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Oldsmobile Alero



  • marushamarusha Posts: 7
    First, I'd definitely go with the 6 cyl for reasons already stated here. Plus, GM doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to their 4 cyl engines. you won't loose much in the mpg and you'll gain quite a bit in the pick-up. It's MUCH more fun to drive.

    My 2000 GLS is currently in the shop for the recurring water leak and they gave me a 2001 as a loaner. Only difference I see is the standard stereo has different buttons and the plastic floor guard on the frame matches the darker part of the dashboard. Personally, I don't think it's worth passing on the $1500 rebate.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'd get the V6. It's like $600 or so more and the mileage is almost as good as the four. The four does use a timing chain rather than belts, but the V6 uses a timing chain as well. Nearly all GM cars use chains. I think in the long run the V6 will be more reliable and hold up better. GM has done alot with their "Twin Cam" four since the days of the Quad 4, but it still lacks the refinement of many other fours. BTW, GM has just developed a new DOHC 4 cylinder engine which is exclusive to the Saturn LS right now. I've read it will replace the 2.4 liter Twin Cam across the board within the next few years.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The Saturn twin-cam is sweet and it will be replacing 4 cyl engines in many GM cars. Should help sales as GM 4 bangers are generally only average.
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    The 3.0 L DOHC V6 in the Saturn LS2 should replace the push rod 3.4 in the Alero as well.
    It is just as powerful and much more refined.
  • ratoxratox Posts: 12
    I agree the Saturn V-6 may be more refined, but it has less torque, 190 ft-lbs (200 for the Alero's V-6) since it is a smaller displacement. And it gets terrible highway mileage of 26 MPG compared to the Alero's 32 MPG! The Saturn I drove was just like my Olds Intrigue 3.5 liter V-6, you had to floor it to make it romp. Give me an old -fashioned pushrod engine any day. I will get another 3800 V-6 in my next car.
  • sukinusukinu Posts: 1
    I've owned a 99 Alero coupe for 18 mos. and it has ongoing water leaks from the bottom on both the driver and passenger sides. Has even caused shorting out of the electrical system in one severe rainstorm. Repeated trips to the service center have still not resolved the problem.

    Will be trading in this car for an Acura.
  • I've seen some people mention wood trim in their Aleros. I have a '99, I'm thinking about getting this done. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where I can get the trim pieces?
  • rich310rich310 Posts: 34
    I just ordered a GL3 thru CarsDirect and Greenlight. Will go with whichever is lower cost. I decided that 6 cyl is with the extra money in the long term and mileage is a wash.

    I have one quetion about the water leaks. Is there a way that I, or an Olds service manager can tell if the car wiill leak, or is there something taht can be done prior to delivery to prevent a leak.

    Thanks all for all your help.
  • aldine1aldine1 Posts: 1
    Hello, looking to purchase a car early nxt year with a nice down deposit, Thought it might be this car until I read the reviews. I went into another site where people reviewed this car and no one mentioned a water leak. Actually, all except one person had VERY GOOD responses.Anyway, I will probably purchase the 2001 so I am hopeing that the water leak problem will be resolved by then. YES, I would be interested in knowing if there is a way to detect this problem prior to purchase as stated in above statement. Good luck to all with there leaks. THX for any advice.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    Gentlemen, please take note I am not trying to take direct aim at the Intrigue, sorry if it is coming out that way. I just happen to be voicing my thoughts here on the Intrigue site, and I’m NOT pro-Acura maybe pro-foreign. The Acura TL was simply the car I choose as an example, it could have just as well been a Passat/Carmry/Accord/Maxima.

    In my estimation, it looks you both keep pretty busy smoothing people’s feathers [defending] over on the Alero & Aurora sites. It appears that I not alone in feeling a bit slighted on Olds products. Waterleaks, rotors, panel-gaps, low-resale to name a few, and not to mention Olds warranty reduction plan on the Aurora.

    I do remember test-driving the new Aurora back in March 2000 and I was a little shocked by that little bit of news. It does send a signal that GM/Olds is not willing/capable of backing their products. Think about it, you spend $35-40k and you get the industry’s standard 3/36k warranty OUCH. That’s why everyone dropped the 80’s 5/50k plan, it was simply NOT cost effective. GM should be concentrating their efforts more on producing solid product lines, and not so much on how to save money. If you do-it right from the get-go, the problems will not come back and haunt you.

