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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • mokcomokco Member Posts: 11
    I have a 530i (same as the 525) as 6'2 myself, I initially found legroom to be a bit tight - however, there is a clip that they can remove from the seat rails to allow for more leg room (not many sales people know this, but the service people have been doing it for a while) I have no issues with head room as I sit at arms length to the wheel.
  • mokcomokco Member Posts: 11
    here's the deal - 530 iA, CD, auto, xenon, premium, convenience for $43K with destination. This is the going price in the N/E dealers here are initiating a no-haggle policy of a 5% discount.

    I don't know what the market is like in FL, but the market here is tight for BMWs, MB, Lexus. Many dealers are offering some discount as they know that people would choose any of the three with no remorse. Eventhough there is a wait list, dealers are still offering discounts. In my area, very few cars are sold at MSRP. I also looked at a C320, this car was also given a discount, althought only 1.5%.

    I had some issues with my dealer - at first, I wanted a test drive, they did not have a car and said come back in a two days. When I returned, no car to test drive. But hey inidcated (mid January) that they can get me a car by early/mid March. Other dealers in the area were already in April. However, they now say that here is a chance it will be available by end of March. I feel that I am being jerked around, but the car is ordered and according to BMW in production????

    I am about to cancle this car (too many bad omens), but if you're interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch. Its a Titanium Silver (a shade lighter than what you wanted) with tan leather.

    I am opting for a Oriental Blue with Grey interior for $600 more and the cold weather package from a dealer in CT who has the car on his lot.
  • tommy969tommy969 Member Posts: 1
    I think that's a really good deal.

    Just bought a 525iA last week for $40,500. The only difference is the MSRP was $42,870 (maybe the addition of the Xenon light?).

    Was deciding between 525iA and 530iA (researching for a car for 4 mths). After test driving both, I felt that the 525iA has more than enough power for me. I think it's the "best value" out there for a sport/luxury sedan without compromising an exhilarating ride.
  • infinitimninfinitimn Member Posts: 146
    cb44 and bentleyfam -
    .0028 sound reasonable for money factors for a 525 based on the lease deals advertised in the NY papers, but I believe that they are being subsidized. Do you know what the money factor is for the 530iA?
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87

    The main factor in poor weather is tires. If you have the sport version of either model, the summer tires supplied will limit your handling. Otherwise, the BMW is no worse (or better) than any other rear wheel drive sedan.
  • bentleyfambentleyfam Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the comments.

    tommy969: final deal was without the $1.3K convenience package. MSRP was ~41K; deal was $38.4K. They made about $1400 over Edmunds estimated invoice -- seems a good deal given Beemer demand.....

    infinitimnn: don't know the money factor for the 530 -- didn't bid for it. Sorry. Noticed local ads for 525IA's where I thought the money factor had to be .0025 or .0026 (by my calculations), versus .0028 claimed by the dealer. Arguments were a waste of time, though -- couldn't get them to move on it, since the ad applied to only one car (usual advertisement bait and switch, of course). Bottom line on residual was .59 for 15K, .61 for 12K and .62 for 10K (36 month). Tested that oddball offer by BMWfs where they would pay .15/mile for unused miles under lease agreement if you contact them before 25 months of a 36 month lease -- found that difference in residual vs. unused mileage offset was not worth it. BMWfs doesn't advertise it, but look at it if you want.

    Best to all Beemer owners -- looking forward to owning my first real car...

  • napoleonvanapoleonva Member Posts: 9

    I currently have a 98 540i, prior to that I had a 91 525i. Of all the dealers in the area, the one I've found to be least slimy is BWM of Arlington (formerly Heishman). The worst was the one in Fairfax. For service I would recommend Foreign Service located by Tyson's Corner. They have factory trained technicians, provide free loaner cars, and cost about half what the dealerships charge. They've even changed bulbs and such for me when I buzz by there on short notice no charge.

