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Audi A6



  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    Thanks again. My 2.7t is quattro, of course, which I'm also hoping will help with keeping the Dunlops moving in "light" snow. I grew up in NY so I know all about driving in heavy snow, though always with snow tires, not chains. I don't intend to drive when I know the snow is heavy, but it could hit when I was already in the mtns. so I'll keep some in the trunk. At what point does the CHP turn you back if you don't have snow tires or chains when it's snowing?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Look at your front suspension some time. There is an overhand only about 2 inches above the tire and net very far from it horizontally. I'd be looking at Z-chains (cables) only. They fight very tightly and are thin. Anything more and you may be looking at trouble.

    CalTrans (not CHP) will check for chains at designated checkpoints. They move up and down the road depending on the snow level. You will probably be allowed past anyway because you have Quattro. They don't know your tires are no good (on snow) and don't take the time to check them for the M+S designation.

    You really should use your own careful judgement. As to when it isn't safe to proceed.
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I haven't checked the manual yet re: chains, etc. but your point is a good one about clearance. Good point too about what the CHP does at checkpoints. Can't believe they would have the time or interest in checking the M+S designation, so I'm glad I left the Quattro badge on my grill! And, yes, when all is said and done, I use my own judgment on conditions and was a pretty good snow driver before quattro! I just have to remember not to get too complacent now that I have it.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    earlier query, for which I am grateful to those who responded. On the 2.7T, do you experience any kind of turbo-lag (I almost wrote jet-lag) when you hit the gas, as compared to the 2.8 and 4.2?

    I spent the last week (vacation) in Panama City and hoped to find an Audi dealer in Destin ($$$$) but no Audi dealer to be found, unless I am blind (which may be the case)
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    And any lag is balanced by the 2.7T's tremendous low RPM torque response, which comes on under 2000 RPM. I think the 4.2's torque doesn't come on strong 'til well over 3000rpm. In reality, its splitting hairs performance-wise. The 2.8 is a good engine, but its not in the same performance league as the bi-turbo or the 4.2.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    When coming from very low RPMs. Basically from idle. However, as dwpc says, the lag is minimal, and the fact that you hit full torque (well above Audi's stated max) at about 1900rpm makes up for it.

    If you really can't deal with turbo lag, you don't have much choice other than the 4.2. Me, I find the lag to be so minimal as to not be a problem.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    If you haven't driven with a turbocharged engine, you might have the wrong idea of what turbo lag is. Turbo lag refers to the time needed for the turbos to spool up to produce boost. Its not like you press the gas pedal and nothing happens. There is no lag or pause in acceleration; it just a moment until you feel the FULL turbo boost effect and take off like a rocket.
  • When a passenger in my 2000 A6 2.7, hits the Driver passenger window down button sometimes, actually almost all the time they have to hit it twice.
    At first I thought maybe my passengers were doing something wrong but then I tried it and it did the same thing.
    My Driver Console works great for all the windows.
    I took my car in for its 6-Month service and alerted the service rep.

    If fact when I was there, the rep had to roll down the window to put in the anti theft box or whatever that thing is, and it did the same thing.
    He said he would check it out.

    Upon picking my car up the first thing I did was check the window and it did the same thing.
    The rep and My salesman said that all there A6's
    Did that.
    On the service report they stated that
    "The car is operating according to Manufacturing
    Specifications at this time"
    My Boss has a 1999 A6 2.8 and his Driver Passenger
    window works perfect everytime.

    Am I Doing something wrong.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem.
    Steve Bollinger, Do you have any suggestions.
    Thank You All.
  • Back to messages around 307 or so where 2.7T owners were discussing experiencing hesitation when at very low speed. I have also experienced this off and on and to varying degrees, especially when taking off from a complete stop, or when moving slowly in traffic and then accelerating. It reminds me of an old Mercury that a college friend had a number of years ago. His automatic did a very similar feeling thing when it was running low on transmission fluid. (Yes, he had a leak that he couldn't afford to fix.) Please keep us up to date. I'm approaching the 5000 mile/6 month checkup and will ask about it too.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I'm confused, Tom. Are you referring to the front passenger window? If so, are you saying that if a passenger pushes and holds the window button on the front passenger door, nothing happens? Or, are you saying that the "express down" feature (push & immediately release for full down) on the front passenger window requires two pushes/releases before the window goes down?

    At any rate, I just tried the express down on all 4 of my windows. They all work normally from the buttons on their respective doors. That is, a single push and immediate release results in full lowering of the windows. If yours doesn't do that, something's wrong.
  • tk456tk456 Posts: 1
    When the radio was changed for the 2000 model year, was the only thing that changed the radio interface? Or did the speakers and sound quality change too? Thanks
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    What you mention is definitely not normal. Reset the window by holding up on the switch for about 5 seconds, releasing, then hold up 5 seconds again. If that doesn't fix it, there is something wrong, something the dealer should replace.

