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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • rmattisonrmattison Member Posts: 3
    I have been driving maunual transmissions for fifty years and know when I'm abusing a clutch and when I'm not. My previous BMWs (3 series)
    have all given well in excess of 100k life on the clutch, but my 6-speed clutch felt weak off the showroom floor. The dealer replaced the original clutch (UNDER WARRENTY!) at 42k miles. Since then I have really been babying (very little in the way of hills, etc.) the clutch and it's completely gone in another 47k miles. Has anyone had a similar experience? What can I do to get a stronger clutch assembly? The dealer says there are no heavy-duty options.
  • ammecammec Member Posts: 12
    I was wondering if anyone has any info. or hands on experience with the Navigation System in 2001 BMW's. Is it fairly easy to use and is it worth the extra money? Does BMW offer caller assistance, similar to On-Star and is there a fee for using it? Is this just a regular CD player or is it a DVD player? Also, does the monitor have any input or output jacks? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  • napoleonvanapoleonva Member Posts: 9

    I've got the navigation system in my 1998 540 and I love it. I always thought that they were a serious waste of money, but have changed my mind since having one. As far as ease of use, I find it very easy to use. You simply roll a knob over the alphabet and click on the letters you want for your destination. As you enter the information, the system only provides the letters that correspond to say a valid entry, once you've entered enough to make it unique the system fills in the rest.

    The other day I was in an unfamiliar area of town and needed to go to a branch of my bank. I clicked on current location on the nab system, told it I wanted a list of banks, clicked on mine, and then had it give me instructions on how to get there.

    I'm a believer, plus it's a neat toy.
  • fdelmonte1fdelmonte1 Member Posts: 2
    I will be buying ordering a 540i in December 2001 for March/April 2002. Has anyone heard that the V8 engine will get a boost to 330hp (due to the 740 model change and increase engine size)?

    Also, is it worth the stretch & the wait list to get a M5 since in the real world all I will do is drive it to and from work - and on the weekends some road work to stretch the legs on the car. I can't seem to stop obsessing about the M5, but my practical side says I can't use the power on the 540i, why would I need the power on the M5. My only rational justification is that after 10 years the M5 should still be worth about $30k while a 540i might be worth $10k.

    Any wisdom would be appreciated: both on '02 540i engines & the M5.

  • budjimbudjim Member Posts: 2
    How is the 2001 525 in snow. I am thinking of getting the 325 instead because I live in Boston and it has the all wheel drive option. Any thoughts.
  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31
    Can someone tell me what they have experienced as the average cost of ownership (yearly maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled) of a BMW 5 series? I have heard that the average annual cost is higher than average. I just want to know how much higher than average.
    Looking to purchase my first BMW.
  • michaelg5michaelg5 Member Posts: 13
    Regarding your question about a 5 series in the snow, a set of snow tires will definitely be needed. I live in the Chicago area and thought I would wait for the first substantial snow to make a decision. I was barely able to make it into my driveway and then got in touch with Tirerack. Four snow tires do the job very well. Be prepared to spend about $1000, as you will also need a set of wheels owing to the fact that the tires are a smaller size. MG
  • budjimbudjim Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the insight re snow.
  • b0bb0b Member Posts: 1
    I am now in the market for my first 'real' automobile.

    1st Car - 84 Chevy Celebrity (Shed a tear when I sold it to a junkyard for $30)

    2nd Car - 95 Lumina Z34 (I cryed for joy when I finally got rid of that perversion of engineering)

    3rd 'Car' - 99 Chevy Tahoe (Lease is up in 2 months, like it, but I don't haul hay or goats or whatever...don't need an SUV/Truck)

    I started shopping for my next (and undecided) car with a 500/mo budget in mind. How much more could cars cost, I thought? Haa. I have learned A LOT about cars in the past few weeks I have been shopping. I have extensivly revised my budget, and am now set between a 525i w/manual, an A6, or an Saab 95 Aero. I hear bad things about the saab,(and great things), but I get the GM employees discount on that one (hard to pass up)

    Anyone here driven an A6/Saab and a 525? How do they compare? I test drove the Saab, liked it. Waiting on an A6 Quattro to come in for a test spin.
  • 530iguy530iguy Member Posts: 3
    I am on the verge of buying a 530i in the DFW area and I am looking to see what others are paying. I may or may not do Euro delivery but I am more concerned with price over invoice. I am looking ideally for a deal about 2K over dealer invoice with options. One dealer quoted me around $3500 over invoice with several options. (Not going to do it) any info would be helpful. Thanx
  • dhanleydhanley Member Posts: 1,531
    I have a '97 328 and a '97 saab 900 SE turbo.