    For purchases try the dealership in Richmond.

    And I'm with you on the manual in our traffic. I'll gladly live with my auto in stop and go traffic.
  • napoleonvanapoleonva Member Posts: 9
    For the person wondering about the premium sound package, I've got DSP on my car and it doesn't show me much. I usually listen to NPR on my commute. Who wants the announcers to sound like they're broadcasting from a cave. I usually have DSP turned off.

    I also have the Nav system, which can be a little flaky, but it's a great toy.
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87
    The DSP system is actually worth the upgrade, but not because of the DSP functions (echo, room size etc.). The increased power and built-in equalizer allow the system to sound much better than the stock system (as well as an un-tuned DSP system).

    Also, if you are leasing the car, making changes to the even worse stock system become moot. The stock settings on the DSP system are a poor example of the potential of the system, which can actually sound good for a built-in option (IMHO).
  • nolefsunolefsu Member Posts: 8
    MOKCO......Where is your dealer located? Thats a great price. My dealer in Palm Beach will not go near that amount. Still prefer anthracite metallic. I'm willing to travel north to locate this car.
    Miloslav....Can you recommend your dealership? Can I purchase for 2k over invoice?
    Jgatsis....Where in N.C?? Sounds like some fair deals up there.
    South Fla. is a tough market. Very high demand for beemers and dealers stand strong. $2k over invoice is unheard of down here.
    Thanks for everyone's help.....
  • husky91husky91 Member Posts: 2
    I just ordered my 2001 BMW 530i, and to pick it up this saturday. Prem, cold weather, cd, and split seats for 2% under msrp of 45620. I'm in Colorado and that's the best deal i can get from one of the dealerships out of 2 in the Denver metro area. they say i can't negotiate due to the demand of BMW. oh well, regardless, i'm paying for a vehicle i can't wait to play in!!!
  • bogvlybogvly Member Posts: 13
    Try Park Ave BMW in Maywood NJ - they offer that as an internet deal- just ordered my loaded 530 and that was the deal- give or take 100-there- ask for ryan
  • mokcomokco Member Posts: 11
    Westchester BMW in New York ask for Lance
  • PappasPappas Member Posts: 9
    Ok, these deals are good by BMW stds.; let's not forget that the BMW is worth the premium and supply demand dictates price. That said, any 525/530 can be ordered in central/Northern NJ for about $1,700 to $2,200 over dealer invoice. And, don't forget to add the $200 advertising fee on top of the Edmunds prices. All I dealt with were unwilling to budge on the adv fees. (secretly, I think this is really a small dealer holdback that is kicked back at the end,.. :-)) I even had an offer for $1,500 off the lot, if I acted during the weekend. (I wanted to order; paying that much I want the excact car for me!)

    The difference between $1,800 and $2,000 is minuimal, especially in a lease. So above all, have confidence in the rep you are dealing with. You can find someone honest and fair and offer them your business at a fair profit. You'll walk away feeling better than having nickled and dimed, and coming up short on botched up orders, etc.

    Dealers also give the production number within a day of acceptance. Can track over the net on bmwusa.com owner's club.

    I'm really pleased and cannot wait until next week when my new 530 comes in.
  • jgatsisjgatsis Member Posts: 11

    Call Leith BMW in Raleigh and ask for Patrick Beach. The dealer in Chapel Hill is Performance BMW. I did not deal with them as much, but both dealers bottomed out at 2k over invoice.
  • PappasPappas Member Posts: 9
    Has anyone considering the 5-series been torn between that and the new Lincoln LS? I was, and my friends thought I was nuts. Moot point for me now, but I'd be interested if others had similar experiences.
  • miloslavmiloslav Member Posts: 2
    I got my 530 from FLOW BMW at Winston-Salem,NC,salesperson Kelvin Bratcher.2000$ over invoice.Tel:(336)788-7968.They treated me fine.
    Good luck
  • mmlynarczykmmlynarczyk Member Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,
    Here's my dilemma -- I have an opportunity to buy a 1998 540i w/ 47,000 miles for $34,500 or a 1998 528i w/ 33,000 miles for $31,000. Both of these cars are available from local BMW dealerships in the Washington, DC area and both include the following options: Premium Package, 6-CD changer (the 540i also has the premium sound system and the electric rear sunshade). I would appreciate any thoughts that any of you have regarding what the best value may be -- we were originally looking for simply a used 528i, but the dealership wants to move the 540i. We're looking to keep the car for 5+ years.
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87

