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Toyota Corolla



  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    I would disagree with you. Touch-up paint works just perfect for me. I was able to paint a big deep scratch on my bumper. Nobody could see. I thing you already know that you have to choose the paint by the code located on the driver's side door frame.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Britton: This product has just recently come out here, so you might want to check with your Toyota dealer and see if they have it.

    I believe that the touch-up paint pen is available for all 1999 Toyota models or newer, but I guess if your color is considered as classic it wouldn't matter. It basically looks like a regular pen or one of those highlighters that have nibs on both ends of the pen. Naturally, it's a bit larger than a highlighter to make room for the paint. There's also a built-in mixer to mix the paint well before applying it. It sells for about $10 in Canada (roughly 5 cents in the US... hehe!). I've tried the demo at the dealership and it's great: the usual brush included with the touch-up paint bottle isn't really precise, and you could wind up with a bigger mess if you're not careful. The paint pen, however, works the same way as a felt pen would, so there are fewer chances of you creating a mess or putting too much paint on the car. The clearcoat finish is already mixed in with the regular touch-up paint bottle, but it's separate for the pen. Anyway, I'll stop now before I sound like I'm selling the stuff or have shares in the company...

    I hope this gives you more info Britton! The pen is still on back order, so the annoying paint chip is still on my hood.

    Also, this might've been discussed before, but what car wax do you recommend? I'm using a car wax that has Teflon as one of its ingredients, but I was wondering if there were some better ones out there (since I'm wondering if Teflon actually does something to the car's finish, other than being able to cook eggs on the car). And finally, have any of you here heard that paste waxes (in the actual round tins) are better than liquid waxes (bottled)? I used the liquid version of my car wax because it's easier to buff off with my buffer.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    thanks for the info on the paint pen - I have done the following to my car since I've had it which has been roughly 8 weeks - washed it about 5 times and waxed it (once) by hand with One Grand Blitz paste wax - this took almost all day but I think it paid off - now, after washing I spray it with a quick detailer product - I like Turtle Wax Express shine (inexpensive) but I also like Pinnacle Crystal Mist (expensive) - I plan on waxing my car again in about 2 months - I might try a liquid wax next time - maybe Meguiar's Gold Class for Clearcoats -
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    I have been using a product called " NU-FINISH" for my cars for years and I will continue to use it for my "01" Corolla. This is not a wax but some kind of poly product. It is available in a paste or a liquid. I like the liquid because it goes on very easy. Consumer reports has been rating this stuff #1 for a cars finish for several years now. It is called the once a year car polish and it really does bead up for almost a full year. I have been using this on my "86" Tercel since the day I bought it new and the paint still looks great considering this car was never garage kept. It is in a bright orange bottle.
    Try it you'll like it.
    Geeeeezzzzzz, talk about sounding like a salesman!!!
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I've seen the NuFinish in a few stores - is this a polish - does it contain abrasives? Is is OK or necessary to use something with abrasives on a new car - just wondering - thanks
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    NU-FINISH is not an abrasive whatsoever. In fact it is as smooth as silk. It is called a polymer and it is a polish. But it really protects the finish well and it beads for a very long time.
  • txrosetxrose Posts: 7
    Hi, I have a 95 Corolla with 80,000 miles. Bought is used, have had it for two years
    with no major problems. The radio is not factory, but was installed when we bought
    it and has never caused problems before. Last week my son drove the car and told
    me that the radio kept going off. I dismissed it because I had been driving the car
    and had not had any problems. The next day we were 60 miles from home, the radio
    went off, the air conditioned went off, everything stopped, and we managed to get off
    of the interstate. Car would not start, had to be towed home. My mechanic could
    find nothing wrong except for corrosion on the battery. He cleaned it and charged
    and the car ran fine all week, going to and from work, approximately 12 miles one
    way. However, today I was about 20 miles from home and the radio cut off, several
    times. I got home okay, but needless to say I am afraid to venture far from home
    any time soon. Has anyone else had a problem like this, I really would love some
    feedback, I need to get this fixed. Thanks.
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    Try the "Corolla Trouble" forum!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Thanks for the info Tom... do you know if Nu Finish is good for clearcoat finishes as well? I've seen the bottle on the car care shelves in a few stores, but I didn't pay much attention to it until now. It's definitely something that I should look into. Is it expensive? The one I currently use (the Teflon one) is made by Simoniz.

