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    I've just driven the Lexus GS430, the Audi A6 4.2, and today, the BMW 540iA and 540iM, all in the last 10 days. I am considering these cars and had been considering the Jag S-Class 4.0, but have ruled that out. My impressions:
    Lexus: Like driving a sewing machine. Super quality above all else, but questionable styling and actually, an interior I found quite boring. Way too isolated - eerily silent, like driving a coffin - a really powerful coffin, but a coffin none-the-less. Throw in the weird exterior styling and interior styling that isn't to my taste, and it's off the list.
    Audi A6 4.2: Beautiful automobile with great room and great features. Attractively priced for the amount of content and the exclusivity. Steering was too light, though, and it felt like it wanted to wallow a bit too much. I have two friends, and my dad, who drive 2.7t's - my Dad on my recommendation. (Anything to keep him away from the Acura RL!). They are happy but I'm looking for more refinement than the 2.7t offers.
    BMW 540iA: Drove a non-sport model, 1998. It was all I could do to find a dealer who would let me drive one. They are sold as soon as they hit the lot. I had driven one belonging to an employee but it is brand new and not even past the 1200 mile break-in. She was stoic but petrified, so I needed a thorough drive. The dealer she used allowed me two extensive drives through perfect Northern California roads. I settled into the vehicle quickly and really understood the slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine". You can say I fell for the hype. This care IS smaller than the Audi, no doubt. But it is very driver oriented, and from that perspective it is second to none that I've driven. The dealer sent me out in a 2000 6 speed just to try the sport suspension. In Bay Area traffic I want nothing to do with a stick, but the sport suspension only enhanced the driving experience. Not to mention the superior sport steering wheel. I found the driving position, throttle response, and braking to be excellent. Both cars were equally docile in traffic, and I quickly adjusted to the ergonomics. I didn't check out the cup holders but I figure I can live with that.
    I'm not expecting any break on the price as I expect to spec out my car and order it. A couple dealers quoted 9-12 months (!) to receive a specced out 540. This dealer is tops in the area and can deliver in about 4 months. Since I have leased my last 8 cars or so, and am buying this one, I expect to get every little option that I want and can possible afford. I expect to live with the vehicle for 10 years or more. That factor is leaning me towards the BMW, coupled with the fact that most of the time I drive it alone, so I only have to think about my satisfaction. Having passengered in many 5's through the years, somehow I suspect that my passengers won't mind...
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    I am considering purchasing a 530iA equipped with the sport-premium package and convenience package. I considered the Audi A6 2.8, Audi A6 2.7T, and Jag Type S. Driving a 530iA all but sold me on the 530. I am interested in learning about the experience (good or bad) of owners of 530s, and how others compare the 530 to the other two cars I identified. Also, does anyone know when BMW will be updating the sheet metal on the 530?
    Thanks, Vasgar
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    I am in the market for a car as well and am also considering a Audi 4.2, e-class, and less so, the 5 series. 5 series is really quite small for me (I'm 6'5") and I dont care much for the interior and find the exterior starting to look dated. Plus, I see 5 on every corner. But it DOES drive great. Anyway, regarding the Audi....I too found the overboosted steering to be unsatisfactory. However, I have found out that there is an easy and FREE cure. In the U.S. all Audis come stock with servotronic steering which provides too much boost. In Europe Audis actually have much firmer steering and the servotronic steering is actually an extra cost option. All you have to do is unplug the #605 servotronic relay under the dash and VIOLA!, instant firm european sterring feel. Easy fix.
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    I am anxiously evaluating the purchase of my 1st BMW. It is a 91 525i with 126k (auto). I have had my mechanic check it out and it appears to be in great condition. The only suspect item is a little bit of leakage around the oil pan seal. Any advice or recommendations relative to this purchase would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    The 5-Series itself has had it's first and last facelift, there is a new model due for 2004. You can be sure there won't be any major changes before then. Maybe a wheel design change, but that would be about it.