    I would go for the 540i (particularly if it has the sports package and is BMW certified).

    Be aware also that these cars are probably just off-lease and have some mark-up in them. When I turned in my '97 M3 the lease buy out was around $28K and the next day it was retailed on the used car lot for $38K. There is a lot of room in any "list" prices, much more than new cars since the dealer margin was trimmed.... bargain hard. Also, if you can, get the previous owners name (check the glove box for paper work) and call them. You can find alot about a car by talking to the previous owner. Good luck.
  • scotty21scotty21 Member Posts: 1
    Narrowed down my choices to a Lexus GS300 and the BMW 525iA. Would appreciate any advice on BMW Dealers in the DC area (it has been a while since I've bought a new car). Post #358 from napoleonva made some suggestions. Still wondering what to look out for when negotiating price with DC BMW dealers (what makes some slimy or not so slimy)? Is approx $2K over invoice or 5% under MSRP doable in the DC area? This next car is a big step up in price for me, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    Hi BMWers!

    As the founder of the Lincoln LS Owners Club I was wondering if I could get some input from anyone who has test-driven a Lincoln LS and decided to purchase a BMW 5-series. Specifically, forgetting price differentials, what about the LS turned you off, what was good about it, what took it off your A-list as compared to the BMW 5-series that you purchased.

    My intent is not to start a range-war between the two makes since I also looked at a 5-series prior to purchasing the LS. I would appreciate any feedback by email so as not to clog your board with off-topic posts. Please email your replies to brian.gowing@llsoc.com. It will help us to better understand the differences(perceived or real) between the two makes. Obviously, both of our sides are biased toward our makes and that is understandable. Both makes are excellent examples of enthusiast automobiles.

    Brian Gowing
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    I hope either you can summarize the findings on the LS board (I believe rational answers and comments would interest everyone) or ask the BMW people to post their thoughts in the topic itself...again, not to start a range war, but to receive honest commentary...Brian, after reading and posting to many topics for almost a year, I must say that the LS people are some of the most congenial and friendly posters that edmunds has, and the BMW people may have some great information to provide...just my 2 sheckels...
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87

    LS people may be some of the most congenial and friendly posters, but Brian got his username wrong....it should be bmw1ls0 ;-)
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    Now how would I look to LS owners if I had that as my handle?

    In actuality, I was looking at a BMW 5-series when I came across the LS. My view of Lincoln up to that point was, how to put it, the rather non-descript land of Continentals, plaid shorts and really old guys with hair growing out of their ears(at this point I'm sure I've just insulted a whole bunch of people).

    The LS changed my mind. From my personal checklist it seemed to have most of the important stuff I was looking for, in terms of handling, performance and price, compared to the 525i. For whatever reason the 5 left me a little disappointed. It seemed more removed from the road than I would have thought a BMW should be.Don't know if I had an off car or not. I loved the M3 that I test-drove, but with a requirement of fitting a child's car seat it wouldn't work.

    The LS on the other hand, had an excitement and feel for the road that had me asking "This is a Lincoln?" every few minutes on the rather twisty test-drive. If someone had de-badged and removed any trace of identity between the two cars, I would have identified the LS as a BMW.

