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Audi A6



  • tonyroytonyroy Posts: 3
    Are new A6 buyers concerned about reliability. Have you seen Consumer Reports?????
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    I've had my 2001 A6 4.2 since January 31st. 3300 miles. No problems other than spending too much time taking unnecessary trips. On one occasion, I found myself saying "Thank God for crazy Germans who would build a car this incredibly beautiful and for convincing Audi Financial Services to let me lease it."

    Buy it for a month or'll get religion...
  • I think a lot of the people who aren't concerned with reliability are primarily those who lease (and those who don't mind going to the dealer to have "minor" problems repaired). If you are keeping a car for a longer term, it is definitely an issue. Ignore Consumer Reports at your own risk. I like the A6 very much, but I cannot overlook the problems that have been reported. Some owners are trouble free, but the overall probability is an important factor. Personally, I am still hopeful that reliability will improve as Audi continues to refine the design. Even a Lexus will have problems that are expensive to repair as it ages and after it is out of warranty.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Real cars have real problems, no matter which brand. That said, CR has the advantage of a broad range of numbers rather than just a personal example. According to a chart in the same issue referred to, I suppose a majority of Audi drivers might be trouble free, but their reports from owners indicate that Audi owners report a problem 40% more often than the AVG. car.

    I love the A6 from one end to the other, but I'm going with Acura which reports problems 20% of the time less often than the avg. car. I don't have time to sit around a dealer's waiting for repairs. (Now, watch me get a lemon from Honda!)

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • cubanaudicubanaudi Posts: 17
    I have a 2000 A6 2.7T, a "car to avoid", as said by the morons at Consumer Reports. I am glad to report that after 8 months and 7,500 miles, the only problem I've had is the front passenger window coming off the track. I stopped into the dealer (The Collection, in Miami) on a Saturday afternoon, and they promptly took care of it. They let me test drive a TT cabrio during the wait (all of 10 minutes). The car and the dealer are amazing. If you want a appliance-like prozac-mobile, the kind recommended by CR, run to your local Honda or Toyota dealer, and get one of their cars. If you want something a little more exciting, either BMWs, Audis, MBs, Saabs, Porsches, and even Volvos or Mazdas are much more exciting. With that excitement, however, comes a few more "headaches" than normal.

    I trust Car and Driver much more to lead me to a good car over Consumer Reports anyways.
  • max63max63 Posts: 73
    Going on two years with my 2.8 A6 which has 27,000 miles. The only problems have been my cup holder which wont stay down and a minor rattle coming from the steering column. Other than that, no problems with the car. The 2.8 just does not cut it off the line, I would spend the extra money on the 2.7 in a cc. But the comfort, interior quality is by far the best in its class. Overall this car gets high marks with me.
    By the way, Consumer Reports should not be judging cars!! They give the A6 high grades for satisfaction and depreciation, but dot recommend it because of reliability - which I dot have a problem with. However, this same magazine will recommend the Mitsubishi Gallant, with an average reliability rating and below average satisfaction and depreciation rating - that makes sense. If you worried about the A6, lease it no longer than the life of the warranty.
  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    Seriously, the bi-turbo technology pushes the envelope a lot. After scanning AudiWorld for 8 months, I haven't seen more than 2-3 minor complaints about the 4.2, and the complaints about the 2.8 tend to be about "off-the-line" performance.

    You WILL NOT find a more overall pleasurable car for under $80,000, regardless of which model you choose.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    My 98 A6q 2.8 can't get out of it's own way with the A/C on! 40 days to the end of lease and counting.

    Here's a question and comment for the Audi lovers out there reference to the A8 or S8:
    In the state of CT there is only one body shop qualified to work on an aluminum body/frame car involved in an accident. Did you know it could take more than 6 months for even a minor repair?

    65,000.00 worth of funny eh?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I had a 1997 (leased it new) A8, Pearl White -- MINOR body/paint work could be done in Cincinnati.

    More than minor, however, and the car had to go to Chicago -- while there (and I do not know how long a fender bender would take) -- the "deal" was you (the A8 owner) got the use of an A6, free of charge.

