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2005 325ci coupe or 2006 325i sedan?

justchillin27justchillin27 Posts: 10
edited July 2014 in BMW
im looking forward to purchasing one and these 2 beautiful cars are my primary choices..all pre-owned.. as i read through the past discussions i noticed that the 06 had more problems and not as reliable as the this true? is the e46 more reliable than the newly redesigned 3-series? i prefer the e46 coupe btw.. tnx hoping for suggestions.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,706
    If you like the E46, please note that the 2006 coupe is also an E46.. Only the sedan was new for that year...


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  • sorry for the ignorance this is my 1st BMW :D i see that a lot of 06 owners have problems with their cars so i might just decide on the 05 coupe..hoping its reliable as it stated in other discussions
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,706
    Yeah... .but, that's the '06 sedan..

    My only point is that the '06 coupe is the same as the '05... so, if you are shopping, don't restrict yourself to that one year, and you might have more options..

    Unless, of course, you've already found a specific unit to your liking...

    I've also been looking at coupes... Found a really nice '05 330Ci with Performance Package.. Just not ready, yet.. ;)


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  • one other thing to consider: I believe the 06 sedan had the higher output motor (260hp) vs the 05 or 06 coupe (220hp).
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