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    I don't think $500 to extend is a good deal. That equates to $500 for 14,000 miles worth of routine "service", but, as I understand it, not tires or brakes. The warranty already covers any major mechanical repairs. Unless the 45,000 mile BMW service happens to cost about $600, I'd personally put the $500 in the bank and use it and the interest earnings when the time comes in three years.


    I think $35.9k sounds rather high for a 1999 with 41k miles. I was just at my Washington DC area BMW dealer, and they had an untitled 2000 model with 11,000 miles for $37,900. It included the sport-premium package. As much as I like BMW's, I think if I were going for a wagon, I'd also consider the Mercedes with 4-Matic. It's more expensive, but considerably bigger inside (two additional kids seats in back) and my neighbor's does very well in the snow (they have ski cabin in Pennsylvania). I've seen 1999's with 20,000 to 40,000 miles here for about $38-42k. They also seem to maintain long term value extremely well compared to BMW or Audi wagons.
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    I have a 530i with about 600 miles on it, my previous car being a '93 325i. I test drove a 528i several years ago and decided that the car needed more power, and decided to wait for the 3.5 liter V-8 that is sold in Europe to arrive in the U.S. Got tired of waiting and finally ordered the 530i, reasoning that it should perform about the same as my 325i, taking the ratio of 2.5 liter displacement to 3100 pounds for the 325; vs 3.0 liter displacement for 3500 pounds. I am pleased to report that the 530i is surprisingly strong! Furthermore, German cars are known to get stronger as they wear in. Quite pleased.
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    I have a 1994 530i with an unusual problem. About every 10 months it floods when I attempt to start it. It happens immediately, not after repeated cranking in an attempt to start the car. The starter will spin like a top, but the engine absolutely will not fire. The last two times this happened were only 30 days apart. Each time the car flooded I had to get it towed to the dealer (~$90) and the repairs to get it started ran about $250 on the average. The sad thing is I have taken the car to two different dealerships in my immediate area and while each shop has gotten the car running, neither has a clue to the cause of the problem. What I want is to fix the problem, not continue to pay tow and shop charges. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm considering to buy a new 5-series with very tight budget.
    Is 525 some kind of under powered bottom-of-the-line car?
    Should I spend extra 4k for extra 40 hp?
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    Opps. Hit some keys by accident in previous post!

    I heard different advises on break in period for 5 series (just pick up 540i this weekend - Love it). Please advise on things that I ABSOLUTELY should not for the first 1200 miles (e.g. do not rev the engine beyond 5000 RPM, do not drive over 100 MPH, etc..)

    Thanks. Hnn
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    I have driven a new 525i, and don't consider it to be underpowered, but it depends on what you consider enough power (or what you are used to). It is a little slower off the line (less torque), but moves along nicely when under way. Tremendous pick-up on the highway or for passing.

    Actually, the 5 series is only a couple of hundred pounds more than the 3 series with the same engine (actually may weigh less than a 3 series wagon).

    INHO, the 525i is a very good value if you want a 5-er, not an under-engined stripper, but I imagine the 530i is very sweet.

    The better comparison might be to the 2000 528i. Much less difference in power and torque, big difference in price for essentially the same car (few less gadgets).

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD, 2023 Maverick hybrid Lariat luxury package.

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    Anyone have any experience or comments about the Atlanta dealers? We live close to Global but don't know anything about them or any of the others. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I've owned 3 BMWs for the past 12 years and recently traded in a 97 540I(Auto)with 70,000 miles. Firstly, the 540I is, in my opinion, the finest sedan made.I bought it in July of 1997 using the European Delivery program and used it for 2 months there. For people considering the 5 Series, I have these comments:

    1. The 540 was great on the autobahns and autostradas, but if most of your driving is commuting in the US, I would recommend a 525 with all the amenities of the 540. It will save you 10+ grand, and the 525 is more than sufficient motorwise for US driving.

    2. At about 40,000 miles the catalytic converters clogged up and they were replaced under warranty.

    3. It blew about 4 headlight bulbs which I had to pay for because the dealerships (all that I contacted) wanted me to schedule service to replace them under warranty, so I bought the bulbs at about 12 bucks apiece and put them in myself. Bad form, I thought.

