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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    edited April 2010
    There are many products that scam the gullible consumer into thinking they'll get better fuel mileage:

    Products added to the oil: In a normally operating piston engine, a maximum loss of 5% efficiency is due to friction. Therefore, the maximum benefit to fuel efficiency would be 5% for any of these products, if the product could reduce friction to zero, which no product can. Some of these products may clog smaller oil orifices in the engine.

    Products added to the coolant: These tout a cooler running engine as a benefit. Normally only the thermostat controls the running temperature of the engine (coolant temperature around 195-210 degrees in most engines). You don't want the engine to run cooler. If it does, as might be the case with a thermostat stuck open, the CTS (coolant temperature sensor) will tell the computer the engine is cold and add to fuel consumption by remaining in open loop operation.

    Products added to fuel: Tier one fuels contain enough detergents to keep your fuel system and injectors clean with using additional cleaners. Exception: I usually use some Marvel Mystery Oil (upper cylinder lubricant) in the first two or three tankfuls of fuel in a new car. It may ease the break-in resulting in a tighter engine.

    Also, Mobil 1 synthetic oil is worth every penny and is now recommended by Cadillac.

    Never ceases to amaze me how a few money-hungry bozos think they can outdo the auto engineers. But, as PT Barum once said. . . . :D
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    Nitrogen works and I proved it on a road test with the car computer doing the
    mpg calculations. Try to think outside the box. You probably don't take vitamins either, thinking only the medical establishment and the drug companies with chemotherapy are authorized to save your life.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " computer doing the calculations..."

    Just as I suspected, OBC, On Board Computer.

    Only accurate over the long term, no direct measure of fuel flow into the intake manifold, only an approximation. Certainly not accurate enough to determine MPG during the use of less than 2 gallons.

    DTE, Distance To Empty, is no longer available for most car OBC's due to driver over-relying, running out of gas in the middle of death valley.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    The only way nitrogen would make a difference is if the tire pressure was increased. Nitrogen weighs about the same as air (78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases).
  • tfeltontfelton Posts: 80
    I'd like to jump in on the nitrogen question. Nitrogen would be OK if it were readily available; everywhere. Here in Arkansas where I live the only place I can get it is at my dealer and I'm not going to him every time I want to check and adjust my tire pressure, which I do at least a couple of times a month. I have a commercial grade compressor in my shop, but no nitrogen. And then, what do you do on the road if something happens? I think just keeping tires properly inflated is the best strategy. And that, along with good tires, is the best safety feature your car can have.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    Going back to the Avalon itself, I've now got my '11 and have to be one of the first. Here are my impressions:

    1. The interior is gorgeous. It is a vast improvement over the '05-'10. There is more wood, it is more natural looking and the aluminium covers are more muted and of higher quality. The gauges are great and it is so much more modern. At this price point, no vehicle has an interior this high of a quality. The Lacrosse is a bit more flashy but not nearly as classy. Nothing Acura has in this range has as clean and luxurious of an interior. The Taurus is nice but not as elegant.

    2. The NAV system is light years ahead although I don't think it is the best NAV out there. It is better. The whole interface with sat radio and the back-up camera is slick and so far, no noticeable lags.

    3. The Limited perforated leather is of a higher quality than the base "Avalon class" but I just like that smooth leather more and I'm not sure why. I have a dog and take people on trips to tennis tournaments so the durability of the perforated leather is going to be awesome but I just like the smooth leather better.

    4. The headroom is the same as the '06-'10. No differences, no problems. It really appears that they tweaked the body exterior panels (not structure) and revamped the interior and electronics. Why fix the things that are not broken?

    5. I didn't think I would want/need the seat extension on the driver's side but I used it on a 75 mile interstate cruise and loved it. I'm over 6' and of a solid frame so maybe more petite people may find it worthless.

    6. I'm still getting used to the HID headlamps. They are nice but I've been driving for 20 years and it is a change.

    7. The Zephyr Blue is gorgeous.

    8. I got the 2 years of maintenance b/c I took delivery by 4/5. It wasn't limited to the '10's (I owned an '04 XLS before buying this '11).

