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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    I had a 88 Spur with about 16k miles on it. It was like new and a very comfortable car. The only thing wrong with it was an intermittently noisy fuel pump (Spirits and Spurs have two) which never made any noise for my local dealer (Park Place in Dallas); they picked it up and delivered it back to me several times at no charge. I bought it sight unseen (just e-mail photos from a dealer in NY). If you're serious about a Rolls or Bentley, join RROC and get to know the members and their cars. Always do business with a reputable dealer; E-bay might be a crap shoot. Pay a professional to inspect the car and give you a comprehensive report (about $250 and well worth it), although I didn't do it but I was lucky that I bought the car from a reputable dealer for $35k. Don't go too cheap on purchase price; it may mean the car needs alot and service and parts are expensive. Also, get a car with books and records. The beauty of a RR is its quality of materials, workmanship, and comfort. Never had any trouble with vandals, even when I took it shopping.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    edited March 2010
    Thank you Ken. I see there's a Colorado Chapter in the club, I'll look into that. Their icon is the flying lady on skis, hehe. Any other suggestions for forums to visit? The RR one on the CS site here is inactive.

    Thanks for the replies to my post. Since this is the Avalon forum I guess we should get re-focused on the '11 model which will be in showrooms in a week or so.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Five pictures of my car:
    1988 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur NAJ-23060

    Still looking forward to driving the new Avalon.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    edited March 2010
    What a beautiful piece, and you kept it looking good! There's no RR dealer here in Colo but north of Metro Denver there's a place that deals in Aston Martin and other top cars; they may be familiar with RR cars. Friend of mine has a summer place in Fla. & says folks have been killed in the markets; as a result there are many fine cars to be had at auction there.

    Avalon is a giant step or three down from the Spur, eh? Thanks for the pics.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    I sat in the 2011 Avalon at the Cleveland Auto show. The have lowered the headroom
    at least an inch and half in front and three inches in the back seat. I wanted to sit in one before I made a decision to buy a 2010 or a 2011 Avalon. Yesterday I bought one of the last nice 2010 Avalon Limited on my local dealers lot for $6,000 off list price due to their discounts. If you are a tall guy waiting to buy a 2011 Avalon you are screwed. They started taking the headroom out of toyotas with the redesign of the Camry, then the 2011 Corolla and now the 2011 Avalon, and in addition the new design of the interior of the 2011 sucks. Take my advice, if you are a tall guy run out and try and buy one of the last 2010 Avalons. If you are 6'1" or shorter you dont have to worry as long as none of your passengers are taller than you but 2010 will be the last great year for the Avalon
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,416
    Not sure what was going on in the Avalon you sat in at the auto show, however, a quick look at the website shows the 2010 Av at 38.9F/37.5R the 2011 brochure shows the exact same 38.9F/37.5R. The overall "greenhouse" of the Avalon is unchanged for 2011, so this makes sense to me. Could it have been the power seats were raised all the way up in the one at the auto show?

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  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    If you dont believe me, go sit in the car. I am 6'3 1/2" tall, and I am telling you they took away headroom in the car and have a less attractive layout and style.
    Sit in both the 2011 and the 2010 and make your decision. That is why I bought the last loaded Avalon limited on the lot, and it had everything I wanted.
    I wanted to wait until I could sit in the new 2011 before making my decision.
    That is why the mpg rates up up by 1mpg because they took out the height in the car, and it uses less steel to make it. It is simple math.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,416
    I didn't say I didn't believe you, however, are they lying in their published #s? Almost every dimension is exactly the same. The overall height of the car, legroom, headroom and the 2011 actually is .4" longer . Remember, this "redesign" is really just a refresh. The basics of the car are the same. Were you able to adjust the seats at the one in the car show? Nevertheless, enjoy your 2010. With the discount you got the few extra things the 2011 has probably wouldn't have been worth it anyway. My '06 XLS was fantastic in every respect.

