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Oldsmobile Alero



  • teragramteragram Posts: 7
    Dire news for stick lovers--my dealer has been pressing GM for my 5spd GX and was just informed that GM is going to honor all the orders for stick shifts made so far, but after this month will not make any more. If you want a stick, quit diddling around and get one NOW. As for my car, it just arrived in the Port of Baltimore and should be available for me to pick up by the end of next week. Week six and counting...

    Why, in this era of fuel-consciousness, are American cars not being made with 5spd transmissions anymore?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    A girl in the office wanted a 5-speed Civic and had the same experience. They had 12 in stock, all automatics. She had to wait 3 weeks if she wanted the stick. She ended up buying a 5-speed Neon instead.
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    Having a left leg flexor myself, I too wonder why there aren't many Decent choices
    among the Big 4. I thoughly enjoy picking when to shift for optimum Zoom/Zoom!
    I had gotten real excited back in oct '99 when I discovered Olds was puttin' a
    clutch with a 2.4 !! Hope was quickily dashed when none could be found in Miss.
    River Valley. I never thought of the Great White North. I was discouraged by the
    problems they had with the German Designed, Assembled in Italy Getrag Tranny.
    Is this 5 Speed in any other GM products?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Getrag can also be found in the Grand Am and Z24 Cavalier matted to the 2.4 twin cam.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    Must've updated GM Buypower over the weekend as I see at least 7 Alero GX 5 spd sedans in the northeast (from Boston to Philly) that weren't there last week. Hope to trounce on one (at invoice - or close to it) real soon.

    BTW.. why are so many of these in Silver?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Was at the local lot Sunday on my way home and saw they had one midnight blue GX 5-spd coupe with aluminum wheels. Nice looking car!

    Not sure why they are all silver. Silver is popular these days though.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    I'm not one for Silver or Gray cars (IMO)...

    And I just helped my mom get a Blue 4dr GX (automatic of course)... so I'm looking for any other color.

    So, I found one Ruby and one Black (each about 75 miles away from my home... in opposite directions, of course).

    I'll go to the lowest bidder. So far the Black is at $125 over invoice.

    Anyone familiar with these GM loyalty rebates? I own a '00 GMC Yukon (and I did own a '76 Cutlass - it went 240k miles!). Trying to sqweeze every last cent I can out of this deal (oh, did I mention I'll try for the college grad rebate... so what if I'm 35... I did get my MBA last year).
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    Is there anyone else that's heard this talk about no more 5-spd Aleros being built after this month? I'm kind of hoping it's a bunch of typical dealer "get you to buy today" bunkum and not the truth. I kind of narrowed down my next car purchase to two options: a Dodge Neon or an Alero. I'm still not ready to buy today, but I'd like to think I'll have more than one option when judgement day arrives.

    I have no interest in picking up the Cavalier or Grand Am with the same tranny/engine combo. I'd much rather have a Neon than either of those two plastically enhanced Scooby-Doo mobiles. Speaking of the little Pontiac runabout, has anyone here ever looked at the dash on a new Grand Am - not to mention the Battlestar Galactica aero wing on the heine? Who is designing these clown cars, Roger Rabbit?

    I'm kind of hoping the Olds dealer with whom teragram spoke was just as informed as dealers usually are. A general rule of thumb is that if you read monthly auto publications such as Motor Trend and Car & Driver, you're at least as informed as the brightest guy working the floor at your local GM dealership.

