2010 Outback Snow Tire/Wheel Size Question

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Recently aquired a 2010 Outback with standard 225/60x17 all seasons. I believe the normal -1 snow tire/wheel combination would be 215/70x16. I have been offered four almost-new Blizzaks mounted on steel wheels. They were for a Forester but did not get used. The size is 215/60x16 - a slightly smaller circumference than what I think is the right fit. Is this close enough; or no cigar? Thanks for any insight you can provide!


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    The Blizzaks must be from a 2008 or older Forester - that car did use somewhat smaller tires than even the new Forester, which uses a 225/55R17 stock (or 225/60R16 for the base model). This tire is 5.3% smaller than the stock tire, which is pretty significant (it will put your speedometer off by ~3 mph, so if it reads 60 mph, you are going about 57 mph). The only real issue here is that your odometer will rack up miles more quickly. Other than that, you could use them because the rims will work just fine.

    Also, if the price is a steal, you could get them, mount a properly sized Blizzak (or other winter tire), and sell the off-sized set to one of a million 2003-2008 Forester (or other) owners out there. ;)

    If you want a tire that is a near-perfect fit, go with 225/65R16 - this is an even better fit than 215/70R16.
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    The tire isn't as tall, so you give up a tiny bit of ground clearance, too.

    If anything I'd want to go in the other direction, up to about 3% bigger is usually within tolerance.
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    just took my sub. up the mt into snow, just about wraped it around a tree. Factory supplied brig-potenza summer tires. No traction period, wont even pull out on flat ground. would love to find cheap painted steel rims w/ a good mud/snow tire for winter use and save factory wheels and tires for summer. OR a good all season to mount on factory wheels. 225-145 r 18
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    Go to tirerack.com

    The recently had a tire/wheel package with steelies that should work.
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    That's why they're called "summer" tires. :P

    I've got the same problem with my '09 WRX, although they're Dunlop tires. Since you got summer tires, I'd opt for a set of winter tires, not all-seasons. I doubt you can find 17x7 steel wheels with the proper bolt pattern or offset. NASIOC or LegacyGT.com both save sections where members sell things. I'd check there for wheels and/or tires.

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    My Miata has summer tires and it doesn't even leave the driveway if there's even a dusting of snow. They're not even very good in the rain - my wife says she nearly spun out once.

    New rule - with summer tires, it stays parked in wet weather, period.
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    talked to several tire dealers and got the same bs that no tire man. makes a sno/ice tire, and if they did they cant get them for they are all sold to the midwest and northern states.
    Thanks 2 this website and Eavin @ tire rack and u guys I now own sno tires and rims b hear Wed. Thanx again dockratt PS I bought the car to drive 2 the ski slopes and its my only car, darn fun on dri pavement
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    Thank you for the excellent responses! About a month into owning the 10 Outback and we are very pleased. Even our 14 year old isn't any more embarrassed to be seen with us than ususal.
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    I live in Southern Oregon, where it's mostly decent weather, with occasional ice and snow. I do like to go to nearby mountains to ski. The Outback comes standard with Continental ContiProContact. My first review search came up with a slew of negative reviews. Another search was less harsh. On Tirerack, the average review was 6.9. My question: should I pony up the dough to get a dedicated winter tire, such as general altimax RT, or michelin x-ice or bridgestone blizzak? Also, the guy at my local tire store suggested I do down in size to 16 inch instead of 17 (more choice) and get some rims to swap out. I would love to hear some feedback on these questions! Thanks.
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    Wondering if the navigation system is worth it...read some complaints about it on another site.
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    I'm not sure that 16" wheels will clear the brakes. I would check on Tirerack.com to see if they sell a 16" rim to clear the brakes.
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    I'm not sure that 16" wheels will clear the brakes. I would check on Tirerack.com to see if they sell a 16" rim to clear the brakes.

    The Base 2.5i model has 16" steel wheels. I'm pretty sure the brakes are the same on all trim levels w/ the 2.5i (and possibly the 3.6R).
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    I have made it up my steep driveway with these tires-bought from tirerack mounted on steel wheels with TPMS installed. Dealer had to register the new sensors. Tires are excellent-really get to appreciate the snow capability of my Subie. I live in NW Connecticut--huge amount of snow so far this year-no problems.
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    No kidding - my in-laws are up there and they've been buried, even stranded at times.

    Hang in there and be careful even with the awesome combo of AWD+snows!
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