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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • Here is what I would do. Check the Pacific BMW web site or any other that offers BMW CD changers to compare the applicability for 3 series vs 5 series. If the part number is the same for both, then they will work. I THINK I recall seeing diferent style changer for the 5 vs. 3 trunk mounts but not positive. That would answer your question about transfering your changer. Pacific BMW has one of the best prices for changers. I know nothing about after market changers if that is what your asking. You may want to search the archives at the site (both 3 and 5 series sites about CD changer questions. Those sites are often helpful. Good luck.
  • kmyeekmyee Posts: 4
    java 513

    I purchased the warranty at the BMW dealership when I bought my car. it is a 125,000 mile/5 year (whichever comes first) warranty. That is the best warranty they could give me..there really isn't any type of warranty that goes beyond those terms AFAIK... I almost didn't want it, but for the peace of mind, I bought it... you may want to ask the dealer you purchased the car from if they have an extended warranty.
  • I am thinking of taking delivery of a 525 this June. I would appreciate any input on the experience with this. In particular, it is critical that the car be there on the pick-up day. Secondly, the salesman tells me that the European delivery price is fixed with no room for negotiation and that they do not have a mark-up or holdback, but get about $500 from BMW for arranging the transaction. Therefore, there is no add'l room for negotiation; is this true?
  • Check the archives and current posts in the 5 series site. There are MANY folks who have done this and are doing it as we speak. Read their experiences first hand. They will be more than happy to explain the details to you.
  • Last week I traded my MB for a 2001 GS300 and I was really disappointed. Returned the GS300 the next day and paid to have my MB returned to me. Yesterday I took possession of a 2000 BMW 528 and I am really pleased. I would recommend that anyone considering a GS300 should first look at a Buick, they handle about the same and the Buick is much less expensive. The difference in price for the Bimmer is well worth it.
  • zoichzoich Posts: 1
    This post regards the gentleman with problem at 80 mph. A bmw cruises at 80 mph is like any other car going about 50 mph, it should be a solid smooth ride. So definitely have your dealer check it. It just sounds odd that the noise only occur at 80mph, does the noise above 80mph? Here is a couple of things that I noticed since I own a 528(duh, we probably all do :-) ) It could easily be your air vent!! I have owned my 528 since it's first shipment rolled into US in 97, and have logged 87,000 miles on it. so after 3 years, I know just about all the little quirks about this car. If could be the dial on your air vent (the red and blue rotary wheel in the middle of your center vents) in the dead center or about there, where cold air mixes with engine hot air, it may produce this whooshing high pitch noise. So gun your car up to 80 mph and give it play with that vent wheel. The other thing that I can think of (since it happens on my RX300), is the seal around your sun roof. so a better way to check could easily be open your sun roof and drive up to 80 mph and see if you can still detect that noise. Good luck.
    ps. Just place an order for the 530's. and I am getting the steptronic gear shifter, does anyone have any experience using that? if so, how did you like it? My cousin took delivery of a 330 last month, with the whole works but kept the manual transie. Man, that thing can fly! I couldn't believer how much torque it gave you on 3rd gear! when that thing was in 3rd, you would think you just shifted from 1st to 2nd because there were so much more power still waiting to be unleashed.
  • I accepted my 530iA 13 Oct 00. It is AWSOME. My first BMW. Have had it up to 115 w/o noise or effort. The steptronic trans is GREAT!! Shifts like a dream. Even with full throttle. The only other car I discovered that shifts as well was a Lexus. Have been getting about 22mpg with it so far. I continue to get stares about the parking lights. Here is my web site if you want to see pics, mud flaps, or xpel instalation.
  • I ordered my 530iA fully loaded and got it for $1500 off MSRP. They're crazy if they
  • Gentlemen,

    I truly appreciate your advice. I just checked the responses on another board and they were indentical - ie go for the 530 or settle for invoice on the 528.

    For those wishing to check these responses go to

    My problem remains that where I live there is only 1 dealer and the same is true from each of the nearest cities (each 4 hours from us). Any advice on how to reach other BMW dealers efficiently ? (Most online bidding services lock you to YOUR areas kingpin)

