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Toyota Corolla



  • sunsokosunsoko Posts: 10
    Does anyone knows if Toyota is going to put four wheel disc brakes on the Corolla?
  • Thanks for your input. For your information, my 2003 4-speed auto corolla revs at 2000 RPM while cruising at 55 MPH (88 km/h). So, the brake in speed limit has nothing to do with the RPM limit (stated as 4000 RPM).

    Anybody else would like to comment on the engine noise?
    The more I drive, the more I hear it. I do not think I am going nuts. Today, the glass in the side windows vibrated (resonated) while the engine was going through the 2800 RPM mark. If you read 2003 corolla’s reviews on the, you will find someone describing something similar in 2 different corollas. I will definitively take this car back to the dealership. The only problem is, I am going to be told that this is perfectly normal.
    That is why I try to research this a little bit more.
  • The Matrix/Vibe are based on corolla platform, not the other way around. They are all sharing the same powertrain. I am also looking for econo car to buy and narrowed it to 2 choices:
    Corolla vs Elantra.
    Corolla pros: reliability, resale value.
    Cons: price, standard equipment
    Elantra pros: price, standard equipment, warranty.
    cons: resale value, lots of people think about hyundai as a low quality manufacturer.
    Arguably, there is no such thing as a sportiness in this category of cars.
    If you want to keep your car for more then 5 years, then Elantra is a better choice.
    If you think that paying $3-3.5K more for a comparably equipped Corolla is not a problem, there will be 3-4K difference in prices of these cars before they become 5 years old.

    PS. I think that a statement 'Civic(DX-EX) is a sporty car' sounds like 'turtle is pretty fast'.
  • I have 4 wheel disc brakes on my Corolla. (GT-S)
  • gman40gman40 Posts: 15
    Toyota always provides the drivetrain on NUMMI cars (VIBE, MATRIX, NOW DEFUNCT NOVA AND PRIZM).
    for obvious reasons, like GM is not known for
    the refinement of smaller engines like Toyota is.
    Can you imagine a Matrix with a Cavalier engine.
    Interesting tid bit, Toyota marketed Cavaliers
    with Toyota badges on them in Japan. It was a
    dismal failure.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Imagine Yummi Nummi's shock when he finds out that NUMMI built vehicles are being sold in Japan as the Toyota Voltz. Underneath? Not a Matrix but a Vibe!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I would agree that the new Corolla would be harder to control on the highway than the previous gen. Corolla, or the current Honda Civic. The two latter cars don't have the high and narrow concept introduced with the ECHO and now the Corolla. The door panels on the current Corolla are also flatter, which makes it even easier to be hit by a crosswind. One of my friends has a Ford Focus and also complained about crosswinds, since it also has flat door panels and a moderately high seating position.

    So would the Civic be the better choice for someone that does mostly highway driving?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Underneath is a Corolla Fielder, as the Matrix/Vibe is on the "E" platform. It's really a Corolla Fielder in different clothes and interior.

    rear discs:
    Axed after 1997 (Corollas with ABS).
  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    Civic is not short either. It grew 2" in 2001 to a height of 56.7". Plus, Civic is lighter than Corolla. So, I don't know if Civic would perform (much) better in crosswinds. Sadly, for people who worry about crosswinds like me, more suffering is on the way since cars are getting taller and taller. All car companies think everybody like SUV-style height.
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    Try driving the Matrix XR with the seat position at its highest setting. I found the Matrix to be fun to drive, and the seat height is just perfect. You don't sit down on the seat, but just kind of slide over. That makes it a pleasure to get in/out of the car. SUV seating on the other hand can be much higher.