    The saab has as much power, but he BMW's power comes with less lag.

    The BMW handles better yet soaks up bumps better. It rattles less, and is quieter.

    The saab has more room inside in all areas, and has a few more amenities.

    The BMW seems much more able to soak up rough driving.

    Overall i's say if you want to lease, it's a tossup or maybe a saab edge with their amazing lease deals. If you want to buy, i'd go with the 525.

    As an aside, i got a certified pre-owned loaded 328 for under $500 a month, it would be worth looking into. That was my target figure too.

  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    How about a Cadillac Catera to use your discount? For some time now, I have heard that Saabs can often be surprisingly problematic.Any expensive car can be but so bad,but I really don't think much of them.Two weeks ago I ordered a Catera for my wife. I had a considerable GM credit card discount to spend,and the Catera is about the only GM car that interests me. I considered an Intrigue for me with their fire sale prices.It's nothing like the other cars you've mentioned,but I do think it is a car that a car lover can enjoy. After I spent the credit discount,I considered a manual shift BMW 525 for myself-it's a wonderful car. But I bought a turbo Passat.It has a bigger back seat than the BMW,and it is nowhere near $14,000 less fun.I really love driving it! It has all the qualties the Bimmer has except status. As it is so much cheaper I know it is hard to believe,but really,I think it is a phenominal car. Back to the Catera,of course i had a lot of doubts about it-it has not at all been well recieved in the marketplace.But on an hour's drive it is extremely satisfying.Like me,you have a discount to factor into your decision.The Catera does not get much respect in the US,but check the English car books-they love it.
  • dhanleydhanley Member Posts: 1,531
    If you think a saab will be problematic, i can't imagine getting a catera.

    I have driven the passat, and while it's a darn good car, i don't think i really compares to a BMW. Once again, you have the reliability issues.

  • cartesiocartesio Member Posts: 36
    As Ronald Reagan used to say, "There you go again." :-)
    I'm going into my fourth Catera year, second Catera, and not one (count them!) not ONE problem. I've often thought about (and shopped) the 5-series, but just can't bring myself to sacrifice the rear-seat room, even though I have a passenger there about once every thousand years....
    Cheers and happy motoring!
  • ammecammec Member Posts: 12
    I read somewhere that premium fuel is required on BMW's. Is this true or can you use regular gas (87 or 89 octane)? If premium fuel is required, what's the reason behind it, is it for performance or will the engine just get screwed up if ou use regular fuel? Would like to here from some owners with first hand experience. Any comments appreciated. Thanks
  • dhanleydhanley Member Posts: 1,531
    And, so?

    You may say you've had no problems, but statistically, the catera has been a problematic car--significantly more so than the saab.

    I mean, should we take the example of someone who's won the lottery to prove that the lottery is a good investment?

  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    BMW envy is a chronic condition among Catera and LS owners. The Catera and LS topics are full of posts arguing that the Catera/LS is just as good or better than a Bimmer. I guess they think that if they say it enough they will eventually convince themselves. Notice that you don't see similar discussions in the BMW topics. Could it be that we don't have anything to prove?
  • iniaudiiniaudi Member Posts: 6
    I was undecided between the C320, BMW 530i, and AUDI A6 2.7T. Dealers are not, for the most part, giving any discounts for the C320 or BMW 530i. Audi is dealing at least 4% over dealer's invoice.I test drove all the above, including a 330i and Audi A6 4.2 and the S4. I was looking for a manual transmission. C320 does not offer one and BMW dealers had none to test drive although I believe it would have been what I am looking for. The Beemer and the Benz were not loaded by any means. Audi loaded with everything but the phone and 6-disc changer. What really convinced me was taking a test drive in the rain. This Audi was very quick (258 ft/lb @ 1850-3600) off the line, no slipping, not much lag to speak of. Do yourself a favor and test drive one in the rain. One other thing, Audi - 4yrs/50,000 miles $0 maintenance free. BMW - 3yr./36,000 $0 maintenance free (4th year is not free). C320 3yr./36,000 mile not free maintenance. You pay for oil changes. Good luck.

    iniaudi - for a reason
  • klwsklws Member Posts: 7
    hi all -

    just wanted to follow up my earlier post with an update. I took delivery of the 525i on Friday and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    In the few weeks between committing to the car and it's arrival at the dealership, I had many second thoughts about the 525/530, concerned that I should have upgraded to the bigger engine for the approx. $3800 difference. I'm pleased to say that after driving it a while, I don't have any regrets. The performance is great even with the 2.5l engine. I'm mostly comparing it to my previous car, a 99 Accord V6 3.0l with 200hp. While the numbers don't suggest it, the 525 package just comes together so well it seems to perform much better than the Accord did.

