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Audi A6



  • Thanks to all of you who posted on this board. It's amazing what you find when you know what to look for. I test drove the A6 2.7T I was dealing on and it had lass distortion on the driver's side and a quiet rattle in the ash tray - which I'm sure would only get worse. The dealer is going to replace the windhsield and look into the rattle. But, here's my dilema. Do I go ahead and purchase this car since it has had its windshield replaced? Also, I noticed today, which I didn't notice the other day, it has 160 miles on it. Apparantly they used it as a demo for a while. Any thoughts on how much more I should negotiate off the price. I'm already at $42,687 on an invoice of $40,877.


  • I also live in S. Fla. and I was also looking at at the MB CLK320 and the BMW 530i. I ended up with an Audi A6 2.7T. At first, I went to the Collection, but hated their treatment. They actually tried to talk me out of a 2.7T and into a 2.8, which he had a bunch of in stock. Also, he told me I would have to wait 6 months for a manual 2.7T to come in, since they were only built upon order. I went to Prestige Imports in N. Miami Beach, and they had 10 A6 2.7T in stock, three of which were manuals. They was able to haggle a good price with them, and their treatment was excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone, even though I live 3 miles away from the Collection.

    BTW, I leased my Audi for 39 months. Don't ask me why. When I asked, they told me there was a big drop in the payments between a 36 month and 39 month. Doesn't really matter. The maintenance and warranty is for 4 years. If you need a basis, I pay low $600 range, w/o sales tax, with preferred package, premium package, xenons, bose.

    Best of luck to you.

    Good Luck.
  • zierzier Posts: 9
    A few test drives would bring it to 160 miles. That is not unreasonable for a new car. My A6 4.2 had 80 miles, and I put on 70 of them in 2 test drives!!
  • zierzier Posts: 9
    According to Edmunds own TMV, you should be close to 2000 above invoice on A6 2.8 amd 2.7T. ABout 3000-4000 for the 4.2. If you get cars that are fully optioned, Audi has no dealer hold back and they tend to be a little higher above invoice since they are rare. A fully optioned 2.8 comes in at about 45,000 MSRP, 2.7T at about 50,000, and the 4.2 at about 57,000. Unless you order, these are hard to find and Audi dealers tend to seperate a little more from the invoice price on their best deals. Use Edmunds TMV calculator so you can see what Edmunds says people are paying for the car in your area (yes, competition matters, the more dealers in your area the better!!) and do not spend MORE than that, and try to get a better deal and a bit closer to the invoice price.
  • The Audi North American operation headquarters are more difficult to contact than some one at Fort Knox. In fact I had no problem reaching the heart specialist, but could not speak to any one at Audi, regardless what I have tried in my endeavor to contact them. Be aware, that these people do not wish to enter into a dialog to resolve problems, therefore will not answer the calls. My new car with replacement tires is not working properly and it vibrates, the entire car. If some one has identical problems, please contact me at
  • aholaahola Posts: 2
    With PST 17 " performance is faster, quicker, and stiffer than regular suspension non-sport and 16 "...and more money.
    However the ride is also harsher on rough roads with the 17 " package; and the car is closer to ice, rocks, speed bumps which could also be bad for your front bumper; and the sidewalls of the 17 " are thinner which could be bad after hitting a pot hole at speed.
    The choice might also be between PST and PSK ...same suspension but different tires. 17 " costs more and on the track ( good roads ) more responsive yet lower sidewalls, etc.
    Finally, consider Dunlop sp 5000 not sp sport 9000 zr 17 " if in the snow.
  • With limited haggling, I was able negotiate a 2001 A6 4.2 for $2600 over invoice (didn't use an internet buying service - did it myself), regardless of options.

    Had to order it in mid February for March build. Expect it to arrive in late May/early June. Not bad, considering I had to wait 20 weeks in three years ago when I ordered my A4 2.8Q.
  • zierzier Posts: 9
    The A6 4.2 that I purchased 2 weeks ago had every option on it, including the $1200 perlescent paint. It was rolling off the truck when I was visiting the dealer, and drove off with it the next day!! No wait!!
  • datsun2datsun2 Posts: 5
    It is happening again, even after having them fixed back in August. My 99 A6Q is going back in for another round of fuel tank senders. Plus the computer screen on the dash board is going, and I had all 6 fuel injectors replaced 2 months ago.