    I never had to test this out, but I didn't think this was too bad a deal -- now if a fender bender would take six MONTHS, well that would have been a bummer.
  • actionmanactionman Posts: 15
    My 96 A6q has over 130,000 miles. I know that the sunroof had some kind of problem, the stering rack leaked, some problem with the ignition, and I think the battery and alternator have been replaced once. Is this reliability acceptable? I think it's pretty good. I hope I can get thousands more miles on it.

    I've always found CR is good at reviewing basic products. When they try to review hi end home theater equipment or non-basic cars, they can't seem to find the same attributes that appeal to those informed and interested in that level of hardware.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I would say that your reliability is not just "pretty good" -- I would say it is a very solid "good." Maybe even a smidge more than good, in fact. My Japanese car owning friends (Acura, for one) seem to have cars that "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'" -- that is, they are routinely equal to or better than your experience. But I still wouldn't want one -- my A6's reliability (I have had several of them, starting in 1995) have also been good or better. And the Audi's are not at all Bland!
  • nszabonszabo Posts: 19
    If you are complaining about your Audi reliability get a cheap Toyota or Honda they are reliable but not nearly as good engineered as the A6.
  • Why do you think Audi offers a MASSIVE warranty. To make sure the car is relable for you.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have been sniffing around, trying to find out the anecdotal reliability of some of my friends and associates cars.

    Saab: my friend loved the car (an upper range turbo), kept it 8 years and had many trips to the dealer, most of them paid for by Saab -- and while he loved the car he traded it on a

    Volvo (V70): and kept this 3 years, sold it to his daughter, who still has it 3 years later (with a new set of tires and some work on the A/C) also traded this Volvo in on an AWD Volvo with the turbo 5 cyl; sold this one to his other daughter, who still has it -- this time he got a

    Cadillac (de Ville?): the biggest one with front wheel drive -- from the day he got this 2000 model Caddy it spent more time in the shop than in his driveway -- "lemon lawed" GM into a 2001 model and is very happy.

    Infinity: J followed by an i30 -- this friend got rid of the J after spinning it out on an interstate (no harm, no damage, no foul -- thankfully); deciding that front wheel drive was a little more "safe" (and I know this can be debated, but I happen to generally agree with him -- if you can't get a quattro, that is). Reliability of both cars has been very high -- it seems that the Infinity's don't mind if you ignore them completely. His other car is a

    Chrysler Sebring, Convertable: once out of warranty, it seems like he keeps having $1,000 repair bills -- last week it was the ABS sending unit, now it needs valve cover gaskets to stop the oil leak, etc. etc.

    Olds Aurora: this friend had suspension problems, Olds put entire new suspension in the car, after 36 months it seems to me he had few problems, yet he bought a

    5 series Bimmer: to replace the Olds -- it had several mostly minor problems, after three years he got a

    Chrysler 300M: the jury is still out -- no real problems in three months.

    Audi A4 1.8t q: 6 months into the lease this friend loves the car and has had no repairs or any thing else that would be considered non-routine another friend's

    A4 2.8 q: engine light comes on, no reason -- soon to be fixed, two or three trips to the dealer to diagnose and hopefully finally cure

    VW New Beetle: guy loves it, trouble free

    Passat: hates the cupholders, no problems, loves the dealer, lusts for an Audi (got the Passat with the 1.8t @ 150HP and 5 spd -- likes to call it his A5)

    Mazda, Toyota, Honda: these folks "worship" these things -- because they are "fill em up and forget em" cars

    Merecedes 190: hates the power, power seats went belly up ($1,400) out of warranty, doesn't care for the car on snow and ice and traded it in on a

    Boxster non-S: which he loves, but won't use for 4 months of the year, his other new car is a

    BMW 3 series: which he also loves, but "gets stuck" in it frequently (I don't know why or if stuck means -- road condition stuck or reliability stuck)

    Other numerous Audis:

    1998 A6 -- guy loves the car and hates the "mostly unreliable" nature of the engine (for no reason it just stops starting in the morning, and no relation to weather)

    1997, '98, '99.5 A4's -- love the cars and are repeat buyers, minor problems all free

