each dealer stated that the shifting was normal for Hondas/Acuras. The think you should really look out for is harsh shifting of the engine which could signify bad mounts. I had that problem on the honda and hopefully won't have that on the Legend. Has any one had harsh engine shifting on their legend? FYI...(Harsh Shifting) The entire car jerks when shifting from park to reverse or to Drive.
  • Hi, recently I purchased a used 92 Legend, very nice car. I'm now the 3rd owner. The passenger seat adjusted all the way back does not provide adquate leg room for me or my wife. I'm 5'11" and wife is 5'6". I have a 92 Vigor and it provided much more room. Does anyone have a solution to this, I called a Acura dealer to no avail? Also, I would like to know if engine parts, ie, alternator, starter,are interchangable with the Legend? Please help. Thank you
  • I have been told conflicting things about a rattle in the rear suspension. Both are from authorized repair shops. One says most likely strutt bracket. Suggest replacing strutts and brackets. The other says nothing wrong with suspension and doesn't believe that the strutts need replaced, he says he hasn't had success with replacing strutts and that once the originals are replaced that you have to continue to replace more frequently.

    Any help?
  • bmwlover3bmwlover3 Posts: 11
    I own a '91 Legend L with a 105k miles. I replaced all four struts and hubs with monroe lifetime warranty from Sears. They run sales in the spring and fall. They seem to work just fine after 20k miles. You may need to change them every 50-60k because the legend is a heavy car.
    I hope that helps.

  • Did you have improved ride and handling? The repair guy said they put strutts on his wifes and the car has been worse?
  • bmwlover3bmwlover3 Posts: 11
    After you replace any strut system. The car will handle and ride differently. My experience was an improved ride but the handling was lighter for about 5k miles. These cars are great but they are hard on suspensions.

  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    I am buying a 94 gs sedan w/ 80k miles from a family member. I was told the radiator was leaking so when I went online to order a radiator, it was recommended that a head gasket/pressure check be done since a cause of a leaking radiator is often a blown head gasket.
    From reading the posts here (I read them ALL) it seems a leaking radiator is a common malady of the legend. Have many of you who have replaced the radiator also replaced head gaskets?
    What is the norm with timing belt changes? I heard the 3.2 is an interferance engine so I am going to be conservative...anyone change the belt themselves? Is it worth doing the water pump at the same time?
  • prattsterprattster Posts: 59
    The Legend radiator design uses a plastic top portion (poor design) that will crack over time and once your engine overheats there's a real good chance that your head gasket is toast and there's permanent warpage due to the aluminum constr. Around $3K at the dealer to fix. I would go with a Modine aluminum unit to avoid this. You don't need to ever change the head gasket normally only if it's determined that there is damage already.

    The TB should be changed at 6 years or 90K miles whichever comes first. The water pump is usually done at same time due to everything being apart since the job is mainly labor. About $500-650 at most good independent shops. I would never attempt to change it myself as you need special tools to remove certain bolts which are really a pain to remove. Plan on a whole weekend to do it, it's normally a 1 day job in the shop
  • electronselectrons Posts: 16
    I bought my legend new, actually leased it, and when I was done w/ the lease, I purchased it, knowing that it's very expensive to do that, but I also knew that this car is a great car. I don't own it anymore, but when I turned it over to my mother in law, it had 345k miles on it. Sure I had the normal things go out on it, alternator, wheel bearings, tires, brakes, even a/c fans, both blower and cooling fan, and a handful of ox sensors, but the engine is original. sure it lacked real power by today's car standard, I think 160 HP, I have a TL Type S w/ 260 hp, but the most amazing thing about that Legend is that I got 22 mpg the day I got it and it's still getting 22 mpg in mixed driving.

    If anyone is wondering if a Legend can go to a mere 200k miles? I'd say easily if it's maintained well. They are nearly bulletproof if driven properly and maintenance is done on them properly, and I might add, good OEM parts used on them.

    No trans, fuel pump, steering or a/c problems. I knew I should have bought a 95 model but back in 95 my car was only 8 yrs old, and still running strong. It's '04 now, the Legend still is impeccable shape and still motoring around town, so someone save me a '90 to '95 Legend. I'll get around to buying one someday.

    Oh, if your wondering why I got the TL. I really had no choice, my Legend was stolen, and I of course bought it back from the insurance company.
  • jrdowneyjrdowney Posts: 96
    Hello Acura Legend Fans,

      I used to own an 89 Legend L, 4 door. I recently sold it to a friend and he is generally happy except for one thing.
      On occasion when you hit the brakes they work but then if you keep your foot on the pedal it will sink toward the floor. If you pump them again they work fine but the pedal will again fade. When I owned the car it would occasionally do this to me but usually only in hot weather. Now it appears to be more frequent. My friend had new brake lines put into the front but it did not improve the situation. The ABS system basically died sometime back but that is of course a separate set of lines.

    Anyone have similar experiences or any suggestions?

    I loved the car by the way and its still in great shape except for this braking issue.


    Jim d.
  • prattsterprattster Posts: 59
    What your experiencing is the master brake cylinder going bad. The ABS is a seperate system so it's not the culprit.
  • electronselectrons Posts: 16
    the seals in the master cyc are worn out. just get a new master cyc.,

    prattste, knows his stuff, he must have been worked on cars before to know that.
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    I went down to Florida and replaced the radiator on my new 94 gs and thank the gods, the head gaskets seem to be fine. While getting the tires balanced I noticed a torn cv boot and had both half shafts replaced (car has 85K). The drive back to NJ went smoothly (1200 miles at 75~85 gave me 25mpg)...Only remaining problems are wind noise from the front windows and the abs light. Anyone have experience with these problems?
    Thanks, Don
  • tjepptjepp Posts: 7
    I am thinking of purchasing a 95 Legend L. It has almost all the options offered that year (according to Edmunds) leather, automatic trans., and cd changer. It isn't equipped with keyless entry. The car has 91K on it and the asking price is $8995. The dealer claims the car is perfect and has the carfax available. At 91K I'm sure I should make sure the timing belt and water pump have been replaced before I buy. Besides the radiator issue, Bose stereo problems, and possible drivers seat rocking is there anything major I should concern myself with? I will possibly look at the car early next week. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance from a possible Legend buyer.
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    Abs and transmission mount (especially rear)
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