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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    I didn't even think of rebates!. I forgot Hyundai offers some kind of rebate for purchasing their cars. Also, thats true about the warranty. Actually, keeping the elantra in your family, you should still remain under the factory 10 yr warranty because you wouldnt technically sell your son the car and switch over the title and whatnot. If you have it for lets say 3 years and give it to him, then he should still be covered for another 7 years. But when you do sell it to someone else, they get a 5 yr/60,000 mile warranty.

    On top of Post #1288, 2 more reasons to buy an Elantra or any other car in Hyundai's line-up! :)
  • jxs81jxs81 Posts: 26
    Today, the "check engin" light of my two-week old elantra lighted up suddently when I just got off freeway. Although I am a new manual shift driver, I've been driving it very carefully. I never drove it over 55mph even on freeway. And it just had a little less than 300 miles on it.

    Is it a serious problem? Could it be that I did something wrong? I just began to worry how much trouble it going to bring me in the years to come. Somebody help me please!
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    It could be that you did not screw the gas gap on tight and that set a warning off on the emission sensor which cases the engine light to come on. A "rule" to go by is 3 clicks when tightening up the gas cap.
  • jxs81jxs81 Posts: 26
    I just tighten the gas gap twice, the chech engin light is still on. Also, I noticed that the steering wheel vibrates a little bit. Could they be related?
  • jxs81jxs81 Posts: 26
    My elantra is a 5sp. The manual said that it will not start if I don't fully depress cluth. However, yesterday I forgot to depress the cluth when starting the car, it started. Then 10 minutes later, the check engin light went on. Is this a problem? I don't think starting with cluth undepressed will hurt the car because it's in neutral. Should I tell this to the service person if I have the car checked out?
  • jxs81jxs81 Posts: 26
    I just tighten the gas gap twice, the chech engin light is still on. Also, I noticed that the steering wheel vibrates a little bit. Could they be related?
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    Could you please describe the vibration, when it happens and how bad does the steering wheel shake?
  • We just went out and bought a new Hyundai Elantra for my wife as we traded in her 97 Nissan Sentra.
    What a great car,I just love the cruise control on it and it has a nice smooth ride.
    Their is so many gadgets on it for the price.
    We have just one problem with it, When you open the driver's door with the key instead of using the key less entry system the alarm goes off.
    So far we have 400 miles on it in 3 days , just hope it gives good service far into the future.
  • craynericrayneri Posts: 15
    I just wanted position 1300! Congrats to me!

    Still haven't decided what to do about getting that Elantra GT.
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    I have this problem too and can say that it is not the tire balance as I had the dealer do it and just about 2 weeks ago had a tire joint balance them to be sure.

    The tires seem to be wearing evenly, so to the naked eye, the front end alignment looks good.

    IF I had to guess where and why this problem is occuring Id put my money on the dealer (in my case) over tightening and warping some of the front end components or even the rims perhaps.

    Reason I say this is I had ZERO problems with the car untill I brought it in at 1000 miles. They checked the brakes etc. they had the wheels off to do this. When I changed the oil at 5k I also rotate the tires. I could not get these wheels off even with a two handled tire wrench. I did not have this vibration unit mr Good Shaft messed with the car. I had them loosen the wheels and torque them to specs and I could then losen them with ease. Even the guy at the dealer could not loosen them by hand.

    Anyways, After all this, my rear brakes started making noise too like the drums were out of round. I took the car to another dealer and they replaced the drums and wheel bearings on both rear wheels and all is fine there now.

    I will bring it in and may this other dealer can repair the problem too.

    It is annoying. At speeds just above 60 and lower than 70 i get a steering wheel wobble that rocks the wheel about 1/4 to 1/2 inch side to side.

    These morons wonder why we dont like to bring our cars in. Many of them dont have a clue.

    Let me know what you guys find on yours

  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    No the tire vibration and gas cap aren't related. It might take a while for the light to turn off or it might have to be reset by the dealer. Depends on the car. Take it in just in case.
  • sfo659sfo659 Posts: 1
    You might want to review Consumer Reports' latest review on the Sunfire. The Elantra's side and front(driver)crash results, ride, engine noise, and comfort were all better than the Sunfire. Also, the Sunfire's predicted reliability was rated much worse than average. While the Elantra still needs time to really prove it's reliability, it did get a better-than-average reliability rating for the 2000 model, and with a five year bumper-to-bumper warranty on the 2001 Elantras, the Elantra seems a much better car for the money.
  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    i had the brake problem too but i'm not taking it to the dealership no more till i need too. most of the guys working there are morons in my opinion and talk to me like i don't know anything thinking that they can get away with it. aslong as my brakes aren't bad i dont mind the braking annoyance at speeds above 60
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    The "problem" with the alarm going off when you use the key to open the doors is not a problem, but a "feature". I've done this a couple of times myself. You can stop the alarm by pressing the unlock button on the remote. I think the principle behind this feature is that it prevents anyone (even you!) from opening the car any way other than with the remote, without the alarm going off. Just watch out that you don't use the remote to unlock the doors too far from the car, or you'll discover another feature: the doors will automatically relock after a few seconds. The principle behind this one escapes me--unless it's to protect us from ourselves, e.g. if we accidently press the unlock button as we're walking away from the car?
  • liljonsonliljonson Posts: 109
    yup this feature is a pain but its the safest around.
  • jxs81jxs81 Posts: 26
    thanks for your reply, presario1 and hbund216.