    Now if I could have afforded a M5 that would have been a completely different story! That model truly deserves the BMW reputation of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

    P.S. The reason for the moniker is due to a late night tangle with an older M3 on a rather worn, twisting two-lane on the way home. He was in front and decided to outrun me. He didn't in the turns. The M3 has a stiffer suspension which didn't soak up the ruts and jiggles as well as the LS suspension. I was able to catch up with him as his tail was sliding out and the LS wasn't. If I was in my younger days and still road racing I would have passed him on the inside. We stopped at the entrance to our subdivision, both grinning like school kids and checked each others ride out. He was impressed with the LS.
  • deepninjadeepninja Member Posts: 1
    Two questions here. 1. How does the GS300 honestly rate vs the BMW 528. 2. Are these good prices?

    A) '99 528i w/26k mi for $35K - no CPO or extended warranty, from non-BMW dealer.


    B) '99 Lexus GS300 w/24K mi for $36K; w/3yr/100K warranty. This one includes the navigation system and has a 3liter engine. I must say I'm intrigued by the nav system on the GS, but the 528 seems to hug the road a bit more.

  • napoleonvanapoleonva Member Posts: 9

    I agree (of course I'm prejudiced) that you should go for the 540. Did you drive both of them? The only down side to the 540 is the mileage, if you're a lead foot which I am. I get about 16.5 mpg in mixed highway/city driving. There's nothing like the feel of all that horsepower though. The prices you're quoting seem very good, especially the 540. I would also agree with the poster above about them being Certified Pre-owned with an extended warranty.


    Can't really help on purchasing from an area dealer. I've bought all my BMW's in Richmond. My slimy scale is based on the service department, which I would think reflects on the dealership as a whole. Of course I'd buy from the slimiest guys in town if they had the best price. Usually when I'm buying a car or helping a friend buy a car, I figure out the exact car and options that I want, call all the dealerships, and see what kind of price they can give you over the phone. I've never had a dealership not be willing to quote over the phone. If they express hesitancy in a phone quote just say, "Well, I've already gotten one from dealer x and y, so I guess I'll just have to deal with one of them". Good luck with your purchase. I would include the Richmond dealership and the Winchester dealership in my purchase process.
  • gak100gak100 Member Posts: 2
    My 91 525i needs both rear interior door panels replaced. It's as if the leather surface has come "unglued" from the panel, particularly around the armrest area. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any recommendations as to how to go about repairing the problem? Thanks in advance.
  • jgatsisjgatsis Member Posts: 11
    Here's the situation: My dealer called today telling me my 530i has been delivered, but the back windshield was smashed during transport from the distribution center in SC. I examined the car today and there is no apparent other damage. Obviously, the dealer plans to replace the windshield, but equally obvious to me is that there should be some recompense for my having to take a car no longer in pristine condition. To me, the situation is tantamount to buying a used car. My question is how best to proceed? I know I can probably get a free year of extended service coverage, but is that enough? If this car went to the lot, would the dealer be legally obligated to disclose the prior shipping damage and if so, how much associated depreciation would there be? Any comments, suggestions, or other input would be greatly appreciated. I hope to be happily driving by week's end.
  • cartesiocartesio Member Posts: 36
    Perhaps you might think of what happened this way. The dealer was honest enough to tell you what happened. He COULD have just replaced the rear window and said nothing about it. I think you are dealing with a reputable firm. Just my opinion.
    Happy motoring!
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87
    I agree with the poster above, be glad you even found out at all. During transport, including unloading at the port, problems are routinely found. This includes paint that is touched up at the port area, and other items, all of which you will never see.

    I would not see a replaced windshield effecting the cars value or overall desirability or value. Unless they have one just like yours coming in right behind it, don't waste the time...start driving.
  • curtnheidicurtnheidi Member Posts: 36
    I am getting an extremely good deal on a 98 528i with 26K. It has a clean title and clean carfax report. Bimmer afficiandos, what has your experience been with the 528i? How about the engine (inline 6?)? What is the reliability like? Should I invest in an extended warranty?
    Also, what is the driving experience like?