    I got the premium, convenience, cold weather packages plus CD and Auto trans. Enjoying all the options. Even here in NC the heated seats are nice.

    My ONLY complaint at this point is that the climate control does not automatically engage the A/C compressor to cool the car, you have to press another button when you want A/C. The Accord would do that automatically.

    Best of luck to you all. I found this board to be of great value in the car search process, hope it is for others as well.

  • michaelg5michaelg5 Member Posts: 13
    With all due respect to the previous posts regarding premium fuel and an extra year warrantee, when you are laying out mid-40's for a car, if you need be concerned over the possibility of perhaps an extra thousand dollars, (about 2% of the price), maybe you should think about re-modelling your kitchen and buying something in the mid-30's. MG
  • cwsoducwsodu Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1998 528 and am interested in
    applying a wax this weekend. I would like to know what type of wax I should use. What wax would you recommend? Thanks!
  • brian525brian525 Member Posts: 21
    Check out

    They'll have everything you need
  • lms37lms37 Member Posts: 8
    I've been debating between these three cars for awhile. I wanted a manual. The Saab was fun, not as nice as the others in ride, but the leases are great. My husband ruled it out, though, felt it was tinny. He leaned toward the 530, but felt uncomfortable with the "image". Also, they are everywhere you go!! What sold me on the Audi was it was the most fun to drive! We're looking at the 2.7t 6-sp. It's soo much nicer inside than the 530. Much more luxurious. It also has more room in back for the kids and cupholders! I think the 530 is nicer looking, but the Audi is more unique, not one on every corner. Since you spend so much time INSIDE the car, the Audi wins out.
  • alexb3alexb3 Member Posts: 1
    does anybody have any experience with leasing a 2001 525? I'm wondering what is a "good deal" on this one. I had several offers, all with $600-700 a month for 36 with nothing down. Sounds a bit too expensive. Any comments or ideas?
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Member Posts: 42
    My wife and I did the comparison test between the Audi 2.7 turbo A-6, 4.2 A-6, the 525 and 530 BMW. It wasn't even close according to my wife. If you enjoy driving its the BMW. All those extras in the Audi were give ways because the car wasn't simply good enough to compare on it's own. She said she felt second rate driving the Audi's. I might add she felt third rate when she test drove the Lexus. But then again maybe she is overly sensitive.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    Hello all..

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on a 525 with 5sp and no options?

    Is the power adequate enough with the 5sp? I've read in reviews here at edmunds that the manual tranny was very demanding. Any truth to this? is the handling and body roll? Obviously without any sport packages..its probably not great. But with rwd, I would hope its not too bad.

    And finally...would you think a typical young chap coming from a sports coupe would regret owning a car like this?

    Sorry for my babbling of questions.

    any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • 530iguy530iguy Member Posts: 3
    Just purchased a new 530i for Euro Delivery. The details:

    2001 530i with Sports/Premium, convienence pkg, heated steering, cold weather, xenon lights, Sport seats, in dash CD, fold down rear seats...In a high demand BMW market I paid
    $42,330 including the Euro discount(-$2760). $1,330 below Edmunds target price, $2255 below MSRP, $2600 over dealer invoice. $1000 deposit. One dealer in market wanted $3500 over invoice and wasnt really interested in negotiating and another wouldnt even come off of MSRP. One other dealer wanted $2500 over invoice but I settled on the deal and dealer I did for service and convienence. Also talked to and he wanted a $400 fee and said that he could get me a car for no more than $2000 over invoice but by the time I added his fee and travel (which I assume I would have had to do) plus the extra mileage driving the car back to my home town and not having the dealer local after the purchase it wasnt worth the $100-$300 I would have saved.
    Car will be ready as soon as June in Munich. Need to make travel plan next I guess. Hope this info helps. Good luck....
  • jgatsisjgatsis Member Posts: 11
    Didn't know heated steering wheel was available in conjunction with sport steering wheel.
  • mauritiusmauritius Member Posts: 12
    Dear Ims37,

    I could not agree with you more. I must be your long lost brother IRS 37. ( Sorry, can't help it)

    I was in the same boat 3 months ago. 9-5 aero is the most "UNIQUE" among the three. I like it a lot but its dated interior design creeps me out. The interior is still in the Cultural Club era. A6 interior wins hands out; but if you hate color red, then it is not your cup of tea( All its instruments illuminate crispy red). Factoring the Quattro and BMW "image", I bought the A6.

