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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • I agree with Backy. I might not have gotten The LOWEST price when I Leased my Honda CRV in June 2000, but I was extremely happy with the dealership and the service that they offer. To me the Little things make a difference. Some people are too obcessed with saving a few dollars that they go all over to do it. Not that I dont like saving money I wanted a good car and a good price and a Total dealership experiance. I have my car serviced there and have a good relationship with the sales person. I recommond all my friends to them.
    I think that Isellhondas would agree with that

    P.S. Im reading the elantra board because I am looking for a good inexpensive second car and can get a package 4 97 with 60K for a good price and wanted to know everyones opinion of the Elantra.
    I have a friend with a 2000 elantra with 20K and likes it.

  • my dealer through in alot of little extras which made the deal enjoyable.

    I actually walked out of the dealership happy.
  • Being in the car business,I have a saying.... You can always tell how much a dealer made off you by how much "free things" they gave you! Those things cost real money and that has to come from somewhere,i.e.,profits.That being said,if you did pay a little more for services that you will enjoy and benefit from and a dealer that did give you a total delightful experience,then,in my opionin,you've come out way ahead of a person that tried to save a few bucks. Bob
  • Can anyone help with the procedure to program my remote? They had to order me one from the factory, and I don't want to wait a week to get it programmed at the dealer! thanks
  • "Side Impact Rear: Very Poor" ??? needs to update their info. The Side Impact Rating for 2001 is five stars Front Occupant, four stars Rear Occupant. A big improvement. Front impact results for the 2001 model won't be released until April. Frustrating! These results will be significant because the engine is bigger and heavier this year.
  • Hello,

    First off, I would like to thank kevperro1 for the advice he gave me on message #450 for my search of a good deal on an Elantra '01 auto with package 3, mud guards, and floor mats. The price gave me, including destination charge($495) and the $500 rebate, was $13,636. I included tax and applied the titling fees which came out to $14,484. I therefore offered $14,284 but instead bumped it up to $14,357 out the door and got it. The dealer even threw in the special wax coating at no cost. It was rather tough negotiating when they had to bring in the manager of the dealership to take over the haggling, but everything went well otherwise. What I wanted to ask is, did I do the right thing with this deal? I keep thinking I'm missing something that could've reduce the cost, but oh well...again, thanks kevperro1 for the advice. Love the car!! Got it in Pewter too! My favorite color and the only one they had on the lot! :)
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    let me understand-- you bought an elantra automatic with option package 3, floor mats, mud guards, destination, and a $500 rebate for $13,636? let's add the invoice cost, based on edmunds numbers:

    elantra auto: $12,236
    option 3: $633
    floor mats/mud guards: $82
    destination: $495 (edmunds says dest. is $435, but we'll use your $495)

    total: $13,446
    less $500 rebate= $12946

    if these figures are right, and you paid $13,636, you paid $690 over "invoice," or 5.3% over.

    am i nuts, or is this too much over invoice to pay on an elentra? personally, i think you could have bought the car for $13K even, $13,100 at most.

    am i missing something here? does hyundai add a $500 or so advertising charge in its invoices? if not, i think $13,600 is too much for the car described. not that i am trying to rain on anyone's parade.... but you did ask. the main thing is, you seem to like the car-- so don't worry about it. i could be wrong in my analysis, anyway. am i?
  • You asked..... I guess you could have gotten a much worse deal.

    I paid $1,136 less for the same package but I didnt get any freebies from the dealer.

    You will like the car.


    PS I paid 13,805 for my 00 Sonata
  • jsapiejsapie Posts: 28
    Purchased a 2001 Pewter Elantra, Destination charges, Automatic, package #2, CA emissions, floor mats, cargo net, mud guards, and an extra remote for the alarm system for $12,700 plus tax and plate.
    Saw that same car a month later in our sunday paper for $12,400 plus tax and plate.
    The dealer had the extra remote ordered and installed in 1 week.
    To program the 2001 remote the dealer needs to remove the dash trim. Takes about an hour to rip it out, program and reinstall the dash.
    The 2000 elantra was much better to program since they only reach under the dash and hit the switch.
  • Hi all..... Having been reading this thread for a couple of months. I have drove all the compacts in the last month and believe that the Elantra is the best of the bunch. Went to my local dealer a week ago, test drove auto and stick. The auto seemed to shift irradically and this was in city driving... I was driving in the d position... wondeering if I should have used 3 instead? Anyone else experience this or just me? Anyway... I want an option 3 Elantra... dealer had only autos. I ended up driving a base, with stick... like it... so ended up in the dealership with the sales manager.... Dealer was asking $13,700 or so.... told them that they were advertising 11,188... they very quickly dropped to that price. Price included $500 rebate. Everything was going good... I have a preapproved loan from e-loan... a great service by the way, would recommend them to everyone.... loan is good for 115% of MSRP up to a certain amount... anyway going through the signing process... dealer contacts e-loan to fax all information need...and they tell the dealer that they won't finance any Korean vehicles!!!! That pretty much ruined the evening... dealer assured me that they could match the interest rate... but it was late and they didn`t know for sure if they could get me the same rate... but wanted to write the contract so i could drive home with my new car. They said if I didn't get the rate match... I would have 2 weeks to find a lower rate or go with the contract rate. Luckly or unluckly... I had the same experience 15 yrs ago when I bought a Mustang... I ended up getting a terrible rate when the dealer couldn't get the rate they promised for a 2yr loan. Ended up with a 4 yr loan. Anyway... having been through that, I balked at the dealership. They called me the next day and wanted me to come pickup the car and sign the contract. Haven't been back yet... it was amazing.
  • My 01 Elantra with auto is smooth as can be except when shifting into second which is actually very smooth BUT seems like a hesitation or lull when going slow BUT do not notice it when driving a bit faster.

