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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • Sorry, people. I'm trying to "reload" to look for your answers. This is my first time on (or is it my 4th?) Anyhow, I won't do it some more.
  • I am thinking about buying a new 2001 Avalon XLS after test driving a 2000 model. I have received hugh difference in price range from different dealers for 2001 XLS model (with every option available for Avalon XLS -traction, leather, moonroof, heated seats to gold emblem etc...).
    One dealer wanted preorder price of $38,000; another wanted $31,500; another wanted $30,400 and the last dealer wanted $34,500. What should be the best offer for this car? I noticed that resale value on used 1999 and 1998 was advertised pretty low in the news papers and in used car ads (for 99' around $24,000s to 98' around $18,000s)! I also checked and found out from internet that dealers from different states other than here in California offered 2000 XLS in the $27,500+ range. I would like to hear response from other prospective Avalon buyers and Avalon owners what will be a "good offer" for this 2001 model. I am thinking about offering $30,000. Thanks!
  • Dealers in my area, Alabama, are starting their 2001 prices at 4% above cost. This is the starting point for negotiations. I think one can expect to bet in the $800 above cost range and close the deal.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    ...on a huge number of factors. This includes how many 2000's we have left, how may 2001's we have coming relative to demand and competing dealerships and the business philosophy of the dealership. I would expect $800 to $1500 over invoice would be normal this time of year for a new model year vehicle like this.
  • Ordered a new 2001 Avalon XL for my Mom over the Week of Labor Day in Western New York, and the dealer accepted 3.0% above invoice. The base price of the 2001 model was estimated by the dealer at about $300 above base prices the 2000 models (new price sheets had just come in, and the dealer had not fully digested them). (We ordered a 2001 because Mom wanted a bench seat, and we could not find any XL's with benches, only XLS's.) The order that was placed was non-binding, but from the price sheets of 2001's on order the dealer shared with us, the numbers seemed to make sense. Waiting to see if the factory has allocated the car this week, and then there's a 4 to 6 week expected delivery time.
  • Another thought, when shopping for a 2000 Avalon XL, I saw a few XLS's on dealer lots with a sticker price in the mid $34,000 range. Although these were pretty loaded, they may not have been fully loaded. With the belief the base price of the 2001 Avalons are going up only a few hundred dollars, I would expect a fully decked out Avalon XLS should be in the $35K range. Suggest you price out a 2000 Avalon XLS, then add a few hundred dollars for an estimate on a 2001. Similar pricing could also be applied on Invoice prices.
  • I'm thinking of purchasing a new car and, for the time being anyway, have narrowed my choices to the Avalon XLS and the Lincoln LS. Has anyone compared the two? I know that the Lincoln LS is a bit more expensive than the Avalon, but if the price for the Avalon is "in the $35K range", then the Lincoln LS is not THAT much more expensive. Yet the reviews that I've read have me leaning toward the LS based, primarily, on what I perceive to be its better performance. I would like to hear from someone who has driven, or at least ridden, in both.
  • losylosy Posts: 14
    Thanks for the recommendation on WC Toyota. I just purchased a 2000 XLS from them. They were friendly and displayed exceptional customer service. I also liked the fact that their service department is open until midnight.
  • With the 2001 coming out what are the chances of getting a 2000 coming of a lease or trade in, and at what price?
  • To Pugnme (#253) I test drove both of these beautys, before buying. The Lincoln LS is a really nice auto, BUT, you should, personally, give both of these cars a good drive. When you do you may note some of the same things I did: You feel you're packed into the LS; the take-off is not the greatest (I understand it commences in 2nd gear ???); the ride is smooth; the seating comfort is marginal; braking & handling is only o.k.; the reported gas mileage is not great; the depreciation factor is not good; vision to sides and rear is marginal.

    I found the 2000 Avalon XLS excellent in all the above catagories and everything else one looks for in a luxury auto. You feel (in the bucket seats) like you're setting in your favorite living room chair. The distance to the dash is like 'wow'. Gas mileage is just about what they say 21 city & 29 country - which is excellent for a car of this weight. Take off may not beat some performance cars, but 0 - 60 in 8 seconds or less is all I need. The handling, smoothness of ride and 'just a real good feeling' is commendable. And I guess I better mention one feature that most 2000 Avalon owners praise...Shh (Quiet) -Unless you want to boom-box the JBL system.