    This car is nothing but problems. I love it so I may ride out the what else is there to buy? Next problem it goes though.

    Anyone else having problems like this?
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20
    You really have two questions here, one concerning the suspension and another with the wheels. I'll address each separately.

    Wheels-I would definitely go with the 17" tires and I practice what I preach. Last October, I purchased a used 2000 2.7T that had the stock 16" sport wheels and Dunlop 9000 tires. I live in Cincinnati and quickly discovered that the 9000's are NOT a very good snow tire. After much research, I came to two possibilities for tires. One set of all weathers or two sets (one for each season). The Dunlop 5000's (mentioned in post 876) won out easily for all weathers. I NEVER read one bad post or review on them. Two sets seem a little excessive for me. The thought of a "sticky" summer tire I admit is appealing but since I don't plan on racing; the cost of one tire, not having to worry about changing between seasons and the performance reviews of the 5000's, convinced me that was the route to take. If you don't need to drive in snow, 9000's would be a fine tire. Now to the wheel size. While doing my homework for tires, it was inevitable to see remarks about size differences. The 2.7T is just as much a performance car as a luxury sedan. A car with a 250+HP twin turbos engine does NOT deserve to be fitted with 16" tires IMHO. In fact, I think Audi should make the 17" standard OEM for the 2.7T. So, I purchased a set of 17"; SSR Competition wheels and Dunlop 5000 tires from Tirerack (very good service). I couldn't be happier. The wider tire easily fits in the wheel well with no rubbing and gives the car a very different feel. I don't notice it as much on the highway with straight tracking but when driving around tight corners with varying speed...big difference. I HIGHLY recommend that you go to a 17" wheel. Some will tell you that ride smoothness is degraded but I can say from experience (having had both sizes), that the ride is compromised very little. In fact, I went all the way up to 245/45-17 (most 17" wheel set ups use a 235) and still feel the ride is pretty smooth. The choice of all weather or two sets for seasons is up to you. It depends on your climate, how much money your willing to spend, etc.

    Suspension-While I think the 17" wheel choice is a no brainier, the choice of suspension isn't quite as obvious. To stick with the same philosophy as above, it's a performance car and I feel that the PSK (sport suspension) is the right way to go. Unfortunately, I'm not practicing what I preach here. Mine came with the PSP sport package (16" sport wheels and seats). The later 2000 models had the PSK option, which also had the suspension. Bummer, but like I said, I bought used and that's what it came equipped with. I'm considering changing out the suspension but am concerned with a non-OEM setup that would drop the car too low. I want the stiffer/tighter feel but I don't like the idea of my Audi scrapping speed bumps or snow drifts. The sport package option Audi offers is very nice in that it isn't too low but has a nice tight feel to it. If you want the maximum smooth sedan feel, don't get the sport suspension. If you want better performance, get it. As I mentioned, I think this car deserves a sport suspension.

    Didn't mean to be so long winded but just wanted to try to offer some constructive info to help you.

    Good luck,
    Rick 2000 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport(PSP)/Convenience/Cold Weather Pkgs
    SSR Competition wheeks
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Rwish: I leased a new 1997 A8 with the 17" wheel/tire option -- put Pirelli PZeros @ 245 45 17 on the car -- then called Joe Hoppen and he sent an S8 suspension to Northland Audi here in Cincinnati. The components were springs, struts and sway bars -- the cost was about $2500. The installation was in two steps -- one day to do the work and an all wheel alignment -- then in 1,000 miles another all wheel alignment. Obviously far more $ than the factory option -- made a big diff in handling, no real diff in ride quality. Lowered the car about 20mm (.8 inches). Glad I did it -- made me "unhappy" that factory option was only avail in Europe. Audi sport suspensions -- at least based on my experience are so subtle in the difference they make in ride quality -- should be the standard suspension here from AudiUSA. Personal opinion.

    This suspension came in a box with the four rings on it. They called it the S8 kit. My assumption is that there is a similar kit that would be called the quattro sport kit for the 2.7T A6 (not the S6 kit which I assume would only be available for the 4.2 A6). Hoppen motorsports @ I have a factory sport package on my 2001 A6 4.2 and I am very pleased with it -- wish there would be an S6 sedan here in USA -- maybe next time.