    Now only if Toyota got rid of those absurd looking ground effects on the Matrix XR! Incidentally, the Matrix is almost 3 inches wider than the Corolla - that may help against crosswinds. For me, the Matrix XR, sans ground effects, wins hands down over the Corolla and Civic. The Corolla has very light (numb) steering, Civic steering is typical Honda precise, and Matrix steering is almost as good as Civic but the best overall (car) package.
  • I ordered my 2003 Corolla S (indigo ink) 5 weeks ago and I was told at the time that it was suppose to be here 5-6 weeks after ordered. Since I haven't heard from them yet, i decided to give them a call today. Well, I found out that there's been yet another delay in delivery from the factory.

    I was told that I have to wait another 6 weeks for my car to come!!! THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! This means I have to wait a total of 12 weeks or 3 month for a new car that I paid MSRP for.

    Is everyone experiencing this kind of wait for their new corolla? I am from South Western Ontario. I went to Toronto the week before I ordered my car and the wait is about the same for every dealer up there.

    I am kind of thinking that they messed up somehow and forgot to order or messed my order. How can I find out if there is really a delay?
  • How come I don't see a lot of people mentioning or driving the Indigo Ink Corolla? Do you guys not like that color or is it because they didn't have them at the dealer for you to choose from so you didn't buy it.

    I personally think its pretty good with the tinted windows because its not easy to get dirty and it goes well with the car.
  • All west coast docks have been shut down and there is a huge labor dispute. Dockworkers have been locked out and basically all those cargo ships from all over the world are sitting and waiting to be unloaded.

    NUMMI is waiting for car parts to be delivered, but until the union and the shippers reach an agreement, all cargo will have to sit untouched.

    NUMMI basically ran out of car parts due to the port shutdown and they can't build cars without the parts. So expect to wait for your Corolla for a long time. I hope the government steps in and force both sides to cooperate.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    And before someone points out that some Corollas are built in Canada, I imagine the West Coast dock strike will soon affect the Canadian plant as well. It only takes ONE critical part to be missing to stop production.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The inside rear view mirror is hinged in two places - where it attaches to the windshield, and where it attaches to the mirror. Start by moving it as far to the right as possible with the windshield mount as the base; then adjust as necessary with the mirror mount as the base.

    It sounds tricky but is really easy, and it took care of our similar problem in about 30 seconds.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i love the indigo ink but i have to wait 2 months for the car if i want that color! i waited about 2 weeks for my silver 03 corolla. i needed a car right away so i had to go with a silver one.
    yes, it's normal to wait up to 2 months for a corolla. as far as i know the cambridge plant in ontario supplies corolla for all of canada as well as united states. i also heard that toyota canada have placed a limit on how many cars a dealer can order!

    indigo ink is gorgeous but you have to keep it clean all the time and it shows every single scratch you get! silver color hides scratches really well and it doesn't look dirty even if it's dirty! :)
  • When is the 2004 Corolla going to come out?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Probably about September 2003, why do you ask?
  • I am asking because I just found out that I have to wait another 5-6 weeks for my car to arrive. :(
    I don't want to spend two months waiting for a new car and find out the next model is coming in another 3 months.

    I don't like this at all, having to wait for over two months for a new car. The dealer didn't notify me of the delay until i called them after the 5th week I placed my order.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    even if your car comes out in december, you will still have the whole year of 2003 to drive the car and tell people you have a 2003 model. there's nothing much you can do if they decide to release the 2004 models in feb. of 2003! this is not possible at all in the case of the new corolla but if they do it, nothing you can do.

    buying a car is like buying a computer/electronics. you can never catch up with the technology. once you buy one, don't look back! coz if you do, you will surely be disappointed. disappointed coz you didnt wait another year for better standard equipment, etc. etc. etc. when you buy a car, drive it off the lot and just keep on driving.

    just my opinion.
  • This reminds me of the person on another message board who complained that she bought a 2002 Corolla in November of 2001, only for the 2003 to come out two months later. She wanted to sue Toyota! hahaha
  • Which month did the 2003 Corolla came out this year? Was it the beginning of this summer?