    I wanted one so badly and while I did save $3K on list, I could have maybe saved more if I had waited. I don't regret it. This is a really nice car. It always has been a really nice car but this is the first time the electronics are thoroughly modern. Thumbs up so far!
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    My only complaint is the trim around the nav/radio. It is aluminium and fine but I really love that woodgrain. They could have made it thinner and used woodgrain but then my tastes are influenced by my grandfather's Mercury and Oldsmobiles of the '80's.
  • When you took delivery maybe someone at the dealership mentioned the Toyota vs. Honda "leasing price war"? I would love to go test an '11 Av assuming they are in stock here in Ohio. Anything to add on MSRP and closer-to-invoice discounts in light of this price war? TIA for your thoughts!
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    Before I bought my 2010, I went to the Cleveland Auto show and sat in the
    2011. I did not like the way they changed the interior styling and flow. The 2010 has great interior lines. In the 2011 they trashed all that by simply putting a square box to the right of the steering wheel. That isn't style, it simply makes things easier for the engineer. Glad you like your 2011, but they gave me $6,000 in discounts, which I could not believe, but I just happened to walk in with the sunday paper and all the competitive discounts from all the Toyota dealers at the height of their gas pedal problems and simply stole a 2010 Avalon Ltd.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Can you now enter a destination or use the bluetooth phone features while underway or do you still need to stop the vehicle to input this data into the Nav System? If Toyota is continuing to limit the functionality of the 2011 Avalon Nav system while the vehicle is underway, that is a serious problem from my perspective. Any insight you can share on the Nav system's limitations would be greatly appreciated.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Well what sucks here, is after that cheap prick, "Uncle sam" got done with me, it's not looking very promising that I'll be able to get a 2011 at this time:(

    My 2008 Touring Edition (only 15 months old), already has 42,000 miles on it, and I was hoping to trade while it had some decent value as a trade.

    Sure sounds like the new Avalon is a winner (for some of us).

  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I got $3.3K in discounts so I don't feel too badly b/c it is a year newer than the '10 and that will help with resale down the road. I also got the HID, the back-up camera and the other new features. It is definitely a personal choice. But not for the updated Nav system, I would have made the same choice you did. Both are great cars. However, as for your comments on the dash....the decision had to be born out of necessity. The bi-level display with OBC on the '00-'04 and '05-'10 Avalons was indeed gorgeous. However, it didn't allow for a touch screen Nav and the remote on my '04 or the joystick on the '05-'10 is just not as convenient as a touch screen. To make it a touch screen, they had to put it front and center because to put it recessed on an upper tier, like on the '00-'10 models, would make the touch screen very difficult to use. They probably could have put the OBC on a different tier instead of integrating it with the gauges but, given that the auto temp control also has an LCD display, enough was probably enough. If you want a touch screen that is convenient to touch and convenient to view, it has to be to the right of the steering wheel. Even the Lexus LS has a square screen to the right of the steering wheel.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I can use the Bluetooth on my phone while underway. I don't know if you can make NAV changes while underway. I'm guessing not but you can use the touchscreen to change radio stations, maybe.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Has anyone tried to enter a destination into the new 2011 avalon's Nav system while underway?
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    what kind of gas milage are you getting so far?

    I'm looking to get a black one when they are available on the west coast.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    Gas mileage

    1. Nitrogen in your tires is a must. On highway driving I tried it on an 2006 Corolla
    and 2010 Avalon and it improved highway mileage by 4-5 mpg on a 60 mile trip at 59 mph, dry conditions with medium Ohio hills, not flats and not the Rockies.
    Some Tire dealers in Ohio put it in your tires for free to generate customer loyalty.

    2. The ride is so soft and quiet you dont even want to get anywhere fast so try to use cruise as much as possible.

    3. If you keep the mpg on your dash you will concentrate a little more about getting better mpg

    4. I have owned a 2005 Avalon Ltd and now a 2010 Ltd and I think they have tweaked this car and got most of the bugs out.

