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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    I have the base stereo cassette. It's nothing special but not bad at all for a $12k econobox. The cassette, however, to me sounds better than any other car I have owned except my '99 GCS with the 10-speaker Infinity unit. And if you need better sound, it's a standard-sized unit that is easy to replace. I've driven rental Elantras with the 6-speaker upgrade stereo and the sound was a little crisper, but not audiophile quality.

    The paint is very good finish-wise--very smooth, good but not exceptional gloss (but I have a light color, champagne). To me the paint seems a little thin; for example, I have a couple of scuff marks on the doors down to the primer, yet the impact was not enough to dent the doors. They were easy to touch up, but on other cars I've owned it took more of an impact than that to wear through the color coat.

    My insurance (Farmers) for my '01 GLS is about the same as it was for my last car, a '97 Sentra GXE. I don't think that is too bad. I do get several discounts, including multi-car, home + car, and non-smoker, and I am over 25--way over.
  • You were asking about wheel and tire information. I just made a post about that in the Modifications section. Go over there and check it out.

    Like your car, I've just gone over 22,000 miles, and haven't had a single problem that I haven't caused. :) I need to replace a lug bolt I broke in two while trying to rotate my tires, and I have a little body damage from an accident, but that's it.
  • I am now the owner of a new 2002 Elantra GLS in pewter color with auto and convenience package that included keyless remove with alarm and up grade to amfm stereo cd. Hope it will be a good car. I did enjoy driving it home from the dealer a little while ago. Enjoyed reading all the posts here and it helped me make up my mind. Thanks.
  • Can anyone tell me where to go to find this extra? They had one on the lot but it was a $225 option and I did not like the color. This is the wood looking trim package that fits on the dash and doors. Thanks.
  • jyk1981jyk1981 Posts: 37
    I think you need to order from online for that package or maybe you need to order at the dealer.

    if you go to Hyundai's official web site (, click owner information -> parts -> vehicle accessories -> type in zip code -> choose dealer -> 2001 elantra -> wood trim package

    I believe Hyundai makes only one color of wood trim package..

    If you don't like Hyundai's wood trim package's color, then you need to buy from other online store. I think these stores have some other colors.

  • Thanks for the information. I got on the Hyundai site and they do have it in the parts department however my local dealer was not on it so we will call the parts department Monday and check it out. Thanks. again.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I test drove an Elantra pkg 3 with 5 speed today, but was a little turned off when upon starting it, the belt immediately started squeaking loudly and did it off and on during the test drive. I checked the alternator belt and it seemed plenty tight. Anyone else ever encounter this? I was also disappointed with how the dealer had cared for the car. It had thick sand all over the driver's footwell and dirt marks all over the glovebox area. They should have been ashamed to let someone test drive it in that condition! The kicker was the shameful trade in value they offered for my mint condition 00 Accent with 21k. They appraised it at 3500 (what the hell??) and then increased it to 4700 begrudgingly, while asking for full sticker on the Elantra. I was pretty disgusted that a Hyundai dealer wouldn't offer a more favorable trade in on their own cars. Even the salesman was shocked the car was 2 years old and said it looked brand new. Needless to say, I will keep my Accent for awhile longer. I didn't need the Elantra, just wanted something with more performance and more power accessories. It would help Hyundai's image if their own dealers would at least offer good trade in on them.
  • lokannalokanna Posts: 22
    I don't know where you live, but where I do, I have 4-5 dealers within about a 45 minute drive. You might consider trying another? Perhaps that dealership is unique. The current dealer I'm negotiating with has been nothing short of outstanding. They've honored my requests, given me timley, factual information, and even walked me through some steps I was unsure of, without "taking me for a ride". Hopefully you'll have more options.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    remember these are rentals and the price is non-negotiable. I think they turn them over quite rapidly. At least my local lot keeps individual cars on the lot for only a week or two before they disappear. In the St. Louis market they have 7 Accents from 18-24K all listed at $8994.

