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Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry



  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    you said "Civic had less "PEAK" numbers than
    others, but very good power across the rpm band."

    Actually, the Civic has very little power in the low and mid rpm band. And are slower than Camry with the corresponding transmission. Only the Civic EX can keep up with the Camry, if you rev it into high rpm and the VTEC kicks in, but it's still low on power in the lower rpm band. And the DX along with the best selling LX civic engine are both slower than Camry 4 cyclinder. But power isn't the only thing people look for, that's why Camry and Civic are best seller in their class.

    As for the suspension. I agree, Accord's suspension is more sophisticated. A better suspension for sports cars. Unfortunatly, it also transmitts more noises and also in the case of the Accord, make the ride more stiff and bumpy. A suspension is only as good as the result it gives.

    So again, it comes down to preference. If you want a semi-sporty car, and don't mind sacrificing quiet and soft ride for it, than Accord's suspension will serve you better. But if you want the car to give a really quiet and soft ride, for the family, and is willing to sacrifice sportiness for it, than Camry's suspension will clearly be the better one.

    Camry is designed as a family car, to excell as a family car. Not a sports car. You wouldn't be happy with it, if you were looking for a sporty ride. But than again, one would be pretty ticked off driving an Accord if you were expecting a soft/quiet ride. I wouldn't be happy in the Accord, and you wouldn't be happy in a Camry. Well, to each his own.

    Again, we come back to these 2 cars as being the leader among the midsize car. And both are great car (depends on your preference), buy what you like. :)
  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    What exactly ur first point about ??? It's contardictory ??

    People ofcourse will choose camry over accord & vice's their preferrence. I'm here to talk about practical facts...

    Camry & Accord sales are VERY CLOSE to individual buyer, let's not say that more buyers are choosing camry etc. It's almost the same.
    Every year more than 800,000 buyers are choosing
    these two.

    There can't be a comparision of 1.6, 1.7 Liter engine with 2.2 Litre. Let's not comp Civic with camry. RPM Band: I was atlking about others in econo cars.

    Suspension on 2001 Civic is a step backwards.
    It's a compromise to improve interior space...
    I didn't likeit, that's the reason many of my friends got 2000 Civic. New Civic also rides softer than previous.

    "Independent" suspension is not necesary only for sporty cars, it wil improve ride quality in any car.

    There are many points these two cars share
    1)Reliability 2)Resale 3)Build Quality

    It's just surprising how much difference is there
    in build quality of other manufacturers.
    Honda/Toyota are way ahead of others in this matter....

  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    For 2000 Accords 4Cyl, LXV6 Coupe & Civics

  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Camry also has independent struts suspension? As well as BMW 3 and 5 series, and the VW Passat (which handles better than the Accord).

    Lets face it, even among Compact, Civic has one of the weakest engine. Just about every other compact (Corolla,Elantra,Focus,Nubira) has better performance from the engine compared to the Civic. The 2001 Civic does have an engine thats better than the previous version, as well as spacious interior space and better ride.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Camry has fully independent suspension. It's a derivative of MacPherson strut. Camry's suspension is fully independent. Milindc, please check with Edmund's new car section. The camry's suspension is "front independent strut suspension with anti-roll bar, front coil springs, gas-pressurized front shocks, rear independent strut suspension with anti-roll bar, rear coil springs, gas-pressurized rear shocks" So Camry has independent suspension. Camry's suspension is tuned more for comfort/soft/quiet ride, while Accord's suspension is tune for more agressive driving.

    The only car that doesn't have independent suspension that I'm aware of is the Nissan Maxima's rear suspension.
  • Maybe I may be in the wrong place but can someone help me with my car. I own a 1994 Accord Ex with the automatic transmission. It has 125,000 milies. When I put the car in reverse it sometimes makes a loud clunking noise and then the car drives normally. This usually happens after the car is out int reverse and driven about 25 feet. Does anyone know what this problem is? Has anyone else had this problem before? How can it be fixed and at what cost? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    The reverse clunk on a 1994 Accord?