    With that said, I also know that May-June is typically the time when the manufacturers start switching over for the new model year and stop taking orders for the current one. I.e., you can't do an order-out on a new Oldsmobile until August if you wait until the 1st of June. If you want a new one during this 2 month window (from the beginning of June until the end of August), you have to pick a 2001 out of dealer inventory (which is almost a shoe-in to be one of two pea green brass hat models sitting on the showfloor since November). Perhaps this is what the dealer meant? Please, tell me my hope is not in vain. If so, Dodge Neon, here we come.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Actually, the 2001 Z24 is pretty slick looking and it has zero plastic cladding on it. They even have a free power sunroof offer on now.
  • rkw2rkw2 Posts: 66
    I just found out that the local dealer where I purchased my 2000 ALero last August has stopped selling and servicing Oldsmobiles. The closest Olds dealer is about 20 miles away. According to Olds press releases, servicing was to continue indefinately. I hope this is not the beginning of a trend. I guess I can go to a local Pontiac dealer as the Alero is a twin of the Grand Am. But I am annoyed.
  • killer3killer3 Posts: 13
    Hi everyone! Has anyone had any issues with squealling coming from belt/pulleys on thier six cylinder Alero's. While I find this very normal for the old oldsmobiles I grew up driving, my girlfriend feels like she has a reject car because of the squelling. It seems to come and go, does anyone know of any service buletins or likely casues of this noise? The car still drives great, and the torque is wonderful, it is often a guilty pleasure driving her car after spending the week tooling around in my 528 which has less low-end torque. Anyone thinking of buying an Alero, go for it!, no other car in its price range compares.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Does that dealer still sell GM? If so, they have to service it. Then again, if they don't want to, maybe it's better not to go there any more.
  • blackyblacky Posts: 1
    Has anyone been having transmission problems with their Alero? Mine was shifting on its own when it wanted. The Dealer tried to repair it twice and finally replaced it. It is still not right and I'll be going back again. Only now with another noise in front end that sounds like shocks but could be the beginning of brake problems. They had to lower the front end to replace the cranny and redo the alignment. The mileage was 43,000KM. It just so happens that someone
    at work had the exact same problem and had theirs also replaced at 56,000KM. My concern now is if this is going to be
    a problem that occurs every two years until CM sorts out the defect. Any help?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Transmissions are not usually a problem with GM cars. They make the best in the business. My mom has a 99 Alero with no problems at all. I wonder if something else might be causing the transmission problems?
  • dcnwsdcnws Posts: 12
    I would contact the district rep at once. When you buy a new car, you are also buying a part of the service department. I would make no bones about being a very unhappy camper!! I bought my
    Alero at a dealer about 2 hours from home. They had the car on the lot exactly as I wanted it, and the price was right. I will bring it to the local Olds dealer for the first oil change, and see if I can get a rapport with them. If not, I keep my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong, and if it does, be prepared to make some noise.

  • dcnwsdcnws Posts: 12
    Has anyone found mud flaps that look OK? GM wants
    $30 a pair, which I thought was kinda steep. Although I like the looks of the Alero the way it is, with winter driving several months away, I was considering putting some on.

  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    The main problem I have with those custom (made to
    fit ones car)is there is a LIP on the inside bottom of the flap.This seems like a great place
    for snow,slush and other winter stuff to accumulate. We got some 18gauge stainless steel
    and had it cut to fit.Last winter here in West
    Central Ill the flaps preformed well without much
  • ananuriananuri Posts: 3
    I have 2001 Alero GL2 with V6. Once I had more than 1000 miles on, I decided that engine was probably ready for some action. Car was a joy to drive on the highway, brisk acceleration despite automatic. However, somewhere below 110 mph, probably around 106-108, speed governor cut in, what was very annoying. Is that standard on Alero, even with "performance" package (I mean, 16" tires, suspension, etc.), to have governor set below 110? Especially when speedometer is calibrated to 140 mph.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    Should be picking up a 4dr GX 5spd any day now. Found one about 100 miles from my home.

    Was wondering if the wiring for the remote keyless entry is in the GX and all that is needed is the key fobs? All other Alero levels have the keyless entry, so I was hoping the wiring was set up already.

    Also, if anyone is considering selling their 15 inch Aluminum wheels (that come w/ the GL1 'Feature Package'), I may be interested.
  • Anyone out there who has considered one of these vehicles has probably looked at the other as well. Any insights into why the GA SE is a better deal than the Alero GX or vice versa would be appreciated. Is it simply the different style, or is there more than meets the eye?
    Thx in advance.
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    My girlfriend recently bought an Alero and before we made the decision I compared it with the Grand Am. The biggest difference between the two other than style is that Oldsmobile is offering a free 5 yr./60,000 mi. extended warranty. There are also some differences in option availablity at each trim level but the cars are essentially the same. The Grand Am does offer an extra 5 horses with the Ram Air engine. The overriding factor for us was the styling and at the time a $2,000 rebate not available on the Pontiac, although it appears to be now.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    Picked up my 4dr Ruby 5spd GX in CT on Saturday. Dollar for Dollar a great deal on a fun car ($160 over invoice).

