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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • wchuwchu Posts: 1
    Hi, I am from Toronto, Canada. I am researching on the 2001 Sentra SE. Seems like a pretty good car and good value. However, I am not sure if I want everything in the performance package except the ABS. Can the ABS option be had on its own without getting the entire performance package for the SE? Also, can someone tell me the difference between the SE standard suspension and the one in performance package - pros and cons?
    Is the performance package worth getting?

  • rberusrberus Posts: 25
    Well, the 2.0L in the SE is rated ~30mpg for highway, and 24mpg for city from the EPA, so I'm right in line on that.

    As for the perf. pack., get it - its just way to good of a deal to pass up.

    Yes, ABS is available as a stand-alone option. Actually, on my 2000, ABS didn't come with the perf package.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    'bhp' is "brake horsepower" from a "prony brake". bhp is measured at maximum resistance at a given rpm. Your car makes very little hoursepower in neutral at any rpm. Only engine and transmission friction. dart64- you're right I didn't mean to imply that all 6's beat all 4's. davidb72's explanation is what I had in mind, I can tell he is an engineer. I just bought a 2001 (today) Sentra SE with auto only. I maybe should have looked at the 1.8 liter more closely it might be a later generation engine. I don't believe it has a distributer (unlike the 2 liter) and also it doesn't have solid lifters (2 liter has solids). Any thoughts? I really wanted the 4 wheel discs and it appeared that the SE had bells and whistles for a reasonable price.
  • Well, after three months of EXHAUSTIVE research and dozens of test drives, I have chosen to replace my troublesome Ford Focus with a 2000 Sentra SE. I am one of the few who did not want the value priced Power Package, as I hate the Midnight Cloth fabric, especially with my Cappuccino exterior, and also consider the Stage II suspension to be a bit too stiff for my tastes.

    As for the final three cars, I deliberately test drove all three back-to-back on the same day, so as to get the best opinion. To make a long story short, I considered the Sentra SE to be a much better value, and have better acceleration than the base Toyota Solara. The Toyota was rated by me as last place of the three. Surprise, surprise!
    In second place, with slightly better performance and handling than the Sentra SE was the fuel efficient Olds Alero with the 3.4 liter V-6. Believe it or not, the Sentra SE is almost as fast as the Olds with the V-6. Had my memory of brake rotor problems on my old 98 Malibu (cousin to the Alero) not reminded me of what I went through on that car, I would have bought the Alero. I was lucky enough to have the cheapest of the final three cars to be very reliable. My Sentra SE wound up being $3000 cheaper than the Alero and $7000 cheaper than the Solara. I made a very smart purchase with the Sentra, getting it at invoice (leftover 2000 model) and 5.9% APR for 4 years. This was simply too good to pass up. My Nissan dealer is also one of the easiest car dealers that I have ever had to deal with in my 15 years of buying cars.

    Thanks again everyone for all of the tips.
  • No matter how you look at it the Sentra SE is a wonderful buy. May I suggest that you visit where all the 2000 Sentra owners hangout and discuss their cars. I know its tough but be easy on the car the first 1000 miles.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    I'll check the link. I will be easy on the car for that time period. I know how important it is. I changed the oil after 27 miles to Mobil 1. Sounds crazy as maybe I should have given it time to flush itself. I'm a real believer in Mobil 1 oil and I couldn't help myself.
  • I have been told by many engine builders not to run a synthetic oil until the engine is broken in. Synthetic oil works so good that it doesn't allow the piston rings to get seated in. Get the engine good and broken in (7,000 to 8,000 miles) before switching to a synthetic oil.
  • I've got a 2000 SE with some problems:

    The left side center vent does not blow at all even when I have the fans set at speed #4. The right side center vent blows fine.

    The sunroof does not open all the way when pressing the open button. It slides 90% and then stops...I have to release the button then press the open button again to open the remaining 10%.

    Anyone else have these issues.
  • I live in NY and I am shopping around for a Sentra GXE automatic with no other options. I need someone to throw me a bone in giving me a target price with destination charge included and without taxes please. I was quoted $14,100 at a nearby dealership.
  • Have used Mobil 1 for quite a while on many cars after break-in period. All ok. Understand the concern about no syn during break-in but then how do you explain why Porsche, Corvettes and also rebuild from Autozone come with Mobil 1 as their factory fill. If it's good enough for a very expensive Porsche engine maybe it's ok for everyone else????
  • My left side vent barely blows too! It is quite annoying, but I really don't think there is anything that can be done about it. As for the sunroof, mine does the same thing. Its suppose to. I don't know why, but thats how they were designed.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    I had the same thoughts.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I had a chance to drive it last night. The car was supposedly just off the truck that day. In the middle of the test drive there was suddenly a flapping noise coming from the engine. I asked if I should stop and find out what was making the noise. The salesman said it was probably just the fan. He tried to vary the fan speed and that did not affect the noise. I was saying to myself, "Fine. Just don't make me pay for it if I damage the engine.
    In addition, I have these observations and questions. It would be helpful to me if someone else would comment on these, especially if you had the chance to drive one with the PP and one without. It was too late last night to drive one without. I presently drive a 99 Civic EX sedan w/5-sp. Sitting in the driver's seat, the Sentra felt narrower. It also had more vibration and engine noise than the Civic (not surprising). Wind noise was fine. Again, it could be because there's something wrong with the engine in that particular sample. It took more effort to shift into each gear. That's not a big problem to me except I couldn't shift into 1st gear while the car was coasting down. When coming to a stop sign, I normally shift into 1st gear when the car's speed is down to 15-20mph. I would depress the clutch and shift into 1st gear. I don't release the clutch until I come to a complete stop and I'm ready to proceed. I can blame it on the cold weather, but then my Civic has no such problem at cold temperatures. This problem on the Sentra reminded me of my 83 Tercel. Has anyone else experience the same difficulty with their SE? The ride was rougher than the Civic and the handling was better (again, not surprising). Hopefully, someone who had a chance to drive one with the PP and one without would comment on the differences between the two in terms of noise, vibration, ride and handling, etc.
  • My 96 Sentra hit the curb and caused the damage to the bottom of the car. Two airbags
    also burst out. I brought it to Nissan dealer which fixed the damage (control arm, ..)
    for almost $1,000 but not the airbags. They told me to replace two airbags will cost around
    $2,000. I think it's ridiculous as the whole new car costs around $12,000. Now I am driving
    the Sentra without airbags.