    With everything on it, you should be able to buy a 2001 XLS for something like $30K...and 3 or 4 years from now it will be worth a lot more than any Lincoln. Guess which one I chose? Good Luck!
  • Do you outside mirrors have a fold back option?
  • For whatever it's worth, we did a great deal of comparison between these two models, and wound up choosing the Avalon. This was a big change for us former long time Lincoln owners, in that we had a succession of Town Cars prior to this year and felt that the LS might be a better, more practical version of what, for us, had been reasonably satisfying experience.
    After numerous test drives and conversations with owners of both models, we bought a 2K XLS, and are not in the least dissappointed. The difference we paid over and above our trade in was exactly the same in either case, so price wasn't a factor, incidentally.
    Why did we choose the Avalon over the LS?

    1.Roominess and comfort was more to our liking.
    2.Performance, ride, and handling was as good or better.
    3.Build quality was, by far, much better with the Av. The LS had interior parts missing or loose in all 4 of the cars we tested.
    4.Dealer service is much more of a pleasant experience--Our regional Lincoln dealer service is really not customer friendly (And this seems typical of most Ford Dealers we visited over the years).
    5.Resale values for Toyota products are historically higher. Lincolns really get hit hard at trade in time for some strange reason.
    5. IMHO, the Avalon delivers much more bang for the buck than the LS in every category. It's a Lexus quality car for less money--An excellent value all the way.

    I would be interested in any feedback on the above. Thanks.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I will be on vacation for the next week and a half. I may be checking in from time to time but I don't know how often. I don't want any of you to think I am ignoring your questions.

    See ya'll when I get back on the 26th.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    I was wondering. The Y2K Avalon XLS has everything but the kitchen sink. Are any there entrepreneurs out there who can manufacture a miniature kitchen sink that could be displayed in the Avalon? Or on a key chain? I think it would make a nice gag gift and give us AV owners one more thing to talk about.

    Love that car.
  • One item you might want to look at is the key chain rattling against the dash. As you have probably noted, the ignition switch is not on the steering column like most cars--it's on the instrument panel (and a more sensible location by far!). The downside to this otherwise intelligent feature is the fact that the other keys on the keychain can touch the dash, and rattle.
    Check it out!
  • Hi folks - have gathered much insight from this board and now need some help as to what to expect.

    Our 2000 XLS has a real bad shimmy - especially after braking hard. Took it to a local dealer - had a 15K service done also. They said "yup it's got a shimmy and we have to call the district service manager." I asked if they looked at it, they said well it could be a # of things and we have to speak to him first.

    Is this standard procedure? Can't the shop diagnose the problem themselves?

    Also - anyone else have this shimmy problem?

    Thanks for any help.

  • I have a 95 Avalon with 106K miles. I've noticed a front vibration above 60mph. Recently had tires rotated which helped but did not "solve" the problem. Also have a similar front vibration with aggressive braking (noticed this after front brake pads were replaced at 85K). I had the car in for timing belt replacement and general check up at 100K and everything was ok according to my dealer. In general this has been a great car with no mechanical problems. Anyone have similar vibration experience with an older model Avalon? Are the two vibrations related?
  • There have been some interesting posts related to both of your problems in the "Tires" sub-forum under the Care & Maintenance forum. Apparently some tires/brands will develop out of round problems after so many miles of treadwear. See if you have the same brand of tires discussed there.
    But it also sounds like your discs/rotors are involved also. And it could be a case of chicken/egg. Good luck with your problems...
  • I have had my Avalon for 9 months now and like the car alot. I chose the Avalon over the Acura TL and I would have preferred a crisper ride, but I chose the Avalon for its reliability, not it's sports car ride. I can put up with most characteristics of the Avalon except the window glare.
    Does anyone have a fix for the glare from the spedometer lens not being recessed enough to eliminate the glare on the windshield? It is almost to the point where it is dangerous and I hate to drive at night, especially if on dark roads. I either turn down (almost off) the dash lights and fumble for the controls to eliminate the glare at night. In the sunlight the glare off the plastic lens is not much better, but more tolerable .
    The Toyota dealer won't fix it and I await some entrepreneur to develop a cheap piece of black plastic that can be velcro'd to the top of the cluster to block the glare.
    I appreciate any constructive comments.
  • Our '99 XLS developed a shimmy after several years
    of pleasurable driving. It seems that we ran over
    a chug hole that had been recently patched and the
    right front tire picked up a portion of the tar/rocks used for the patch. It wasn't much but enough
    to cause the shimmy.

