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Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry



  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    You're entitled to your opinions, but please back them up with sound facts. The Accord has not been remodeled recently. It has received some minor (mostly cosmetic) changes recently but is basically still the same car when it was remodeled in 98. Do you have any objective facts that Camrys age better than Accords? Accords have the same or better resale value than Camrys. That would indicate to me that Accords don't become rattle traps with increasingly louder engines. I have relatives who owned high mileage Accords and the engines run as good as new. Sorry, that was subjective of me. Only you are allowed to write subjective comments. Now tell me again, why is the Accord gimmicky and why does the Camry stay pristine? Be objective, not subjective. Like do you have any surveys from Consumer Reports or JD Powers & Associates to back you up? From what I know, both cars do very well.
  • thai357thai357 Posts: 27
    Thats fine, thanks for conversing with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the comments as I'm sure you did. I only meant to convey my experience. Enjoy your Accords and lets part as friends.

    Venus, sweetheart please read my posts carefully, then ask me the same questions again. They probably won't seem relevent (your questions, that is).


    ;^ )
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    but pix of the new Camry are out -- illustrations actually, based on a press preview.

    Re "I would wait at least a year before I would buy the new Camry. Let Toyota work the little bugs out of the new model before you make the purchase" -- spoken like a traditional American car buyer. I wouldn't sweat it. Toyota will have all the bugs worked out before the rubber ever hits the road. It's the Toyota way.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    I'm not you're sweetheart and your posts are too darn long and filled with too much misinformation to read again.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    but could have been more objective. I did this thing (Camry vs Accord) when I purchased new 2000 SE Accord due to
    1) Better Handling
    2) Better Performance (power)
    3) Better Visibility (kind of open feeling seeing outsdie)
    4) Better Interior, especially the dash looked much nicer than Camry (to me that is)
    5) More rear seat legroom etc...I carry 4 people frequently
    I had to pay 300 buck extra for the cd player (cassete std on 2000 SE) & the overall deal was costlier than similar Camry LE (with advantgae of better Audio, Power Driver seat) due to rebate that time.

    6) I also gave a look to resale values (Edmund/kbb/Nada) for 3 year old cars. I am going to keep the car for around 3(or less!) years so resale was imp for me (major reason why I didnot get the Max)

    I agree that Camry was smoother (suspension) & smooth shifting & quiter, I found it lacking in handling & perfromanc edepartment. The disconnected steering left me un-impressed or rather turned me away. Slightest of irregularity make Camry bounce (both rear & front suspension) & dive. This is what you need to trade for the smooth ride.
    Accord's taut ride on highway also gives me a feeling of control (subjective mind you)

    Objective: I found Accord handling higher speeds at cross-winds much easier than Camry.

    Now you should not mis-read this post as Accord is a great handler or highly sporty vehicle....It is just comparing similar cars which come close to its reliability/build quality/resale (i.e. Camry)
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157
    too many 5-year olds in here for me!

    Sobers: Alot of what the ways in which you say the Accord is better is completely your opinion.

    There is no survey which says the Accord has better visibility, a better interior, a better suspension setup, and so on.

    You do have some points, with rental sales, price, features.

    Safety: Camry is better. It's rated better by IIHS and I believe the camry has more stars by NHTSA.


    slim down what you write. too much misinformation.

    I said the Accord's transmission shifts rough. Not rougher than a Hyundai. I meant rougher than the Camry's.
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157

    I still haven't gotten a answer back from you on squeaks, rattles, creaks.

    I wrote a few days ago that the current gen. Accords are known to squeak, rattle, & creak. It's well documented on many Honda boards., as well is in Edmunds M&R, and in Honda TSBs.

    This is one reason why the Accord is cheaper.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    There is so much of 'mis-information' floating on internet (about every make/model not just Accord) that it is difficult to find genuine problems or the real ones. I know atleast 7 friends (I refered to the dealership: Accord owners!) & atleast 10 more in our group that have 98+ Accord bought new. Few more have used 98+ Accords & there are almost countless 90-91-92 accord with more than 120K miles on them.

    Hardly any of these mentioned cars have any sqeacks/rattles etc that we find on internet. I do NOT want to discredit or neglect if somebody DID have these 'problems' with the 98+ Accords but I don't hear it from any of my friends. (I am more sort of community person & in touch with almost everyone coming from my country here in this city)

    There could be some isolated problems of creack in sunroof etc & TSBs but I don't believe thats as widespread problem. Even Camry had some problem with steering bolt(not sure) & struts etc

    These are complex machinarys which are bound to have some infrequent minor problems. This does not indicate that a any given Accord sqeacks/rattles/creacks all the time...people will go nuts & would not recommend the car to any of their friends/relatives. Most of the cars in our friend circle are bought due to recommendtation & experience with the used Accords.

