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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    coulda shoulda woulda hit 'im. And I'm collecting insurance money this Saturday on the last person who wasn't paying attention and pulled out in front of my Accent. It's nowhere near $12,700 (what the TMV is for a Sentra XE with AC, cassette, and pollen filter) but it's a good start. I'd rather have a Geo Metro. They total out easier...LOL!!! Sorry you didn't catch him, but I'll tell you what. Since he didn't touch you, no blame could be placed on him unless someone else also witnessed the incident and stopped to help you. The last time I was run off the road, I hit a metal wastebasket and my Dodge Dynasty's fender was pushed the tiniest fraction of an inch and the next time I opened the door it crunched the fender in. The aqua green Mustang who almost hit me head-on is owned by someone I recognized. I found him later at a bar, called the police, but they could do nothing, and his insurance denied my claim, because the cars never touched. Sometimes it's like that. Hope your car comes out of the shop like it was, with $10K of damage I wouldn't want to drive it anymore.
  • Well, the car you just discribed (I'm assuming manual trans) comes to a Invoice price of $14981, and a TMV of $15336. You said you paid $15200, so you beat Edmund's price by about $100. Good job!

    My experiance was not nearly as good: Took 4 days to finish the deal... Here's a long story for all of you...

    We (my wife and I) desided on getting the Sentra GXE. It was just a matter of when. Since Nissan was advertising an APR of 3.9 persent, we desided to look and see what we could do.

    Went to the big dealership, about an hour's drive from our place. Looked around abit, and found the last 2000 Model Sentra on the lot. GXE, Convience Package... Even the color we liked (Iced Cappachino). So, we made an offer: We started by asking for $14700 off the lot. Now, by Off the lot (OTL), we were asking for everything to be included... Tax, Licensing... Everything. After a series of offers and counter offers, they finaly agreed on $15300 OTL.

    The day was getting late, and we were getting tired. But... Our credit report came back, and it was just as we knew it would be: We have no credit. They told me that there was no way we would get the 3.9% apr with no credit, and we would probably need a co-signer... So, They let us take the new car home. We eventualy got the co-signatures from my parents. But there was still no sign of whether or not we were approved...

    Finaly, after another day of waiting, we got the call that we were approved for 6.9% apr, which is what we signed for. (Hint: If they offer something like 16.9% like they did to us, get up to leave. the're ripping you off.) The car was finaly ours.

    How did I do? Well, The car I got (GXE Auto with Convience package and FloorMats) comes to a Invoice price of $13784. Edmund's TMV for this car is $14088, and with the 8.3% sales tax and $50 license tabs, it comes out to $15307.30... Right on my $15300 OTL target.

    Only regrets: Couldn't find anywhere a GXE with antilock breaks, unless I wanted to drive 2 hours in bad weather just get there... But I must say the breaks on the standard sentra are incredable compared to the poor old care I was (and still am occationaly) driving. Standard Dunlop all-weather tires are exelent as well.

    Do I like the car? Absolutly! Quiet, Smooth ride... Great sound system (even the cheaper 4 speaker system we got sounds rich and powerful) Plenty of power, room for 4 compfortably... The list could go on...

    I am curious... Potential buyers should try the "off the lot" method... Perhaps this is a good way to get down to your target price on a new car... Feedback?

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    pathway, can I assume that you bought a 2000 when the 2001 was not available yet?
  • Sorry, I left out one important detail. I am in San Diego, CA. I just bought a 2001 Sentra GXE with an Automatic, Convenience & Luxury packages, floor mats, and a spoiler. I got the 3.9% interest rate at $15,200 plus taxes and fees. How did I do?
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    pathway, how did you come up with $14,981 as the invoice price for NissanDriver's car? And that was assuming a manual transmission. The 2000's and 2001's are priced (list and invoice) the same. $12,343(base)+$520(freight)+$732(auto. trans.)+$131(C.P.)+$563(L.P.)+$58(F.M.)+$259(rear spoiler)=$14,606. So NissanDriver paid $594 over invoice.
  • hkchan: I got the 2000 because it was what I wanted, there were 2001's on the lot, but the 2000 was right...