    For those with a shimmy I suggest that you have the
    tires balanced while on the car. A good shop will
    also be able to tell if the rim is out of round
    and/or if the tire is out of round too.
  • I have a '96XL, and have experienced the shimmy at high speeds also. At first I thought rotors, but I also think it could be a tire out of round...? Re: reflection-I recall some discussion about this a while back. Anyone remember? BTW, how do you get into the car and maintenance section? Thanks
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Vibration at high speed is proly because of out of balance tires. When u take ur car to a tire shop u need the tires balanced, not just rotated.

    As far as vibration when braking hard, get it checked. It's proly the rotor.

    I have experienced both problems in two different cars years ago and both were solved by what I just wrote. Good luck!
  • I have a 2000 XLS that I purchased in May and
    now have a couple of paint chips down to the metal
    - does anyone have any experience with using the
    touch up paint available from Toyota for Avalons in
    lunar mist - if so, how is it best applied and how
    are the results?
  • I'm just going to say this once. I'm very unhappy with my 1998 Toyota Avalon XLS. This car was leased brand new in October 1998. As a fully loaded vehicle with a price of $27,500 (No box left unchecked!) I expected automotive bliss. It lasted about 6-months. I have had the brakes and rotors replaced twice. The carpeting had to be replaced due to a leak in a rear passenger window that created the biology experiment from hell under the back seat and carpeting. The plastic trim around the sunroof squeaks, the alarm system has had problems, the driver door trim fell off, the automatic headlight module has been replaced twice and the power seat memory function has been fixed two times. I have never owned a vehicle that required this much time in the dealership. Having jumped from a 1996 Honda Civic (Flawless) to this level of vehicle, I am so under impressed. On a positive note, considering the lead foot from which I suffer, 22 mpg is the worst I've recorded in town. On a recent long trip I averaged over 38 mpg travelling at a high rate of speed through Northern California. So, I think the thing to remember here is that Toyota quality is slipping. However, Broadway Toyota in Portland OR has my undying gratitude for addressing all of these problems without hesitation and never charging me a dime!
  • The following was found on the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration) web site (under "complaints");

    ODI ID: 862170
    Make: TOYOTA
    Model: AVALON
    Year: 2000
    Date of Failure: Thursday, May 18, 2000
    Incident: No
    Fire: No
    Number of Injuries:

    Two (2) other complaints also registered there. Web site can be located at the following;

    Could this problem be fixed with a dashboard mat/cover? (If the dashboard mat extends out further than the lip of the dashboard, maybe it would block the light between the instrument cluster & with windshield.)

    NHTSA Home Web Site is located at the following;
  • tjlewtjlew Posts: 10
    Yukon14, you may want to check the maint/repair section and check the paint and body care forum. I read in one of the posts about using the end of a cardboard match stick from a book of matches to use as an applicator for the touch up paint (not a wooden matchstick). The applicator provided by the tube applies too much paint. Also, they have recommended to use a clay product to clean the chip of impurities prior to applying the first coat of paint. The idea is to apply several thin coats over several days rather than one thick coat. After applying the thin coats to your satisfaction, cover with a layer of wax. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for letting us know how it turned out. I'm glad you liked ToyotaWC, they're great. And, congrats on your XLS. Hope you love it.
  • The care and Maintenance forum as well as all the rest, can be found by clicking on the "Town Hall" bar/icon found in the upper left corner of (I think) every page.
    Yukon14, I believe you should apply 1-2 coats of clearcoat before waxing.
  • Sorry for the above...I meant the Maintenance & Repair Forum
  • We just picked up our Whie Diamond 2001 Avalon XLS this past weekend From Toyota of Knoxville. Got all the options inluding package 7, traction/skid controlt, floor mats, glass bragage sensor, and moon roof. Paid $800 over invoice which seemed reasonable. We ordered the car only a month before so it worked out well. The car is identical to the 2000 models. We owned several other Toyota's and have never been especially impressed with Toyota service but for the most part these cars are bullet proof reliable. Looked at many other competitor's models but the Avalon continued to stay at the top of our list. It certainly seems to be the best value.

    We still have our 91 Cressida and use it as a daily driver. It is a great handling car (RWD)and the straight six provides ample power that makes it fun to drive. The Avalon certainly lacks when compared to the handling of the Cressida but so do all the other competitors in this price range. Just wish Toyota would have put mud flaps on it.
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