    If you can "swing it" financially go for it -- conversely, for about $3,000 you may get out of your current A6 and get a new one with the 17" wheels and the sport suspension (on a lease).

  • rwishrwish Posts: 20

    Thanks for the info. I went to the website but unfortunately they have no offerings for an A6 sport suspension. I sent them an e-mail asking if they will have availability in the near future. I like the fact that it only dropped your car .8 inches (20 mm). As I mentioned in the other post, I don't like the idea of dropping the car too much but that sounds like a reasonable tolerance. "Getting out of my current A6" isn't an option. For starters, I bought outright (didn't lease) and got a very nice deal on it ($36K). It's in perfect condition other than 24K in mileage. I don't think I could part with her now! Hopefully I can come up with a reasonable option for the suspension (not too much $, comes with a good recommendation for the ride stiffness/comfort and doesn't drop the car too much).

    Again, thanks for the info.

    Rick 2000 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport(PSP)/Convenience/Cold Weather Pkgs
    SSR Competition wheeks
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20
    I had the old Dunlop 9000's tires stripped off the wheels and disposed of. They weren't bald but you also wouldn't want to put them on another car. They had 30K on them and they were ready for replacement. The wheels however are in A+ condition and are sitting in my laundry room carefully covered and tucked away until I decided what to do with them. For the right $, I'd sell them but am content to sit tight as I don’t need the money and they may be handy later. My thought is that I can keep them for the future in case I wanted to put some Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Positions (or other summer tire) on the 17" wheels and snow tires on 16" ones. That would obviously be a ways in the future as I just bought the all weathers. If you’re interested, I can send a pic of them when they were on the car and another close-up of them off. They are the 6-spoke 16” sport wheels.

    Rick 2000 2.7T Ebony Pearl
    Sport(PSP)/Convenience/Cold Weather Pkgs
    SSR Competition wheels
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343

    Call Bill Fliehman @ Northland Audi -- he recommended NON-Audi springs for my 1995 Audi S6 from a "local" company. Lowered the car a bit (perhaps the afforementioned 20mm) and tightened up the handling -- did not change either the struts or the sway bars, however (this was under $800). Bill is available @ 513-851-5900.

    I'll bet that Hoppen can get you the whole kit, tho -- he and his son seem to know "everything" about Audi's. Strange that there was no mention of it on his web-site. Sorry.

    Anyway, for the above mod's price, you will love your sportier 2.7T -- also of some note, Hoppen offers several chip upgrades for the 2.7T -- from mild to wild. We did a "mild" one on my wife's 2000 TT (which we then traded in on a 2001 TT with the 225HP engine, so go figure).

    Drive it like you live!
  • jdg99jdg99 Posts: 6
    I just bought a used 99 A6Q. I love it and it looks and runs good as new, although I'm a little concerned about its long term reliability. Can you tell me what kinds of problems you have had so far? I have another year of factory warranty and am still on the fence about whether to purchase a 2nd party warranty for it.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Since you used the word "bought" which makes me think you plan to keep the car a long time -- I would ask if there is an Audi extended warranty available for it.

    I have had many Audi's and would consider them reliable -- but everything mechanical breaks. And on a German Car -- any German Car -- the repair costs out of warranty are Breathtaking!

    Even some of the maintenance costs (once you get above 50,000 miles) will get your attention.

    My advice -- get the extended Audi Warranty (if it is available) -- service the car regularly (I would service it every 5,000 miles -- you know oil, filter, etc. I would also have all the fluids changed before 50,000 miles and again before 100,000 miles if you plan to keep the car until the wheels turn square -- as my old aunt used to say).

    If the extended Audi Warranty is NOT available, read the fine print on the non-Audi warranty and be guided accordingly. You should get 150,000 miles out of the entire package without a major tear down/rebuild if you take care of the little details regularly and frequently. Of course, this is probably a platitude.

  • josephf2josephf2 Posts: 3
    My 2000 A6 without quattro has a very harsh ride. The effect of the standard 16" tires and lack of 4 wheel independent suspension, especially the rear, are disappointing. Can anyone recommend any fixes such as different shock absorbers? The tires still have one-half of their life remains. Thanks.
  • bthirkbthirk Posts: 8
    Hi all!!