    I thought the problem only affected 1999 Accords.

    Awong22828. You might want to check out some of the old post back in Honda Accord 2 (look in the archived section). The reverse clunk problem affected couple months of production back in 1999. Honda admitted it (I think they said the problem was with the torque converter) and offered to replace the defective transmission with new ones (if I remember right). But I didn't know any 1994 Accord had that problem. You might check with you Honda dealer, they should know something about that.
  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    Yes it affected some EX-V6 manufactured between dec 99 I suppose. For 1994 Check if the problem is perstistent. U should be able to reproduce it to have dealer look into it.

  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    tend to have some problems even with Honda/Toyota.
    Honda had its share with Ex-V6 xmission, Toyota camry had its share with alignment (drfting to right side & vibrations in steering wheel).

    My rental Hertz Camry (in Florida) had this problem. The steering wheel had vibrations from 30mph to 60 mph & it was drifting to right side.

    But Honda/Toyota stand behind their product better than other manufacturers.

  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    The steering wheel vibration on the camry was due to a loose bolt. Turned out to be pretty easy for them to fix. But yes, Toyota had it's share of problems. Back in early to mid 90's, Toyota Tacoma's V6 engine has a defect with the head gasket and pissed off quite a few people, so Toyota extented the warranty for the engine to over 100,000 miles. That calmed things down. That's how a good company should take care problems when it rise.

    Mitsubishi on the other hand decided to cover up the problem they have. Now it's been exposed that they have been hiding defects for more than a decade, the company's CEO had to resign. Along with the fact that Mitsu has been in the red for many years now, I think this is one company that's not long for the world.

    Also news flash. Ford Motor comletely bought up Hertz (they orginally had a large stake in it as well). I think it was yesterday, that they bought all of Hertz up. Hmmm... I wonder if Honda and Toyota will now gradually dissappear from it's fleet.
  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    Ford had 87% before. That was enough to make Honda/Toyota disappear from the lot. But they need Camrys to attract people to Hertz so does Avis.

    But they do have a LOT of Tauras & Contour on the lot. Ford is now producing 4 Cyl Contours just for fleet so does GM with Lumina.

  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I think Hertz use Honda Accord and Toyota Camry to attract people who prefer a more upscale midsize car. My aunt in San Diego recently rented an Accord from Hertz. Hertz rental rate isn't the cheapest, but she wanted something more than just a striped down Taurus or Grand Prix. I think Ford's purchase of Hertz in entirety could only decrease the number of Accords and Camry in Hertz fleet.
  • milindcmilindc Posts: 123
    Hertz in our area gives 20% AAA discount.
    You can book specific make/model by givin 2:50 one time charge(not per day).

    Atleast 5-6 times I got 5-6 miles Camry !!
    many times they advertize in local paper for used car sale which disturbs me sometimes as they sell those vehicles much less than the market value.
    Many times have to auction those out.

    Wenyue: It's sad to see Corolla on that lot.
    Both Avis & Hertz have Corolla & Neon as standard compact sedan.

  • I would like to buy a new car good for family ride.Can any one compare toyota Camry, Honda Accord with Nissan Maxima and other similar cars also. I have a first choice for Camry.But Edmund says that seats are not comfortable in Toyota.What is this mean.Could any one explain.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Hertz sells their used car about about $500 below
    market value. That apply to their Camry as well as their Accord. I have seen Civic on at Hertz
    rental as well. I think they only rent the LX
    trim, for both the Accord and Civic.

