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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    I have a 2001 GLS in Champagne, purchased last July. The Hankook was the spare tire, the normal service tires are Michelin. Incidentally, I keep reading people's remarks on the price of Michelins. I have not priced them lately, but in the past they were always competitively priced when I put them on my humble '87 Lynx GS (OK, maybe they did cost a little more, but she was worth it). In the end I put on a set of Kell(e)ys, which were quite good as well.
  • jhnep1jhnep1 Posts: 9
    I checked the price on the Michelin's installed on my car (2002 GLS) at a Sam's Club Store in Woodridge, Illinois outside of Chicago. The price was $111.95. I could NOT believe they were so expensive.
  • Michelins are expensive. As a replacement, I would recommend Yokohama Avid H4's. They are $49 each at, compared to Michelins @$94. They have a 45,000 treadwear warranty; Michelin has 0. The overall consumer survey rating for this size tire is 7.2 compared to 6.8 for Michelin.

    I have Yokohama Avid T4's as replacements for Goodyears on my 2000 Chrysler 300M and they are far superior to the Goodyears. My wife has OEM Michelins on her 2001 300M and I prefer the way mine handles. The surveys rate the T4's higher than Michelin for this class of tire as well and they are far less expensive.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    There are also Michelins out there that test out higher than the OEM's for quite a bit less money.

    Question-- (which I could probably find out with some checking)-- Is Michelin still a French company (tough to figure out with some multinationals)? Are Michelin assembly lines different from BF Goodrich and Uniroyal assembly lines are are they all manufactured together and it's just a matter of branding?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Apparently still very French with lots of family involvement.

    Here is the percentage of tire production by manufacturer from Michelin's 2000 annual report:

    Michelin 19.4%
    Bridgestone 19.4%
    Goodyear 16.6%
    Continental 7.1%
    Sumitomo 4.9%
    Pirelli 3.9%
    Yokohama 3.5%
    Others 25.2%

    I'm suprised Sumitomo outsold Pirelli and Yokohama. I've seen their tires in the showroom and they don't look bad. Anyone with experience?(memory tells me that Tire Rack sells them and ratings aren't great.)
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    It seems that Edmunds hasn't completed their wrap-up of the Elantra, which would be the April review. I am wondering too, where is it?
  • bartbikerwbartbikerw Posts: 36
    How high did you guys go on the speedometer on you elantras. I also wonder what is the maximum speed on that car. I read that it is 119 mph in some review but it seems for me that since the accent can go at least 115 (from accent forum), Elantra should do at least a little over 120. Thanks.
  • mauvasmauvas Posts: 18
    I think there wont be any April Review. The long term road test was just a 11-month road test. It seems they sold the car in ebay last month. I think I saw it posted there for sale last April (or somewhere else). It is a pity we couldn't know more about the long term test from Edmunds. I am a little disapointed about it. I do consider it is up to us to keep posting feedbacks about our long term experience with the Elantra. So far I can't say that much about mine. Just reaching 6000 km after 11 months. I was using the car once or twice a week for errands during the winter. Not need to use it that much. So far, flawless. I got a dent in the drivers door while in a parking lot (a notorious one, I haven't made the claim to the insurance company, because it was a hit and run). Besides that, it got a rattling (also notorious) coming from the globe box. Just going for the third oil change. I have to change the oil because the time, no the miles I rode it.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    There will be a wrap-up of the Elantra; they don't just end long-term tests without one. My guess is that they are still sifting through the owner comments (deadline was 4/22) before finishing the report. Wrap-ups are usually longer because of the additional info.
  • p27552p27552 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2002 Elantra GLS. It makes a strange whistling type noise usually noticed at speeds between 50 and 70 mph. The service dept. hasn't found the problem. Anyone have the answer? The noise is NOT the a/c or the fan-it happens with the ventilation system on or off.
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    Of course its very hard to tell without hearing the noise in person BUT I will make a suggestion on something to try.

    When the noise is happening, Select the fresh air / recirculate switch. I am betting it wil stop IF you select recirculate. WHY? Because as fresh air enters the vehicle, the cabin is somewhat pressurized and this air has to escape somewhere. In the recirculate mode you wil not be adding more air pressure from the outside.

    The noise you may be hearing is air escaping past a window seal.

    Remember, this is just a hunch.

    IF this test does shake out to control the noise you may be then able to find where it is happening with a length of rubber hose held to your ear as your car is sitting there with all windows up and fan blowing MAX and NOT in the recirculate mode. You would listen on the outside around all the window seals and maybe be able hear some air rushing/ wistling past.

    I hope this gives you some ideas and that I amy have guessed whats going on .

    Good luck
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    Does your car have a sunroof wind deflector on it? Mine sometimes produces some weird whistling noises.
  • lokannalokanna Posts: 22
    I too have the same problem on my Elantra, however, it mainly surfaces when I hit 80mph and it's not all the time. Someone recommended I look at my front bumper to see if it's loose. I haven't found that to be true but who knows. I will be taking my car in most likely next week to get it checked out. I drive a 2002 GLS with package 5. I'll post any solutions I may get :)
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    I just returned from a spin around town, and a trip to the dealer with a friend. It seems that the newer shipments of Elantra GLS have a muted beige interior (no grey changes that I could see). It looks like the orange specks have been eliminated or severely muted, and the blue specks are now a purple shade, much fainter. I looked at several models with beige inside (to ensure my sanity), and the small changes make a big improvement to me; it is one of the few details I dislike in my car. For those leaning away from blue, white, cranberry or champagne because of the interior, you might look again and reconsider.