    2000 TT: loved the car, traded it for a 2001 with the 225HP engine (no complaints other than the need for a "new fuel sending unit in the 2000 -- car always read full; zero problems with 2001)

    Assorted GM cars/trucks: beat 'em but can't kill 'em but aren't much fun to drive so say owners

    Neon: described as the "hose me out" car -- minor reliability problems, no biggie, high value

    Dodge Intrepid: loves the car, no problems, bought another one liked it so much (ES package)

    Jeeps: another religous group here -- not too reliable, but for some reason owners seem to wear Jeep Ownership like a badge that says you are in a secret club. "I wouldn't want to be in any club that would have me as a member." -- W. Allen

    Ford trucks: built Ford tough -- reliable, not too much fun, not very comfortable, don't ask me.

    Chevy Impala (the big one 1996): loves it, very reliable, fast in a straight line -- did I say, he loves it?

    Honda 2000: the sports car, my Opthamologist loves his -- says it is fast, cheap -- visceral (SP?)

    Lexus: see Honda, Toyota, Mazda -- very quiet inside, well made, reliable -- boring (did I say that?)

    1994 Audi 90S quattro: "I hate this unreliable piece of !@#$" -- so says my insurance agent.

    2001 Audi 2.7T: wheeeeeeee, what a fun car (is it reliable?) -- so far.

    That is a pretty much full report.

    You pay your money and. . .you know the rest.
  • len13len13 Posts: 5
    Wow, quite a comprehensive list. Just one thing...I think it was Grouch Marx who said "I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member." Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • morphiemorphie Posts: 94
    The 2001 "deals"you reference seem very poor. In New England, virtually every Audi dealer is selling 2001's for invoice, or slightly above. I would not give the dealer your business.

    As regards Consumer Reports: an excellent publication for rating toasters and washing machines. When our A6's produce properly done bagels and laundry, I shall pay attention to CR. Until that time, I consider them purveyors of drivel, particularly when subjective analysis is involved.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    You are 100% correct -- Woody used the line, Groucho "invented it."

  • nszabonszabo Posts: 19
    The engine light comes on if you over fill the gas tank so once the handle clicks take it out.
  • I have had my used '98 A6Q (42k miles) for a week and, boy, was I disappointed to read the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue. I love this car utterly. How can it be bad?

    After reading the above posts, I noticed that my floor mats have NO FLOOR ANCHORS. Was this a problem with anyone else? I've never heard of anchors being pulled out. This explains why the mats keep shifting around.

    Also, my dashboard's "BRAKE LIGHT" warning came on for 10 seconds but we checked the brake lights and they were all fine. Any ideas? Am I going to die?

    There haven't been any "real" problems and I'm very impressed with the A6 overall. The attention to detail (the aluminum trim around the rear seat's air vents? wow!) is reassuring.

    CR does great reports on consumer products, but the car reports are partially based on what we, as subscribers, write on our survey each year. This means that there is not a completely scientific basis for the reliability reports.

    For example, the kind of person who LIKES to fill out surveys is more likely to report a problem than someone who doesn't. Imagine a Jaguar owner compared to a Mazda owner. Two very different people.

    Also, and I'm guessing here, the Jag owner may be less likely to even subscribe to the magazine than the Mazda owner. For the record, I do tend to trust CR more than doubt them.

    And another thing, the rear of the A6 is the reason I was attracted to it. I have heard that there are some who dislike the A6/TT rear ends (Edmund's, for one) but I can sincerely say that they are nuts. If you don't like the backside, try on a Pontiac for size. This may be more your cup o. tea. The current body style is plain old good design.

    Since I didn't get manuals with my car, I would sincerely appreciate any other tips on what to expect when my local dealer (bought it out of town) gets it on the rack for a check up. The brakes are a sure thing. Is there a 45k mile service? Know where to order new manuals online?

    Thanks for any and all help!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I say the following as a loyal Audi owner and almost promoter: Get an extended warranty on your A6 before 50,000 miles (the limit of the original factory warranty). There MAY be a 25,000 add-on warranty avail from Audi of America (I think it is between $500 - $1,000) which would be the cost of one (1) relatively minor repair after the 50K mark.