    About Visibility, Better Suspension, Nicer Interior: WHY DO YOU NEED SURVEYS ??

    Visibility: Ripinrocket you must be kidding yourselves if you say Accord doesn't offer best in class visibility. Objectively: Measurer the Glass-Area for Accord & Camry, you will notice that the Accord has LARGER/Expansive Windshield, EVERY window on Accord is larger than Camry. The rear glass is also slightly larger on Accord !!

    Suspension: Double wishbone is the most optimal setup when you want to maintain perfect trade contact with the road. It is an egineering thing & I do not need any survey for this. Lexus uses Double wishbones on GS series & also on the new LS430/IS300 !! It is costlier setup & is technologically ahead of the more MUNDANE MCPherson Strut!! Perhaps this the reason that Accord is less suspeptible to balancing problems than other front drivers. It helps in uniform wear in the tyres.

    Interior: Even HARD-Core Camry fans accept that Accord has better interior layout & arrangement than CURRENT camry (could be diff with the new 2002 model) The moment you are in Accord you feels this.

    Why you need surveys for these things ?
    Also Accord gives smart airbags with the 2001 model with 7 sensors which is not available in Camry even as an option !

    2001 Accord 7 Camry have been rated the same for crash testing.

    It was rediculous & manipulative of THAi357 to say something like 'rear structs are deadly in rear-crash with Accords' he made something up himself...Don't know how people can do such anti-propaganda on the boards which can affect first timers here....??

    I did acknoledge that Accord tranny shifts frequently & faster than Toyota Camry. Now that is trade-off you have there. Faster vs smoother.

    I don't notice tranny shifts on my 2000 Accord unless stepping on it for fastest 0-60 time....
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157

    "About Visibility, Better Suspension, Nicer Interior: WHY DO YOU NEED SURVEYS ??" Duh. The point is, you can't say visibility, the suspension is better, the interior is nicer. You can say, IMO, these things are better.
    Point is, you can say: Accord interior is better,
    suspension is better, visibility is better, but that doesn't mean the next person is going to think the same things about each area of the cars.

    As I said before, IMO, the Accord interior is styled better but the Camry has better quality material usage.
    And as I said before, the Accord provides sportier handling through it's suspension while the Camry provides a more luxurious ride. It's a trade-off. And the person that drives a camry is probably going to think his suspension is better.

    "Objectively: Measurer the Glass-Area for Accord & Camry, you will notice that the Accord has LARGER/Expansive Windshield, EVERY window on Accord is larger than Camry. The rear glass is also slightly larger on Accord !!" realistically, overall glass-area has something to do with visibility but not everything. Do you forget about how visibility is affected by the shape of A-B-C pillars? Do you forget about how the angle of the windshields will affect visibility? How about how high the trunk lid is? You can have a rear windshield 50% larger in area than another windshield and still have poorer visibility with the larger windshield. Why? A higher rear decklid for example.

    Sorry, IMO, the poor shaping of the A-pillar and the sharper angle of the windshield on the Accord makes forward visibility worse on my Accord compared to a Camry.

    Yes, Macstruts are a old technology, but it is still a good suspension setup for the majority of the cars out there. Notice how the RSX went to MacStruts in front yet it handles better than before? Or how BMW uses MacStruts up front in almost every car they have? just because a LS430, LS400, GS430, and so on have double wishbones, doesn't make MacStruts bad or outdated. Obviously MacStruts are not outdated since BMW still uses them, Honda has recently switched to them for the civic and RSX. And if you'll notice the Lexus ES300 uses MacStruts all around and it is perhaps, arguably, the luxury ride benchmark in it's class. In finality, it is how a suspension is tuned that will determine how it performs.

    did you know that LS400s come with double wishbone's and they eat tires also? Ls400 tires last about 30K miles, V-rated 16". ES300 tires last about 30K also, V-rated 16" tires.

    Rattles: Again, take a visit to, or the M&R section. They are well documented and Honda NA knows about them also. Moonroof creaks, rear deck creaks, dashboard rattles. They have all been discussed extensively. even my Honda dealer admitted there are rattle/squeak problems with the current Accords.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    For All that point of yours I have one sthing to say, drive Camry & Accord back to back which I did yesterday. A friend got 99 Camry I4 LE with 23K miles for 13700. I drove it & my 2000 Accord SE back to back.... Visibility is MUCH better in Accord than Camry hand down. It is too obvious with only 10 minutes of drive.

    Also one more thing, Camry has larger Blind spot than Accord....Blind spot is 'almost' non-existent in Accord !

