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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • I bought a 2001 sentra about a month ago and have noticed as of late that I get a high pitched whistling noise from my left front tire when traveling over 60 mph for an extended time. On a few occasions it got to the point where I could feel a slight vibration. Anyone else have this problem or know what it may be. Dealership says everything is fine.??
  • I'm averaging 26.412 MPG in my 2000 Sentra SE with the performance package and 5-speed. Roughly 80% in-town driving, 20% freeway driving, and many rapid accelerations ;-)
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Your driving is "roughly" 80% in-town. Yet the gas mileage is expressed in three decimal places. Sorry for the nit-picking.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    My mileage is a solid 29-31 mpg. That's 80% freeway driving in a 5-speed SE with PP. Adding the overwidth 215-50-16's didn't seem to affect mileage. The wider/grippier the tires, the more apt to experience wandering. Road imperfections become magnified when your tires have better adhesion. It's a common trade-off for enhanced handling. Cars with "dead-on" center are either over-sprung (soft and mushy) or so heavy that hardly anything will deflect the vehicle in another direction. These are my observations only-please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    The cause can be very complex, but to me there're two separate issues, on-center feel and tracking. Imagine you're on the freeway travelling at 60 mph. The road is straight and the surface is "perfect". Close your eyes (in your imagination) and turn the steering wheel clockwise one degree. Turn it back to the original position and then one more degree. Can you feel if any one of these three positions is more on-center?
    Wandering is possibly caused by play or slop in the steering system. You hold the steering wheel firmly and yet the front wheels are able to turn to the left or right slightly. Road imperfections would then cause the wandering.
  • When I took delivery of my new Sentra (yesterday!), I too noticed an unusual noise coming from the frot right tire, so I had them take a look. I watched the mechanic put it up in the air and remove the tire. He noticed that the backing plate for the rotor was scrubbing against the rotor.

    So check that out....... I hope that's all it is.

  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Have your alignment ("toe-in") checked. After reading these posts about constant "corrections" i.e., wandering I have been monitoring my SE. No problems, stays dead straight on the freeway and requires little correction. Please post if you have continuing problems, fellow Sentra owners!
    Happy driving.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    My bro's car has no problem on freeway either. Handling is reminiscent of the my other brother's old 91 Max SE. If there are any annoying problems then he would be complaining loudly to me and everyone. I like the power that the car has. Very nice highway ride for a "small" car. I do notice that some people tend to constantly adjust the steering wheel while they drive.. even when it does not requires... strange habit... hmmmm... relax, let the blood flow through your hands and let the car drift a little :)
  • Hello! i am a proud owner of a new 2001 Sentra SE. So far (600 miles) it has been fun to drive, although it forgets to shift sometimes around 40 mph. Does anyone know how important it is to stay under 55 mph and why? The manual says stay under 4000 rpm and I have been going around 65 mph. Also I am interesting in doing aftermarket fixin's. I haven't seen many products out there so far for Nissan in general (seems to be all Hondas!). Can anyone inform me of a good resource to start? Thanks
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Yes. A good resource to start is to trade your Sentra in for a Civic. :)
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i think mdriver is having some good natured fun with sentra owners, since he was quite critical of the civic in the civic topic, the just of the criticism being honda's kinda chintzy when it comes to amenities on its civics ....

    as a neutral observer (i own a toyota)-- i'd take a sentra GXE with convenience package over the civic LX or EX --- much better value in my opinion, and i've driven both cars recently... that civic has one noisy engine (or poor sound deadening)...

    the sentra SE isn't so bad except for that ugly spoiler they stick on the back--- spoilers in general are pretty darn should have made that an option on the SE, not standard...

    enjoy your cars...
  • In regards to valde2000:My Sentra Se has about 1200 miles on it.I have been driving it at about 65mph since i bought it new in Dec.I have had no problems so far.As far as accessories go,go to yahoo and search nissan+sentra+accessories.This should help!
  • The spoiler is an option on the new sentra se, they are not standard. You have to get the performance package to get the spoiler, are buy it as an accessory.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    Check out this link for Sentra Owners.



  • Thanks for the input guys!

    Civic Ex: I looked into this but I thought that the interior was cheeeapy. Hollow sounding gearbox, plasticky. Sentra has a great interior that shares the feeling of a Maxima, such as the white tachometer. plus 127 hp seems like a rip for 18 K msrp (at least in NC area).

    Al: I tried the link, but nothin came up!

    Spoiler: I think that the sentra without a spoiler makes the back look like a baby's diaper. Spoilers in theory are added to decrease the drag of the car at high speeds, as they are used in high speed races. How about changing it to a mid-wing?

    fart smell? Does anyone get a sulfur smell "rotten egg" from the vent sometimes? My girlfriend owns an Altima and she says hers does this sometimes.

    Air intake: Does anyone know if the new Stillen air intake affect the warrenty? i guess it is supposed to add hp...
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Try using IE instead of Navigator.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Rotten-Egg/Sulphur smell:
    Sulphur smell has been noted in many different automaker/vehicles, including the Sentra, the Altima, and the Maxima. I believe it is caused by componds in some gasolines and their effect in the catalytic converter. To reduce/eliminate the problem: Change to a high-quality gasoline (I prefer Chevron and despise Shell, but it's your call....) Run the same gasoline for at least a month (5-10 fill-ups) and the smell should dissipate. I've never had this problem, but my suggested solution is based on the consensus of people who do, here at Edmunds.
    Sentra Add-Ons:
    Stillen makes a rear sway-bar for the Sentra. I've heard it greatly increases stability during cornering. I'll get one when I have a spare $260. Stillen also makes an intake system, haven't researched that. The easiest upgrade for all Sentras is a wheel/tire upgrade. I suggest 16 x 6 or 16 x 7 alloys and 215-50-16 BFG G-Force KDW radials. It will turn an already well-handling vehicle into corner-carver. Dealers in my area are selling GXE's with a similar wheel/tire package and marking the cars up $2000.00. That's ridiculous, you can do it yourself for less than $1200.00. Plus, they use inferior tires than the KDW's and cheap alloys.
    I highly recommend the KDW (Yor Z-rated) tires. Incredible dry grip, fantastic in the rain, and they have a surprisingly long treadlife-300 rating. If interested, try do I get tired of plugging those guys!) Happy driving, Sentra owners. Do your duty and whip at least one Civic/Corolla/Elantra/Nubira/Jetta/Integra/Lanos/Tiburon/any non-turbo 4-banger each day.......!
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    on the one hand i can see where i'd be ticked off if the car smelled bad while driving...