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    I recently asked about the diff between the 91 and 92 525. The reply was that in late 91, BMW switched to a better engine (M50). you may want to investigate that cars engine type and the downfalls of the M50 predecessor. The two types are visibly different.
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    Hello all....
    I was recently quoted a price of $45720.00 for a 2001 530i,sport/premium package,convenience package,xenon lights and a business CD player in anthracite metallic. This is from the South Florida area.

    I contacted for further pricing. The gentleman on the website was kind enough to furnish me with info concerning dealer invoice prices. With his figures.....the vehicle should be priced around $42,235 (approx.2100.00 over invoice).

    Does this price seem reasonable or is my original dealer bid more on target??

    Any information would be greatly appreciated....
    Good luck to all BMW enthusiasts!!!!
    Has anyone ever used to purchase a vehicle??
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    I would like input as to which Bimmer to buy. 525i or 530 i.
    I am having a tough time to decide.
    All your help is appreciated.
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    The 5spd. 525 is a wonderful car-reasonably quick,too. If the extra money is not a real issue,then get the 530.But really,I prefer the lighter 525. I wish the back seat were a little bigger,though... Overkill can ruin a car.The faster 530 more often comes with the sports package.The lower profile tires will wear out much more quickly.The extra power would be a hoot,sure,and the lower profile tires of course add appreciably to handling. But the base 525 is not too expensive.Rather than put much more money into a 5series,I would buy a Mercedes E320.
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    loui4, nolefsu,

    See posts 177 through 183 for pertinent discussion. BTW, I ended up agreeing to 2K over invoice for 530i, premium, CD, xenon, cold weather, steptronic. Expect to take delivery in a couple weeks.
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    You think you're having a tough time deciding?? Actualy, the 525 is the only car I'm not really considering. In my case, total price is not the primary concern, but the driving experience and overall "value" is.

    I respectfully hold a different personal opinion than "merckx". I think as you move up the 5-series line, you pretty much get what you pay for in additional value. The 530 is quite a bit quicker than the 525 (and only weighs about 45 lbs more). Compared with the Mercedes E320, E430 or E55, I have found every comparable 5 series to be much more of a driver's car. If you can, I suggest a test drive a 530 with the sport package back to back with the 525 (and E320 for that matter). Granted, you will need to budget a bit more for replacement tires, but I think it's worth it.

    Good luck.
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    Looking at both of these cars as i want to stay in the low 40's high 30's. both would be auto with sport package.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    In addition to the c320 and 525ia i am looking at 2000 528i with 12K, auto, prem sport pkg. Dealer is asking 40,500.00 is this the going price? Is this a better pick than either the 525 or c320?

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    Does anybody know if the new Mot Timeport is available for the 5 series? Can you get it with or without the voice recognition? Any ideas as to cost.....

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    The CPT8000 for the 5 series can be had with or without voice recognition. However the installation kit will not be available until the 2nd quarter of calendar 2001. To get details go The user is "BMWNA" and the password is "digital."
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    Any ideas on roughly how much luxury tax will be on a 2001 530iA? What is the percentage and is it based on the price of the car or the price of car minus trade in? My trade in is approx. $12K to $15K. Also, how much over invoice should I expect to pay for this car with: Steptronic trans, prem. pkg., rear shade and xenons? Any comments appreciated. Thanks
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    algoodman....thanks for all the info.....
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    I believe the luxury tax is 4% of everything over either $38K or $39K. It was 5% in 2000 and will gradually decline over the next few years to 0%. I thought $38K was right but a dealer I spoke with on the phone when I was shopping around for a 540 said he thought it was $39K.
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    Does anyone know if there is a way to track where in the production/shipping process my car is, other than calling my salesman? I just ordered a 540iA, with sport pkg. cold weather pkg., nab, and the 5 spoke wheels. Paid $56,600 inch guzzle tax (not inch luxury and sales tax). I shopped around and got a good deal, I think. Only one other dealer quoted me this price and the dealer I wanted to buy from matched it. Looks like I won't get it until June though. gonna be a long wait! But worth it!
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    go to BMWUSA.COM and look for the owners circle section. You have to register, which requires a vin (which you won't have yet) or a production number, which is on the vehicle inquiry report that the salesman should give you (it shows exactly what was ordered, colors, options, etc.).