    Dealerships remain the weak link in Hyundai's game plan. Yours was trying to screw you over.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Yep, they were definitely trying to screw me over. My car blue books at 5500-6000, but I would expect even more then that if they want me to pay full sticker on the Elantra. It really ticked me off considering I bought the car there. You would think they would like repeat business and give you a better deal. Oh well, they just lost my busines permanently. Unfortunately, the closest Hyundai dealer is at least an hour and half away from me. Dealers with large selections are even farther at 3-5 hours away. It sucks to live in Tallahassee, Florida. You live in a medium sized city in the middle of NOWHERE. I'll just wait until the right deal comes along, but now I have my heart set on a Mazda Miata. That car fits me perfect and is a hoot to drive.
  • RE: Various posts:

    I've also had both front struts lubricated and the passenger side replaced when it started creaking again. The problem was evident right from the start. This makes at least two reports that I'm aware of so it isn't likely to be an isolated incident. (See post #2124 of 2291)

    I also note that the steering wheel seems just a tad crooked to the right. It could be an optical illusion given the curvature of the dash behind it, but it's increasingly irritating. There's no pull to the right or left while driving but Edmund's own long-term road test seemed to indicate a similar problem. It seems I'm always holding it ever so slightly at an angle relative to the instrument panel.

    I've also had problems with water spotting the paint. Right from the dealer lot it had water stains and the dealer performed an acid wash a month or so later. Afterward, they used steel wool to get the water stains off the front and rear windows but I have yet to do the sides. :-(

    These efforts helped but didn't eliminate the problem. I've waxed it four times in less than six months and there are still spots on my Champagne finish every time a sprinkler hits it, etc. A lot of these spots don't disappear. I'd really like a new paint job (clear coat). If anyone knows how to go about getting the dealer to agree to such, I'd appreciate advice.

    Also, I hear all the interior buzzes as reported in other posts. Some were fixed by dealer others are outstanding.

    I also hear an engine rattle (described as a popping sound by a friend who popped the hood and listened) when the car is cold or the weather is cold (California cold, not real cold!). In five months, I've only gone 3K because the dealer has yet to fix it after over five days in the shop off and on. The noise is louder now than it started off. One service tech said it could be the "lifters" delivering oil to the engine. Another said it could be cold celinoids. Another claimed to have fixed it by tightening an exhaust "shield" but this made no difference. I've searched these boards and no one else seems to have this problem. If you can relate, please speak up and let me know what, if anything, can be done! I'm afraid something is working its way loose!

    Last but not least, a belated response to those who asked about the double-height CD/cassette stereo I installed. No, I did not replace the speakers. I wasn't looking for the ability to create an ultimate stereo system so the existing speakers work just fine with my Jensen CM720K. The Jensen was on clearance at a local Sears in October which brought the price down to $150. What a deal!

    The after market stereo/CD/cassette still sounds great but when the dealer had to replace my clock—another problem that has been mentioned here—they must have loosened a connection because now the stereo area below the clock rattles. So I have to ask the dealer check those connections too since it was fine before they replaced my '01 Elantra's LCD.

    Anyone with similar experiences or solutions is encouraged to respond. Thanks.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm sorry to say, its not the finish that is the problem. Any car will spot when hard water (especially sprinkler water) is allowed to dry on the finish (it's the minerals like calcium solidifying unto the paint). The spots are difficult to get rid of if the sun is allowed to "burn" the marks into the paint. Parking away from sprinklers and drying your car after washing should alleviate this problem. I don't think you have any recourse for getting the dealer to repaint the car. It's not his fault the water in your area has high mineral deposits. Anyway, I'm sure a lot of people deal with spots, so don't let it bug you so much. My Accent gets spots all over it if I don't hand dry the car after washing it, especially on the windows. A hard rain will usually wash away most of the spots, which tells me my city water is very hard. But some of them don't go away unless I rescrub the car or wax it.