    NissanDriver: ARG! I thought you got the SE! My fault! hkchan is correct... Sorry for the confusion.

  • So is $594 over invoice an OK deal (considering the 3.9 apr) or was I a weak haggler?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 728
    just my personal opinion,,,, i think you could have got the car for invoice or below-- there was a $500 rebate on the car, wasn't there?, it was the end of the calendar year, where plenty of good deals are, we're talking a sentra, not a high-demand car....i think you could have bought the car for:
    invoice - 500 + 150.

    then again, if you're happy with the deal, then my opinion matters not at all. i test drove a GXE last week, very nice car.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Would you mind giving me your zip code? Actually, any zip code in your general area would do. How much time did you spend on the negotiation(s)? And how many dealers did you visit?
  • I just bought a 2001 se,with auto,sunroof,mats, and performance package for 16000.00 + tax, minus the 500.00 rebate.How did i do?
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Your car's invoice is $16,058. How do you think you did? BTW, the $16,000 price you mention includes the freight, right? Which part of the country are you in? I guess the $500 rebate is regional.
  • Proud new GXE owner. I love it so far. Zip: 92163. I only visited one dealer, but I did a lot of research online. I wish I would have seen these messages earlier. The best online price I could find for the same car/options was at for $14889. Of course, that was not at a 3.9% interest rate. I think that I could have done a better job of negotiating. Yesterday when I checked it think the TMV was just over 15200 but today it is 14949. Looks like I might have been able to do a little better. I decided to just go with the slightly pricier vehicle for a better interest rate and not have to worry about waiting for it and so forth. There is no $500 rebate here that I have heard of (please don't tell me there is - it must be regional). I was hoping that someone else who bought one could tell me what they paid for it... I guess I shouldn't worry about the deal that I got since its done, but I want to do better in the future, like when I buy a home.
  • There isn't a $500 rebate on the Sentra in my area, only the Altima. So I'm sure you would have heard about it if there was one in your area.

    Glad to hear SOMEBODY is getting the 3.9% rate... Soon (after this car) I'll have credit!

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    For the zip code 92163, Greenlight is quoting $14,883, $14,748 for CarsDirect and $15,282.72 for Driveoff. They don't mention the 3.9% promotion.
  • got a new GXE (Arlington VA,22204) for $15,061, include: 5 speed, 6 disk changer, ABS, conv.-luxury package, mats. Plus the damn $250 processing fee for VA. I should have negotiated that into the bottom line price!! My bad. But I did get the 3.9% financing! I am just psyched to have a new car. Now I need for it to have a better life than the twisted Mazda MX-3 which I was fortunate enough to walk away uninjured from this past August! Did anyone get the extended warranty? If so, how much did you pay. They were oferring 6yr./75K for $732, but I said the heck with that. Thought it was a little high.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Is this a '00 or '01? The invoice is $14,567. That's $494 over invoice. When you said ABS, it came with side air bags too, right? What's with this processing fee for VA but not MD. Is this a fee charged by the VA MVA?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 728
    i think the processing fee is advertising fee, isn't it? when i was quoted a price on a GXE in Ohio, their invoice price matched mine to the letter, EXCEPT for an additional $2xx for advertising. I assume that's what you mean by processing fee. I didn't buy any car yet, I liked the GXE tho.

    i also didn't care for the $520 destination charge-- I know you have to pay distination, but when Honda and Toyota are both in the $400-$450 area, $520 seemed high. of course, that's not enough to make me not want the nissan, in and of itself. i'd buy a gxe over a civic.
  • Hello people,
    Did anyone install the In-Cabin Microfilter advertised on Nissan's website after they bought their Sentra? If so how much did it cost including labor?
  • OK,

    I am arranging the purchase of a 2001 Sentra SE with almost all the options (except for the 6 disc changer, I plan on putting in a new Aiwa MP3 player instead, but that's some down the line).

    Here's my request of all the experienced and/or opinionated people out there:

    What should I do when I pick up the car, drive it the first so-and-so weeks(months/years), and what considerations should I take into account for making it last as long as possible, with the most reasonable amount of cost/time?

