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This discussion is for the all new Mercedes Sprinter van.


  • mr_djmr_dj Member Posts: 4
    You're gonna like this, but I'm waiting 'til the 4x4 is available. I'm trying to make that happen via another Sprinter Forum. Check it out:

    Mr DJ
  • sprinter2010sprinter2010 Member Posts: 9
    Yes, I posted that link on the Dodge Sprinter site. I am the Sprinter Manager at RBM-North Mercedes-Benz in Alpharetta, Ga. If I can help answer any questions on this thread, I'll be happy to help. Our web site will be and is coming soon.
    I have had several request for the 4X4 and am sending them up the chain to Mercedes. I hope they have them soon, as well as a 4cyl. option.
    Which Sprinter Forum are you on?
  • mr_djmr_dj Member Posts: 4
    Kool Beans but I don't think they are going to give us what we want. Check out the other forum:
  • sprinter2010sprinter2010 Member Posts: 9
    Sprinter Atlanta is now up and running. I hope we see a 4x4 next year, no way to tell yet.
  • wachsmuth1wachsmuth1 Member Posts: 3
    I drive my Sprinter for FedEx. About 3 mo. ago the ABS ,ESP, and slipping tire symbol began to show up and could not get out of Park unless I shut the vehicle off ,
    waited a few seconds , and restarted. Then the symbols would go off and the vehicle
    was fine . It would do this on and off maybe once or twice a day and of course as I'm driving along the brake system and handling would be off ? The past few weeks I noticed that when it would do what I just mentioned above and I corrected the problem by stopping and starting that the cruise control would not work ? So, when the ABS lights are not on the cruise control will work .
    Today I just had the ball joints replaced and now the lights will not go off at all but the shift lever does not get stuck in Park? The vehicle has 216,000Mi and other than this it runs great. Can you help, greatly appreciated
  • psychopetepsychopete Member Posts: 1
    2004 - 2005 DODGE SPRINTER 2500






    First, warning lights come on (systems still work though)
    Second, shifter will not move
    Third, fuses will begin to blow in a series anytime you hit the brake pedal; followed by tail light bulbs
    Lastly, nothing works



    To Move Shift Lever: - There is a pen sized hole located at the bottom of the lever selector.
    (if you could pull the lever all the way down the hole will be on the left side of the selector with a shallow cover that you can easily see if you are looking for it.)
    - Stick a pen in the hole and gently push down as you take the shifter out of Park.
    - Every time you need to restart it just use the pen. No harm no foul.

    THE FIX:

    Took me a long time to figure this one out - but i go some help from a guy online.

    It boils down to a simple loss of insulation on the tail lights.

    Apparently, at about 65K, the tail light assemblies are notorious for some insulation falling off of them - which creates a series of shorts - thus the warning lights and shifter problems.

    • Replace the lost insulation (I used cut pieces of strip ties)

    • Replace any fuses.

    • Replace all of the tail light bulbs.

    • Go on your way.

    (If pictures don't show -Email me and ask for them)
  • wachsmuth1wachsmuth1 Member Posts: 3
    My 2005 Sprinter2500 will loose turbo boost at start up . If I turn off engine for 10 seconds the power is restored . Noticed this happening with the change to warmer weather?
  • geetergirlgeetergirl Member Posts: 1
    I drive a 2005 Sprinter and I think I have a vacuum leak somewhere. I have loss of power when taking off and, of course, the hissing sound of a vacuum leak. I cannot see or pinpoint the location under the hood. The air filter was changed the other day as well as the oil. I also had to drain about 1.5 quarts of oil as they over filled it. Would this have anything to do with a vacuum "sounding" leak? The sound also gets worse as the engine warms up. Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance as always......
  • ljt5ljt5 Member Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem and found that it was a crrack in the hose from the turbo to the carb. I went to a after market store to get the hose and they wanted about $200 bucks. I went to the dealership and they wanted under $20! Easy fix.
  • brianjsharkeybrianjsharkey Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone have pictures of this broken insulation on the tail light assemblies?

    I have the stalling symptoms with ABS,EBS, and traction lights when I hit the brake pedal( stalls 1 out of 100 times), but so far have not found any bad wiring or lose of insulation.
  • patfreypatfrey Member Posts: 1
    Hi , I am having the same trouble , did you find a fix ?
    cheers patfrey
  • missjunemissjune Member Posts: 2

    I am looking to buy a used Sprinter for my business, but many are saying that it the parts are very expensive and seem to have breakdowns etc. Anything I should look out for while I am shopping for a Sprinter???

    Thank you.
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