    I do not know what your husband's BMW image problem is based on. Mine is based on my experience that, hope I am not offending any person here, quite a number of people buy the BM for the wrong reason. On the whole, Audi owners understand their needs and buy their car accordingly. Whereas BMW has a more prestious name in the US. If you are buying the car, then I recommend 530 because it has the best resale value among the three. ( How ironic that BM was in Audi shoes thirty years ago when compared to Mercedes).

    However, if you are living in the snow belt, then Audi is the obvious. On the other hand, if you live in warm climate, may I suggest you the Jaguar S-type. In Europe and other parts of the world, it is more prestious than BMW. You won't lost it in the parking lot. Whether the new smaller X-type will change that remain to be seen. Its dealers are very agressive with its pricing. ( Contrary to stories I heard, My local BMW dealer are courteous as well)
    And the S-type's look, its exterior, is, My God, WOW! It is an instant classic. It will remain attractive twenty years from now. This cannot be said on the Audi. Whether the Jaguar engine and electronics parts can last that long is another story. I also dislike the S-type so called "smiling face" interior. Its rear seat and trunk are even worse than the 530's. A6 being the most spacious. In addition, I don't think it comes with mannual. But if looks can kill, Big cat is the one.

    To make a already long story short:
    If you want to impress your friends, clients, and neighbors, buy the Jaguar ( Ford has done a good job so far with the Volvo and Jaguar). Get the Seafrost color with Ivory interior. My business partner has one and it certainly turns head.
    If it is yourself that want to be impressed, get the A6.
    530 is in between and surely is a safer bet. No one can criticize you for buying a BM.

    Happy Shopping!
  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    I almost bought a 525 two weeks ago.In the US the German cars tend to come with everything-which I hate.I was considering a 525 manual,leatherette with no sunroof and single slot CD.It listed for about $36,000-I thought $33,000 would be reasonable. I don't in the least think it is slow,no did I think the base suspension too wallowey. The sport suspension would give it that slot car feel,which is a hoot,sure. But low profile compounds tend to be formulated to wear out very quickly. Also,tight sport suspensions would probably vibrate the body into premature rattles,which would be a shame as the 525 is an extremely tight,quiet car out of the box. Even if young and single, I can't imagine any car loving guy feeling cheated in a BMW,even if it is a four door sedan. I think the idea of a stripped 525 is very wise-If I were to spend much more,I would much rather get a Mercedes E320-even with automatic only,I love this car.How about a Passat? I just got one,and I am amazed how satisfying this relatively cheap car is. I have said it offers an amazingly BMW-like feel.But for about $14,000 less it is of course no BMW.but after driving both extensively I felt the Bimmer was no where $14,000 more fun.Also,I too love the Audi 6. Butthe wheel would not tolt high enough-I like a very upright enough.But by far I think it is the prettiest,both inside and out. Hate the red panel lights,though.Back to the 525,back seat surprising small,and the hood is a little too long-it is a little ungainly.But i do feel a standard 525 would be a very wise buy.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    What really turns me on with the 525 is its attractive price and for what it gives in return. (manual tranny, rwd, comfort, build quality, handling) I would lean towards a 3 series sedan, but the interior seems tight and uncomfortable with sport bucket seats (Dont know how the regular ones are). And to go along with the 5 friends I have who own them....turns me off.
    Plus...I kind of like the older (boxy) body style better..

    I too have heard great things about the Passat..but I've been ignoring them. Their fwd turns me off. And I believe the awd models can only be had with the automatic.