    Once you are in, there is a place to click on order tracking. I think it has 6 possible stages: ordered, in production, waiting for transport (aka sitting outside the factory), in transit (on the boat), at the processing center (port) or at the dealer.

    Not sure how timely it is, but still a good way to see if the car has been built).

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    Just curious, since I was told by my dealer I could order a 540ia or 6-speed and get european delivery in 8+/- weeks, why do you have to wait until June? Also, at this point, I've decided to wait for the 2002 model year. Supposedly they start production in September and my dealer speculates there is a 50/50 chance the 2002 model will have the upgraded 4.6 liter 340+ hp engine going into the new 7-series. Not only is considerably more powerful, it may be more efficient and not require gas guzzler tax. I have yet to be able to "officially" confirm any of this. Since you have ordered a 2001 model for June delivery, perhaps you know more??? Did you consider waiting for a 2002 model an additional 4-5 months after your projected June delivery?

    Thanks for any additional info you might have.
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    If you are getting a car from the dealer, it has to come out of their allocation. If they are sold out of a model until April build, you get your car in June. Euro delivery doesn''t come out of the dealers allocation, so you just get on line at the factory. Plus you save the 3 weeks or so for shipping (but you give it back later on!).

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    I too considered ED but was told that the completion date would be about the same (i.e I could pick it up in Munich about the same time as they could begin to ship it over here) but that with ED the delivery time is longer as the customs process is more involved. Basically, it would take 6-8 weeks to ship the car once I dropped it in Europe versus 40 days on a normal non-ED transaction. I did not consider waiting an add'l 4-5 months beyond end May/beg June to get a 2002 model. And actually, if they do start production in Sept it could be 6-7 months add'l until I get the car. I don't think much will change for 2002 (see below).

    As for the 2002 model, I have heard rumors of a 2002 545 with a bigger engine but as near as I can tell it's only rumor and very unlikely to happen. You might try looking at the message board at there is a lot of info flow and most of the people posting seem to be very, very serious about owning BMW. I would also add that since the 540 is getting a major revamp in late 2003 to be sold as a 2004 model, it seems, to me, that BMW would not change engines in 2002.
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    I've ordered a 540iA with the sport package but now am thinking that maybe I should have gone with the 6-speed manual. Can anybody give me some insight into their experiances with either transmission? Thanks.
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    I mentioned in a previous post that my business partner is taking a bigger hit on trading in his 540iA sport than he would have on a 6-speed. He narrowed the gap a little, but the steptronic is still "costing" him about $2,500 in trade-in / resale value.

    As for the driving experience, I am very biased towards manual transmissions. I have owned a 528i 5-speed and I have driven a 2000 M5 and 1999 540i 6-speed on many occassions - and in every kind of situation - highway, stop and go city, and on uncluttered back roads. Comments I've read or heard about "notchy" clutch engagement and "difficult to modulate" were absolutely not apparant to me.

    On the other hand - and no offense intended to anyone with an auto - the steptronic transmission is a farce for anyone who realy wants to "drive" the car. My partner with the 540iA "shifted" his own gears about once every three months when someone else was in the car to show them how it worked. The car was quicker leaving it in full auto mode. Without a clutch to modulate engagement, you've given up 90% of the true driving control you get with a manual. He actually believed that shifting the steptronic on winding roads produced some undesireable results relative to handling/control, but I never personally tried it.

    For the record, I'm 44 and have never owned any car with an aoutomatic transmission. I'm by no means an aggressive driver, but I am a "driver". Fortunately, my 105 lb. wife also believes in manual transmissions (carts our kids around in a 5-speed Isuzu Trooper). I personally cannot imagine getting one of the finest performance sedans in the world and stripping it of some of its potential with a "steptronic". For me it would be like having Frank Lloyd Wright design your house but requiring him to use vinyl siding. But, like I said, I'm biased. And, I would acknowledge that the 540iA is still probably the finest "automatic" sport sedan at any price.

    Best wishes.