    They also had one GLS in the dark gray exterior color with a factory (or port-installed) rear spoiler for $395 on the sticker. Not horrible, but "no thanks" just the same.
  • rjwinerjwine Posts: 5
    I believe I also have the noise you are hearing. I have noticed it happens only at higher speeds in windy weather, and increases with speed. It seems to occur only in fairly strong cross winds. It was suggested on the Yahoo message board that it may be associated with the rubber moldings that run along the windshield and up over the roof.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Well, too late for me, but at least no other GLS buyers need suffer with the infamous dog puke interior. RIP. Now if Hyundai would fix the air bag sensor and driver's seat track problems (the causes of the poor IIHS offset crash test score), I would have no significant gripes about the Elantra.
  • smiller678smiller678 Posts: 64
    Hi all,

    I have an O1 Elantra GLS. Just turned 28K miles and I had the Auto Transmission service, coolant replaced, tires balanced and rotated and my second alarm transmitter programmed (I had an early 01 Elantra and only received 1 transmitter - Hyundai sent me another transmitter but I never go it programmed until now!). Anyway, the service department didn't charge me to program the transmitter - they put the work as warranty work. I did my own oil change and replaced the spark plugs and air filter myself. Took the car on a 12 mile run after I had replaced the spark plugs. Seems to run a little more smoothly (not like it was running rough before). I ended up using Bosch Platinum Tipped spark plugs. This car has been perfect. Not a single problem as of yet. Knock on wood.

    Happy commuting,

  • bartbikerwbartbikerw Posts: 36
    I didn't get too many responses last time. Does anyone know the top speed for Elantra?
  • pewter2002pewter2002 Posts: 9
    Bartbiker, most guys tell me they reach an impasse around 115 to 120
    apparently. I also get a weird whistle at 80 mph during comes and go, usually disappears when I drop down to 70 mph. Sometimes I get no whistle at all.
  • lyndon5lyndon5 Posts: 20
    Just read your post from the 24th and I am curious as to why you would suggest an H rated Yokohama tire. Some people might object to the stiffer ride of the H rated sidewall, although it could be a better choice if one drives at high speeds on a regular basis. Yokohama's S rated Avid 4 is rated at 80,000 miles, costs a little less, and I believe matches the speed rating of the OEM Michelins.
  • gmcbride73gmcbride73 Posts: 6
    A fellow Elantra Owner was nice enough to take a picture of this for me. I have had my car for 5 months and had no idea this was in there.


  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'd imagine he suggested an H-rated Yokohama because the original Michelins on your car are H-rated. They have this rating because the Elantra is capable of a top speed around 118-120, which would blow out the S-rated tire. An S-rated tire will save you a little money and last longer but they give up traction in most circumstances and offer less grip and less braking ability. I would not downgrade to a lower rated tire unless you really must have that 80k treadlife.
  • okeydokeyokeydokey Posts: 12
    I want to get a soft padded seat cover, but I can't imagine how that would work with the side airbag. any ideas?

  • okeydokeyokeydokey Posts: 12
    let's see....

    I noticed that the car goes at 80mph at 3000rpm.
    since the car redlines at 6500rpm.....

    it should go 160mph at 6000rpm, without voiding the warranty, right? :)
  • Ingtonge18 is right -- I suggested H-rated because they equal original equipment rating and the S-rated tires are not listed as replacement choices for the Elantra on I have no experience with these particular tires -- I recommended Yokohama in general because I am very pleased with my Yokomaha Avid T4's on my Chrysler 300M and they are are a much better value than the OEM tires. I don't have the performance handling package on my M, so it has a 118 mph speed limiter chip and T-rated are fine.

    I haven't gone through my daughter's owner's manual, but doesn't the Elantra have a similar speed limiter chip?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Nope. The Elantra's top speed is limited by wind resistance only. I don't think any Hyundais use a speed governor. I know the only thing stoping my Accent from going beyond 111 was wind resistance. The Tiburon, XG350, Sonata, and last gen Elantra were all tested with drag limited top speeds. I'm glad Hyundai doesn't use governors. I think the Focus governor that kicks in at 106mph is pathetic to say the least.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    I am certain I've read in more than mag that the Elantra's engine is rev-limited at 6500, and it begins a "fade-in" at around 6250.
  • I guess I assumed there was a legal requirement for governors -- so now I'm wondering why some cars have them, and others not.

    It's not like the auto industry to "save us from ourselves"...
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    I have 2 different ones in my 01 Elantra.
    I have a wooden bead seat cover on the drivers side and a fold up padded cushon on the passengers side.

    The beaded one can be obtained at Wal-mart for about $10. This is actually not as uncomfortable as it sounds or looks. And it has the added plus of stopping static shocks when you slide across the seat.
    The fold up one can also be obtained at Wal-mart and has cloth on one side and sheep wool on the other side. This one was about $20.

    Neither of these wrap around the seat so there is no airbag problem.
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