    Thanks for your numerous and detailed responses to my post #867.

    I am picking up my new 2.7 I next week!! It just came off the boat. I saw it at the dealer on Friday and it was virgin (inside sealed in plastic wrap!!) It has the PST option (Sport Pkg. I/ 17" wheels.) It seems for my driving needs and abilities the 17" is the way to go. The only thing is I hear is that the stock tires are LAME! I might upgrade to Dunlop or Pirelli later on.

    Also getting PFX, PPL, Bose, and Cold Weather Pkg. Had hoped for the 3Y5 sunshades but those have to be special ordered, didn't want to wait for 3 months!!!!

    By the way: Tornado Red/Melange!!

    Keep you posted!
  • gjo11gjo11 Posts: 7
    Note of thanks to those on this site who replied to me queries on the 4.2. I had the local dealer at 48,500 for 4.2 on the lot(which was a terrific price) but could not pull the trigger. Couple of nagging issues left me uncomfortable. 1. Dealer seemed weak in the attention to detail on service. No established policy for loaner etc. Did not seem to focus on the after sale issues, never introduced me to service personnel etc. 2. The car had some nice features but seemed overprice for what you get. On second test drive had serious shimmy in wheel when braking(warped rotors?) that dealer didn't seem to concerned about addressing.Engine noise was a little high In comparison, I sunk another 5k into a Lexus ls430 that provides me with just about everything I wanted. Size, power, smooth ride, luxury, and little details, like a auto headlight system. Don't you think if you spend 50k I on a car(that's a lot of money!) you should have the convenience of stuff like that? Anyway, what is lacking in the Lexus is the styling and fun factor, but in the end, i figure those things will fade much sooner than the comfort and reliability.Perhaps in another 4 years Audi will have progressed even further in their attempts to keep pace with the competition. Thanks again for your knowledgeable input.
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    Congrats on your new car! I hope everybody here doesn't jump all over you because you chose a Lexus.

    I agree that Audi has some strange feature mis-steps, like having to turn the headlights on/off. My other car is a Mazda 626 ES-V6 and I remember being surprised every month or two by some convenient thing it would do, like turn the lights off for me. My A6 4.2 has great features, but it doesn't surprise me with its thoughtfulness.

    I will say that you just had a bad dealer. It's, admittedly, harder to find a bad Lexus dealer.

    However, the 4.2 does have more power on the torque curve, tremendous comfort, unbeatable luxury and most importantly, Quattro. With the recent heavy rains here in San Jose, I've been surprised at just how much Quattro helps for such conditions, even though my other car has an excellent traction control system. For this reason, as long as I can afford it and nothing better comes out, I will only buy Audi's from now on.

    Lexus makes great cars. Quattro moves the Audi's into another league. Never thought I'd say it, but it's true.
  • rwishrwish Posts: 20
    Good luck with the Lexus, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I can't say I agree with some of your conclusions (esp. the comfort and reliability) but that's what makes the world go round.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    One -- not the only one, but ONE very important detail you left out in your decision process -- quattro = safety, quattro = performance (not to mention the "design" of the 4.2 "package" which I have been told was meant to have engine sounds under acceleration).

    The Lexus is by all accounts a fine car, indeed, it is possibly a more reliable car, but it is neither a more capable (performance) or safer car than the A6 4.2 quattro.

    I am personally disappointed in the dealer's treatment of you. Shame on this dealer, for I suspect you could have been "turned" with better treatment from the dealer.

    Ironically, on the issue of "luxury" -- I often see postings here and elsewhere saying the A6 leans too much on being a luxury car.

    Auto-on headlights among several other "traditional" luxury options would be on my list, too: rain sensing wipers would be on my list and tire pressure (on dash) readout and/or tire pressure regulator would, however, top the list. I look at this and think most of my "wants" lean more towards safety and performance rather than poshness, though. Hmmm. Just goes to say luxury is very personal.

    Net net: Lexus does not = quattro. Not even close.

    Enjoy your Lexus, maybe next time quattro will get you!
  • mauritiusmauritius Posts: 12

    Regarding the rain sensor option, my friend who has the Jaguar said it is not worth it. Imagine you have the auto-sensor on and you forget to turn it off when you send it into the car wash...before you know it, another trip to the Jaguar service center. I am sure there are people who will rememebr to turn it off everytime before the carwash. But for those who are a bit absent-minded, they prefer to have the sensor off.

