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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • From what I have seems to be slightly easier to get approved for. It is more like getting approved for a credit card. If you're credit is not enough for their standard loan rates thay do offer other rates based on "how bad" your credit is...see the sight for details
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    Service WEB Site????
    Can you post a link to it?
    Is it accessible to the general public since I am not a Hyundai Service Tech?
    Thanks again.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    A couple of posters have commented that there is only one trim level for the Elantra. There are actually two: GLS and GT. Who knows, maybe they plan to add more in the future.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    Thank You Very Much!!!
    I will set up an appointment with my dealer, now that I can tell them (in case they don't already know) where to get the upgrade.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    As I've said before, I'd like to see a GT sedan and a GLS hatch as well as something with a Tibby engine stuck in it to compete with the Mitsu, Subie and other hot compacts.
  • A v6 would be nice but would add alot of weight , and the mpg would go way down . what i would like to see is a 4 in it with about 170-190 hp . that would make the gt a real gt. it is well in the range of a 4cylinder engine . you could probably get 175 with a few after market items easy .
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    18,400 miles on my GT. Great car. Better that I thought it would be. The driver's seat adjustment range is outstanding. Entry in and out is a snap. The A/C and heater are the best I have ever experienced...almost instant hot and instant cold, like a water cooler with a hot water feature. Looks are personal opinion. To me, no contest between the sedan and the hatch if you can afford the hatch. The hatch is one great and versatile car but I would be proud to own either. The 03 Corolla may be a great competitor. The 02 is not. Wait a few more weeks and find out.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Recommend you see my post in the GT forum. My GT was superb in today's Jersey snow and ice on back slippery roads. ABS and T/C worked flawlessly. Really impressed and would get another car without it.
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    I passed 1200 early this week on my Elantra and am confident I made the right choice. I think it's a fantastic car, and an excellent value for the money.

    There are however a few, albeit petty, things that do annoy me nevertheless.

    First, I have the power sunroof option on mine (a MUST IMO) and the only lights for the interior are the map and floor lights in the front (I don't know if it's the same deal in non-sunroof models or not). I'm used to having reading lights in the back (so maybe I just used to live the good life?), and now if I leave something in the rear passenger footwell at night, I need to have a flashlight or someone with Terminator night-vision along to locate it.

    Second, the key fob does not have a power decklid release button. Apparently, you are supposed to unlock the car doors, and then pull on the release on the floor or use the key to open the decklid manually (they don't carry groceries out to their cars in Korea?).

    And lastly, the alarm only flashes, it does not honk. So if you want to see if it is engaged or not, you have to lock the doors and then watch for the lights to flash once. Personally, I like having the horn honk too (I find it reassuring).

    Granted, these are pretty nitpicky items. Other than that, I REALLY like the car. Hey, it's hard to complain when you buy a car that looks great and comes loaded to the hilt for $13,000.

    BTW, I really enjoy shouting "HYUNDAI!!!!!" (with a long-I sound at the end) and making a kung fu gesture when someone asks me what kind of car I bought. And here I thought I would be too embarrassed to respond to that question truthfully.
  • desgdesg Posts: 52
    re: trim levels

    A 190hp 4 - that sounds like a subaru WRX to me :)I agree a V6 would probably kill fuel economy - a 2 litre 6 would be smooth, but the cost would not be insignificant. A similar size car here has a 2.5 V6 as an option but of course you add size and weight and fuel economy suffers. 2 litres is probably about the best sized engine for this car.

    In this part of the work there is also a GL trim level, smaller motor, only power windows in front, no console armrest in front etc etc.

    I would surmise they decided on what trim levels to bring into each market based on research, for example we got the hatch from day 1, but I gather the US didn't think it would sell.

    RE sunroof:

    If you don't have the sunroof (at least here) there is a light in the centre of the roof - you should see this in the owners manual. (I assume they use the same owners manual in the US)

    Sounds like you are used to a more upmarket vehicle with all those lights :) Map lights in a smaller car here are a rarity - unless you want to talk about some high priced European brands.

    I've been pleasantly pleased with all the little items they put into the elantra, Few things I'd add or change but that is all $$$'s and I suppose it has to stop somewhere.

    Re: keyless entry.

    I've got into the habit of checking the door in any case on all cars I've had with keyless entry - call me suspicious :)
  • frobeyfrobey Posts: 17

    I've noticed since about 9000 miles that occasionally when I'm applying the brakes (coming up to a red light, etc.) that the idle will go down below 1000 rpm and then up to around 1500 rpm before dropping down again. I'm concerned that one of these times I'm going to run into the car in front of me :)

    I took the car to the dealer. They said my throttle body was fouled and cleaned it out. They told me to watch the gas I put in it. It still didn't fix the problem. I took it back to them and the Service Manager drove it and said that that is normal.

    I don't recall this car acting like this in the past. Anyone else have this problem?

    It's a 2001 GLS Elantra with Automatic tranny.