    P.S. I'm glad that the M5 doesn't give any choice. Nor does the E55. That really says it all for BMW and Mercedes and why I choose the former.
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    I paid 43K for a 530iA with Auto, Prem, Xenon, convenience and cd. But still, i have to wait over 8 weeks for the car. In the NE, many, many dealers have a wait list, but are still selling on averge for 3-4% below MSRP - Unless you know someone or willing ot take a demo/car off the lot - it will be hard to get something for less. I've checked in at many delaers from Maine to NJ and also on the net -
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    Thanks Mokco for the info. 43K sounds reasonable for the 530iA w/Auto, Prem, Xenon, conv. and CD. This is the same way I plan on getting mine configured, plus the rear shade, and hopefully for around the same price. Did you end up buying in the NE? If so, could you let me know who the dealer is? Also, do you know how the luxury tax works, i.e. percentage rate, is it on the full price of the car or the price your paying after the trade-in? Thanks again.
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    I am in the market for a certified, pre-owned 540i, 1998 vintage...looking at close to $42K asking price from a well-known dealer in a lg Texas city. Car has 22K miles, sport pkg, prem sound system...any sense as to how tight this market is relative to California, NY, others - how much wiggle room should I expect?
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    I must admit that I never paid much attention to the luxury tax scheme - at the end, it amounts to only a few hundred dollars. However, I believe that it is charged based on amount over a certain threshold - 40k? - and I believe that the rate is 10% - the LTax will be charged regardless of the trade-in, although some dealers may make allowances in their selling price to cover it. My TL is apex $390, 10% of the value over 40K. Regardless of your Trade in, you are still buying a 43K car and that equates to Luxury tax.

    I bought mine from a dealer in Westchester NY - I would rate them OK - compared to previous buying experiences. They lied to me about the delivery date (I should have asked for my order number when I bought the car - what was 8 weeks is now 12 weeks) and when I first wanted a test drive of the 530 - they said come back on Saturday (this was on a Wednesday) , and when I returned no car to test drive.

    Honesty is not their strength - but a pleasant bunch of people.
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    I am seriously considering the purchase of a 2001 530iA with premium sports package, convenience package, and xenon headlights. I think the car looks great with a black exterior but I am concerned about the possible maintenance to keep up a black car. Any comments? Also, a sales person told me that with cosmos black metallic I don't have to worry about swirls in the paint. I have owned a number of cars with metallic paint and I believe they all had swirls. Any comment regarding the cosmos black metallic vs the jet black enamel?

    Also wondering about the sports seats vs the standard seats. Any comments?

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    I am planning to buy a new 540iA and am trying to decide whether or not to buy the "Premium Stereo Upgrade". ( I am taking the the "Business CD" but not the changer.) I would really appreciate opinions from anyone who is familiar with either the stock or the upgrade systems preferably as soon as possible so I can order the car.

    PS Does anyone know why the single CD unit is called the "Business CD Player"?
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    I'm ordering a 530iA and I'm wondering if the phone is worth it? Can anyone give me some info? Thanks.,
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    I plan to purchase a new car in April but can't decide what. I am trying to convince myself that
    a BMW 5 series is worth the extra money over a Lexus GS series. I have not driven either yet but I have started to look at prices. (I am strongly considering the GS300 or the 530. I will also test drive the Audi A6) I know some would make the argument that the 525 compares to the GS300 and the 530 compares to the GS430 but if you look at the hp output that does not make sense. Anyway I don't plan to race the car but when I want to pass someone or merge into traffic I want the power to be there. Either car, not sure of the 525 @ 184hp, meet that need.

    The GS series seems to be a better value. More standard features, some small like garage door opener and some big like luxury interior features, lower cost for maintenance, lower purchase cost. I have heard about the driver experience that I hope to experience next month when I test drive these cars. I like both cars appearance. I can afford either car but I don't want to make someone else rich just to say I have either car.
    I have a Acura Legend now.
    Is there anyone else out there who was torn between these cars?
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    I am looking at the 97 or 98 540i. I love the power of the V-8, but hate the gas mileage. However, the 528i with the 5 speed gets decent mileage. Has anyone owned both cars or can tell me how the power on the 528is compare? I've heard that the I-6 engine is more reliable than the V-8s? Also, does anyone know why the 540s used the recirculating ball vs the rack and pinon on the 528?
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    I am in the market for a new car and I was trying to decide whether to go with a 330 or a 525. Any comments?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZMember Posts: 5,379
    The big difference between the two is that with the BMW you can get a manual. To some of us, that is paramount. If it isn't to you, that's possibly a first indicator that all-out handling and performance aren't your priorities. Plushness, quiet and (dare I say it) reliability are probably all better with the Lexus. However, if you delight in passing motorcycles going over the Sierras or on the Pacific Coast Highway, I'd bet you'd be happier in the BMW