    on the other hand, i can see nissan's point as far as hey, it's a japanese car that's built in tennessee --- so the fact that it smells in Moose Jaw isn't really our problem...

    have you tried different brands of gasoline?? does canada have any service stations with gasoline made by good ole USofA? do you live near the border where you can cross and get gas here in the lower 48?

    also, i'm pretty sure you're supposed to swear on these posts
  • vtec2vtec2 Posts: 43
    I have a 2000 SE 5-sp. w/PP with about 8000 miles on it. The other day I noticed a dark rust colored buildup on the right front brake disc. It was on the inside of the disc and it made a ring all the way around it. It flaked off with a screw driver. I wouldn't think this unusual if it were on both front discs. Does anyone have any ideas about it?

    By the way, I also drive mostly in town and I've been consistently getting 27 mpg.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    If the rust ring is at the extreme edge of the rotor (disk) and in the area NOT swept by the brake pads, it's perfectly normal. All rotors rust at the edge where there is nothing to contact them and keep them shiny. They're NOT stainless steel, just carbon steel. If the rust ring is in an area that IS swept by the brake pads:
    Sounds like you have a bit of metal stuck onto the inboard brake pad on the right front wheel. Or, perhaps some other foreign object is stuck there and not allowing the brake pad to contact the rotor in that spot. Either scenario would result in a "rust ring." If you are at all mechanically inclined, remove the wheel, remove the brake caliper unit, and inspect the entire pad and brake assembly. If you are successful and find and remove the offending bit of foreign matter, a quick cleaning of the rotor with a SOS pad will remove the rust.
    Good luck and happy driving, Sentra owners!
  • vtec2vtec2 Posts: 43
    I appreciate the response about the brake rust. I knew about brake discs rusting, but this is the first I've seen it build up so thick. It is on the inner edge of the disc that is not touched by the pad. Why only on one disc? Why not the other front disc or either of the rear ones?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Weird. Maybe water runs down specifically onto that rotor? Is something else dripping onto the brake assembly? Or was water/fluid displaced from the axle/hub? Now I've got to examine my car to see if this is a common Sentra characteristic.
    Anybody else have any ideas?
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    I just got a GXE 5-sp,and would like to change the plastic gear shift knob with some aftermarket stuff. The main reason being the total height of the stick (stick plus knob) is rather too long for my taste (maybe I have long arms and a short torso). That being said, maybe the stick itself is long and the knob is ok?? Anyway, can I just twist the knob off (like a screw), or is there a clip somewhere that has to be released first (like the VWs). Does anyone know? Help appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Sentra SE, and I too thought it required a lot of attention to keep it straight. What I discovered is that the air pressure (from the dealer) was WAY too high. I think it was over 40psi, when it should be somewhere in the 30s. Once I reduced air pressure to Nissan's recommendation, steering feel was much better.

    Even so, I'm still not completely happy, and may take it to the dealer to look at the alignment.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Yeah, I do noticed that lots of service departments have a nasty habit of putting too much air into the tires. I noticed on all the new cars that we bought.... from different brands and dealers.

    Sometimes dealer service would put too much engine oil... not good either.
  • I now have 5500 miles on my SE. When I took it in for the first oil change(over two thousand miles back) it was a quart low and the oil was pitch black. I am not sure what to think of this because I have been told that this is common for the first oil change on a car. I am still leary about it. I think I will wait and see what its like when I change the oil again. Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions on what I should do are appreciated.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    I used to change the oil myself. It is normal for oil to be black and low. However, the harder your driving style the more likely the oil consumption is more and darker it will appear. I also used synthetic oils and they look the same after more than 3000 miles. The only way you know that the oil is still good for use is through chemical analysis, but that is an overkill. So it is a good idea to check your oil level every few hundred miles.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    By allowing the oil level to drop to the low mark you are working the remaining oil much harder. Since the Sentra has a 4 quart capacity you are working with only 3 quarts. This will "wear out" the oil a lot sooner. Do yourself a favor and keep the oil up to the upper line. Your consumption will probably be less also. Syn oil is also a god choice because it lasts longer and lubricates. Worth a few extra bucks considering you have a $17,000 car.

  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    Does anyone know the dimension of the speakers on the GXE (front and back). I have a pair of speakers from my old car ( 97 Civic sedan - Front 6 1/2", back 6x9?)that I would like to have installed on the Sentra. However, all the shops I called in my local area don't seem to know unless they take the door panel apart (apparently they have not even done one installation on the new Sentra -and they would have to charge me for just "looking" without installing a thing). I was told that both the front and the back should be 6 1/2", but then no one know how deep is the mount. Has anyone out there succeeded in installing the speakers? I tried to do the front door panels but couldn't figure out how to take the bottom part of the panel out after taking off the single screw at the bottom. Any help?
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