    Britton: I haven't waxed my car yet since they did it at the dealership. What color is your Corolla again?
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    my car is mystic teal - I waxed it because others strongly recommended waxing asap - so I did - it took the better part of a day - that's why I'm thinking about a liquid wax next time - I am also going to use 3m imperial hand glaze due to some very fine scratches/swirl marks that I have (only visible in sunlight) - I have discussed this topic until I'm blue in the face so I won't even go there - anyway, I think applying some kind of protection for your new car would be a good idea - clearcoat is still paint and it needs protection from the elements - good luck!
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    NU-FINISH is very good for clearcoats as well. It cost only $4-$5 here in the US(maybe $50 in Canada-just kidding!!) No swirl marks when using this stuff.
  • My dealer has quoted me $476.60 for the 30K service. This seems a little high. Flush radiator, replace oil/filter, service tranny, replace air filter, rotate tires, clean injectors. 1998 corolla auto. 1.8l eng. Only Dealer in town.. - Captive audience, Huh?
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    The dealer is trying to rip you off for some quick and easy money.

    Look at the maintainance guide that came with your car, and do the maintainance that's required.

    Radiator flush is pretty easy, and should not cost more than $30. Oil change and filter should be no more than $25, or you can do it yourself for less.

    Tranny service? Is that tune up? I didn't know the tranny needs any tune up at just 30K. More likely just a change of tranny fluid. Again, cost is $30.

    Tire rotation. You can get those for free at Discount Auto Tires (no purchase required). Or you can use some muscle and do it yourself in 15 minutes, again, no cost.

    Air filter. God, a $3-4 parts that you can buy at any super market, and change it yourself, it's easy.

    I don't know about cleaning injectors. Again, I didn't know that you need to do that at 30K, I could be wrong.

    Over all, I would say that the 30K (36k) service should not cost your more than $150-$200 all parts and labor included at some 3rd party garage.

    I think your dealer is trying to rip you off.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Posts: 541

    I think because the next-generation Corolla will be a bigger car than the current US model, it's likely that Toyota may bump up the engine displacement from 1.8 to 2.0 liters for the US market. That way, it'll likely have around 135-140 bhp engine output using the VVT-i valve train and still meet ULEV standards for emissions.
  • glenglenglenglen Posts: 37
    Why wouldn't Toyota just use the 1.8 liter engine used in the MR2 Spyder and as a base engine in the Celica? It generates about 140hp, so why would they need to develop a larger engine?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yeah, I have to agree: Toyota, in previewing the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix, has already told us what kind of engine the new Corolla will have, and that is 1.8 [shared with the Celica and MR2] with 130-180 hp, depending on tuning, cam design, and compression ratio. For the Corolla, expect the low end of the hp range, and the high end of the torque range, because this is what sedan buyers expect. The "special applications" like the "sportier" models will get higher hp at stratospheric rpm, but not have the low-end grunt that sedan buyers expect. Either way, I would not look for an engine larger than 1.8 liters at introduction time next year.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Toyota will change the engine design yet. The 1ZZ-FE engine is an excellent design, and is simple, reliable, and powerful. Not only that, it also has a very high potentials.

    I'm sure Toyota wants to get their money's worth out of a good engine design like that. Beside, even at 130 hp, it's besting most of the competitors.

    Keeping cost down for the next Corolla is also a prime factor, since Toyota is making the car larger, adding more luxury features, and quitter. Designing a new engine will be counter productive, since that will sap money away from other areas.