    4. My average city/highway so far is about 27.5 mpg
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    For reference, I got around 24 mpg with my '04 XLS. So far, on the '07, I'm getting 27 mpg average so it is a surprising improvement that I hope will get even better after it is broken in and we have warmer weather.
  • jim3jim3 Posts: 19
    I was trying to buy a 2010 with the 3000 discount but hav'nt been able to locate one. They seem to be scarcer than hens teeth, so I've decided to go for the 2011 and am wondering about the pricing. Do they discount from the MSRP, or do they deal a little hardnosed when they first come out?
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    I bought my 2010 two weeks ago. They gave me $3,000 off list, added the tax,
    then gave me another $3,000 off that price. I could not pass it up. I think there was a period at the beginning of March when the heat was on Toyota because of the brakes,etc, and they came up with all these discounts and within two weeks time sucked down a lot of inventory and made a lot of Avalons disappear . It seems
    the 2010's are gone and the 2011's have not come in yet because I cant find any on the new inventory lists at my local toyota dealers.

  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I got $3300 off the MSRP on my '11 LTD w/Nav.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    on my new 2010 avalon I am also averaging 27 mpg combined city and highway.
    I live in a suburban city where there is a lot of distance between traffic lights
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    I walked in my dealer showroom and met with the manager from whom our company purchased 3 previous vehicles over the last six years. I had a copy of Saturdays newspaper with all the competing toyota dealers offers. He gave me 3,000 of list price, then added tax and then gave me another 3,000 of that number,and that is the final deal. That was all done approx March 10 or so, at the height of the toyota brake fiasco. Because of all those deals and offers I think almost all the 2010 avalons are gone and the 2011's are not even on the lots yet. When they arrive, I am again going to sit in one and compare headroom again. I swear they have lowered the head room but this time I am taking a measuring tape. I will make a post about that as soon as they come in. By the way,
    I am averaging 27 mpg city/highway and got 37.7mpg on a 60 mile test drive
    expressway at 59 mpg, with medium Ohio hills and flats.

    Dennis W, Akron, Ohio
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    Hi Jim.
    What state are you in? There are still some 2010's in CA. Have you tried a search on You can plug in your zip code and search by distance as well.
    For my 2010, they took 4700 off the MSRP...added tax and then took another 3000.00 off for the rebate. It may be worthwhile seeing if you can locate a 2010. Your local dealer...or their internet manager can probably locate one for you.
    Just a thought!
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    Am SO glad that you are loving the new 2011. It sounds like the electronics are just what you were hoping for! Glad to hear it!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    WOW - $7,000.00 off the sticker, Damn, what model did you get, and what did you end up paying for it?

  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    It was a 2010 Toyota Avalon Limited (loaded) with Nav, 8 way passenger, special paint, laser cruise, floormats and wheel locks .

    Yes the over 7000.00 reduction and rebates were great. Unfortunately the sales tax (8.25%) and then registration (nearly 500.00!) etc takes a big bite out of that "savings". Don't you just love the government :-) ?
  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    I just saw the new TV commercial for the 2011 Avalon. Boring, cheesy! Even the retirement home crowd will be turned off and put to sleep by this ad. Once again, Toyota undermines one of the best products it has in its fleet.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    I have to say that I agree with you. I don't understand it at all. The '11 base Avalon is priced maybe $2K more than the Accord EX-L V6, has a ton more features, is big, gets the same mileage and is twice as refined. This is a really competitive car in that section but they don't advertise it as such. I really didn't know much about them until a co-worker got one in '04 and I was like, holy crap this thing is comfortable and I could swear I'm in a Lexus. I wish it wasn't a niche car but until they get the word out and maybe make it a touch sportier looking, it is not going to grow from its niche.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    Lentz, Carter, and the Suits strike again. First they go on nationwide media saying, with straight faces, customers' safety and Toyota's reliability are their main concerns. Now the Avy commercial destined to be the meat for late night talk show jokes. The fellas have learned nothing from the GM decades long fiasco.

    I sent an email to Jimbo telling him these things and asking him if Toy's customers are really as dumb as his gang thinks they are. I reminded him of the company's history when in the 1950's they went through a crisis and the guy in charge at that time took the responsibility for it, then resigned. I asked whether he and Carter and the fellas will have that much guts and honesty. I'm not holding my breath waiting for a response.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi, here is the quick reference..
    2011 avalon epa highway 28.. I think you can able to get up to 32 mpg highway if you use cruise control. avalon have 6 speed, so it will give you better gas milage.

    I am currently driving 2006 camry v6. I average 29.3 mpg. best was 32.5 mpg..
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