    2011 see page 14

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  • iamknottiamknott Posts: 82

    I am 6'2" and typically drive with the seat all the way back and as low as it will go. So, I will be interested in your answer to tjc's question about whether you were able to adjust the seat of the 2011 Avalon. Usually, the exhibitors at car shows have the batteries disconnected in order to avoid damage to the cars' sound systems by half-deaf teenagers.
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    Thanks for the heads up (no pun intended) LOL

    I have been waffling back and forth re;: 2010 vs. 2011. This may be deciding factor. My husband is 6'3".
    There are no 2011's around to see first..and the 2010s are in short supply.

    Since you saw the 2011 in person...can I ask a few questions? Re: changes...that you can't tell without seeing in person...
    1. Did they change the faux woodgrain? I see that the other 2011 Toyotas have this woodgrain with a satin (not glossy) finish. The 2010s are glossy.

    2. Did you think the leather/seat quality was really any different? Promos say improved leather/cushion?

    3. Is Dash board considerably higher in 2011? One of things I like about 2010 is the lower dash..makes the front seem roomier.

    4. Any other style change/quality change details you can add will be helpful.

    I appreciate your feedback, as I have a 2010 on hold now and need to make final decision. Would like to feel as informed as I can on this :-)
  • iamknottiamknott Posts: 82

    It was manatoc5 who sat in the new Avalon, not I. However, I am going to go to a car show this weekend and, if they have a new Avalon, I will post a report.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    Seriously, take a small tape measure and measure the distance
    from the seat to the ceiling front and back. I claim there is a difference between the 2010 and the 2011. They reduced the ceiling height, hence less metal in the car, less weight, that is why the city mpg improved with the same engine and transmission.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    1. You can go to or and pull up pictures of the 2010 and perhaps 2011, you can also go to and under the left side,
    they have new vehicles coming, click that tab and you will get some interior pictures of the 2011 to compare to the 2010. The whole design of the dash and front area has changed significantly, in my opinion. The wood grain is still there but the layout is different , a bit more boxy.

    2. leather seat quality is the same although I did not pay a lot of attention to it.

    3. Dashboard height seems to be the same

    4. I am 6'3 1/2" tall, so I notice seating height changes immediately.
    This all started with the new camry design, lowering the headroom in it,
    not it is lowered in the corolla and in the Avalon.

    5. If you think about it, ask yourself how did they improve city mpq? They lowered the headroom which meant less metal in the car, less weight and hence higher mpg.

    I went to the Cleveland auto show and asked to be let in the car. I sat in the front and back seats.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,416
    5. If you think about it, ask yourself how did they improve city mpq? They lowered the headroom which meant less metal in the car, less weight and hence higher mpg.

    Well, if that were true why is the 2011 (Limited) actually 6 pounds heavier than the 2010?

    2010 = 3610 lbs
    2011 = 3616 lbs

    Even if it were six pounds lighter that wouldn't translate to better MPG. The better mpg was most likely due to different transmission tuning (shift logic) and/or engine tweaks.

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  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    Thanks for the prompt response!
    Yes, I have seen all the new photos online. It still isn't the same as seeing the car in person.
    The reason I asked about the woodgrain is because the photos make it look like the more satin finish (like in the new 2011 Toyotas like the Sienna). The woodgrain finish in the 2010 is decidedly glossy and different looking than these other 2011s'.
    Is the woodgrain finish exactly the same in 2011 as it was in 2010...........or is it different?
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    Have they dropped Laser Cruise on the '11 Limited? I don't see it anywhere in the new brochure or documentation.

    I'm getting ready to go in and order an '11 Avalon. I'll post on the Prices Paid forum as well, but anybody have a good idea where I should start? Right now the dealership is offering me $34,600 on a base with Nav, Memory/Mirrors Package, Trunk Mat and Rear Bumper Applique. The MSRP is $36,633 so this seems not too bad. I'll post the specs at the end.

    I currently have an '04 XLS and the one thing I'm going to miss on the new one is the automatic/sensing wipers. So the Limited is kind of in the equation right now but I can't justify paying thousands more for that one feature. Plus, I'm not a fan of the push-button ignition or the perforated leather. I guess the deal breaker on that for me is if the Limited had the Laser Cruise still, I'd go for it. But, I don't see it in any of the literature. I've asked my dealership and they are investigating.

    I sat in the '11 Avalon at the Chicago Auto Show. It seemed to have just as much headroom. As you can tell from the photos and literature, some of the sheet metal is actually the same. I sat in a base Avalon so maybe the seats are taller in the Limited which could impact headroom, I'm not sure.