  • dantlodantlo Member Posts: 106
    To: curtnheidi, How much are you getting your 98 528i with 26k miles, I have a sports pkg. The lease would be up soon, I dont know how much I could maybe sell it for. And then get into a new 530 or CPO 740i. I have 25K miles living in L.A area.
    By the way, the car is very reliable and great fun to drive, tight, safe and comfortable. Only minor electrical problem which is typical on all BMW's.
  • cbaylor2cbaylor2 Member Posts: 2
    I am considering trading in my 99- 323is for a 97 528i as I need more space for my kids. Any thoughts concerning comparing the drivability of these two? I test drove the 528,both have sticks, and find the 528 much less responsive. The 528 has 60K, but comes with CPO that will be good for another couple of years. Should I worry about upkeep after the warranty runs out? I can get the 528 for 27K and should get about 23K for my 323 What do you think? Should I go with the 528, or deal with the youngsters climbing in and out of the back for the fun of driving the 323. Thanks for your input.
  • curtnheidicurtnheidi Member Posts: 36
    I would estimate you could sell your 528i for no less than 27K. I am getting a crazy deal on mine, but I am also in an area where there are not that many bimmers. Check the TMV here @ edmunds to get a specific value.
  • cbaylor2cbaylor2 Member Posts: 2
    The 97 528i prem. heated seats, cd changer, etc. would cost me 27K. It is certified but has 60k on it. I have a 99 323is w prem. pack. cd changer etc. w/ 30k miles. They will give me 23k for my 323 for trade on the 528. Do the readers think this is a good deal or should I be worried about the durability of the 528 after the CPO expires. I need the extra rooom of the 528, but like the way the 323 drives more.

    Thanks for you comments
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 50,471
    I've spent a lot of time recently sitting in a 2001 525i with the standard seats. I feel the lumbar bump to be very noticible, to the point of being uncomfortable. ANyone else have this problem? I think it's silly that the lumbar isn't adjustable. To me, it feels like a car with adjustable lumbar set at full extension.

    I would really hate to spend this much money and end up with a back ache.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD, 2023 Maverick hybrid Lariat luxury package.

  • vp4vp4 Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am about to buy a 530i yr 1994 with 90K miles for $12K, looks good, and drives ok, what do you think guys, is this a good deal?

  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 50,471
    Pay attention to the early V8 engine problems (with cylinder wear). BMW extended the warranty for a period, but this car is over the limit. They can do a few tests (the basic one is fairly cheap, a leakdown test might cost a few hundred(?). They did have to replace some engine blocks, a dealer can tell you what warranty work was done.

    You do not want to get stuck with the bill for a new engine on this car, unless the price paid takes it into account.

    There is a web site devoted to the V8 BMWs, but I can't recall the name right now. It has a description of the symptoms to watch for (I think a shaky idle was one of them).

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD, 2023 Maverick hybrid Lariat luxury package.

  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
  • nolefsunolefsu Member Posts: 8
    Thanks so much for your help with 530i pricing...

    Bogvly....I'm dealing with Ryan from Park Ave BMW. He asked me who recommended him and wanted to thank you. Give him a call or I'll pass a message on to him from me. He offered me 2200 over invoice on a fully loaded 2001 530i. We're crunching the numbers at this moment. Thanks again :) for your help.
  • cars21cars21 Member Posts: 2
    Last Saturday I ordered a 530i with convenience
    pkg, cold weather package, sport package, lumbar support and d. It is to be built in April for
    delivery mid-May. On Monday the dealer called
    to insist that I had to order the moon roof if I wanted the convenience pkg, to the tune of a grand more. I don't care for moon roofs nor
    did I want to pay extra. The only reason I ordered the convenience pkg was for the front passenger power seat. I called BMWNA and spoke with Customer Service, who eventually confirmed
    what the dealer said. To make a long story short
    I eventually or hold of the 5 series program manager who told me I could order the power seat
    separately. The interesting thing is I have had to
    practically hold the dealers hand and tell him what to do. The sales manager doesn't seem to be too concerned and motivated to order the car like I want. Has any one else had similar experiences with lackadaisical sales managers? The good news is you can order a car like you want it (within
    reason) if you push hard enough.
  • ggoudeli1ggoudeli1 Member Posts: 14
    I just picked up my '01 530i for ~$1,700 over invoice from Prestige BMW in Ramsey. Great salesperson (Ally), great service. Worth checking them out IMHO if you want to save a few bucks.