    I am just thinking that its almost time for the new 2004 Corolla to come out after being on the market for almost half a year. I don't want to buy a car that I "paid full MSRP" and have it to depriciate greatly shortly after because a new model comes on to the market. Beside, the first year of any generation usually have a lower resale value and i hope they will correct all the problems they have been having in the 2004.

    Correct me if my logic is wrong. I will go see my dealer again on Thursday to get a refund for my deposit. Unless he is willing to take couple hundred dollars off the invoice for having me to waiting another 5 weeks.
  • The 2003 Corolla came out in January, but were much more available in February.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Again, the 2004 Corolla will NOT come out before about September, about 11 months from now.

    What you do is up to you, but there is no reason to expect the new model before then.

    And Toyota's philosophy is one of continuous improvement. Changes are made during the model year, when appropriate and necessary. I would not expect a bundle of changes for the 2004's.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    the corolla started arriving in feb. of this year. chances of 2004 arriving again in feb of 2003 is not gonna happen. only reason 2003 arrived so early is coz it's a completely new model. i agree with "johnclineii", what you do is up to you. 2004 will not be released until late summer of next year.

    you can go back to the dealer and ask for a refund and wait until early next year to buy a corolla. when you do go back next year, they will tell same story - 2004 will not be available until late august/september. so you have the choice of ordering a 2003 or wait a few more months to get your 2004, which will take you back again to the point of waiting for few months for a new model! when this happens, you will start to think again as to when the 2005 model will come out and on and on and on. you will basically be waiting forever to get a new model corolla!
    in my opinion, you are better off waiting for your current order. be patient and things will fall into place for you.

    as far as i can remember, toyota never releases new models in feb. or march. its always late in the year. they only release early in the year if the model is a completely re-designed model. for example, toyota released the all-new matrix/corolla and camry during the year. they will be doing this again for the 2004 sienna. 2003 sienna have been on sale since early summer this year will be all gone by early next year, around feb. or march. 2004 all-new sienna will be released around this time. again, they are doing this coz the 2004 sienna will be a completely re-designed vehicle.

    when i ordered my 03 corolla, i was told at least one month. my car was built on the 2nd week of august. i got the car end of august. total of 2.5 wks. it was well worth the wait.

    bottom line - decision is yours. goodluck.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A major weekly magazine would like to talk with recent Toyota buyers who are under the age of 35. If you fit this description and care to share your story, please respond to me at [email protected] with your name, daytime phone number and city/state of residence before Wednesday, October 16, 2002.
    Jeannine Fallon
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  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    anyone out there with a 03 corolla using K&N or TRD air filter?

    just wondering if there's any difference in gas mileage at all.

  • Thanks a lot. I fixed it aesily. The mirrors in the cars I used to own were not adjustable in this way so I thought it was a design defect.
    I guess I was not alone, the NTSB webside has 2 2003 Corolla safety complains with the same issue: visor hitting the mirror.
    So, it really is a sloppy manufacturing. I need to find out if my Corolla came from California or Canada. Anybody knows how to?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...I might characterize that as a questionable design [the double-jointed mirror], but neither a defect nor sloppy manufacturing...whatever...

    As to your manufacturing plant, that's easy - the NUMMI cars have "1N" as the start of the VIN; the occasional Japanese car should have a "J" in there; I don't know the Canadian plant's identifier, but by process of elimination it will be one that is neither of the above. And in any case, the country of origin should be identified on the placard on the driver's door jamb [required in the US market, anyway], as well as the so-called "Monroney" sticker that was on the car when new.

    I like the double-jointed mirror, because it allows me more flexibility to have it sitting higher than most people like and still focus it where I want. But yes, it does allow it to become a target for the visor if it is adjusted too far to the side.
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    K&N does not make an air filter for the '03 Corolla yet. I have the TRD. Mileage has increased but I attribute most of that to synthetic oil. A small performance increase will be realized but nothing drastic. AEM and others make a shorty underhood & full length cold air intake. The cold air is good for 8-10 horsepower. That's next on my list.
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