    I presume you are holding down the switch when it doesn't work? That is, press and hold, release, press and hold to make it work? It really sounds like a problem in the auto-up.

    My drivers window required resetting once (as described above). The only other problem I've had is that if you start all 4 windows in motion in quick succession, usually the auto-up will reverse on one or more windows. This is because the auto-up detects motor stalls through voltage drops. When you turn on all 4 windows at once the voltage drops and the falses the sensor. Not great, but not a big problem. I just take a little longer between lifting the front two switches and then lifting the back two.
    Thank you for your help.
    I Picked up my A6 2.7 Sat and the Passenger side
    window switch works fine. My salesman told me they reset the switch.
    Steve, I wish you worked at my dealer.
    My Question is, Why did I have to Bounce it back to them in the first place ??.
    I Also had a Squeak in my back Seat, again they fixed it only after I Complained.
    Some of the Excuses my dealer comes up with are so lame that they are Insulting.
    Example: They originally they said the Squeak in my back seat was the back brakes engaging ????
    Overall all my problems have been minor
    and after 3-Days in a 1996 Volvo My 2.7 is a Dream Machine.
    Thanks again.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    There seems to be some consistency to reports about lack of responsiveness by Audi dealers and AoA. If true it will bite them in the end because more and more potential buyers read these forums. When selling $40+ cars, they ought to fall over themselves to keep their customers happy. The best written warranty in the world is no better than the company support its given. I haven't had any real problems with my 2.7T yet (1100 mi.), but I do have a list of minor gripes that I expect my dealer to correct. If I have to put up with miserly service, I'll take my business elsewhere (BMW, Lexus) in three years. You'd think that a company that took so many years to recover from the Audi 5000 troubles in the 80's would have learned their lesson. We'll see.
  • the Audi A6 Turbo Diesel Wagon yet? I drove one in Europe last month and was pleasantly surprised. Just wondered if anyone else had been over there and wants to share an opinion or two...
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I've had several issues which required my dealer's attention for my A4 and while they haven't always figured out straight away they have bent over backwards to take care of me. They even loaned me a brand new A6 which made me hope that they would never fix my A4.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    tmayer1, glad your windows are operational again.

    On to dealer responsiveness:
    I do keep hearing problems such as are spoken on here, with dealers being reticent to fix or look at problems. Mine has been quite the opposite, asking if I have any complaints I want looked at each time my car is in. At times, they have been hamstrung by parts availability (still waiting on a radio), but they do mean well.

    I wonder what makes a dealer take a particular stance either way? If your repairs are warranty repairs they actually make a profit fixing them, so I don't know why they'd balk at that. For really minor things like resetting your window system, it just seems like it takes less time to fix it than argue about it!

    I've never had an Audi as a loaner yet (I get awful little cars), but otherwise the dealer has been as helpful as they could be.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Usually, I just listen in here, but I may have something to contribute for once --

    often, in a luxury car environment (Audi, MB, and so on) the people working on the car share some blue-collar resentment of the people who they see can "afford" such machines. They see that their customers are -- like all customers -- a mix of idiocy, arrogance, and irnorance (as well as many of the nicer qualities) and do what they can to exercise a moment of superiority over their custo ... err, victims. It must, for example, be frustrating to a mechanic who likes fine machinery to see it having troubles due to sloppy and inconsiderate maintenance.

    I once had an acquaintance, a MB mechanic, confess over a couple of beers that they often "lost" parts orders or inserted additional minor problems (loose bolts, rattles, etc.) just "for fun" when a car was in the shop, especially when they perceived the customer as "asking for it."

    I suspect that such attitudes may fester in a difficult working environment and may only disappear if the dealership owner makes a concerted effort to generate respect for the purchaser in his staff. My guess, in other words, is it comes from the top down.


    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I suspect that weak service is a byproduct of the "squeeze-blood-from-a-turnip" deal shopping so common now. With margins much lower than they used to be, dealers can't afford to "eat" non-covered costs to keep the customers happy the way they used to. Many years ago, I worked as a service writer at a long established Pontiac/GMC dealer near Detroit. It was common practice for them to cover repairs (to cars they had sold) that GM wouldn't, just to keep buyers satisfied. It worked too; they did a large % of new sales business to return customers.
  • I and many others on the board suffer with the same high speed vibration in our 2000 A6 2.7T's. We have repeatedly had our tires balanced and rotated and switched out to no avail. We have been discussing a class-action suit. In the meantime, I would love to correspond with you directly about this. Please e-mail me at

    Just so we're clear, this is a vibration--a slight one--felt through the pedal and seat at around 65 mph, and which disappears at about 85 mph. Right?