    This is the one they are offering to me for $34,600:

    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 32245.00 $ 32245.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    Memory Seat and Mirrors Package: ........... 1020.00
    Driver''s Seat and Outside Mirrors Memory ...
    Systems and 8-Way Power Passenger Seat .....
    with Power Lumbar Support (Footnote: .......
    Includes Heated Seats with Variable Heat ...
    Setting) ...................................
    Navigation & Premium Audio: ................ 2350.00
    Voice-Activated Touch-Screen DVD ...........
    Navigation System with Integrated Back-Up ..
    Camera, JBL Synthesis AM/FM 4-Disc CD ......
    Changer with MP3/WMA Playback Capability, ..
    660W (Maximum Output) with 12 Speakers .....
    Including Subwoofer, XM Radio With .........
    NavTraffic (Includes 90-Day Trial ..........
    Subscription), Auxiliary Audio Jack, USB ...
    Port With iPod Connectivity, Hands-Free ....
    Phone Capability, and Music Streaming Via ..
    Bluetooth Wireless Technology ..............
    Carpet Floor Mats/Trunk Mat ................ 199.00
    Rear Bumper Applique ....................... 69.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 3638.00 $ 3638.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 750.00
    Total .......................................: $ 36633.00
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,416
    I noticed the laser cruise was missing too. I wonder why? As for the price, its seems fair for a brand new model coming out. I would think though with the current postion Toyota is in, better deals could be had after the 2011 is out for a few months.

    As for the headroom issue, I have to believe the previous poster sat in a car where the power seats were raised all the way up. Almost all dimensions are the same between the 2010/2011 and the body is not changed except for the front grill/headlights and the rear decklid.

    I am sure the car will be a winner. I loved my 06 (and my 03) and now I am regretting not getting another one. I like my Genesis, but miss the ride of the Avalon.

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  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    Glad to help.... They have dropped the optional Laser Cruise for the 2011 Avalon. Not sure why. It may just be a marketing thing...few ordered?......keeping the loaded Avalon at a lower price point? Who knows. The only other feature I see they might have dropped is the "acoustic noise- reducing front windshield" that was featured in the 2010 Avalon Ltd. I have no idea how much difference the windshield makes... Anybody?

    I would be interested to know what price they are quoting you for a 2011 LTD since it has the mirrors option as STD...and their add on Nav is only 1450.00 MSRP . I'd check that out...then you'd gain the rain sensing wipers etc. as well.
    It may come out about even.
    As for price..I'm sure you've done the price quote. Since no feedback yet on what others are paying..they don't have a TMV price yet. I'd say wait until they do if you're not in a big hurry. They will probably have promotions in later months. Right now they will focus on promotions for the 2010 models.
    With regard to pricing on the 2010 LTD loaded models (NAV, LASER CRUISE, 8-WAY PASSENGER/LUMBAR, MATS--MSRP 39, 354.00) I am getting quotes at 34,600 BEFORE the 3,000.00 rebate PLUS you get the 2 Year Maint. plan if you are a previous Toyota Owner. Is the 2010 model not an option? I'd be curious to know what the deciding factor is for you.

    And BTW...since you saw the interior of the 2011..can you answer my question as to whether the finish of the woodgrain interior has changed.. glossy vs. more of a satin finish?
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    Yeah, I know I'm going to pay a lot more. Maybe I will wait 2-3 months. I am a previous Toyota owner, obviously, and the maintenance plan seems fantastic. OTOH, $3K more for 1 year newer and the features I want doesn't seem too bad. I'm going to try and push the dealership to give me the Limited for $34.6K (the base quote) and see where that goes. It is only about $1,200 more MSRP b/c the Nav option is about $1K cheaper on the LTD due to the upgraded radio already being included. I would buy at $34,600 for the '11 LTD with Nav. Maybe a pipe dream but there's only about $1,200 difference between us at this point.

    As for the Satin vs. Gloss question, I will say that it definitely appears to be more Satin than my '04 which is pure gloss (XLS). However, my co-worker has an '09 Limited and I think the '11 about the same. It is definitely richer than the '09 woodgrain so you notice it more but it is fairly satin.