    Yes it may turn out ot be expensive insurance -- but as great as we all seem to agree these cars are, they are expensive to maintain and BREATHTAKINGLY expensive to repair.

    PS I have had a 1995 S6 (hot rod A6) 1999, 2000 and 2001 A6's -- these are terrific cars from virtually every angle and especially from behind the wheel.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    As you can tell by my "name," I live in Cincinnati. My company has employees in other cities and several of them have Audis -- due in part to my attestation and persuasive abilities.

    This fellow, from Dallas, had had not very positive experiences at his dealership -- when I asked him how his OOODI was doing with respect to some service and warranty repair work, he replied:


    It was great. That dealer STILL has a little bit of stuffiness about it, but I am
    now included in their circle of stuffiness.

    Their welcome area for service is large and beautiful. I pulled in and they
    opened my door for me. They constantly called me sir and everyone said
    'hi' to me. The advisor came out and went over everything with me.

    The rental (loaner) only took about 2 mins and I was on my way. I had a Mazda
    626, but it was nearly new and smelled good. I don't know if it was a coincidence or
    not, but they had it running, heater on, red carpet out, and the radio was on the same
    station that I was listening to in my car. Wow!

    When I got back, the car (a 99 A4 2.8 quattro/sport) had had its new tie rods installed (recall), from what I can tell, a very good alignment, and the emission system troubles where cleared.

    The car was inside and clean as can be (looked like it was detailed). I went to
    pay for my state inspection that I requested and when I came back to the indoor
    service area, my car was running and heater was on, ready to go.

    About the only thing they could have done to make it better was to fill my car up
    with gas and/or loan me the S4 (that I WILL have someday).

    I am impressed!

    They said that its normal to get loaners for warranty and recall service and that
    the former service manager was let go because of that and other customer service

    I finally feel like I bought a luxury car. Now I know how you
    feel when you take your's in. I used to loath going over
    there, but look forward to it now.

    On another note, a saleman there told me that they are
    hearing that the S4 will take a 1 year break and then
    start again in 2003. But he also confessed that he has
    other rumors on the internet such as Audiworld.


    Now this is the kind of service I have bragged about in Cincinnati for some time now (from Northland Audi). It is encouraging to find that it is "catching on."

    End of full report.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Brake Light: Check brake fluid level. My '00 A8 did the same thing under heavy acceleration and braking, fluid level was low, and pads needed to be replaced.

    Relaibility: my '98 A6 has been a wonderful car (39,000miles)with only a few minor problems (rear window lockout switch replaced three times, check engine light came on twice, brake vibration required new rotors, both front window regulators broke, key fob stopped working) and has been serviced by a great dealer (Champion Motors in FL). My only complaint with the three cars I've bought there is that no loaners are availble and i am traveling 30 miles each way to and from dealer and my office. The A6 and A8 have been among the best handeling cars I've owned. Albeit the A6 2.8 was very slow, it has been so good that my stepfather is buying it at the end of the lease to keep down here as a winter car.

    As far as comments about the A8 and having few choices with regard to body work, first of all it's hard to find ANY deecent body shop that knows how to work on a car, I'm glad that there are only a few, because they NEED to know how to paint and repair a car properly. As far as having to either wait a while, or send the car off, a perfect repair job (one that looks like it never took place) is worth some of the inconvenience and trust me, the insurance premiums are high enough on this car to justify a rental car and the cost of transporting an A8 to the right shop on your carrier's nickle!
  • Are you joking about your A6 being reliable with those problems? That's not my definition of reliability and it's not Consumer Reports definition either. A lot of people don't have time to waste running back and forth to the dealer for "minor problems". Plus, peel the onion further and the problems are not always so minor. You don't even get a loaner? They should pay you for your time. I like the A6 for a variety of reasons, but I no longer believe it's reliable. For the money, I expect more and Audi should invest in improving their quality and the overall dealership support. They have a good thing going with the updated A4/A6/A8 designs, but they stand a good chance of blowing it as more people have bad experiences. Why can't a car be fun to drive and reliable?
  • Mark, while I'm not completely sold on the idea of extended warranties (I told you that I read CR, right?) I will keep an eye on everything. Thanks for the car model updates. I wasn't surprised by any of the comments.