    Don't worry, Hondas and Toyotas are just a tiny part of their rental fleet. Also both Toyota and Honda are such popular brands, the small number of fleet sale is like a drop in the bucket for in the used car market. Especially since used car market is 3 x time the size of the new car market.
    Wow, 3 times the new car market size! Do you realize that means almost 3 MILLION use Camry and Accord are sold EVERY year. So you can see the small number of fleet sales won't have much impact on resale at all (it hasn't for last 10 years).
  • So I think it's difficult to see on rental lot.
  • If u like Camry drive on for longer time(rent it for one day) & check the seats. If you are getting leather seats then that won't be a problem. 2001 Accord is noticibly quiter than the 2000 (I test drove it before getting 2000 SE)
    So try it also. Camry has power driver seat option on LE which would help to find comfortable position.

    Maxima: Styling is ????????
    It's costlier & have better peak numbers but similar torque curve as Honda/Toyota 6Cyl.
    They discount it like crazy so resale is a big mess. It's better handler than these two (Accord is very close though)

    Maxima steering is too sensitive which gets annoying on free-way.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Motor Trend had a great review of the Max, Camry, and Accord V6's. All three were loaded with all the options. The score was so close they came to the conclusion that you can't really go wrong with any of the three. It all boils down to personal preference. I personally don't like the styling of the new Maximas, I prefered the look of the last generation. The performance numbers for all three were within tenths of a point for 0-60, skidpad, slalom ect..
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Is larger than then both Camry and Accord. But quite expensive (for a Nissan). And that's the only car I know of that still use a non-independent suspension (for the rear).
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    You can rent a Civic from Hertz. But the only ones I have seen are the LX trim, no DX or EX. Hertz also sell it from their used car sales service.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    is an Ph.D engineer working for Ford. They just bought a new Taurus. 200 hp, silver, auto, power everything (except no sunroof), traction control, ABS. Plus tax and title (6% tax), $19,700 out of the door.

    She said it's quiet obvious that it's louder than Camry, but since her husband works for Ford, and the company's A plan for the employee give even more discount, they decided to get the Taurus. Forgot ask got the Wagon or the Sedan.

    Well, I hope it last....
  • It would really help.....!!
    Fords are notories for their xmissions to die around 80K.
    Chrysler Xmission around 60K (or before ??)

    GM xmissions last longer 100-120K.

    Toyota/Honda 150-160K

    This is research by third-party. I can't remember the site. They said GM makes the best Xmission, even Mercedese buys xmission from them for their top line models.
  • Get it if plan is to keep it for a longer period
    more than 5 years. If new year model gets discounts of 2000 (below invoice), u can predict the resale !!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Who cares!! They are both slow!! 8.1 or 7.8 seconds, your still right around 8 seconds. 8 seconds for a "sporty car" is not too great if you judge sportiness by lateral acceleration. A "sporty car" should run 0-60 in the high 5 to low 6s and be nimble. These are family cars, I don't care what you guys wanna say. There is no happy medium. You either get a family car (like the camry and accord) or you get a true sporty/sports car. About the Accord being sportier than the Camry, I don't think that true by too much. The Accord leans a lot in corners, it's just a tighter feel than the camry. My POS accord coupe V6 didn't corner flat until I dropped it 1.75 inches. Go and look at the skidpad numbers. Also, both of these cars (coming in at over 3300 lbs) are too heavy to be considered sporty. And yes, the camry's manual tranny is going to be faster than the accord in a straight line, but also much faster around the turns. If you've done any track events, the auto's are always slower in the corners than the manuals. You can't do a double-clutch downshift in a auto, or do a heel-toe manuver around a corner. Auto = slow all around! Manual = slow if you don't know how to drive it, like most people on the road.

    - Anthony
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    "A sporty car should run 0-60 in the high 5 to low 6s and be nimble"

    You have pretty high standards for what you consider a fast sedan. Yah the Accord is surely not a sports sedan, but it is a sporty car compared to other cars in its class. This is especially true if you put some good tires on the car. You made your Accord coupe a pos by dropping it 1.75 inches. What a stupid thing to do to that kind of a car.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Sometimes I never get the argument of resale value, if a car already being discounted with huge rebate ($1000+) and their price is significantly lower for resale as reported by Edmund,KBB,etc, did they already taken into account about the rebate ?
    American & Korean cars offers more value for the $$$ than Accord or Camry. And getting the best value seems to be the goal of many people, as apparent in the increase of sales of those models.
    Is this mean sacrificing reliability & resale? Only times can tell again, albeit history shown us differently.