    The '10 isn't really an option for me. I want the Nav option really badly and the '10 Nav is nowhere near as nice as the '11 Nav. I also want to be able to control my iPod. I have an '04 -- which is a beautiful and loyal vehicle -- but I vowed never again to buy the last year of a body style.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    To be clear, the Nav is only $1450 on the LTD not because it is a dealer add-on but b/c the $24XX cost for it on the base is reduced b/c the upgraded audio system is already included on the LTD. That is for an OEM Nav system from the factory. A great deal.

    To answer the Satin vs. Gloss more, there is much more woodgrain on the '11 interior (a huge plus for me even though I'm 37) and it is richer so it is more noticeable. I believe it to be very Satin, however, as far as woodgrains go. Much better than in the '06-'11. I want my car to be like my grandfathers...lots of wood...but with all the techno stuff I want ;)
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    Note: Loaded 2010 Ltd vs 2011 base w/ options

    I thought I'd share this research for those of you still on the fence too...

    My quote for loaded 2010 LTD same price as your quote for base 2011 Avalon with mirrors/heat package,Nav, mats as options.

    What you get if buy 2010 LTD.. additional features: wood grain steering wheel and shift knob, perforated leather w/ cooling feature, power driver seat cushion extension,chrome outside door handles, acoustic noise-reducing windshield, rain-sensing windshield wipers, dynamic laser cruise control PLUS another 3,000.00 discount on the price.

    What you DON' T get in loaded 2010 LTD...upgraded nav/JBL system in dashboard, receiver for the SAT radio, USB port, Ipod interface /integration, folding side mirrors, sliding armrest, woodgrain finish on the flip door that is above the shift knob, and new exterior styling.

    I guess it comes down to which features are the most important to you.
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    At 37, I guess you blow the theory that Avalons are only for "geezers" LOL.
    I got my first Avalon at 40 probably for the same reason you are....and I am just now thinking of getting a new one. I LOVE my '99 Avalon XLS. It was the LTD model in its heyday.

    Given your desire for Techno stuff, I can see the benefit of the 2011 for you.
    In the 2010, you'd have to buy an Ipod interface..but I don't know if the song choices would show up on the screen? Additionally, you'd have to get an adapter for your USB plug ins. The biggest upgrade is the touch screen it would seem.. so if you use the NAV a lot that would be very appealing. (If not, you could save a lot buying a 2010) In the 2011, you still can't program the NAV while driving (you really shouldn't be able to anyway *safety*) but it obviously looks much more user friendly. really comes down to individual preferences. No right or wrong choice as I see it. I just like to read what others think....and pass along what my impressions are too. Just my .02 :-)
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    I thought I would add one more thing about the Promos that end April 5...and how they were explained to me.

    1. 3000.00 discount applies only to 2010 models...and you must sign all documentation for purchase by April 5.

    2. The 2-year Maint. Plan promo includes all 2010 Avalon models (you show proof of registration of your current Toyota vehicle...picky about the fact that address must match drivers license. Something to consider or ask about if your addresses don't match.
    The plan includes routine maint. at each 5000 mile interval (includes oil change, tire rotation, tech analysis) up to 25,000/2 years (whichever comes first) It also includes the required 15,000 mile Maint. Service.
    3. Since it looks like the 2011 isn't going to hit the dealerships until after the
    April 5 promotion...those hoping to buy a 2011 MAY miss out on this promotion. I do think though that there is a good chance they'll keep it..just to get the 2011 sales off to a good start. Doubtful they will provide a cash rebate, but you never know...... All that will be hush hush until April 6. They even keep the sales people in the dark about the next promos.
    Nice "chatting" this morning.....
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    Thanks for all the info, that was great. I really liked the comparisons. I really wish the Nav system were just a touch better on the old model. Can you do voice commands while driving or is the whole system locked out?

    I'm going to push for the '11 LTD for $34,600...I'll see where that goes. That would put it at $3K more than the '10 (the rebate) but it wouldn't have the laser cruise which I think costs $600 or so. The upside is that I do get the new body and new features. The ones that are most appealing to me include the sliding armrest and rain sensing wipers. Once you've had those, it is hard to go back. I'm completely lost in rental cars! The dealer with whom I'm working has a Blue Zephyr with Light Gray in LTD due to arrive at the end of March so if we can agree on price, then I might get it in time for the maintenance special.