    Thank you.
  • Use your internet to find BMW dealers around the country. Tell exactly that you are shopping for a specific 528 at a good price. Airfare is still relatively cheap. The dealer will provide you the same service. He is not going to risk taking a hit with BMWNA simply because HE couldn't close a deal with you. You may find one with better price and more options. If you want to order a 530, go back to you site and look for pricing under the archives. I think there have been several inquiries about a dealer in Valley Springs (?) NY. selling at $1,700 under MSRP(?). Good luck.
  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    Thanks for taking a look at my 80mph noise problem. I did have my 00'528iA (with sp-prem. pkg) taken to the dealer couple of days ago. Rode with a technician to demonstrate the noise I've been hearing. They told me their technicians are not allowed to take the car up over the speed limit. "Luckily" he heard it too and after checking, they found out there is a bulletin listed on their board with same problem and do have a way to fix it - they need to order a "bushing?" and replace the old one on the rear aixle of the car. Seems like BMWNA experienced some complains from customers on 3-er's and 5-er's regarding the same problem, and they do have a way to fix it. They placed the order on the part already and are waiting for the part to arrive as we speak, then they'll call me to bring in the car and fix it. HOPE that works....The car has "NO" problem going up to 80mph+!! I have been enjoying the 2800 miles that I logged for the last 2 1/2 months!!
  • See Post 140. Just Do It. It is a great experience.
  • I am looking at purchasing a used 5 series. I want to make sure that I am only looking at the models that have most of the kinks worked out.

  • Having difficulty deciding between the 540iA and the 330i. Comparably equipped 330i costs $17,000 less than equally equipped 540iA. Other than a few more horses and prestige, what makes the 540iA worth the extra money?
  • Your question sounds as if you have no idea what you really want. The 2 cars are completely different animals. What is it you want from the car? Room, performance, mileage? Interior is much different, placement of window and seat controls etc... Take the 3 and 5 series out for a long test drive and see what you really like/dislike. I have a 530 but like the 330 as well. I needed the larger 5 series size for the family. I prefer the window controls on the door rather than the center console and a few other minor things. I have absolutely NO need for the V8. The 530 performs more than I will ever need. I love it. I am also getting about 22 city and 30 highway mileage, not that that really matters when you are shopping for a 540.
  • kmyeekmyee Posts: 4 should consider the 530i... MY friend bought a loaded 330i automatic with navigation...I ended up with a 530i manual and no navigation and it cost a couple thousand more, gets better gas mileage, more roomy, bigger trunk, and is just as fast...My wife prefers the 5 instead of the 3 since it is more comfortable in the back with the child...If i were single the 330i (M3?) would suit me just fine...If you dont care about drag racing someone, and wanted a larger size car, you should consider the 525i (base price of about $36000) , which is in the same price range as the 3 series, but is bigger...
  • rjsenrjsen Posts: 30
    As was said before, they're totally different cars, but...

    I'd go with the 540, assuming you can afford it. What makes it worth the extra $$$? Everything - performance, smoothness, space, amenities, prestige, etc. It's really an amazing car. It weighs 2 tons and has a very comfortable back seat, but is quite fast and handles incredibly well (at least with the sport package, which I'd strongly recommend). The 3ers just don't impress me all that much. They're certainly nice cars, but something about them just doesn't sit that well with me (you may feel differently). As far as the 525/530, the 525 is just too weak (184hp pulling 2 tons of car isn't a good combination), and the 530, while nice enough, can't match either the performance or smoothness of the 540. Put another way, the 530 is a great luxury family car, but the 540 is a true sports sedan. I'd go with the 540 in a heartbeat.
  • Does you local dealer not have a 525 to test drive?? My dealer here in OH as 2. I have a 530. Sounds like you were considering a 528?? The 530 is only about $500 more. Actually $500 less if you consider the moon roof is now included in the prem packages at no additional charge. You may want to shop around. There are some dealer discounting the 530 which might make it more affordable for you. I LOVE my 530. More performance than I will ever need. Good luck on your decision.
  • jdmjrjdmjr Posts: 1
    I am about ready to purchase a 540. I live in New England and am concerned about how the 540 will perform in the snow. Does anyone have experience on how the 540 performs in the snow, particularly on a steep, long driveway?

    Also, does BMW have any plans to provide All Wheel Drive on the 5 Series any time soon? Since they now provide it on the 3 Series and Mercedes Benz offers it on the E430 (the comparable to the 540), I would think that BMW might be thinking about this.
  • Please excuse my ignorance. Looking at the interior dimensions for these two vehicles, all measurements are within an inch of each other. The trunks are only .4 cubic feet apart. They share identical power trains. Can someone please shed some light on the difference between these vehicles? I am stationed in Japan and have an opportunity to purchase a BMW through the overseas military sales program. There is supposed to be a large discount, especially on these new very popular models. Thanks in advance.
  • I just purchased a 'leftover' 528 at a few hundred over dealer invoice. I was looking for a 325 and due to the deal on the 5 series was able to get it at very little over the 3-series price (lease-wise, that is). I love it! It has the sports package and sunroof, that's it. I will probably add a CD, but it's good enough for now. It drives like a dream.

    Has anybody out there added a short-throw for the shifter (got the 5-speed), the throw is a bit long, but it's smooth and solid.

    Got to go tint the windows and that's about all it needs.

