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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • I will be picking up my car this tuesday. I got the blackout. I was very impresssed with the overall package. I got both the convience pkg and the lux pkg. I am paying $14661. I though I got a pretty good deal. I went to this forum just for the heck of it because i though for sure I would buy a Civic or Corolla. Thanks to all of you for making me test drive the Sentra. No comparision between the cars. I also thought the 1.8 engine had all the power I needed though I can understand why everyone loves the SE. I'm looking forward to many miles of trouble free driving!
    Believe it or not I'm going from my trusty 88 Chevy pickup to this. No need for the big truck anymore and I'm looking forward to a substantial gas milage increase. Well wish me luck and thanks for all the information. This site is great!
  • ekim1116,

    Congratulations on your new GXE! The Blackout looks awesome, although it will ensure that you spend your idle time washing your car ;-) I've found that's not a problem -- I wash mine at least once a week, whether it's dirty or not. The GXE is a great value; the new motor is a significant improvement over the old 1.6 liter, and with all the packages you got your value quotient is through the roof. Remember also to break it in right during the first 1000 miles. At my 4000 mile oil change I think I'm changing to Mobil 1 oil and filter.

    Good luck,
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    14661? is that out the door before a down? that's a good deal for both packages...
  • sfpinoysfpinoy Posts: 1
    Have been reading all your inputs and it has helped a great deal. Gonna retire the 210K 1987 Sentra Sdn after 13 years of faithful service and I only did the minimum maintenance. Car is a work horse - treated it more like a truck than a car! By the sounds of things I shouldn't have any problems finding 5sp XEs! Thanks for tips about and
  • rbrightrbright Posts: 5

    Good luck with those tires. I'll be going to 205/50s when my OEM tires wear out.

    The owners manual does not recommend against synthetic -- why would it? Also, why do your service guys recommend against it? I suspect ignorance on their part is playing a role here, but am curious what their reasons are. Mobil 1 claims that you can use synthetic oil from day one, and several car manufactures do just that. At 4000 miles, I don't anticipate any problems switching over.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    I love synthetic oil, but do not use it due the monthly miles I put on my car. The Nissan service mechanics advised against using synthetic. I didn't press them for a reason, since I don't use it. Please, do whatever your information guides you to do. I thought I saw a warning against synthetic in the manual, however, if I'm mistaken, thanks for the correction!
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    The specs. for the new Sentras may be different
    but I've been using synthetic in my 97' GLE for
    almost 3 years and in my wife's 95' GXE for about
    2 years. Wouldn't use anything else at this point.
    The Nissan dealer I go to even sells Castrol
    synthetic and reccommends it. Of course more money
    for them at oil change. Mobil 1 is even used as
    stock/break-in oil in Mercedes/Porsche. Be sure
    and check the owner's manual, it may indeed say
    something. Maybe the techs. meant not using it
    before break-in is complete. I changed over to
    to Mobil 1 at 5K miles, after break-in.
  • Did u cut and paste it from your previous message?
    Anyway, if you don't like the car than don't worry about it, because it's NOT going to change other people's opinion for a higher performance car than your 93 sentra(outdated) or the Civic SI.
    The Sentra SE has a 2.0 engine, non of the Civics has it. I think making a big deal out of the truck release button is not wise at all. It's just a matter of getting used to it, just like if someone removed the position of your toothbrush, then you have to look all over for it. It is actually easier to reach than the previous position, unless you like to bend over;)
    No trunk light? Mine has it.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    I like the idea of the trunk knobs, but let's say you like in a rainy location (FL) and you forget the umbrella in the trunk. I don't like the idea of getting out, getting wet, then getting the umbrella. They should have made a locking seat down as in the Civic that only opens with the master key and not the valet.
  • For your information. I love the titanium dash lights and as for the floaty feeling you experienced on your one solitary test drive, what do you think a Sentra SE is? A SCCA outfitted racer or a Porsche 911 Turbo....jeeez its an economy car that gives the driver some modicum of fun. If you want a a BMW M5 or another performance car. No trunk light? My car also has a trunk light. Lack of trunk space....get an SUV.
    I agree with quark99, styling is a matter of choice and I(the car too:) get lots of adoring looks wherever we go. This past weekend I went to a local speed strip on Long Island, NY where both domestic and import draggers come out to play (better known as rice boys). The majority liked the style and were impressed that the car was bone stock with side sills, spoiler and handsome rims. I am still in the break in phase so couldn't impress them more with a 7.9sec 0-60 time...but next week I go over 1000 miles. I'll post how I fared in the stop light to stoplight wars.