    The auto in the Elantra is actually much nicer than the one in my 00 Sonata.

    Make sure you get everything in writing from the dealer and dont seem too much in a hurry. Seems to me you are playing it cool and have bagged a fine deal!

    Take care,

  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    what's so hot about eloan if they don't finance korean cars? go to get your loan there
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Noted posting re "extra" remote. Does that mean you got three remotes? If you got only two, I hope the dealer didn't charge you extra for it. Every '01 Elantra with remote locking is supposed to have two remotes, but it isn't that simple...

    I got one remote with my new Elantra in early November. Dealer said that's all you get. Several other posters here had same experience. Then someone posted a way to get a second remote--they complained to Hyundai directly and were told they should have two. I called my dealer. The sales manager apologized, said that early Elantras didn't get the second remote because there was a shortage (hmm, better go check my spare tire), and said that a letter was going out to us one-remote owners in the near future asking us to come in and get our second remotes and have them programmed. So all of you who got only one remote--demand your fair share!!
  • One thing that you forgot to figure in is the advertising costs that the all the car manufacturers charge us dealers.this charge varies from area to area and ranges from appox.$230.00 to $350.00.Destination charges on all Hyundais increased by $60.00 on Jan. 1st. Bob
  • I purchased a '01 Elantra Manual option4 they wanted 14,500 I got it for 12.7k, mudguards,wind deflector,floor mats.

    I went through e-loan 7% no problems with the Korean thing!

    I also got 1 remote and they sent me another and as we speak it is in the shop to have its first service.

    There is not a lot of mark up on these cars , but you should be able to get it at or below invoice.
  • Thanks tonykrapil and ral2167 for your input, don't worry it if you thought it would make me upset or anything about the deal. That's the reason I asked because I felt I did something wrong and wanted to get someone elses input, I appreciate it greatly. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I may have rushed into the deal and may have made mistakes, live and learn, I don't regret it, I still love the car :)
  • I'm about to negotiate the price on a 2001 Elantra for my Mom and could use some advice. She wants an Auto Transmission with Package 3. My research indicates that with destination and CA emissions fees, the invoice price after $500 rebate is $13,021. Based on what I've read here, it seem like we should be able to get this car at invoice or $100 over. One other consideration, we are paying CASH. Any feedback you can provide on this reasoning would be greatly appreciated. What should my target price be? Since we are paying cash, should we try to get it under invoice given there is a 2% dealer hold back?
  • To Blackhawk2, it appears to me that's price of 13,636 did not reflect the rebate despite stating that it did.

  • Hi, folks!

    I really LOVE my new '01 Elantra, but have noticed something odd with the driver's side mirror. I've been in touch with another poster who seems to have a concern about this, as well. It appears to be "distorted", especially at the edges. Before I take the leap to the repair shop, I thought I'd ask if anyone else has noticed such. Please let me know.
  • Hey, anyone got pictures of their Elantra? I got a couple. Either site links for them or whatever would be cool. I always enjoy seeing what other Hyundai owners did to their cars and option combination and colors that are out there.

    For new Elantra owners, I'd like to share a few tips that have kept my Elantra looking the same for almost a year now (showroom condition), especially for those that are black, these ideas really help.