    One more thing, About size/shape of Abc pillers etc. Thru camry at all-way stop sometimes you see right hand side car thru the side window, but the Accord you can see it thru the windshield such expansive it is....! Same with side windows...There is much greater OUTWARD visibility in Accord than Camry.

    Interior materials are on par with each other. It is too close for any debate. Interior rating/ evaluation also should cover the room available. Accord has so many places to stash & store various things ! Accord is also more spacious.

    Suspension: I said Accord suspension is mcosts more than the Camrys all-around McPherson struts. BMW starts with Mcphserson struts but heavily modifies it with mutiple links & much more rigidity for handling but "For a given tyre a double bone would result in better & uniform trade wear than more mundane struts.
  • atlboyatlboy Posts: 10
    Why are you people considering those dull cars. They do nothing for the human eye. The Camry is the blandest of all though! It is ugly. The reliability is better than an Accord, but worst than a Nissan Maxima, which is my choice! The Accord rides better and look better inside and out. If I had to pick, it would be the Accord, but second to a Maxima! I only give facts, not opinions! Thank you!
  • kartezkartez Posts: 48
    I agree with you 100%. Give me a Max, I'll take it anyday over Accord or a Camry.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Yes..! That is fun to drive. I paid more to rent it twice. It is one cool car. Steering: though very quick & good feedback, was a bit touchy on highway!

    But Nissan did not do a good job of securing a good market position for that car. With every redesign they are making it uglier!! Also
    My concern was resale down 2-3 years & the fuel economy.

    I am getting 23-25 city & 30-32 highway in my Accord. I also hear about the rear beam axle in Maxima for cost saving (which is supposedly less advanced or advanced)
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157

    You know very little about cars. And you don't read others' posts at all when responding either.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    BTW, What I know & don't know is less important. Please comment on what I wrote & feel. If you say visibility on Accord is not better than Camry....Then I stop there I would not argueon it with you again...because it is an outright false...

    I am a consumer & I have used Camry & Accords extensively, I am sorry for you if you *REALLY* believe that Camry gives better visibility..!!
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157
    Again, visibility being better in the Accord is your opinion. Do you comprehendo that? IMO, the Camry has better visibility out. Do you comprehendo that?

    Yet, again Again, visibility being better in the Accord is your opinion. Do you comprehendo that? IMO, the Camry has better visibility out. Do you comprehendo that?

    Again, I drove a Camry a few weeks ago and have driven them in the past, and IMO, the visibility in the Camry sedan is better than in the Accord coupe. Comprehendo?

    Again, I drove a Camry a few weeks ago and have driven them in the past, and IMO, the visibility in the Camry sedan is better than in the Accord coupe. Comprehendo?

    Suspensions: You seemed to conveniently miss where I wrote the Civic & RSX now use macStruts up front also, and yet the RSX handles & rides better than the double wishbone Integra it replaces. That's amazing considering how low-tech macStruts are and how superior double wishbones are!

    And now all of a sudden, the way a interior looks includes interior room & dimensions! How convenient of you to throw that in after a billion posts!

    since when does the amount of interior room have anything to do with the way a interior looks?
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157
    "Interior materials are on par with each other. It is too close for any debate. Interior rating/ evaluation also should cover the room available. Accord has so many places to stash & store various things ! Accord is also more spacious"

    I thought Accord interior was superior? How did materials all of a sudden become *on par*?

    Where can you stash more various things in a Accord over a Camry? My Accord has bins in doors and a dual level center console, and a glove-box. The Camry has bins in doors, a dual level center console, and a larger glovebox. Does my Accord have some magical storage place in the cabin that I don't know about?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We can disagree agreeably and leave aside the sarcasm and sniping at each other. In fact that is an absolute requirement of your Membership Agreement.

    Play nicely, please.

    Sedans Message Board
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    Who cares which car has better visibility. Or which car has a larger glove box. So long as a car doesn't have any glaring blind spots, visibility is not a high priority for me. Refinement, workmanship, quality of materials used, driving feel are among the things of more importance. I prefer the interior and driving feel of the Accord over the Camry. I have a hunch that the Camry will rectify its plasticky interior when the new ones come out this Fall. The Accord will have to play second fiddle to the Camry then. But only for a year.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Calm down man....your post number 617 has some repeated statements ! NO..I DO NOT AGREE that Visibility should be written as "IMO". I am telling you a fact...Accord sedan has beter visibility than Camry Sedan. It is a FACT
    & not my opinion. About Interior I can agree that it could be IMO. But HONESTLY do you think Accord Dash layout & interior layout is not attractive than Camry ? There is nothing wrong with Camry's interior mind you ! It is just that it is too
    plain ! I agree that visibility is dependant on size/shape of ab & c pillers & also truck lid etc.....Thats that point...after all said & done when you seat inside you get the idea in a minute....Accord has better visibility in EVERY direction !! About space: Accord has very handy space below the centre control stack & also the
    armrest storage is better than Camry. Accord also has better place in side doors to store things...well placed coin holder, sunglass holder etc. It is also more spacious inside than Camry...Now do you object to that also ?