    I still believe the Intrigue concept(s) was and is GOOD. Right now it appears to be a simply a “great plan, poorly executed”. GM needs to pool their resources “together” and come out with ONE world-beater on the “W” platform, not 4 or 5. You see Toyota & Honda keeping the number of platforms [4-door sedans] limited i.e. Carmy/ES300, Accord/TL, a regular and a luxury model.

    Does everyone remember back in the 70’s when GM had so many options on color combinations, that it made your head spin. And of course nowadays the choices have been greatly streamlined. That sort of the same problem with all the different GM platforms, they are trying to cater to every possible consumer’s whims. I think that is a very daunting task to accomplish.

    Again guys I truly believe that the Intrigue concept is GM best “W” offering. However to compete with rest of the world, they [GM/Olds] are going to have to raise their standards, because the Big-Dogs are barking.
  • I put my 2000, 4door, Alero in the shop for water leaks in the back seat area on both sides.I could duplicate the leak on one side with a hose but not on the other side. They put in new water deflectors (I would guess in each of the doors) and I tested the car out with a hose and could not produce a leak. The real test will be when we get some good rains. Wood dash kits are available from three websites namely,,, and Check each site carefully. They have differences in their kits in the number of items, the location of items in your car and the way the wood is made. They also have simulated wood in plastic and other patterns.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    JGriff I didn't know you had experience with the Aurora and Alero as well. Come on admit it, your a closet Oldsmobile fan:)
  • bronlexbronlex Posts: 2
    I also had a water leak and the service department said that GM had sent them a notice that there was a problem with water leaks that stemmed from faulty water deflectors. They changed both sides (although it was just the passenger's side that had the leak. This was in early July and I haven't had any problems (haven't had much rain, either!).

    Despite this, I feel the need to tell all of you this car has more than exceeded expectations. As my friend told me the first time I let him drive it: "I'll bet you have fun driving this!." He's right. It is fun to drive. I would definitely go for the 6-cylinder engine. I test drove both and there is no comparison.
  • mfuller1mfuller1 Posts: 17
    I think Olds has fixed the water leak problem. I purchased a 2000 Alero Gls about 2 months ago now. Although I usually hand wash it, I have gone through a few touchless automatic car washes; no leaks thus far. The steering wheel was vibrating a bit at highway speeds, but a wheel balance seems to have cured it. Hopefully I won't have any of the brake problems associated with the 99s. The car has developed an annoying squeak though which is disappointing. My Infiniti was squeak-free up until 90,000 miles and this car has just a bit over 2200 on the clock. We'll see how it goes.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Great.. now you are bad mouthing Olds products you have never owned in other forums. You had a bad first year Intrigue and now you go through other areas and imply all Oldsmobiles are bad.

    Folks, don't take too much "jgriff" says to heart. He is a bitter man with too much time on his hands.
  • ded42ded42 Posts: 7
    I am very pleased with my gl-3. v-6, feature pack, spoiler, silver mist. Aside from having the rotors/pads replaced, the car is excellent. 9000 mi. plus since the first week in April,00. No squeaks/leaks, great gas mi. if I take it easy on the pedal. Olds DOES make a great car(I've not owned an American car since the early 80's) and the price is right. For those about to buy, purchase your car from a good local dealer if possible, even if you pay a little more. In most cases you WILL get better service having purchased the car where your car is serviced. Good luck
  • i have a question... does the 2000 model have the same brake rotor problems the 1999 had? my 2000 gl with 6500 on it is starting to shimy on the highway and the bakes are starting to vibrate. Is this problem going to be fixed by the new rotors? Oh, I have seen the water leak on the passenger door too. not too much of a problem because it hasn't rained in almost two months...
  • emswenemswen Posts: 2
    Dear merich,