  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    If you look at previous posts you'll see that an elevated idle is a common problem and (I think) is covered by a TSB. I have a 5-speed, so it really hasn't bothered me, it happens only occasionally.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    The dealer is Rick Case Hyundai, Duluth, Georgia
  • I am going to try to buy a 2002 Elantra GLS with package 2 or even maybe package 4 with moonroof. I live in Memphis and wonder if anyone would be willing to help me determine what I should pay for either of these. I have looked at the prices on Edmunds and want to negotiate the best price I can get, and would really appreciate some help. Also want to know if gas mileage is as estimated. Are you at least getting that? Thanks so much. I really enjoy this forum and all the comments, which is what helped me decide to go for the Elantra over other cars. Waiting for your answers if you would be so kind to advise.
  • dmarzo1dmarzo1 Posts: 37
    I put together a little spreadsheet for someone else on these boards and am happy to edit it a bit for your purposes and send it your way. Will give you a one page overview of invoice/MSRP/edmunds rates. My best guess is that you should be able to get invoice plus the $500 rebate that ends at the end of the month Email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to forward it to you.

    Gas mileage seems to be as estimated and the car has surpassed my expectations (except for one annoying rattle that I am still trying to pinpoint :)

  • I just read the December, 2001 installment of the long term test on the Elantra. It sounds like they generally like the car, but even they give in to bias, IMO. They say that the Elantra does not have keyess entry or cruise conrol, and they are missed. Well, if those features were so important, why did they choose a package 1 Elantra to test? A package 2 for just a little more money would ease those concerns in a hurry. They also want to blame the car because they keep getting hit with debris on the road. They charge the car with repair costs because the windshield got hit with a rock and had to be replaced. That's not the car's fault. Maybe they should mention how great the car is because they only had to repair 1 thing in over 12,000 miles--and it was not the car's fault. Also, they lament how they hit a traffic cone the next day and left a ding in the hood--again, whose fault is that? On the windshield, I think their market drove up the repair cost anyway. Everything is more expensive in San Francisco, isn't it? My mother-in-law replaced the windshield on her 1998 Regal (much bigger than an Elantra) for about $180 a couple of years ago. Last year I replaced the windshield on my Sephia for under $150. I also don't like they way he says it is a great, easy to drive, comfortable car perfect for commuting and he would by one if he was "short on dough." That little jab takes away the whole sentiment. He is saying "It is a great car for what we need it for and all, but I still would only buy a Hyundai if I were poor." I think they could have done a better job writing about a car that has proven (to them anyway) to be trouble free and good to drive. But, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  • lokannalokanna Posts: 22
    I agree and disagree. Overall, I see what you're saying by reading the road test. It would seem that the editors are consistant with the "At least we don't have to own one, cuz we're not poor." I'm not poor, I could purchase any higher end small compact, but the fact remains, no other car can match the amount of items offered by the Elantra, and with the price so low, it's a no brainer. I guess just because I value other items as much as my new car, I'm "forced" into this car which they seem to enjoy, yet disregard because it's not what their friends want.

    What I do disagree with is what they're saying by their comments. It might not always mean 'short on dough', maybe the reviewer is trying to say that while the Elantra is a competant car, that particular one enjoys a more spritely drive provided by a WRX, or Protege, etc?

    I'm still thankful Edmunds is doing a long term on the Elantra, it's one of the reasons I'm buying one.
  • lokannalokanna Posts: 22
    Not only am I purchasing a new Elantra, but now my mother is too! She had a question however that I haven't seen covered by to many reviews so I figured I'd ask some owners. How is the paint on the Elantra? Specifically, is it durable? The main question she is curious about is if she buys the Elantra in Las Vegas (where she lives now) and moves to Illinois, will the harsh winter and salt on the roads cause rust issues, seeing as she bought the car in a desert environment?

    Also, what about "Rust protection?" I know it used to be a joke with people when they purchased a car, is that still the case? Any help about this (or even a link with a fairly accurate and readable write up on the paint) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • I may have mentioned this before, but I had to give my wife my GT in trade for her GLS (they are both 2001's). The GT has about 9000 miles with just one previous problem; had to have the ignition switch replaced, the key just would not turn. It has been a great car! The GLS has about 14000 miles with no problems. I can't believe we bought both cars for the price of one. The price for both combined was about 27,500. Anyway, we're impressed with the quality of both cars.

    Buoyant: We should all answer the question of "what do you drive?" with HYUNDAI and a karate chop! It's probably not politically correct, but I still like it...
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I don't think after market rust protection has been needed on any car for the last ten years.
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    Therhino: Thank you. I think the kung fu gesture has sold a few more Hyundais actually (I should be getting a commission). Other people I've spoke with want to do the same as me (it's kind of hard to shout "Chevrolet" with similar effect)!

    As far as price, it all comes back to the image issue. If image is a critical factor to you, you shouldn't be shopping Hyundai PERIOD.