    In other words, what advice do you wish someone had given you when you first got a new car? Like how to treat it when it's new, what to look for when you pick it up, and so on. Not just general advice mind you, but some specifics. I realise it's all your opinion, so I won't hold any grudges if I decide to follow your advice and it doesn't work out....Mama didn't raise no fool (except my idiot brother! But that's neither here nor there.).

    Thanks and feel free to email me at instead of taking up a lot of space, unless you think it's a worthy topic!

  • Thank you for your answer. I did go for a ride with the tech, and he said that my "vibration" was a normal circumstance of the 4 cyl motor. He said for me to drive other SE's at the dealership, and if I did not agree with him, they would go to a factory rep. I did do this, and he was right on. I asked them about the sounded a little "out of tune", and it faded on FM. They have ordered a new radio. I really like my Sentra SE. I am 70 years old and wanted to have a litle fun while I can. I have always driven Volvo's and for good or bad, they all drive the same, year after year. This is really a kick in the behind to read all of the posts from you and others like you....for the greatest part, very polite and patient. Thanks again!!!
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    My brother just broke-in his SE and he loves it. The only dislike that he has are the little tweaters on the a-pillar. They pretty pathetic. To me, the car is a big improvement over the '94 version which we previously owned. It is roomier and the interior looks alot better. I like the front storage space... very interesting place to put more stuff.

    As far as getting a new car, I'd look over the car inside and out very carefully before I'd accept it. I'd get one with extremely low mileage (My Acura had 5 miles on it at delivery) Make sure that all the items you've ordered are there or make the dealer sign a paper saying that they still owe you those things. Always check the tire pressures since the dealers always have the tires over-inflated. Make sure there are no dents. Check that all the functions are working ... that means starting up the engine and use all the features.

    As for break-in period, drive the car like you would when you first learn to drive... very slowly. Try to stay below 70 mph. Don't drive it more than two hours during break-in period. The engine and the brakes should be gently handled during this period... as the manual would say. Just the generic things one would do for a long lasting car :)
  • dart64dart64 Posts: 9
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the pocket rocket Sentra SE-R is back! It will be available in the fall of 2001 as a 2002 model with two models, a regular SE-R and the SE-R Spec V..
    Some numbers that I can remeber:
    -The SE-R will have a 2.5ltr 4 cylinder making 170hp, while the Spec V will have 180hp.
    -The Spec V will have a slip differential, 17" tires, and a 6 SPEED Manual, while the SE-R has 16" tires and a 5 speed.
    There are some cosmetic changes as well, such as a frontier-like nose, new side skirts, and a bigger spoiler in the back. There are also new seats and yellow instrumentation.
    You can go to for more info on the the car
    What do you guys think?.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    I am sure that my brother will kick himself when he finds out how much more power he could have with the SE-R. Then again, he might trade his current SE for the SE-R. I hope the car will stay affordable for the young crowd or the old who want bang for the buck.