    If none of this makes any sense to you at all, by all means go with the Lexus.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    The 525 is considerably roomier, particularly in the back seat. It is also more luxurious, although still sporty. The 330 will be noticably quicker, since it is a couple oh hundred pounds lighter with alot more power.

    Depending on options, and how hard you can negotiate, the price will be about the same, so it comes down to which car better fits your needs.

    The 525 is not a slouch by the way. It may be a little slower off the line, but it is still relatively quick, and has great mid and high range power. Passing trucks or cruising at 90 are a breeze.

    Actually, if you get the 330, add a few hundred to the tab for a really good radar detector, or put a lawyer on retainer.

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    What dealership did you use to purchase a 530i practically loaded at 43k MOKCO?? That's a fantastic deal. I'm in South Fla. and cannot touch one for under 45k. Looking for one in anthracite metallic loaded. Seems to be a difficult color to locate.
    The 530i is no comparison to the Lexus 300. Completely different cars. The Lexus exterior is enough to put anyone to sleep without even driving the car. Stick with the ultimate driving machine!! bogvly.....Who needs the x-tra car cellphone?? I'm sure you carry a portable. Save the $$ for a CD changer. I'm considering this deal in West Palm Beach.....$44,920 with sports/premium and convienience package,business CD, but NO Xenon lights. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated......
  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for the feedback. I live the Washington DC area so I spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic and only on weekends do I get a chance to experience true driving. I also currently have a manual transmission and I am tried of shifting gears in traffic.

    One plus for the BMW is that I always wanted a BMW and it looks a little more sporty (w/sport package) than the Lexus.

    Once I start test driving these cars next month and experience the dreaded financial negotiation that will be the tie breaker.

    Anyone with recommendations of a dealer in the DC, VA, or MD area?

    I have heard a lot of negitive things about the closest dealer to me in Rockville, Md. (don't want to mention any names)
  • jgatsisjgatsis Member Posts: 11

    If you're willing to come down to NC, both dealers here in the Triangle (Raleigh - Durham-Chapel Hill) will do 2K over invoice for any configuration of 525 or 530 you specify. You will have to press a bit, but they will sell for that price. I expect to take delivery of almost loaded 530iA in about two weeks.
  • ktchiaoktchiao Member Posts: 2
    My friend Mike just bought one from NJ (only one previous owner in Long Island). He spent US$34k for this beauty (pre-tax) and got it here (CA) for $38k, total cost.

    That 540iA drives beautifully with a comfortable but firm ride, and surprisingly low wind/road/engine noise. Interior is a little cheap & sharply-angled in my viewpoint. Control buttons are too many, small, & anonymous. Fast, powerful, & enjoys drinking lots of gas ( terrible in San Jose here -$1.95/gal premium).

    Even though I'm driving a 93 LS400, I think the ride of 540iA is excellent, although firm. Personally I suggested him to buy a 98-00 LS400 with a 290hp VVTi engine & VSC. But I think 540iA is also good after riding with it several times. He enjoys aggressive driving but 97 540iA comes without VSC (spinning once already).

    Reliability is unkown to us (Mike got rid of a lemon 2000 Audi A4 1.8T for this 97 540iA recently). Based on my friends' experience (99 323iA, 01 325iA, etc.), BMW is improving regarding this (so far so good for their Bimmers). But my 93 LS400 is so excellent that I wonder when I can get a new car to have it replaced.

    Surprisingly 97 540iA is a little floaty to us, especially when you slash the gas pedal to jump forward on highway (not recommeded), and it will float slowly up and down during strong pickup. Need put some bricks in trunk? He miss A4's agility a little bit.