    I also wouldn't recommend a Hyundai to any guy who has feelings of inadequecy (such guys are much better off going with larger truck-based vehicles or something with an image that makes them feel more masculine). It's definitely not a car for the overcompensating male.

    Personally, I could've afforded a much more expensive car (and I guarantee I'm not the only Elantra owner in this boat), but what the hell? I looked at a whole slew of cars (some costing twice as much) and came back to the cheapest one (the two cars I liked the most of the ones I drove were the Elantra and Jetta turbo - the cheapest and one of the most expensive respectively).

    If I can buy a car I REALLY like for $13,000, it's hard for me to justify spending more. Is the Jetta turbo a nicer car? Sure is. I just didn't think it was $8000 nicer. It's not like automobiles are investments or something.

    At my age, I need to keep building up net worth - and that means not sinking fistfuls of $$$ into my car.

    And the best part of it all is that the Elantra doesn't "look" inexpensive (most automakers intentionally make their low-margin cars appear unsavory by keeping the bumpers unpainted or making the standard wheelcovers look like Kmart dinnerplates so you feel obligated to move up to a higher-margin model) until you see the little Hyundai emblem - tasteful and cheap. How can you beat that combo?

  • Great post... you sum up my feelings exactly, and you nicely explain why I can't seem to part with my '97 Nissan Pickup (purchased as a "stop gap" vehicle while waiting for the WRX to arrive - which I decided to forgo).
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    I also agree with your post on Edmunds long term test. Still, Edmunds gives a fairer shake to Hyundai than say to Cadillac or many other American makes.

    Edmunds had the 2K Elantra rated 3rd in its economy car showdown. I doubt you would have seen that from any other car mag.
  • My dilemma has taken on the dimensions of the examination of "Quality" in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Elantra GLS or WRX 5-spd sedan, back and forth ad nauseum. I have the WRX on order, due in mid-Feb. But I really liked the 5 spd GLS I drove. Is the thrill provided by the WRX real or illusory? I, too, can afford either, or quite a bit more if I so choose. I am just about frozen by this conundrum...and my wife's had about enough of it!, just wants me to buy a car or get off the checkbook. Damn, I'm feelin' feeble.
  • lokannalokanna Posts: 22
    Well, I'm in a bit of a different boat. I can't afford a WRX but I can afford the Elantra. If I could choose, and money wasn't an object, I would most likely go for the WRX only for the fact it has a more powerful engine. However, if I were to be practical, The Elantra to me is the best choice for the money, bar none. In fact, nay-sayers in other threads have critiqued me on my choice, and when I've asked them to please show me proof of their claims of infeariority, none have come back.

    I do however wish I could own the WRX, man they look nice :)

    On a different note, does anyone know of a review site that has information about the Elantra's (2001/2002) factory system and paint? I would really appreciate this as those two components are basically the last two areas I'd like to research.

    Also, what are typical repair costs for the GLS? Average, higher, lower? And the same question for Insurance rates? Thanks guys!
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    I have an '02 Elantra 5spd with 28K miles on it now, and I've got my first "problem".

    It seems that when it's really cold out (which it has been for the last three weeks up here in MN) and I just start the car up, for the first few LEFT turns I make, the signal will not automatically cancel after I straighten out the wheel. It is NOT a problem when I make right turns. Interestingly, if I crank the wheel about another 20 degrees right-of-center after completing these first couple left turns of the day, it will actually cancel itself. UGH!

    I'm hesistant to bring it in for repair now because the problem is intermittent. Hopefully it worsens enough that there is no question that it isn't working correctly and the techs don't having any problem figuring out what's wrong.

    A small problem, but nevertheless quite frustrating!

    - Mr. Left Turn
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I asked why back in August on this board. Concensus seemed to be that losses were for first part of the previous generation's losses. If you remember the Elantra's front and rear end were modified about '98 (when the grill was added).

    I've heard comments about paint quality, but it seems very good to me. Same about negative comments about the sound-- guess I'm not on the cutting edge but I have no complaints.
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    I had cross shopped the GT with the WRX and the 2.5rs. IMHO I think the WRX and RS are cheaper cars if not for their engines and awd. Their interior is noticeably smaller and cheaper in quality. IMHO the elantra interior is better than the one in the civic or even in the new altima (which my father almost bought but did not on my advice). I'd compare the WRX interior and quality to that of a Kia or Suzuki. Paint is ok there were a few imperfections on my GT from teh factory, but hey, my...father's jag had a few also...
    For your info Here are the cars that My family owns:
    96 accent
    01.5 Elantra GT
    02 Elantra GLS
    96 Jag XJR
    96 Land Cruiser
    ( so we really did not need another speed demon or awd car anyway)

    We did shop and almost buy the following cars before settling on our 2 elantra setup: 01 Sentra SE, Mazda Protege5, Subaru WRX/2.5rs, Legacy outback 3.0, Nissan Altima 2.5sl, Jetta 1.8T, Jag x-type V-6.
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