    If a "sporty" car should do 0-60 in 5-6 secs, wtheck is your definition of a sports car? And weight alone doesnt effect the performance of the car, as long as it equipped with an engine that can support it. Heck, even a corvette and nsx doesnt go below 5 secs. I don't think ferrari or porsche has anything that can go below 5 secs.

    An argument has been made many times regarding this. Yes, an Accord is more of a sporty car in this class, (unless you take Maxima into consideration), and Camry is more of a family car.
    Agree with what Vince8 said, the Camry,Accord and Maxima are good car and the tie-breaker between them is which one your preference match the most.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Ferrari has the 360 Modena which runs 0-60 in the low 4s, Porsche has the 911 Turbo which does 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. Those are sports cars. And lufei, weight does matter. It matters in handling and acceleration. Sporty cars have to be light because that makes them nimble. Take the Corvette, it's a boat!! And it's not even too quick for the huge V-8 that it has. HEAVY. It does matter.
  • I wrote this earlier for the "Write your own test drive" section, but I thought it might also fit in here. So here's my 2 cents worth.

    I test drove two 2000 Honda Accord LX's, one 2001
    Honda Accord LX, one 2000 Toyota Camry LE and one
    Toyota Camry CE. All came with 4 cylinder engines, automatic transmissions, A/C, power windows, locks, mirrors, and cruise control.

    The Accord and Camry are evenly matched. The Accord had good acceleration (each time ended up at 75 mph and climbing before I knew it) while the Camry had decent acceleration (had to give it extra gas to get to highway speeds). The Camry had a soft, quiet ride. The salesperson even dared me to run over a pothole to demonstrate how smooth the ride was. The Accord was more firm and not as quiet,but visibility seemed better.

    I liked the Camry's 60/40 split folding rear seat
    back (versus the Accord's one piece) and the
    CD/cassette player (versus Accord's cassette player (2000) or CD (2001)). However, I liked the
    Accord's standard "Immobilizer" system versus
    nothing on the Camry (unless you order an alarmsystem or a higher trim level).

    In the end, we chose the 2000 Accord LX because of
    price. We got it at $17,600 financed at 5.9% for
    48 months. Toyota matched the 5.9% rate, but
    wanted $18,300 for the Camry CE and over $19,000for the Camry LE. I don't think you can go wrong with either car. It just depends on your driving preference.

    While shopping for a car, I was driving a 2000
    Ford Taurus SEL (with 7,200 miles) which I rented from Budget. It gave a smooth, comfortable ride, but I felt like I was driving the Titanic.
    It was hard to see where the car ended (or began
    for that matter. And I'm not that small: 5 ft. 9
    in.) And it doesn't turn sharply either. I had to swing wide to get into parking spots. The
    interior was roomy and nice. Unfortunately, I also estimate I got about 17 mpg in a 65% highway/35%city driving mix. For long trips, I would probably rather rent a Taurus than a Camry or Accord. But I wouldn't want to own a Taurus.

    Wenyue: Now you will agree that Honda has much more young consumers than Toyota. Toyota is doing every effort to build image in young buyers.

    Toyota lured Honda's racing team by giving 3-5$ Million !!

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    The rivarly between Honda and Toyota is out there.
    Recently at a get together with some friends at a park we ran into another couple. As guys go the conversation turned to cars, hotrods, boats ect.. I was then asked what I drive? An Accord I responded. A few seconds later the guy responded with an attitude of "I drive the number one selling car, a Camry.."@! I couldn't believe it. So, as tactifuly and as adult like, I responded, "Oh you mean the 135HP 4cyl version?" A weak reply of "Yes" came from this guy... End of conversation... :-)).....
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