    -Never, ever bring it to the automatic car wash. Better leaving it dirty then doing a "quick fix"
    -Dry the car with a shami or the "Water blade"
    -Use Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover. It works wonders and gives the car a real brilliant shine.
    -Armor all orginal shine on the interior. protects the dashboard from cracking and gives it a nice shine
    -Either Armor all tire foam or Turtle Wax Wet'n Black for the tires.
    -Dont use wheel cleaner on the rims. It can take the finish off.
    -Armor all auto class cleaner...keeps those windshield wiper marks from forming

    This has been time tested too. I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic with 100,000 miles on it. I have been doing what I have said above throughout its life and the car still looks brand new. And it sits out in the rain and snow or whatever decides to fall from the sky

    Thats about it. Anything else anyone can think of please share!
  • My local dealer advertises 01 Elantra every weekend... prices change every week.... 11,888... 11,488... 11,188 and this weekend 11,249.... I think sales are pretty slow. I am wondering if I should wait for a bigger rebate or make the purchase now? I see that Toyota is starting rebates in my area. Anyone have thoughts.... everything I hear seems to point to slower sales and bigger rebates coming soon!!!
  • I live in central california... stockton... my dealer.. Go Hyundai is advertising under invoice prices... if you include the $500 rebate. My advice is offer 500 under invoice... make sure that the sales manager understands that you are a informed buyer... My test drive salesman was talking 13,700 for base Elantra... when I went inside the dealership... I just started talking about 2 to 3 % holdback... internet dealers.... ran down the option list numbers and complained that I couldn`t get an option 3 with ABS... didn~t take too long to get to the sales managers office. I was using a e-loan bank draft... just like cash. Like I said, my dealer was willing to take 11,188 for a base Elantra.... I am going to get an option 3 with stick, so my target price is going to be 11,800 unless those rebates go up!
  • Howdy,

    I posted a few weeks ago about how I was in an accident with a '98 VW Jetta. Well, on the 26th of January, I called the insurance company, found out that oil had leaked all over the engine, which essentially destroyed it. This pushed the repair bill to over $10K leading the insurance company to declare it a total loss.

    Since I had already test driven the Elantra and knew what I want, I went over to the dealership the next day and found one with the options I wanted and with the color I wanted. (Option 4, Midnight grey, stick).

    So far, I've really enjoyed the car. It looks smart, drives exceptionally well, has more than enough power, and provides a good ride. The only problems I've noticed are the engine buzzing, and the wheel will shake a little bit around 70mpg (Tires might be a little low).

    In case anyone's curious, I paid $13,750 for:

    - Option 4 (CD Player, Cruise, Moon roof)
    - Mudguards
    - Floor mats
    - Cargo Net

    Final note: It PAYS to take good care of your car. I was very religious about the maintenance on the Jetta and the car was appraised at $2K over what my payoff was. Good deal!

    - Cheers!
  • Thanks Barry, yeah...after the input I've gotten, I went back to the site and checked each cost to be sure they were all accounted for and also noticed that the rebate wasn't calculated in the Carsdirect price. I guess I should have checked before negotiating, which explains why I was like $500-$600 above invoice mentioned by ral2167 because I based the price on that. Oh well, hope no one overlooks that like I have. Hope everyone had a good day.
  • I am going to upgrade my tape/stereo to a CD/stereo. I will bring it to a local retailer to have it done.

    I am going to replace the rear speakers myself. Can anyone help me on this matter? I do not know how to remove the rear speaker screen. Also, are the rear speakers 6x9's or 5x8's?

    Thanks fellow '01 Elantra owners
  • It is small MPV. There are lots of rumors that it is based on Elantra. However, nobody knows it yet. It will be introduced in Korean market in Jun.

  • The back speakers are 6 X 9s. I tried to remove the rear grilles to put new speakers in the back and ended up cracking one in half. the way you take them off is there are clips underneath the rear dash holding the grilles in. VERY DIFFICULT to remove. I had Hyundai put the new grille in for me. You have to take the whole rear deck out to get to the speakers.

    By the way, were you the one talking about upgrading your stock CD player to the Hyundai CD/Cassette deck? If you were, how much was that? Thanks
  • My '01 is in the shop and dismantled.

    The drivers door light was out and it needed its first oil change. When they went to fix it they noted that the connector had corroded! So the car needs to have a good portion of the electrical work replaced. They have reported this to the manufacturer and set me up with a rental (Ford Focus). Lets hope all is well, maybe first year model jinx??
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    Formula94, what State do you live in? Keep us updated on what happens. It should be interesting.
  • Anyone else having a problem keeping those plastic hooks on the floor (the ones that keep your floor mats in place) closed? And short of safety pins and superglue, any suggestions on how to keep those buggers latched?

    Postscript: Bought the car Dec. 29. After twice calling the salesperson, we were FedExed a second remote on January 8. Yesterday, as part of a mass mailing, we received our third remote. Hah!
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