    Suspension: Handling is not JUST the function of Suspesion ? Do you agree ? Given a setup, Wishbones WILL give better results than the Struts. Now previous integra was an 8 year old version. New RSX has rediculous amount of
    chassis improvement & body rigidity figures, steering modifications than the 8 year old integra design!! That doesn't mean that Struts handle as well as bones !! It all depends on tuning! i.e the point is: Handling is not the funciton of ONLY suspension. So, if you want to compare bones with struts you will need to apply it to similar cars not 8 year old designs !!
  • atlboyatlboy Posts: 10
    Sobers and ripnrocket, both of you need to read more! Sobers, I use Facts and not Opinions, stop using my line please. Also I don't appreciate you calling the Maxima ugly, because it sure does look better than any accord out there including the modified ones. As for ripnrocket, you can forget about the Camry as competition for an accord or maxima. Now the Camry is an ugly, bland, unsophisticated car! Sober you should agree because your car is the next ugliest! I only give FACTS, No OPINIONS here! ATLBOY! Thanx for agreeing "kartez".
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    How can you ask someone to stop calling the Maxima ugly when you say that the Camry is ugly? That doesn't make any sense to me, if you have an opinion on a certain car, don't you think others have opinions on cars as well? Your FACTS sound like OPINIONS to me, and don't think that the Maxima is the best looking car in the world, because most who test it think it doesn't look so well, although I like it myself. The Camry and Accord might be bland, but they are good cars just like the Maxima.
  • atlboyatlboy Posts: 10
    Nissan did use the multi-link beam suspension to cut down on cost, but look at it handling. It handles way better than any Camry or Accord. Since Nissan has come out with this so called "cheap suspension", other car companies are copying them! Better ride, better looks, and much more luxurious. THE MAXIMA IS THE CHOICE FOR GOD"S SAKE! THAT IS AN OPIONION, NOT A FACT! THANK YOU! Just thought that should be clarified!
  • atlboyatlboy Posts: 10
    How can you call my maxima ugly, when you drive an ugly car! First of all, the MAxima is, the best looking car in the world. It is bold unlike your "so called cars"! If you really want to know to know something, put your bootleg cars (Camry and Accord) up against my Nissan Maxima and lets see who get the most comments! Then lets race, but I put $3,000.00 on my car that it will win in both catorgories! How do you like that maxamillion1?
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    First of all, the MAxima is, the best looking car in the world.

    Hmmm... You meant your Maxima, right?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    But it is by far NOT the best looking sedan available, please, grow up, and stop acting like a spoiled child who wants a sucker from the candy store. As a mater of fact, I haven't even brought my new car yet, I am considering every car under the sun, from the Civic to the Passat, and guess what? The Maxima is one of my favorite cars, so I guess the car I want(Maxima) is a botleg car. Whatever you say, nope I don't think so!

    I want bet you anything, I don't have to, especially considering that you are really starting to make yourself look really silly.

    Also, I NEVER called the Maxima ugly, I just simply asked why do you think you have the right to call a certain car ugly (Camry and Accord) and you don't think it is right for other people to call Maximas ugly, you are a really childish. People do NOT have to agree with everything you say, understand, because I sure don't agree with your childish FACTS and NOT OPINIONS statements.
  • kartezkartez Posts: 48
    Maxima is not the best looking car if you start comparing it with cars outside this board. I own a Passat and outhandles the Maxima, Accord and the Camry. The V6 needs some power but it is the best among the 4 cylinder versions. It also looks better than any of the cars in this forum.
  • kartezkartez Posts: 48
    if were to choose between Camry, Maxima and the Accord, I would choose Maxima without a second thought because it is as reliable as the other two and much more fun to drive.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Passat: I agree on most of you sadi about Passat. It looks, handles & interior is nicer than Accord & Camry but there is a catch. You need to pay much more to get it ! So you can not compare it with accord or camry as such. But yes, Passat is a nice car for the money. specially the new 1.8T with 170 hp !!
  • kartezkartez Posts: 48
    When I bought the car, it cost just as much as an Accord EX. The Passat does not have the moon roof but I couldn't care less for it. It has traction control and a broad torque range which are not available in both Accord and Camry. I have only two gripes about the car - soft springs and notchy shifter. But, when it comes to soft springs both Accord and Camry are worse, so the Passat is not too bad. Only thing that I like about Accord (for that matter any Honda) over the Passat is the shifter.
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