    I play in a lot of tennis tournaments and the Avalon is the only car that can get 4 6'+ guys and all their tennis gear in comfortably enough to go 300-500 miles non-stop. I'm thinking of getting a spoiler on this one to make it look a bit younger!

    Thanks again for the info.
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    Glad to help clarify differences (at least what I have researched them to be).
    You can still do SOME voice commands with the NAV in 2011 while driving...may possibly have a few more voice commands than'd have to check that. It may just be that you can't reprogram a new route while driving. Others have found overrides on this in other models...someone will probably find one for the new GEN too....if that is important to you. However, I have had a few nightmare rides with friends who are driving and programming their NAV systems and/or searching for restaurants at the same time....and I couldn't wait for the trip to be over!!!! And I thought cell phone use while driving was bad!! Messing with NAV while driving is worse.....especially because the "ease" of the touchscreen models make drivers think they aren't really being distracted "that much". LOL

    What I find with the dealers in CA...that the "arrival" date of the 2011s keeps getting pushed farther into don't be surprised if there is a delay in your area too. Hopefully the 2 yr. Maint. promo will continue on for a while.

    Bummer that you are having to use a rental in the meantime. That makes for more pressure to make a decision. As for the Avalon's back seat are just can't be beat. I can't see ever settling for any LESS legroom in the back, regardless of any bells and whistles that can be thrown in on other models.
    That IS the deciding factor for me. The Lexus 350 doesn't have'd have to upgrade to the 460 for that (and I don't like that price tag). Avalon isn't perfect, but it is pretty darned good.
    Let us all know how things go! :-)
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    I'm surprised that some of you are still talking about the '10 models. Here in the mile high city there are hardly any tens left, I've only seen two in dealers' websites.

    I see the '11 Ltd comes with 17" wheels standard rather than 18", 5 spoke diamond finish rather than 6 on the base model. Details details details. Personally I don't want a nav system, and I don't especially like the wood steering wheel, cooled seats & push button start but the rear sun shade is a big plus. These are the nitty gritty things that drive my wife nuts; "go into a showroom, see which color combos you like, take a test drive, and get one that has the basic stuff you need" she says. She's probably right. Hell I remember when the only decision to make was whether or not you wanted air, power steering, and automatic trans, even the color wasn't that crucial. Wonder if we've become spoiled in our old age?

    For those who haven't seen it, here's a link describing the new car features: ncid=12025
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Thanks for the link and the information, now everyone should have a better idea of what the 2011 offers. :)
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    I stopped into a Toy showroom today and they have printed brochures for the '11. Interesting new exterior color - sizzling crimson mica - not red, rather like a burgundy with a purple grape shading; to match it the Ltd. has a black bordeaux perforated leather, kind of like a black cherry color. I'd like to see them in person. The base Avy offers only black interior, besides light gray & ivory; looks like the dark gray graphite has been dropped.

    The Ltd. also has auto dimming side view mirrors on both sides, don't know if both were available before or just the driver's side; that really helps these old eyes at night. And I see the HID headlamps have the auto level control but it doesn't say whether they still turn 15 degrees when you're going around a curve. Anyone know about that feature?
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,416
    The Ltd. also has auto dimming side view mirrors on both sides

    On my '06 it was only the driver's side.

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  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I only used a rental for a weekend trip while I had the airbag light on mine fixed. I still have mine and will sell it right before I take delivery of the '11. I have definitely decided on the Zephyr Blue with Light Gray. The dealership is about $950 higher for the LTD vs. XLS so, to me, that is a no-brainer because I love those automatic wipers. I am not a big fan of the Smart Key but I guess I will figure it out. The question for me now is if I wait a few months and see it drop more or if I buy now because I really want it. If they offered the 60 months / 0% APR on it, I would buy now but I doubt it. Right now the quotes from my dealership are $4K higher on the '11, similarly equipped. That's a lot but the problem is that with the old gen Nav system, the '10 is simply not an option. They are currently about $2800 off the sticker price on either the LTD or XLS for '11.
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