    Bertram, the brake fluid/pads idea sounds legit. I will focus on that and see if the problem goes away. The dealer gets his first look at it on Monday. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm not buying someone else's problem.

    Again, if anyone else had problems with their floor mat anchors detaching, let me know. I'd like to see if there is a silent recall on something as tiny as this.

    One last thing. I will need new tires soon. I have the 16" 9-hole "wine glass" wheels (205/55). Are any of you tire experts? Is Michelin the status quo or should I flock to Dunlop?

    Thanks again for any help...
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    It seems that service being provided by Audi dealers varies all over the lot. I agree that Audi of America needs to do more to bring it to a consistently high level. And of course all car manufacturers produce cars with defects, and as of yet you do not see Audi in the very top echelon (with Lexus, etc.) as far as reliability is concerned.

    Fortunately, each of the dealers where I've purchased my Audis, an A4 and more recently an allroad, employ a group of older folks who will pick up and then deliver your car back to you (either at work or home) when servicing is completed. The only exception is that they ask that you not use this service for just routine oil changes - on these they want you to wait for your car which with a set appointment normally takes an hour or so, including a thorough wash and vacuum. Or for more extended work they will give you loaners, which they ask that you reserve in advance. Also fortunately for me I haven't yet had to take advantage of either the pickup/delivery or the free loaner service, because I've never had anything but routine service required on the A4, after about 33,000 miles, and the allroad has just 900 (trouble-free) miles on it so far. Hopefully my experience on the allroad will match or at least come close to that of the A4.

    All that said, I personally wouldn't mind putting up with a few minor problems because in all other respects I do enjoy the Audi ownership experience so much. If you really appreciate and have fun just driving the cars on an everyday basis, then the occasional minor problem is not a huge deal for me. This is especially true if the dealer makes it as convenient for you as possible, which of course both of the above services are designed to do. An occasional minor defect in an otherwise really fun car to own and drive is far superior to owning and driving a "boring transportation appliance" - even one that's completely trouble-free. I agree that ideally you would have the best of both worlds! I would also point out that if you look at the long-term trends for just about all car manufacturers, the problem areas (per J.D. Power) have almost universally improved by a good margin over what they were just a few years ago. According to the statistics that I've seen, the reliability ratings (defects per 100 cars) for all major makes (European and American alike) are as good or better than even the best of the Japanese just 10 years ago. even as cars continue to get more and more complicated.

    One other aspect that shouldn't be overlooked is how the cars will DRIVE and RETAIN THEIR APPEARANCE after many years. Here I think the best European cars - like Audi - have a real edge over their American and even Japanese competitors. Even if a car is "reliable" over a period of say 10 years, what fun is it if the handling deteriorates, the body develops rust spots, the car squeaks and rattles over bumps and the leather and carpet wear out to look like crap? When car shopping look closely at the quality of the materials used and how the car is finished in the hidden areas - here Audi does not take a back seat to anyone, including Lexus.
  • I have owned a 2001 A6 w2.7T & Quattro (w/16")since last Dec. (3400 miles) I can relate with your dilemma 2.7T or 4.2? I too went through almost 4 - 5 months of research in agonizing details on many cars - MB C320-E320, BMWs 330-525-530, Volvos S60-S80, etc. but I kept coming back to the A6. I tried out the 2.8 at first and would have bought it but for the Dealer not willing to lower his price (good thing). When I tried the 2.7T with Sports Suspension it became a no brainer.....except for the reliability issue which I am concerned about because of the BiTurbos. The 4.2 was just a bit more than my already strrrrretched budget would accommodate. I bought the 2.7T knowing that each year the factory is working out the bugs and this model should have fewer if none over the previous years. I WILL buy the extended insurance. I cannot tell you how awesome this car is. I feel like I'm 20 again. I'm doing speeds (hit 105 and may go for max very soon) that I never considered in my previous cars and the cornering and passing capabilities of this vehicle are awesome!!! Again I'm pushing my envelope in turn speeds and get a heck of a kick when I want to pass some one. This car is going to get me into trouble!!! BUT I feel absolutely safe in this car at any speed so far. If you want excitment and pure fun buy the 2.7T with Quattro.
    Have I had any problems - you betcha. Dealer delivered car with P/S hose loose (maybe there is no predelivery insp required by Audi). Leaked oil. Had it fixed. The front passenger seat heater switch was locked on "1" setting. Had it replaced. I have had one oil/filter change at my expense ($35/-) but otherwise its been a BLAST. My advice is to go with how you feel about the car. To me the Audi wreaks of HiTech and I just love it.
    Good luck in your quest if you haven't already got your new car....hope its an A6 2.7T!!!
    mirani from SAN DIEGO, Ca.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Snowed in:

    Although I have had some problems, and choose to deal with a dealer that is a little far away (i have two other dealers within two miles of my house or office), the level of service has been exceptional, and EVERY problem has been resolved. To date my out of pocket expenses have been for gas, insurance and the lease itself. The car has never broken down, left me stranded, or required ANY cash out of my pocket for service over the last three years. All of my problems occurred within the first nine months. Since that time all i've had to do is service the car when the light comes on.

    On the other hand, my wifes $36k 1998 Explorer (same thing i paid for my A6) had some "minor" problems that Ford laughed at. Rattles, squeeks, groans, window leaks, suspension problems, poor fit and finish, stalling, were all seen by Ford as acceptable problems for a truck (not the attitude I now get from Mercedes). At the end of three years, the paint was peeling off the hood and Ford actually came to me and said that I may be responsible!! HAHAHAHAHA... this truck was cleaner at the end of the lease than the day i picked it up, even the wheel wells and undercarriage were clean enough to eat off of (yes, I have a slight problem!).

    At least Audi is willing to stand behind their product and will make it right, and while i could get shuttled to and from work by the "local dealers" I have a wonderful relationship with the owner and management of Champion Motors and choose to deal with them. When i really need a loaner, they are happy to get me one as a favor, but having three cars from them, i try and arrange all my services in the same time frame so that something's there to drive home, or someone's picking something up.

    Gooddesign: I had a set of SP9000's on 18"s and loved them for the traction and handling, but HATED the road noise after 13k miles. I normally trust JD at the Tire Rack for his honest evaluation of tires, and depending on where you live, how you drive, and the conditions you expect, he will probably help get you the most bang for your buck. My A6 came with Continentals which are still in decent shape on the original 16" rims (23k on them). No complaints, they are very quiet, offer decent wet/dry handling (no snow in SO FLA) and good treadwear, I just couldn't resist a nice set of 18" wheels that were sitting in the dealership! My stepfather will be swapping back to the stock wheels as soon as he's down here next due to the road noise!
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Yeah. I'm still listening. And still fussing on reliability things. But real interested, as I've been since '98 ... Does anyone here have opinions on Wagner Audi (nearest me), or Bernardi? Thanks.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    jwilson1 - Wagner Audi is a bit of a drive so I didn't make it there. I can tell you that I am very pleased with the folks at Park Audi in Lawrence. The three dealers I surveyed didn't have what I was looking for. (I did my homework and made a solitary but comprehensive walk through their lots). Harry Robinson at Park Audi did the leg work and rounded up my A6 2.7T. I waited a couple weeks after my first visit. Probably the best car buying experience I've ever had - and a great car, too. Absolutley flawless delivery. Only expenses to date are gas and TOUCHLESS car washes.
  • Got my Audi late December; put in about 1900 miles in the SF Bay Area. No problem or quirk to report. I do find the mpg a little low, but I have been climbing from 17.4 mpg when I got the car to 18.6 mpg today. Since it does not look like the computer starts afresh when I refuel, I suspect my true mpg is actually higher. I also still feels that the range of the Xenon lights seem to be shorter than what I am used to. Finally, I wish the lights would come on/off automatically (after all, my wife's Toyota Sienna XLE had that!) and I wish the Bose stereo had a mute function (or did I miss it). Otherwise, I love the car.
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