    I say, 130 hp is good enough. 135 hp would certainly be kick [non-permissible content removed]. But I'm more eager to see just how much more room the new North America corolla gets, see if they carry over the wood trim and fog lights in European and Asian model. How about a standard CD player? And maybe 15" rim and tires? Chrom door handle maybe? :)
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    TCO1......I have a 95 Corolla DX and I can tell you from experience that this is probably one of the best cars made! I bought mine brand new and it now has 160,000 miles on it. Dark Red, I believe it is called Sunfire Metallic. The paint looks like new. I wax it once a year, regularly wash it. In all those miles I had the timing belt replaced at Toyota at 90,000 miles $350. They suggest 60,000 miles but my friend is a Toyota mechanic for 10 years and he said 80-90K. I would suggest getting the DX or LE with the 1.8 liter engine. He said it was one of the best engines they've made. It has incredible power for a 105hp 4 banger. I admit I push mine. I commute each way 75 miles a day at a steady pace of 75-80mph. I get 35mpg and would probably get better if i didn't speed so much. The only problem I've ever had was to replace the starter $180 at Toyota.... I think it was just a fluke. Everything else on the car is original. Brakes last me 35-40K miles and I cut the rotors. The next job will require new rotors. The rear brakes suck, since they are not self adjusting. If you can, get them adjusted every 5,000 miles. Have the tranny fluid changed every 30k miles. Keep an eye on the air filter which gets dirty quick and leaves pile up in the air box. The original Michelin tires are horrible! They slip on wet roads bad. I replaced them at 50,000 miles and wish I had done sooner. I now have Dunlop D60A2 with 110K miles on them and they still have plenty of tread. I did up the size to 195 from the stock 185 size. The stereo cranks and the tuner gets more stations than any stereo I've ever owned and I've owned 35 cars in my lifetime. The DX and LX models also come with power windows, locks, tilt wheel, and much better seats. They also have the better 4 spd automatic tranny and 14 inch wheels. Good Luck with your purchase!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I uped the tires on my '96 DX from 185/65/14's to 195/60/14's and was really unhappy with the results. Switched back within 24 hours and much happier now. Tony, did you up also go from 65 to 60 or stay with 65's on both sets? That could have been my problem, hum. Real glad that I went back to the original size though. Still enjoying the ride after almost 4 years. Kept my '88 FX almost 10 years and it behaved pretty well also.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Speaking of tires, I've seen, either on this board or another on Edmunds, that someone was dissatisfied with the Michelin tires that came standard on my Corolla LE. I would have to say that I really like the Michelin tires since they're really good when it comes to a smooth, quiet ride (although I'm sure the Corolla has something to do with it...). They're excellent in the snow, wet pavement, and even grip pretty well on ice.
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    My "01" LE came with Goodyear Integrity tires and I think that they also are also pretty good tires.
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    No, kept the 65 profile. The 60 profile will decrease the radius of the tire quite a bit and throw off the speedo. The engine will rev higher and the odometer after thousands of miles will show more than you really drove. It will also ride a lot harder since the sidewall is smaller. The tires are a bit taller staying with the 65 profile. The speedo is off by like 2mph at 60-65, but the engine revs less contributing to better fuel mileage since I drive faster. It also does the opposite to the opdometer. Not that I care since I will drive this car for another 160k miles.

    As for the poor stock Michelin tires, I believe the originals on my car were GX4's. Not 100% sure though. Michelin does make good tires but this one specific tread pattern on the Corolla were very slippery on wet roads. I can say though that these Dunlops wear better than any other tire I've seen. They are supposed to be all-weather sport radials, but don't confuse all-weather with snow tires. They aren't that good in the snow, but we maybe see one snowstorm a year in NJ and either it melts the same day or the roads are cleared.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Terceltom: This is just another unexplainable fact why US and Canadian Corollas are different, even though some of the US Corollas are actually built right here in Ontario, along with Canadian Corollas. The 2001 LE comes with Michelin tires, comes standard with a 4-speed automatic transmission, a standard CD player on all models, but we don't get integrated rear view mirror map lights nor can we get a sunroof. American Corollas also have a wider choice of colors (Mystic Teal Pearl was available last year, but Indigo Ink is the only blue available this year). Can anyone explain the possible reasons why Toyota is doing this?
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    I do know my Corolla was built in Canada. Yes I did get the map lights and a C.D. player( optional) and the moonroof. I could have also have gotten any color I wanted. I chose the black sand pearl which was actually the hardest one to get.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Do you find it hard to maintain?
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    I am having a noise that sounds like something is either loose or not lubricated properly. I hear the noise when traveling over 30 miles per hour and is more pronounced when I press the clutch to switch gears. Dealer claims this is a normal noise which is BS, I just traded a 90 prizm with 311,000 miles on it and never heard that kind of noise. Anybody have any ideas??????
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Where is this noise coming from exactly? If it's a transmission noise I would have it checked out. If you're not satisfied with your local dealer, bring it to another one that's near you.
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    I really like the black sandpearl color (especially with gold trim), but yes it is very hard to keep it looking clean. I wash it very often(once per week)and it can look dirty two days later.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Terceltom: I think Indigo Ink is a color that gets dirty quickly, though probably not as quickly as black. The black Corolla does look good though, especially with a spoiler.

    I'm now up to 2100 kms. on my Corolla and I'm happy to say that I have no problems to report. I'm amazed at the gas mileage I'm getting! I'm around 34 mpg. right now overall, which is astonishing to me.
  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    Hey, do you think the burgundy paint or the teal blue should shine nicely for 6 or more years? i want gold ,but dont know how long gold will hold up , wed wax it, but are corollas smooth for small cars and powerful enough? can they handle 75 or 80 ok on freeway, its only going to be for 3 people and two drivers, so what would you know or reccomend?thanks
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