    As for the engine noise, it sounds like your lifters are tapping some. This is not unusual, although it shouldn't occur on a hydraulic setup so new. As long as it taps for a very short time on only cold mornings, it's probably fine. But if it continues to get louder and tap longer, then most likely one or more of your lifters are losing hydraulic pressure and getting loose, thus making the noise you hear. It's something that is covered under the 100k powertrain warranty, so I wouldn't worry too much. Noisy lifters won't hurt your car in any way. It's not like the lifter will just fly off and leave you stranded. The most it would do is cause a slight decrease in max power and fuel economy. Hope this info helps.
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    But I just did.....GLS( auto, silver), pack.5, mud guards, cargo net, floor mats, dealer installed spoiler, for 14,300 + tax.......Learned alot from all the posts & long term road test....What sold me was the test drive......The car's peppy & pretty solid, I was impressed..........Will keep everyone in touch, i'm not getting it till mid Feb........
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't know what the stigma everyone has with Hyundai. Every since the Accent debuted in 1995, they have been providing trouble-free cars with low prices. And then America's Best Warranty to boot now. It's just impressions I guess.

    I would never buy a Hyundai when they first came out, but I would definitely buy one now. They are all pretty nice actually.
  • beeryr4beeryr4 Posts: 19
    Perhaps it is the name "Hyundai". It is not exactly well known. And to me when I first started looking, it was not obvious how to pronounce it.

    I didn't even consider Hyundai until I read a couple good Elanta reviews and noted its lower price. Then I decided I might as well take a closer look at it. Now I own one.
  • I have a 2001 Elantra...just got back from having the computer reprogrammed for the 2-3 shift problem that was mentioned on this board. It took 20 minutes to fix...I will let you know if it makes a differencr or not.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    I work with a person who was a Chinese immigrant and now is an American citizen who speaks, French, Chinese, American, and Korean.
    He says the proper pronunciation is H yoon die
    (Said very fast)

    Hey, Brentcandle.
    I'm jealous. ;-)
    I tried to get my 01 elantra reprogrammed last weekend but the dealers unit was broken.
    Good luck and we will all be waiting for your results after a few weeks of driving.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I had an interesting experience today with my Hyundai Accent that I thought I would share with everyone. It proves to me that Hyundai is willing to stand behind their products, and replace things they don't even have to.
    My 00 Accent has been making a whirring sound (like a worn out bearing) from the clutch ever since the car had about 900 miles on it. The noise was very intermittent and was really only noticeable if you were sitting in neutral and had the radio and AC turned off. Because it was hard to get it to duplicate on command, I ignored it. At 21,300 miles, the whirring had turned into a louder whistling noise as well and would also chatter if you just put slight pressure on the clutch pedal without fully pressing it down. The noise stops as soon as you push the pedal to the floor and starts right back up when you release it. This told me I had a bad throw out release bearing. Since the noise was present all the time now and was louder if you got the car hot, I decided to take it into the dealer and give my warranty a workout. Of course, as I feared, the service department called me and asked me to come back down because 2 service techs couldn't hear the noise. I was a little ticked that they didn't have me do that in the first place, but oh well. I went down there and took the service tech for a ride. Low and behold it made the nasty sounding chattering noise while sitting in neutral with my foot just barely touching the clutch pedal. The tech heard the noise and agreed it was very odd. They asked me to leave the car so they could try to trace the noise. I called at the end of the day to find out what the problem was. I was told they found the problem and ordered the parts. They told me they were replacing the throw out release bearing (surprise surprise, LOL), but were also replacing my entire clutch (the pressure plate and clutch disc)! I was a bit shocked they were doing that. He said it would all be covered under warranty. Folks, the clutch is considered a normal wear item that is not covered by warranty, but Hyundai is eating the cost anyway! Now, I don't know whether the dealer is lying to Hyundai saying the clutch is chattering in order to screw them out of more labor costs, but I'm thoroughly impressed Hyundai is replacing it with no problems. I don't know if the bad bearing put any undue wear on the clutch itself, but I do know the clutch has always been weak. It caused the car to buck slightly when cold and you could tell the pressure plate was weak or warped. I just chalked it up to a weak part and figured it would last me till I traded it so I wasn't too concerned. I'm totally jazzed that they are replacing the biggest annoyance with how the car drives. It should make it drive new again! The only thing I'm concerned with is letting the dealer take apart my tranny to do this work. I hope they don't break anything or cause other noises and rattles to start. Wish me luck!!
    Anyway, I just thought I would tell everyone how Hyundai has really stood behind its product in my case. I didn't have to fight with anyone. It's as if they realize their bearing sucked and is doing the whole clutch as a goodwill effort. Needless to say, I'm happy with the experience! I just hope this will be the last repair and the last bad bearing I will have to deal with (had the water pump replaced at 15k due to a bad bearing).
  • regarding message #2160 I live in New York and the insurance for my '02 Elantra is over $3k a year and that's with all the possible discounts. (clean driving, ABS, etc...)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    How many tickets do you have? And also, age? Those two things matter when considering car insurance prices. I have a 2002 1.8T Jetta, live in a major city (that matters too), and have 1 point on my driving record. My insurance is $230 a month.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    I recall back when Hyundai opened up shop in the U.S. and people were wondering how to say "Hyundai", the Hyundai P.R. folks made it clear that we were to say HUN-day. Maybe that's not how it's pronounced in the rest of the world, but maybe the Hyundai marketing team decided that it would make it simpler for their U.S. customers--rhyming with Sunday.
  • frobeyfrobey Posts: 17