    All this means is that the new Altima is about to debut pretty soon with bigger engine (3.0 from the current Maxima)
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Getting my SE back after 7 weeks tomorrow........ God how I missed that car! In the meantime, I got to rent a few base model cars: a Cavalier..... not as bad as I'd heard, but a rattletrap nonetheless. a Focus...... had some good points-great base stereo, handled OK... and some bad points-horrible seats, stupid dash layout, and mysterious window cranks that crank backwards from every other car on earth..... and the worst of the 3, a Saturn SL1...what a POS this thing is! Horrible seats, rattling plastic everywhere you look, vibrating mirrors, I could go on and on.. this car has 3500 miles on it and it drives like my Neon did with 176,000 miles... guess GM took over Saturn and condemned it to poor quality. Our old 1993 SL2 Saturn was a good car, albeit a little noisy, but this "new" Saturn is monstrously bad. Even the dash looks like something from the early '70's...the passenger-side airbag must blast you in the knees when it deploys-it's aimed squarely at your crotch.
    Anyway, my SE is almost done (read earlier post about crash it sustained) At least I got 2 new struts and 215-50-16 G-force radials out of the deal.........
    I'll post again-next project is to upgrade the rear speakers on each side of the sub woofer.
  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    My wife and I took out a 5-spd. 2001 SE with the SE performance package on it last night, what a blast! She currently drives a '95 Sentra GLE auto (112K miles on it, the only part failure was a alternator at 90K) and is looking to replace it with a new car (she finally let me teach her how to drive a manual trans, something her old car needed...I'm glad my brother let me use his car as the "guinea pig"). I drive a '96 Infiniti G20 with lux pack that I've begun to customize (just put on some AGX shocks, but currently waiting for the awesome Koni-inserted coilovers from Motivational Engineering), it has 87K with no problems so far. Since the new SE Sentra shares the same motor as my G20 (the SR20DE) and I know how good the motor is, I figured it would be worth our time to test drive it and consider it for purchase. I'd have to say my overall impression was one of shock, as the Sentra does indeed feel like a "mini-Maxima" (I drove a '00 Maxima last year with a friend who was going to buy one), just like Car & Driver states. The performance package on the SE is not rough-riding, contrary to what one might believe. It depends on what you think "rough" is. If your used to driving Lexus LS400's or Cadillac DeVille's, then it might be a bit "active" for you (why would you buy a Sentra SE if you can afford a Lexus or Cadillac, hehe?). Since we own the last generation Sentra and last gen G20, I can tell you that the new perf-pack equipped SE drives great over the rough stuff, and that's saying a lot considering the roads here in Northern Illinois are a mess. We took that SE down a stretch of speed-bump-like 2 lane highway that was "heaved up" like crazy and the car handled it very smoothly and very impressively. I hit the road at 60mph, no problems. My G20 with the super-stiff AGX shocks on it would've shaken our dinner out of us on that same stretch. We've been looking at a Golf, because we need the hatchback practicality. But, you just can't beat the bang-for-the-buck equation and the overall performance that the new Sentra provides. I'm thinking we're in for a new Sentra in a few weeks. Oh yea, I checked out the unveiling of the new Sentra SE-R on their website (it's very slow people, so be patient), it's awesome. Definite Nissan Frontier-like front end, but I like that (beauty's in the eyes of the beholder you know). The 180hp V-Spec version with the 6-spd manual is going to be one hot car. I hope they can keep the price reasonable, though. They haven't released pricing info, but they say it should be avail this fall of '01 as a 2002 model. We SHOULD wait for that car, but we'd like something new before then.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Did the car have the ABS/side airbags package?
  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    You know, I didn't even notice. We weren't interested in that particular car at all because of it's color (black). We took it out for a drive because it was the most conveniently located SE 5-spd on the lot. We're interested in getting the dk.grey color (granite) or cloud white as a second choice, neither of which were on the lot with the transmission and options we wanted. I remember reading a sticker on another SE that did show ABS/side bags as a package option, though.

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Thanks for the information. People have mentioned that it's hard to come by. I'm comparing the 01 Sentra SE with the 01 Mazda Protege ES.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    I finally bought the Sentra because of comfortable front seats. This was a requirement by my wife who wanted a larger car. I wanted smaller due to economy with performance. Unfortunately I had to compromise again and get automatic even though she drives stick. Oh well I guess thats why we are still married after 32 years. Love the car- glad I bought it. Handling is excellent.
  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    I'd have to agree that the front seats of the new Sentra SE are very comfortable. I like the interior on the SE model, even though some don't. I don't think the interior's perfect...but it's much better than our older '95 Sentra GLE's interior. I think our old car has more rear seat room than the new Sentra SE, though. I'm somewhat concerned about that, so I'm going to look (and drive!) at the Protege ES also, as someone has mentioned how the Protege has more rear seat room and is just as fun as the Sentra SE to drive. I don't think a person could go wrong with either car, they're both excellent. Hkchan, if we decide to get the new Sentra SE, we're going to try to get the ABS/side bag pack, even if we have to wait a while to get one. I'm not too hip on ABS, but I would like the side bags. I wish they'd make the side bags standard like many new cars and leave the ABS as a stand-alone option.

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