    But anyway do really think you going to smoke me with any stock civic si....ha! Don't believe honda's hype of 160hp. That is at the fly wheel. I don't have the exact figures at hand but I think the Si makes 133hp - 135hp at the wheels about the same as my Sentra SE.

    sentra se = min max and that ain't necssarily a bad thing!

  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    If you go to the dealership and "test" brand-new cars by red-lining 'em as soon as you get off the lot......well, hope you buy the dang thing so the next unsuspecting buyer doesn't get saddled with a slightly abused motor....sorta like "sampling" food at the supermarket and then hiding the evidence so someone else pays for the damage.
    I'll get off my soapbox and drift back into anonymity now.....
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    Whatever it's worth I only buy new cars with
    ~ 10 - 15 miles on them, just for that reason,
    so that someone hasn't taken it home for a
    weekend and thrashed it to kingdom come.
    I test drove a Saturn SL2 (actually the salesman
    test drove it for me) a few years back. He took
    the car up to redline 4 - 5 times, applied the
    handbrake at speed and performed a few other
    stunts with the car. He actually expected me to
    but his thrashed piece of junk Saturn after that.
    I walked off the lot with nary a word.
    Off-hand I've not test driven the new SE or GXE
    models, but anything has got to a big improvement
    over the 95'- 99' GA16 anemic motor. Nissan
    must've retuned the GA16 about 97' cause mine
    feels stronger than my wife's 95'. The 95' GXE
    engine still does not burn oil, at least noticably, between oil changes but even after a minor tune-up still has ' 0 ' punch to get on the freeway or even pass on the freeway.
    As we are, or will be, in the market soon, I may
    be able to convince my spouse to consider the SE,
    once production and supply increase. In the Houston area SE's, it seems, are in short supply.
    Might be a hard sell though 'cause my wife is
    ready for the 'large(er) family sedan', i.e Accord, Camry, thing.
  • Don't go back into neverneverland....your contributions are greatly appreciated. Your advice on the right tire combo for the SE made my friend estatic. He went right out and bought new Sumitomos. Next week we will run our own comparo. Stock vs Upgraded.
  • I'm planning on buying a 2000 sentre gxe (auto + conv package) within the next two weeks. The best deal I've been offered so far is $14,184 + tax, title,license and documentation. Do you think I could get a better deal? I got this deal through
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    When I stopped in to the dealership with my survey yesterday, they had a loaded 2000 Sentra GXE on the showroom floor with some Japanese 16" x 7" chrome alloys and 215-50-ZR16 tires. I think the tires were T/A's.....Anyway, I guess there are no clearance issues on the GXE's. The setup looked great, but there was a $1,995 Dealer Charge for the tire/wheel setup. That's about $600-$700 profit, just on the package. I guess some unsuspecting buyer will go for it, if they're unfamiliar with tire and wheel prices. If I could afford to install 7" wide wheels, I'd add 225-45-ZR16 Yokohama A520's at about $500 a set. Those tires will fit on the stock SE 16" x 6" wheels, but I think you'd lose some sidewall stiffness due to the 3/4" "bulge" of tire hanging outside the wheel. I'm still planning on the 205-50-ZR16 Sumitomo's unless I hear reports about problems from others on this board. Does anybody know if Nissan service will recalibrate the speedo to match different tire sizes? (computer adjustment)
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I'll be waiting for the report on the Sumitomo's!
    Step-by-step, gotta improve the "jouncy" handling and increase driver confidence during high-speed cornering...we'll get it done, slowly and surely.
  • When will the 2001 Sentra's be available?
  • Howdy. Looking at a '99 Sentra GXE Limited Edition package at $10,500. Milage is 18K, and it's manual shift. I thinking that this is a fair price from the dealer.