    What should I do? any advice appreciated.
  • fpm2fpm2 Posts: 13
    I had the same problem shifting into first. It doesn't happen all the time, which makes this really annoying. ANyone else have this problem?
  • I have the same issues with my 2000 SE Left center vent hardly blows, I also have that slighly raised passenger airbag cover. Anyone have any solutions to these things?
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    When driving the vehicle home there seemed to be excessive vapor coming out of the exhaust (Wife driving-I was following). I also noticed water dripping out of exhaust. After 5 miles this went away. Still, it seemed to be excessive. Of course the car only had 11 miles on it and may have sat a while. The oil appeard OK. I changed oil anyway. Next time I drove it after a short period of time the "check engine" light came on. Wondering if the head gasket leaks. Antifreeze level was low when I got it home. Have an apointment with dealer. Thoughts??
  • trunktrunk Posts: 3
    Rebate info on this site sez 5.9% financing for 48 months on Sentra, good through 12/20. Does anyone think there might be an even better rate offered right after that? Wouldn't that make sense-- "12/21 through 12/31" or something. I hope so, b/c I don't think I can make up my mind by next Wednesday, but if I buy one right after this offer I could've saved about $500 over 4 year loan. Any guess?
  • trunktrunk Posts: 3
    I am interested in the SE, going to test drive on Wednesday. What first caught my attention was the TV commercial for the stereo. Is it as good as I hope it is? Also, does anyone know the manufacturer of the head unit/speakers? Interestingly, a lot of the good stereos in cars are advertised by name: JBL (Solara), Infinity (Grand Cherokee), Bose (Maxima), Harmon Kardon (BMW), Nakamichi (Lexus), Monsoon (VW)...
  • hey all. At first I was looking at the CE. But candidly, I can do without the extra horses and would like to save a little money with the GXE. I wanted to get a feeling for what kind of price I should be looking for. The dealer started with 15,995 then came down 500 beans. I think that price can be improved a good 750?? The GXE was a stick with ABS, six disk changer, mats and luxury package. The model is the 2001. Please give your thoughts, but I am thinking this is QUITE a bit high. Thanks
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Looks like you forgot to include the GXE Convenience Package (G03). It's mandatory with the GXE Luxury Package. If you add up the sticker prices on the options you mentioned to the base price and freight, it comes out to $15,845 which is exactly $150 less than $15,995. The Convenience Package lists for $150.

    Including the Convenience Package, the invoice is $14,567.'s TMV, about $200 over invoice, sounds reasonable. Have you driven both versions yet?
  • The reason you are not able to shift the car into first gear when slowing down is because the car has a synchronizer (sp?) on it that doesn't allow you to do so. This is there so that you don't wreck the engine by accidently shifting into first gear when your traveling above a certain engine speed. It all has to do with your RPMs.
    There is nothing wrong with the car, you just have to know about this. My 91 Sentra does the same thing; either slow down to a complete stop, match the RPM so that the car will shift into first gear, or just use 2nd.
    Hope this clears up your question.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Thanks for the reply. I already knew it had to do with the synchronizer. I did not state my question correctly. I was trying to find out why the Sentra did that while others didn't. Cost-saving?
  • I don't know why Nissan has them and others don't. Maybe they just care about the longevity of their engines more than other manufacturers :)
    Well, I hope that whatever car you choose you are happy with. I do know, however, that the Sentra is a blast to drive, especially with the 2.0 ltr engine.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I would like to buy a Sentra SE with PP, but definitely without the Sunroof. Do you think I can find one after looking at several dealers (possibly over 100 SEs with PP)? Nope. This is typical of Nissan. They say an item is optional such as a Sunroof (and especially the overpriced and unnecessary anti-theft system with it's $75 dollar keys), but then add it to every car produced thereby making it "standard". I'd like to see the look on a dealer's face if you wanted to order a Sentra just to get one without the optional floor mats.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Which part of the country are you in? Are you looking for a 2001? This doesn't sound good if and I'm ready for an SE w/PP and no sunroof. What about the Side-Impact Air Bags/ABS combo? Is it hard to find too?
  • thanks for the response. I drove the SE first. I loved it and it had a nice extra push than the GXE, those extra horses in the SE! But I do not want to pay the extra $$ for the SE at this point
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Let's compare. The GXE you're looking at has an invoice of $14,567. Take an SE and add to it the Side-Impact Air Bags/ABS, the CD changer and the floor mats. The base SE has essentially everything in the GXE's Convenience and Luxury Packages except the Vehicle Immobilizer/Vehicle Security system and the upgraded stereo. The total invoice is $15,154 or $587 more. If you can give up the CD changer then it's $14,808 or $241 more. Add $259 to these two prices if you want to add the Immobilizer/Vehicle Security system. The problem is finding the car with exactly the options that you want.
  • many of our new owners must have received the brochure about this plan. any comments? many thanks!
  • Well, I would predict that the dealer would put a big happy smile on his face because all he would have to do is remove the floor mats from the vehicle! :)
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