    Please provide more details about the arbitration.
  • 314314 Posts: 2
    I have cable type chains and they are to fit less than snug so they can rotate around the tire slowly and not sit in one place on the tire and possibly damage tire.
  • And just what would the class action be....being uncomfortable at certain speeds? I'm also on the Audi world board frequently and haven't heard about any injuries or deaths coming from the vibration. You guys kill me with the knee jerk reaction to sue...especially the scary words... class action. Funny, as you know (as an attorney), the only "class" that benefits financially from class actions are the attorneys!Obviously, the car shouldn't vibrate at any (reasonable) speed and Audi needs to fix it. Your remedies are already available, get them to fix it, pursue lemon law reimbursement or just sell the car! If Audi has built a lousy car, the market will take care of them eventually and they will lose their collective shirts. Personally, I hope not, because my A6 2.7t is the best car I've owned, with no more or less wrong with it than the Mercedes E class I owned before it. That said, I hope you get the vibration cured so that you can truly enjoy your fabulous car!
  • I'm so pleased with my '99 A6 that I'm going to buy a 2001 A6. I'd like to take European delivery, drive it on vacation, and ship it back to U.S. My dealer says Audi won't let him do it. Sounds like poor business decision for Audi, if true. Can I go direct to a European dealer, or is there another way of doing it. Better yet, has anyone done it? Any pros or cons? Thanks.
  • My 2.7T has had no vibrations at highway speeds. In fact, the car is a dream at 70 mph. My only problem is remembering I had 5th and 6th gears to cruise in. I usually cannot hear or feel the engine over the radio at those speeds, and find my self in 4th, revving 4000 rpm. Could your vibrations be coming from the tires you guys have on your cars. Mine came with the weak Goodyear tires. I wanted the Dunlops, but none in my dealer had them. The Goodyears are not great tires, and can't wait until they go bad to change them. Maybe your tires are the Dunlops that everyone raves about.

    As for service, mine is pretty new. In Miami, we had some serious floods, and the dealership is pretty backed up to get around to new appointments. They gave me one in three weeks, and will call me if anything opens up before. My dad, however, had an 1984 Audi 5000S, which was his worst nightmare. He tried suing AoA, and basically, had no luck. He eventually sold it and has been a BMW faithful ever since. When I got my Audi, he almost went crazy. After he drove it, he calmed down, but he is waiting for my transmission to fall to the ground, as his did the day he got it.

    Good luck with the vibrations.
  • I cannot get help with this design flaw from audi.The air dam on the A6 2.7T is not only low ,but there is a lip underneath that gets caught on some wheel stops in parking lots ,especially the ones that you find in parking garages and hospital parking lots.Once your caught and you back will rip the bumper loose.Audi is aware of this and will replace it once,but after that your stuck.In my case the dealer got it caught the first time upon delivery but wont admit it.We were not warned that this could happen again,So we assumed that there was a problem that was fixed. You would think that there would be a bulletin on this. Audi has been no help and the dealer charged us 278.00 to cut and trim the bent lip under the car.They claim it took four hours of labor.This by the way was Reeves import auto in Tampa. Anyone else having this problem
  • just picked up 2001 a6 2.7t. a beautiful, quick machine. however, as i listened and looked for anything strange driving it (i tend to do that upon driving a new car) i noticed that after reaching about 60 mph i began hearing more of the wind than i should hear on a car of this caliber (and yes my windows and sunroof were all closed) has anybody else noticed this???
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Maybe my car is quieter, maybe I'm not as picky, but I find my 2000 A6 to be very quiet at high speeds. My lady and I were just commenting on that very thing yesterday while driving down 101 in northern CA. At 70 - 75 m.p.h., the car is incredibly quiet. Of course, there's really no way of knowing whether my car has more or less wind noise than yours. Suffice to say that I find the amount of wind noise at speed to be far from objectionable.
  • It was interesting to see some window problems. Just this weekend, I noticed by express up on my driver's side window (2000 A6 2.8) slows to almost a stall going up, but eventually makes it. I will try the reset trick tonight. The other 3 windows rise and fall at the original pace. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • I love my 2.7t PSK, but I also believe the wind noise is more than it should be. Even at low speeds ( 40-50 mph) it sounds like the wind is swirling around the car as if it were it windy day outside. I also get a bit of a whistle at 50-60 mph sometimes. I'm comparing it to my wife's S80 T-6 and the MB I had before this. Others on the Audiworld forum have reported it, though many, like the post above rave about how quiet the car is for them. I'll have the dealer look into it at first service. My bet is that the windshield is not quite sealed properly. On the good side, this car seems to get better, quicker as I get some miles on it. Wonderful driving machine.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Regarding the "lazy" window, I don't have any specific answers for you, but I've heard of others having the same problem. I suggest visiting the A6 forum at and posing your question there. I can just about guarantee that you'll get answers.
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