    The steering wheel vibration is only barely noticable. I noticed it the first time when started, and it's not any worth at any driving condition. Should I expect no vibration at all for a new car?
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    Most 4 cylinder cars some vibration. The vibration is more pronounced when cold. I don't own an Elantra so I don't know how it is in the morning. Maybe some of the Elantra owners can share their experience on cold starts. FYI, my 4 cylinder Accord vibrates in the mornings or when the AC is on. I would say mention it to the dealer when you take it in for service and see what they say.
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    MOne did not do it till the dealer jacked around looking for brake noise.

    It happens very pronouncedly at speeds 62-78 mph. A very definate tiring wobble of the wheel.

    When it was new and untouched there was ZERO vibration hot or cold.

    I will be bringing it in one day soon.

  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Sorry to hear that you have a problem with the service people at your dealer, but I would not let that stop you from having a potentially major problem checked out. To put it off may put your life in danger or more importantly, may put other people's lives in danger.
  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    tonykrapil, are you still suspecting the lug overtightning as the suspect? Have you torqued the nuts to spec? It took new tires and rims to solve my shimmy at highway speeds, from dealer. But I rotated front tires to back, before taking it back to the dealer 2nd time around, and those lug nuts sure were tight, barely got them off, I weigh 195lbs, and there is no way my 16yr. old son or my wife could change the tires. To summarize: The dealer says they replace all my tires and rims after two lengthy service calls, but it doesn't add up, because all four tires couldn't have been bad, but it apparently worked. Anybody have to change a flat or remove a tire for some odd reason, and find the lug nuts very tight?
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211

    They are torque to spec now and also been balanced by the dealer and then again tire shop.

    Yes I do believe the start of the problem was caused by the over tightening and this has caused some warp-age of perhaps the front bearigs or even the rims.
    I rotated the tires twice already and the problem has stayed the same.

    In the beginning, the car only had a clicking type brake noise from the right rear. Thats when the dealer got involved and a good car, with a great solid sure footed ride started falling apart.

    I will make time to take it in and prepare to do battle. It is a shame one has to deal with various personalities and less than adequate mechanics at times. This is not to say all mechanics are bad, the good ones just seem to be a rare breed.

  • ajalgerajalger Posts: 5

    I'm sure some of you guys have swapped the head unit in your 2001 Elantra. Is the wiring harness for 1997-1999 Hyundai's the right one? I went to a couple places and they only had that one.. I bought it, but have not had the chance to take my deck out to see what the connector looks like. Also, if not, where did you get your harness?

  • dorf47dorf47 Posts: 18
    Mine just started doing that this weekend. Got about 1400 mi. on it, when going under 50mph you don't feel anything. Go over 50 and you can feel the steering wheel vibrated, hard enough that if I place my hands lightly on it my hands shake pretty hard. Taking it in to the dealer on Wed. and will let you know what they do/tell me.
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    Hope they can not only identify the problem BUT fix it the first time too.

  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    Good Luck Dorf47, let us know. I and a few others had the shimmy from the purchase date, unlike you and tonykapril most recent. Hopefully your tire just got out of balance, but I'm curious if your willing to rotate the front tires to the back to check the torque of lug nuts and if the problem is a bad front tire, before taking it to the dealer?
  • zcmanzcman Posts: 17
    early 90's 4cyl Camry's had a strong vibration in both the steering wheel and shift level at idle. The problem wasn't corrected until the Camry was redesigned in mid 90's.
  • MotormouthMotormouth Posts: 99
    BMW was getting so many complaints about that they changed the lower control arms on the affected cars

    There was a TSB on that

    Also those BMW's had numerous other glithes with the cars such as a faulty thermostat that so many people were complaining about

    And then recently, BMW does a recall on over 20,000 of the 3 series, X5's and other BMW for a faulty fan controller or something like that
    Several reports of cars catching fire after as little as a 100 miles on a new car have been reported on those BMW's

    And those cars cost 30-40-50 K dollARS OR MORE

    When there is a vibration on the steering wheel a few things come to mind

    An out of round tire, out of balance tire, bent rim would be the basics

    In really bad cases, one should check for any wheel bearing play, severely warped disks, maybe even a control arm that is throwing the suspension geometry off
  • race3race3 Posts: 1
    My wife and I are very interested in the Elantra GT. Does anyone have any input? Any reasons why we should not get one? I can't find any reasons yet.
  • aquesadaaquesada Posts: 24
    I worked 9 years as an engineer at a Bridgestone-Firestone and I can tell you something:
    To get Original Equipment tires(tires for new cars) on spec is a really pain full job,I do not know about Hyundai specs but guys like Ford,GM or BMW,really try to stretch the dynamic balance tolerances as much as possible in order to provide an a smooth ride, by saying this I mean we,as new car owners, could get tires out of spec that can lead our cars to a shimmy or vibration problem.

    Some of those out of tolerance tires are almost impossible to get balanced,
    so be careful and remember: there are humans working at Michelin also!!
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