    And if I may, although I love my 4.2 very much, I have to admit that the S-type styling (exterior only) beats Audi hands-on. Its styling will remain fresh 20 years from now (whether the rest of the car can keep up with that is another story).

    It seems to me from the posts that none of us here have the Nav.System. Is the Audi Nav. really that bad?

    Alfred 4.2 Melange/Melange
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    Actually, mine is fully loaded, except for the sport option. I love it! It's not distracting like the color screen can be. Every so often, the volume on the radio/cell phone gets turned down and a gentle woman's voice provides instruction. It comes from a speaker behind the driver, so it's almost like someone's whispering in your ear, giving you directions.

    Other NAV systems look better, by far, but the Audi Nav is the most practical.

    Improvements? Better accuracy, include business listings, use a DVD instead of CD's based on region, an IR port so that you can transfer addresses to/from a PalmPilot or something, move the controls so that my passenger doesn't think I'm trying to touch her butt.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The S Jaguar is beautiful indeed -- no argument.

    I have every option on my 2001 A6 4.2 except CD changer and Pearl White Paint. The NAV system is excellent, I like it very much, it is not perfect. My friend has a BMW 7 series with the screen in the center of the dashboard. It looks really cool. The directions it provides are virtually if not literally identical to the Audi's. It has a moving map -- it looks very high tech. I do not think it is more accurate and it too uses a CD instead of a DVD. It costs more than double the Audi system -- it too is not worth the price.

    I would get my nav system again (it is part of the guidance package -- the park assist is really a nice feature). The "stand alone" price of the nav is about $1250 -- It is probably worth $750.00. But, since I have used it many times I would not hesitate to pay the full $1250 again. I just think it is pricey (probably because it is relatively a "new" feature in autombiles).

    I would lobby for the full screen option and DVD (like the Accura or Lexus has, so I am told). But I would probably not pay for the full screen if it is priced like the BMW or Merc -- $1250 for the system we have in the Audi (with a DVD map) would be -- currently -- just right.

    The nav is great in the cities I drive in, especially when I have to go to 1234 Crabtree Street and I have never heard of it nor has anyone else -- I just dial it in and let the Audi Lady tell me what to do.

    The integrated factory phone is the best car phone I have ever had -- too. And, with the pending laws regarding in car phone use, I am set (for another 27 months anyway, when my lease runs out). And, don't be fooled by the Analog vs Digital argument -- my analog Audi factory phone has yet to have a "digital or any other kind of drop out."
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    I agree about the phone. I love my SprintPCS phone ($159) for 3000 Anytime minutes, wireless web, SMS paging and long distance included, but I do get glitches and dropped calls. With the Audi built-in phone, I can effortlessly hold calls where my Sprint phone can't find service at all. In fact, I've "never" been out-of-service.

    The integration with the steering wheel/dashboard/stereo/NAV system is incredible. Playing a CD or cassette? It pauses while you yak on the phone. It's so awesome to dial a number without moving your eyes far from the road (it's right between the tach and speedometer). It also isn't affected by the ignition position once you've started a call.

    If you have backseat passengers who want to make a private call, just turn the armrest up and it's easy for them to make a phone call too, not just the driver or front-seat passengers. Awesome!

    Now, about the NAV. A color map in the center of the dashboard would be distracting. What I like about the current NAV system is that it's NOT unnecessarily colorful. Squinting to see street names on a map while driving wouldn't add much to the experience. It would just look cool to my friends. Audi will be releasing Nav PLUS, with a secondary color screen in either 2002 or 2003. Would I buy it? Heck, yes. Would I use the color screen if I were in the car alone. No, I'd keep my eyes on the road.

    Isn't it cool to go get yourself lost, then tell the car to get you home? I love being able to save addresses and locations on the NAV, but would like to know how many you can save. Any clue?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I agree with you about the Nav system. I just thought the Bimmer one looked cool -- but other than the coolness it had no real addtional value -- and at the reported or rumored $3495 price, I would probably go with the "Nav lite" system we have now and Pearl White Paint. Now if the Nav Plus used different software or data CD (or DVD what ever is used at that time, i.e.) I might consider it.