  • jgatsisjgatsis Member Posts: 11
    Took delivery of 530i today; steptronic,cld wthr,prem,xenon,cd. This automobile is unquestionably the finest car I've ever driven. Of course, I've been driving an '86 Jetta for 15 years, so almost any car would have fit that description before today.

    Thanks cartesio, cb44 for input regarding damaged windshield; I agree with your assessment. The dealer did a fine job with the repair and agreed to another year of free service, which on balance I think is fair.

    We're looking at potentially BAD weather this weekend in NC - I was hoping for at least a few sunny days of driving a brand new, detailed 530i.
  • napoleonvanapoleonva Member Posts: 9

    I would think about the moonroof option for your resale value. I believe that most people when looking for used cars in this car class are going to expect it to have a moonroof. Plus on a nice sunny day it's great opening the car up to the sky.
  • jcartlidgejcartlidge Member Posts: 1
    I have a '90 525i sedan. I have the same problem, except it is beginning to affect all 4 doors. I have been to numerous shops and upholsterers and am told by one and all that new part replacement is the only option that will look good (and match the original interior color). Discussion with the dealer does not indicate any recall available on this issue.
  • beemerdriverbeemerdriver Member Posts: 2
    VP4, I heard your in a market for a 94 530i, I have a horrible impression about that vehicle because of performance. A friend lend me once and I hated it because of lack of responsiveness. V8 engine with 3.0 litre just doen't cut it for that heavy vehicle. Matter of fact, I have a 89 535i with V6 3.5 litre engine and 4 speed automatic with close to 200k, and I love the power and performance. Now, I'm not telling you to go out and get a 89 beemer, but I believe BMW made that model up to 93 or 94 that you should seriously consider. BMW only made V8 530i in one year because that vehicle was proven to be very unsatisfactory in the U.S market because of driving habits. Any how, if I were you I look for a 535i or maybe a earlier version of M5. Good luck!
  • dantlodantlo Member Posts: 106
    Cbaylor2. I have a 98 528 and a 2001 325i, you are not really getting that much more room in the back seats. It is more roomy and comfortable, but for the value that the dealer give you. Keep the 323. or get into a 7 series.
  • beemerdriverbeemerdriver Member Posts: 2
    It seems like your getting a fair trade-in value, however I think you could get better deal on the 528i that your in the market for. In fact, I think you're probably better off getting a 540i instead. In my area(that's California of course), I remember seeing 540's and 740's around that price range with maybe even lower miles. Although V8 engine would require higher maintenance, but I think in the long run you'll be more happy with it. You could find mechanic shops that are BMW and Mercedes certified that will maintain your vehicle about half the price you pay at dealer. Besides, if you have to spend couple grand more to get a 540, I would definately recommend that because it means nothing to your payment, and you can probably keep the vehicle longer because the vehicle won't get out-dated so soon.
  • cmr530icmr530i Member Posts: 278
    I was given a written quote for a 2001 530i, man.trans, premium sport pkg, xenon, in-dash cd, rear sun shade, for $43,750. Is this a deal? Opinions appreciated.
  • michaelg5michaelg5 Member Posts: 13
    Is there anyone out there who's had a problem with the interior fan switch for heat and a/c malfunctioning? If so and it was repaired, would you please post what the problem was traced to. Thanks in advance. MG
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