    We think a used 97-00 540iA is a better choice over brand new 530iA or 525iA. (And I think off-lease used 98-00 LS400s are super bargains -reliability, performance, & ride all included.) Power of 525iA is comparable with V6 Accord, Maxima, and Camry, why go for it? Personally I won't buy a car for 'prestige' or '"feeling" of handling, style, blah, blah, blah'. Must got something real & practical on my car buying.

    One day Mike asked me why cars should be so reliable. He said his other friend hates LS400 because LS400 is too reliable (that guy is a mechanic). Mike asked me what's my criteria to have a car replaced for a newer one. My answers:
    1. The car ages over a threshold you or your family cannot live with, not because it's broken and cannot function, or cash eating. (Ambiguous like life, I know.)
    2. New features which are practical & vital enough over features in the current car. (Like VSC, HID, Brake Assist, curtain airbags, etc. NOT like wood/leather steering wheel, etc.)

    Purely subjective.

    Must stop and go to work.
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    I'm ready to sign on a 525iA (auto, premium, convenience, CD, cold weather) with a MSRP of $42370, for a walk-away of $39670, or $1600 over Edmunds estimated invoice of $38070. Questions:

    --Is $1800 over invoice ($2700 under MSRP) a good deal for this car?
    --Can I negotiate my Residual more -- dealer says he's locked into 59% on a 36 month, 15K mile deal. True, or BS?
    --Can I negotiate my money factor more -- dealer says .0028, or 6.72%, is the best he can do. True, or BS?
    --Edmunds says BMW has no dealer holdbacks. True or not?

    Thanks to anyone with current info on the above negotiating points.


  • taylorttaylort Member Posts: 31

    Thanks for the info. I am very willing to travel down to NC for savings. I will keep them in mind.

  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87

    I have had very good experiences with Mike Mills at Tischer BMW in Silver Spring, MD. Never a problem with their service department and have always been fair on price.
  • cb44cb44 Member Posts: 87

    Residuals rates are usually not negotiable, as they are many times artificially set by the manufacturer to lower lease payments. In fact, a banks residual rate will most times be muchlower than BMW's and at times, more realistic. Only way to raise it would be to take less miles if you can(a 10K lease will probably add 4-5%)

    The residual and money factor rates are set by BMWfs and every dealer has them in a updated printout. The rate you quoted is not that bad, as regular bank rates are 8.5-9.5%.
  • darreng1darreng1 Member Posts: 4
    how weel does the 530 or 528 stay with road during inclimate weather, if this is my only car should I reconsider on 4 wheel drive car or truck, need to know before going fowared with a visit to dealer
  • moimememoimeme Member Posts: 28
    I'm very curious because I decided against the 540i and bought the Audi A6 4.2. For those of you who have decided the opposite, what clinched it for you? For me, I took a particular curve at 45 in the 540i I test drove and almost bit it. My Mazda 626 ES-V6 has taken the same curve at 70 most every day I drive to work, and has even done it in the rain without braking. When I test drove the 540i, it was N. California---bone dry---hadn't rained in about 4 months. I made two passes in a 2000 A6 4.2...first one at 35 ('cause I was scared of losing it again), the second at 75.
  • miloslavmiloslav Member Posts: 2
    I was also torn between 530 and GS. Both are great cars. You can go no wrong with either one.
    I just bought BMW 530 2 000$ over the invoice. The best offer I got from Lexus was 3000$ over invoice.
    It is very subjective. just loved the way 530 drives. Also I am originally from Europe and BMW is more appealing to me.
    Good luck
  • taoboytaoboy Member Posts: 1
    I'm 6/2" and test drove a 525i with moon roof today. Very pleased overall and didn't seem to experience problem with headroom or legroom --- a little snug, just a hand width between top of head and roof --- Anyone out there with experience in this situation? Specs in the brochure seemed to indicate that the headroom with moon roof was 37.4" and I would have thought this would be a problem as other cars this low didn't work --- Lexus, Infiniti and the like --- Strange but true --- Advice? Thanks!
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