    Have you sold your car yet? If not, where are you?
  • emswenemswen Posts: 2
    I am 22 years old and buying my first new car. I currently drive a 91 Honda Civic. I am trying to decide between an Alero (coupe or sedan) or a Jetta. Any advice? I will also be working in an unsafe section of D.C, so any advice as to safety/theft issues would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  • ded42ded42 Posts: 7
    smileypsi,Yes. Bring your alero to the dealer and unless the new parts are on backorder, they will replace both pads and rotors without any questions under warranty. emswen, there is a great deal of difference between the two cars you are comparing and the model has everything to do with your decision. Alero: GL,GL2,GL3,GLS? Jetta: 4 or 6 cylinder, manual or Tiptronic trans.(or is that only on the Passat...) and so on... Make it your life's work to compare for a couple of weeks and by all means DRIVE THEM ALL. I chose between the Alero the Passat and the Gallant, all v-6's and I'm glad I chose the Alero. Check out Edmunds Buyer's Guide, I saved thousands. Good luck
  • Personally, I went with the Alero V6. If you're looking for class and refinement, go with the Jetta. If you're looking for a new look that's fun to drive, go with the Alero. The Jetta is ok in all respects, but I don't think it's worth the sticker price. For about the same price as the Jetta you can practically get a fully loaded Alero. Although refinement of engine noise isn't as good as VW, that extra noise does add to the thrill of driving. Nothing like scaring people outside your car when you fire up that GM starter or hearing your engine roar to life as you stomp on the pedal. But, drive them both and see what suits you best. Good luck.
  • basch2kbasch2k Posts: 1
    With sorrow, I must part w/ my y2k midnight blue gl3 4dr. GL3 + feature package + sport packag + in dash CD upgrade. Gray cloth interior.

    Less than 11.5k miles, lovingly maintained (just had 3rd oil change - not required by schedule until 22.5k). All documented.

    Have had no problems whatsoever, not even with brake rotors/water leaks.

    Car was driven for summer from NY to OR and back, so has seen mostly highway miles. (Actually once got 32.3mpg @ constant 75mph with AC on!) Car is now garaged in NYC, but has never seen snow/salt.

    Best offer by end of september. Save $1000s off of new! I am returning to graduate school and can't afford to garage a car in New York City!!!

    Email to if interested or for more details/pictures.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Unless the Jetta has the VR6 engine, I wouldn't consider the Alero much less refined feeling. For what a moderately equipped Jetta with a 4 cylinder costs, you can get a loaded Alero GL with the V6.
  • Well, I got my 2000 GLS Coupe back a few days ago after having it in the shop for the second time in our first month together to repair the water leaks. So far so good, but we haven't had a good downpour yet.

    At the point of a whopping 750 miles, the transmission began doing a violent shift into second. They downloaded upgraded software into the controlling on-board computer and now the car is even zippier than before....hope it stays this way!

    Despite the rocky start, I'm willing to overlook these inconveniences because I absolutely LOVE this car....everything from the comfy leather seats to the sound system to the midnight blue color to the handling. This is the most fun car I've ever owned, and it's definitely a head-turner.
  • Can you provide more details about the upgraded software? Is this a known problem with the transmission? I've noticed that my car becomes a little sluggish after about a 1/2 hour of city driving. Did you have this problem also?
  • please tell me my steerin wheel vibrates in my 2000 alero sedan dealer said it is suppose to means my steering is working fine with traction control is this true i do get sure straight stops
  • lights never need to be turned on or off wonderfull but brights will brights shut off automattically too.
  • If it was your traction control kicking in, your low traction light would turn on. If it's not turning on, you most likely have a rotor problem. GM is currently replacing the rotors and pads for free with redesigned parts. If they give you a run-around about this, mention that you'll be calling the Olds customer service line and they'll probably be more than helpful.
  • I just picked up my new 2000 Alero GL3. I leased the car from GMAC. The dealer added a $500 disposition fee to the buyout amount if I choose to buy the car when the lease is over. I questioned this. He said that all GMAC leases inlcude it. He gave me some crazy story about why it was there. I didn't believe him but signed it anyway. DOes anyone else lease? If so, does your lease contain this?

    The cry drives great. I am glad I opted for teh 6 cyl.
  • Sorry, darkworlder, but I don't know any specifics about the software. The service manager just said that they recently got an upgraded version so they "installed" it for me.

    I'm going back to the dealer FOR THE THIRD TIME because I found water in the car AGAIN after it rained yesterday. Plus, after driving over a bumpy road on Saturday the "service engine soon" light went on. The car only has 820 miles on it. Despite what I said a few days ago, I'm asking for either a replacement or my money back. If I've had this much trouble in 6 weeks I can't imagine what 6 years would be like.
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