    My question is, why buy a Limited Edition package vs. a normal GXE? Any thoughts out there - is it worth it? And just what the heck is a tachometer?

  • Hi. I'm searching for a sentra gxe and the best and most upfront deal I have gotten is from a great dealer (I'm new to this townhall concept, so I don't know if I'm allowed to post the dealership name and salesperson - please let me know if that's okay, because I highly recommend this guy!) outside of Chicago: 2000 Sentra GXE automatic with convience pkg and mats for 13,659. This does not include 48.80 doc fee and taxes. That's about 400 below invoice. It's the best I've found so far (got this dealer's name from one of the online places, either stoneage or autobytel.
    Anyone coming in at a lower price? And if so, where?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You can post the name of a dealer and/or dealership that gave you a good deal. It isn't against any Town Hall user agreements or anything. Matter of fact, it's nice to pass on a name. Word of mouth is the best advertising.
  • coolmecoolme Posts: 2
    I was wondering how it wud be to buy cars online. I plan to buy a Sentra and I checked These guys have great prices and they have an option to deliver the Car for Free!!! Any Advices/Comments Welcome
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Check Carsdirect. I've heard from alot of people that have used it and they are pleased. normally they too have great prices and depending where you live, they can deliver it to your home or work.
  • Ok is the list of my weekend exploits.

    1) Chevy Mailbu V6....what was he thinking?

    2) Volvo (old 860 T)

    3) Modded Civic hatchback.....86 it looked like

    Ps this weeekned wasn't all victory... modded Si beat me by half a car length. However, I am stock automatic. I will add a CAI and I am looking at NOS.....but I don't want to get too crazy just yet.
  • I have one Sentra SE with automatic and right now I am using Shell premium gas and castrol synthetic oil. It seems like it is not so fuel efficient. Can anyone post any experience to improve my situation?
  • rbrightrbright Posts: 5

    Nice going. I had my first race over the weekend -- a late 80's/early 90's Camero. To my surprise, I beat it handily.

    Everything I've read suggests you are wasting your money and unnecessarily depleting oil reserves by using high octane gas in a car designed to run on low octane. Also, I'm averaging 25.76 MPG in mostly city driving, with occasional thrashing on the engine. I'm pretty pleased with these numbers.
  • fisher7fisher7 Posts: 3
    We have a new 2000 GLX and find the standard motor to be more than adequate even at our high altitude.The most amazing thing to me is the passing power in third ,fourth, and even fifth gear. The variable valve timing is remarkable.The maximum torque is at 2700 rpm.The SE is at 4700 rpm.Dont get me wrong, for the same price I would get the SE.We had a NX 2000 and we really liked the motor.We are getting 32 to 37 miles to the gallon with agressive driving.We paid 14,000 with the mag wheels and split seat packages then bought the spoiler for 275 installed.This car is a real improvement over our 200SX and it will blow the doors off a Jetta for 3500 less.
  • Hey there,

    I am using Amoco Premium. What do you guys(gals) run in your SE and why?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Nothing but Chevron regular 87 octane in my 2000 SE....never any pinging or performance issues.
  • aswhiteaswhite Posts: 1
    I have test-driven 2 manual Sentra GXEs. Both had vibrations in the gear-stick such that I felt like I'd been holding a massager after only a short 4-mile test-drive. One dealer told me not to rest my hand on it while I drove. DUH, OK for the numb feeling, but what about what might be actually going on in the transmission or elsewhere and creating this 'feedback'? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Suggestions?

    (My 92 Saturn SL1 with 139,000 miles NEVER had this vibration "problem.")
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