    The Nav features I am starting to learn and love include: Fast Route, Short Route and Re-route (the latter for traffic problems) -- a few turns of the dial and a click and ta da -- THE ROUTE IS BEING CALCULATED!

    If you need to find fast food, family food or fine dining, The "Audi Lady" knows where the restaurants are too. Need to find the Colubmus Ohio airport -- no problemo, just dial in Columbus and pick special destinations, Airports, Port Columbus -- and there it is -- THE ROUTE IS BEING CALCULATED! Sublime.

    What a great technology -- part toy, to be sure, but mostly a safety and convenience technology.

    I don't know how many destinations can be stored in memory. Sorry.

    And yes it is great to be in the middle of nowwhere and push the button to "get you home" -- and the Audi Lady says THE ROUTE -- you know the rest.

    When considering any of the Audi models at least pause for a moment to check out the Guidance Package or Nav option. You may find that Nav goes from nice to have to must have.
  • mauritiusmauritius Posts: 12
    You guys make me regret of not ordering the navigation. Obviously, the easiest solution is to buy a new Audi. Is there any other less expensive option?
  • ebrodskyebrodsky Posts: 7
    When you talk about "dialing" it in, how exactly do you dial in numbers and letters?

    Also, I occasionally part with my A6 2.7T and rent a car if I need to take a long, one day, high mileage business trip. This saves me miles on my 20k miles/year lease and actually costs my company less than reimbursing me 34.5 cents/mile. On a recent trip I rented a new Saab 9-5 SE; not a bad substitute for my 2.7T but definitely a step down. For the heck of it, I tried out the On Star navigation system. It worked pretty nicely, with a live woman (or man - sorry!) giving you step by step directions and staying on the line with you as long as you like.

    Again, curious about the "dialing in" on the Audi nav system.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    On all US Audis: Between the tachometer and speedometer is a rectangular screen (about the size of a playing card). This is where the Nav system visual readouts are displayed.

    First push the Nav button on the console -- this starts the Nav system (if it is the first time, you will receive a WARNING -- do not attempt to set this while driving, etc. etc. -- push the Nav button a second time to get the system "activated.")

    Once activated you have several options, too numerous to detail here -- one of the options is called SELECTION. Generally there will be a solid red arrow pointing to the word SELECTION, the next step is to press down on the round dial in the middle of the cluster of buttons on the console. At the top of the screen you will see ABCDEFG. . . . XYX 0123456789 and several arrows (one of them is a "bent arrow" like the one that is often on the enter key on a computer keyboard).

    All that you need to do is turn the dial until the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the City you wish to select is highlighted in reverse red video. Then press down on the dial. Instantly all cities in the database beginning with that letter are displayed. The procedure is repeated until you see your city on the verticle stack of names on the display in the center of the dashboard. Dial P, press enter, Dial I, press enter, Dial T, press enter, Dial T, press enter, Dial "bent arrow" press enter, twist the dial until Pittsburgh, PA is highlighted, press enter, then you may select the street, street address or intersection (if you know it). Conversely if all you know is the name of the city and the restaurant Mortons of Chicago, you would select Pittsburgh, PA, enter, twist the dial to "special destinations" press enter, scroll through yet another list that says Airports, Police, Audi Dealers, Churches, Schools, Fairground, Parks, Restaurants, press enter, twist press M, twist press O, twist press R, twist through the list until you see Mortons of Chicago, enter. Press select and the Audi Lady will say THE ROUTE IS BEING CALCULATED and you will be guided either the Fastest or the Shortest (at your selection) route from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh, and when you drive by Mortons the Audi Lady will declare YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION -- too bad polite applause or a cheer doesn't follow.

    When you are driving along with the CD playing, the Audi Lady will from time to time turn the volume down on the CD, give you an instruction FOLLOW THE ROAD or TURN LEFT ONE HALF MILE or other instructions, then slowly turn the CD back to the level you were had selected previously.

    It is so cool, way cool in fact!

    That's all there is to it -- it took 5 minutes to figure it out and everytime I use it I become more proficient at its many features (bored with miles?, switch to metric, no problem). Want to learn (a little) French?, change from English to French -- etc.

    Highly enjoyable and valuable technology -- but I still think the system we have on US Audis should be under $1,000. But I love it.
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