    I'll have to start test driving soon..maybe I'll even rent one for the day..
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Member Posts: 42
    Audi does not have the engineering pedigree that BMW has. Every so often one is nagged by the old memory of sudden acceleration syndrome. Compared to BMW, and this is starting to go for MB as well as Audi, its a little less engineering and quite a bit more hype. As for quality Audi just started to give 4 year warranties. This is automotive confidence being dragged to an update.
  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31
    I finally found a dealer that had a 525 and 530 on the lot. I have been trying to compare a 525, 530, and Lexus GS300. Following is MY opinion of these cars,

    (525 have premium Package, 530 - sport/premium, GS300 - Lexus premium package)

    525 530 Gs300
    Seating Comfort B+ B A
    Comfort features B B A
    Cabin Layout B B A

    Comfort B+ C+ A
    Responsive steer A- A+ B+
    off the line Power B A+ A-

    Cost of ownership B B A-
    Reliability B B A

    IN MY Opinion the bottom line is,
    GS300 - this may be the car for you if you spend your day in heavy traffic and want to be surrounded with comfort and a cabin that feels good or you do a lot of long driving. You will appreciate the comfort that this car offer and it is no performance slush but it is not a BMW 530 with sports package either. The ML Sound system, if you can find one is outstanding.

    BMW525 w/premium package - Good car that is very responsive with the 2.5l engine. Comfortable ride but I think BMW cut corners on the interior, (ex. look at the cup holder, Arm rest doesn't open)Cup holder looks like it may break if you touch it. It will hold a small cup or can soda and thats it. You also can't get a cassette and CD player inside the car. If you get a cassette player, the CD player will have to be in the trunk. If you get in dash CD you can't get a cassette. (no books on tapes)

    BMW530 w/sport/Prem package - This car feels powerful, steering is very responsive. Feels like a 4 door sports car. BUT if you drive over a lot of rough roads or long drives, I believe you may wish for a softer ride. The ride is ummmmmm firmer (used harder at the dealership and he corrected me) To me this is a beautiful car (exterior) with the sport package. Same comment on this with the interior features as the 525. BMW could have did a better job. If you do a lot of highway driving or city driving and want comfort, drop the sport package and get the premium package.

    Now I have to decide this week which one of these cars I will get. Again this is my first impression of these cars. I have monitor this Board and GS300 for 2 months and talked to friends with BMWs and Lexus to get there opinion. Consumer Digest and friends gave me some info on reliability and cost of ownership.
  • goldfader1goldfader1 Member Posts: 2
    I currently own a 1997 BMW 528 which has a factory warranty that expires later this year. My dealer recommend the extended warranty which I was quoted 2 different prices from different people. Has anyone purchased a extended warranty from places other than the dealer, and what are your thoughts/experience. Any reputable names would be appreciated.
  • compusercompuser Member Posts: 1
    I'm in NY and I just got a quote on a 525 lease (I would like to see more lease prices on this board - so here is my info):

    auto, sport/premium, cold weather package, xenon, in-dash cd, destination charge

    MSRP - 42,520
    Quote - 40,825

    First payment 3757.
    Monthly payment 611/36 months

    1st payment includes - 1st month,525 bank fee, 650 sec deposit,113 lux tax, 1914 sales tax.

    I'm going to see if I can do better and then decide. I will also probably add a 50% tint on the windows ($500).
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    Just realized the vinyl seating is standard.
    Is the montana leather "much" better comfort wise?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Pardon the interruption - I want to explain the name change of this discussion.

    Since we have moved to our new platform, we no longer have the requirement to stop and restart discussions after the numbers of posts exceed a certain limit. Since this discussion can continue as long as anyone has anything to say about the 5-Series BMWs, there is no longer a need for the "Part 2" that has been included in the discussion name. Down the road, that could confuse our newer members so I have removed it.

    I've altered the name slightly of the original 5-Series discussion in the Archives to differentiate it from this active one.

    Please continue...

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  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    There is a common misconception that,costing so much more,leather will of course last much longer.Vinyl will by far outlast even the most carefully attended leather.Leather does breath,and that, added to its wonderful smell,makes it the more "comfortable" material.It's really down to money(isn't it always?)But I don't think you'd regret getting the vinyl.But I have said I question putting too much money into a 5 series.When it starts approaching E320 money,I'd take the Benz.Espically if(and I don't know this answer)a lot of the many standards in the US are only options,as they are in England,for example.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Member Posts: 42
    If you drive the GS300 or even the GS430 for over a week the weakness in the front end becomes annoyingly evident. You'll feel bad for talking yourself into buying a car that you know isn't as much fun to drive. Three to five years can be a long time to wait to trade in.
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Member Posts: 793
    Have you considered the Lincoln LS? Fully loaded V8 around $38k. V6 has 50-50 weight distribution and a 5sp manual option. RWD of course. You should give it a test :~).
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    thanks for the the tips on the leather and lincoln ls.. $1400 seems pricy for just leather seating (think I'll pass)