    Wondering if the remote keyless entry is prewired in the GX. Anyone know?
  • cpzhangcpzhang Posts: 16

    I am a new graduate and looking for a new car. I kinda like Grand AM and Alero, but do not know if they are good. I read many reviews and would definitely go to the 3.4L V6, but I do not know if there is any problem with this engine.

    Since Olds will phase out pretty soon, it is offering some good deals, like $2000 rebate plus 60/60 warrenty, while Grand Am has only $1500 and 36/36. Do you think it is worthy to go for the Alero?

  • markrnmarkrn Posts: 9
    I'm looking to purchase the above with the 3.4 and was wanting feed back from anyone as to how happy they are or if anyone has had any acute problems with their car. Also is the front rotors still a problem with this year? Thanks for any guidance :)
  • Congrats! I think we're in the same neck 'o the woods (same county in fact (W_st__r).... Did you pick your car up in Old Saybrook, by chance? Have been looking for a GX 5-spd as well, and they're awfully tough to locate, though I thought I had one - was just awaiting its arrival (grrrr!). I have driven the 5 spd grand am, and can only relate the ride as most likely similar to the GX. Would this be an accurate statement? Is the 5 Spd tranny living up to your expectations? My biggest dislike of the GX on a cosmetic basis is the old-lady hubcaps they stuck on them. Have you per chance explored around for suitable replacements - or the 15" alloys that come on the GLs? Any thoughts/regrets on your experience so far with the GX and your decision to not go for a GL would be appreciated. Thanks 'fclspat'.....for any insights you can provide! ~ Tim
  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    I have just recently purchased a Black GL2 with the V-6 and the Sun & Sound package. I have 1,150 miles on it and it is completely awesome. I have had no problems and I cannot believe the build quality. I have no clue where some people have gotten the idea that build quality is spotty at best. They are off their rocker. The Alero is extremely well built.

    The only thing that I would have did different is get the power seat, but other than that I am so happy. I ordered my car from the factory and was expecting a 4-5 week wait. It turns out I got my car in under 3 weeks. Unbelievable how fast it came, in fact the dealer was even surprised.

    I got my car for aprox. $17,600 with $550 in GM Card points. No other car has so much content and style for the price. I bought mine from Alderman Cadillac Oldsmobile in CT.

    I completely recommend this vehicle. There is not another car that comes close for the money you are able to get these cars at today. Even without all the rebates and such I still would have bought this same car. Cars that I shopped extensively before deciding on this were the Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Chev. Malibu/Prizm, Pontiac Grand AM, Saturn LS, Mazda Protege, Nissan Altima/Sentra, and the Toyota Corolla. I also looked into fully loaded used Impalas, Accords, Intrigues and Camry's as they were in the $20,000 range. Many of these cars are nice, but are not as well rounded as the Alero is, at least in my opinion.
  • markrnmarkrn Posts: 9
    Hey thanks for the info. Did you get above or below invoice and by how much? thanks md
  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    MSRP of my car was $21,785 and Invoice was $19,946 and I ended up paying $20,150 without negotiations (remember these prices are before the $2,000 rebate is taken out, I also had $550 in GM points). The whole buying process took no more than 1 hour of paper work and such. It was painless and a very good experience.
  • drumbolddrumbold Posts: 22
    I too have a 1999 Alero. It has 18,000 miles on it. The transmission has acted up frequently, it acts as if it is slipping when in reverse and in first gear. One time the dealer replaced a module (?) and the other times (3) the problem couldn't be duplicated.
    I am not really happy with the car. Two months ago it failed to start. I had it towed to the dealer. They had to push it into the shop because they couldn't get it to start. Once in the shop it magically started. Again they could find nothing wrong. I have also had to have various extra parts removed from the passenger door and rear quarter panel that would roll around when accelerating and stopping.
    I have 9 months left on the lease... any takers?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    fclspat : Congrats on the 5-speed. How do you like it so far?

    mlm4 : I think the Alero looks better inside and out. Although Oldsmobile will die, the Grand Am will live and so will all the parts you will ever need. Go for the Alero for sure.
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