    More feedback after some mileage....
  • I hope you get more reponses than I did to Post 140!! I do not have any experience YET but what I was told was to go out and buy 4 snowtires. I have a colleague who lives in Syracuse on a hill and he says with his 3 series M Class and snow tires that he has not had any problem getting around in snow. I went into and bought 4 Blizzaks mounted. Although I have 17" tires on my 540 6speed, they recommend 16" snows. They seem to be very nice tires and arrived via UPS in just a few days. In changing the tires, I think the 16" recommendation was a good idea since the 16" snows were comparable to or slightly larger in diameter than my low profile 17"s. I also have an uphill driveway and live on a hill so the first snowfall of the year in Connecticut will be an interesting test. The Blizzaks also have a preferred direction of rotation so you have to pay attention to which side of the car you are placing the tire.
  • I'm having a hard time getting over the gas guzzler tax that comes with the 540 and not the 530. Can anyone convince me to spend the extra money + guzzler tax of $1300?

  • Other than the .5 seconds difference in reaching 60 mph that seperates each model is there any difference between these cars? Personally, I'll take the worst F1 driver in a 525 versus any mortal in a 540. Or probably even an M5!

    Can you hear the 2.5 liter whine versus the V8? I mean really, 1.1 seconds (525 vs 540) isn't worth that much money, is it?
  • i just bought a 98 528i for $28K with 51K miles on it. was it a good deal? fully loaded with cd changer and moonroof. does anybody know?
  • I too am debating the relative merits of a 525i vs. 530i. I have only driven the 525i, and it is exhilarating (I have been driving a 1986 Jetta GL for almost 15 years however, so almost anything seems exhilarating). In any event, I have two dealers committed to $2000.00 over invoice for any configuration of 525i or 530i I specify. My primary dealer had bottomed out at $2200.00 over invoice until I received an internet bid from the dealer in the next town for the lower price. My questions are two: How much more price movement is there likely to be if I keep pressing? Is the 530i $4000.00 more peppy than the 525i? The whole evolution of this car buying process began with my nearly purchasing a topped out VW Passat, but then making the mistake of driving the BMW. Any thoughts? I am located in the Raleigh-Durham area (the so-called Triangle area) of NC.
  • jgatis,

    Well, I own a 530iA. I absolutely love it. I began wanting a Lexus GS300 for years! Finally went to the BMW after my friend and wife talked me into the BMW and I test drove one as you did. I would have been completely satisfied with a 528 but they screwed up my order so I got a 530 at a good price. Would I get a 525? Not sure. Haven't driven one. Obviously, the 530 has more pep and power. Certainly more than I will ever need. The 525 does not come with a auto dimming rear view mirror. Obviously not a $4k option but it IS nice to have. If I were you, and you are seriously tight on $$'s, I would consider a 99' or 00' 528 on the market. If you are going to order a sport package and want the true performance form a sport package, I would not get the 525. Only my opinion. I absolutely LOVE my 530 w/o sports package!! Here is a link to pics if you are interested.

    Good luck on your decision. You may also want to consider the wait. I am hearing all kinds of stories where dealers are not getting THEIR allocations until Dec/Jan.
  • When I think about $2,000 over invoice being a good price for a beemer, (which it probably is)I choke. When car shopping I'm always thinking Invoice or $100 over. Let the dealer make the money on the hold back. I guess not when you're buying one of the best sports sedans.

    I'm also going to test an Audi A6 2.7T Quattro. Although I don't know if there's any more bargaining room with Audi's, I've read great things about them.
  • hoehnjc,

    Thanks for the input. In fact, the 530iA w/o sport pkg. is exactly what I'm looking at(indeed, I think the sport wheels detract from the elegance of the car). Dollars aren't the issue, but if you don't keep the incrementalism in check, before you know it, you're entertaining an M5. As for the wait, remember I said I've been driving an '86 Jetta for almost fifteen years - I'm a patient man. Any thoughts on my pricing issues? Thanks.
  • As for the pricing issues, I think $2K over invoice is a pretty good given it is a new model. Some dealer are not discounting at all. Others are. I have heard of a dealer giving $1,700 over invoice in NY but I think that is rare. Again, I would weigh in the dealers ability to get an allocation. Some dealers do not/will not get an allocation until Dec/Jan for a Mar 01 delivery. If the dealer offering $2,200 over invoice is local,I would consider that a plus also. Some dealers provide loaners, more personal service when the car is purchased through them. I think that is worth the additional $200. Is the 3.0l engine worth $4K? Probably not. Like I said, it depends on what you expect from the car. I have heard several people complain that the 3.0l does not perform like the 540. Well, DUH, no kidding. Just don't expect the 525 to perform like the 528 or 530 of course. I am sure they are all fine machines! I love mine. 2,900 miles since 13 Oct.
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