    The lincoln Ls looks interesting and will be added to my test drive list.
  • merckxmerckx Member Posts: 565
    I,too,am very impressed with the car,but I was leaning towards the 6 with the manual trans.I was a little stuned at the styling-it really is a very pretty car.And I am not bashing the US-until recently I've always had American cars.I thought it was a little bit rattley,but it is built to a price,and Ford spent the money wisely.Tne auto press sometimes to say the car is a little too Taurus-like inside,and I agree(I'm just getting out of a 93 Taurus I bought new and have loved-it was the best car I had owned).But compared to a stripped 5-series(if need be)I think you might be a little underwhelmed.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    What impresses me is...for the price of the car, even though labelly stripped..still comes standard with most of the options I want. I'm not a fan of moonroofs/sunroofs, dont need a wood grain interior, parking distance sensors..etc..

    Alhough..I would splurge an extra 750 for the heated seats and cd player in the dash.

    Oh and what the hek...the little kid in me, also thinks those xeon lights are kool too :) Add another 500 for those..
  • bogvlybogvly Member Posts: 13
    Does anyone know what U.S. port the BMW's come into and/or where the processing center for the Northeast U.S. is?
  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31
    I am not totally sure what you mean by the weakness of the front end but yes there is definitely a different driving feel for the BMW.

    Both these cars are very good cars for different reasons and some of the same reason. Fun may depend on the individual and the reality of your driving experiences. The car a person selects should depend on what their everyday needs are or they will not be happy with it. If I live in the city and very rarely or occasionally go outside the city, I would want comfort and a cabin that feels good to drive around the city over the pot holes. If I do a lot of driving outside the city, the experience and feel of tight and responsive steering may become more important.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Member Posts: 42
    I do live in a big city notorious for its pot holes. You need a good suspension to dodge the omnipresent pot holes. Driving in my city can be a miniature le mans.
    The GS's don't convey a surety in feel that the BMW steering and total design conveys. Quoting Edmonds, "the BMW is exhilirating to drive." After a short time for the GS's it's getting to point B from point A. It gets rather dull. One has to remind oneself constantly all the reasons one bought a GS. In a BMW it's just zoom, fun, zoom.
    I remember once a famous car magazine knocked down a Ferrari in the ratings because of a small trunk. When you but a car some things just don't count unless you are kidding yourself.
  • chicomanchicoman Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know a reliable site for a hand car wash/wax in Manhattan?

    I just don't trust any of those so-called "Brushless" Automated Washes.


    '01 Cosmos/Sand 530i
  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31
    Good Point.
    I agree that for me a car should be some measure of fun to drive. It's just that I moved into the city 14 years ago and I had a sports car. Fun to dirive but I hated driving in on the city streets because of the road conditions and I could felt every bump. I later got a 90 Acura Legend Coupe. It had some what a sport feel but the raod conditions made me wish for a softer ride. I got to enjoy that sport feel in both cars about 5% - 10% of the time. The BMW with a Premium package probably would be a good choice for city streets.

    BTW -I leaning towards buying the 530. My only hesitation is that it seems like I am not getting all that I should be for 45K when I sit inside the 530 and look around the cabin, then compare it to the GS300.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Member Posts: 42
    The 530 is one of those great cars that comes along once in a decade. It is an instant classic. As for cabin treatment, understand that the European architecture, clothing, and etc. current style is Minimalism. It takes Americans a bit of time to get used to it. But sometimes doing something in a clean, plain, not very impressive straight line can be exceedingly difficult to do. Lexus caters to the present American tastes, plush living room and an interior decorator look. A touch feminine in taste. But Lexus is a step behind here.
    When you are enjoying the driving day after day who is looking around the cabin. I only look at the cabin when looking at the pretty woman (my wife) in the passenger seat. By the way in 2 years $45,000.00 will look inexpensive. The euro will rise and all imported cars from Europe will be much dearer.
  • young04young04 Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know anything about the new 5-series (e60), due out in '03? any relevant information would be helpful (engine, design, etc). i know nothing about it. thanx.
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