    I too have the rattling sound coming from under the hood, mostly when I start it up in the morning. I took it in to the dealer and they said that it was something loose in the catalytic converter and they replaced the converter...Didn't solve the noise. On my car, it appears that the cover that goes over the whole engine is kinda loose, I can move it up and down with my hand, but the bolts are tight. I'm wondering if they forgot to put some rubber washer's in there.

    I'm going to take it back and have them look at when I take it back for the high idle as well as the buzzing noise. I told them about the buzzing noise and they said one of my speakers was blown and they replaced it but that didn't solve it.

    Will let you know if they ever figure it out :)

  • hjr2hjr2 Posts: 105
    it is the alignment; pure and simple. My 1999 sonata was crooked after a few hundred miles of driving, and the tiburon the same.
    took both to Sears(Sonata was free alignment, but still off-center, they did not do a good job at delaership for alignment)....and after sears, No problems for about a year...when they naturally went outta whack from driving.

    Seems ALL(?) Hyundais are outta alignment shortly after driving a few miles. Maybe has soemthing to do with them not being aligned before shipping,at least properly aligned?
  • desgdesg Posts: 52
    I remember years ago an alignment was included at the 1000 mile mark

    It was simply because the components bedding in over the first 1000 miles (do I hear someone say run in period ...) and as a result it was usually out a little.

    Mine is also out marginally after 1300km
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    What is the part number of the K&N air filter for the 2001 Elantra GLS? Thanks.
  • Michelins are very thin at this point, will replace next week. I like the way they handled, but I am disappointed with the mileage. Only problem so far has been the clutch. Early on it developed a loud groaning squeak. After lubricating all linkage points, dealer determined the noise was in the pressure plate. Dealer replaced clutch assembly free and furnished a vehicle while they worked on the car. I had to point out some sloppy dealer reassembly (plastic plug and connectors left off), but the new clutch is fine. This car is my wifes daily commuter and both of us enjoy driving it. It handles reasonably well and is peppy for this class of car. I believe we will get many miles from this car.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I have been following total car sales trends since 1999. Look at the amazing increases in Hyundai sales: 1999: 164,190 2000: 244,391 2001: 346,235
    That's an increase of almost 200,000 units in a matter of 2 years! Hyundai started off in 99 as the 23rd name brand in sales out of 37 (not including low volume cars like Bentley, Rolls, Ferrari, etc). They moved up to the 18th spot in 2000 and are now at the 13th spot, just 10,000 units away from overtaking VW in sales. I find it fascinating how quickly they are rising. Shows a lot of people are beginning to discover the good quality and value in Hyundai products. Kia also shows big gains. It started at the 26th spot and has risen to the 19th spot for 2001. An interesting side note: Chrysler is in trouble again. Dodge has now been overtaken by Toyota for the 3rd best in sales.
  • where are you finding these stats at may i ask ?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Here's the link to family car sales:

    From there you can click on the Home link and look at the other classes of cars and trucks. I spent hours adding up every car and then putting it into a spreadsheet. I'm just obsessed with cars and wanted to follow car sales over a period of time. A few sales data I had to find by going to the manufacturer's websites and looking in their news links.

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,459
    K&N filter 33-2201
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
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