    4. The trunk power lock broke out of warranty. I purchased a new servo motor (50 bucks) and replaced it myself.

    5. Three of my rims were bent (on the inside) so I ended up with only two wheels that would fit on the front (bigger brakes)the bent rims would rub against the calipers on the front. No more tire rotation was possible. The bent wheels were the spare and the two rears. If you are buying used, make sure you check the wheels. I changed all four tires at about 60K and the tire guy told me bent rims were very common on 5-Series he'd seen.

    6. I went through a set of front and rear brake pads at about 45K (front) and 50K (rear). Replaced them myself. If you wait until the pad sensor alerts you, you have to replace the sensor(s) and the pads (sensors cost 12 bucks). The pads will make a loud squeal (there are bits of soft metal in the pads that are there to give you that warning) when they need to be changed, before the sensor gets squished.

    7. After the free service ran out, I changed my own oil and filter. It is definitely cheaper than the dealer even buying the expensive filter from BMW.

    8. Just changed the windshield wiper rubber before knowing I was trading it. They only sell the rubber and it is 42 bucks a set (2). Highway robbery and it is a pain to install. I installed only the driver's side before trading the car. I only replaced the driver's side and now have a 21 dollar strip of rubber. LOL

    9. I had an inspection and oil service reset tool from earlier BMWs that worked on my 97. I recommend anyone doing their own service get one.

    10. If you buy new and intend to keep the car beyond the warranty period, get an extended warranty. It would have been worth a couple of grand at trade-in for me. If you lease forget about it. I would also recommend leasing, they have you over a barrel at trade-in time if you buy. I got 22,700 from the Mercedes dealer for my car. Went to Carmax to see if he was crazy, and they offered me 20K. LOL

    I miss the car, I only traded it in because my company leased me a car and my "allowance" did not provide enough for another 540I. The 3-Series just wasn't comfortable enough and none of the 3 BMW dealers I visited were capable of offering a 5 Series within the "allowance". The only 5-Series that met the criteria was a manual 525 with no sunroof, no climate control (i.e. minus convenience package. The dealer that I bought my 540I new, wasn't even interested in discussing the matter when he heard the "allowance" amount. LOL The salesman was disappointed but advised me that there was new ownership and that he had lost many of his customers, for the same reason.

    Oh, I bought a Mercedes C-320 with a convenience package that met the "allowance" criteria. Nice car, has all the amenities (a few more actually) of the 540I, feels just as roomy, handles well and has plenty of power and is comfortable. Unfortunately, somehow there was no thrill in picking the car up and driving it away like there was when I picked up the 540 in Munich. Maybe I'll grow to like it.
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    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best place to purchase an extended warranty for a new 530i? Anything in particular that I should be looking for when selecting one?

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    The only one that will be worth anything to a potential buyer (and the only one that will be useful to you) is the one offered by BMW. I think BMW will sign you up as long as the standard warranty is in force.
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    Drove both the 525 and the 530 - back to back.

    525 seems to wind out quite a bit more. 530 was noticeably more powerful.

    Spend the extra $4,000 - figured I would always feel the 525 was under powered if I went that route.

    Picked up a few standard features on the 530 that are N/A on the 525 - rain sensor wipers work surprisingly well!

    Also, re: sport seats. A little stiff at first, but you get used to them. Most others who drive the car feel they are great - glad I went this way.
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    Noticed that I was going surprisingly fast in my new 530 according to the speedometer. Figured it was the superior ride and handling.

    After some time, could not shake the feeling that something was off. Compared it to a few other vehicles and the 530 read about 5 MPH high. Took it to the dealer and they confirmed that speedo read 5 MPH high at 60 MPH. Was told this was within "normal BMW tolerance"!

    Maybe I am over reacting here, but an auto that sells for close to $50,000 should contain instruments that are more accurate then 8%.

    Also, I figure my odometer is also reading about 8% high. Probably should keep this in mind when vehicle comes off lease if I go over mileage limit.

    Read that BMW leases most of their cars... Odometer reads 8% high... This is normal...????? If it is normal, BMW leasing is doing well with all those extra miles at 20+ cents...

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Have written BMW corp thru the owners web site and am awaiting reply. Dealer was of no help.
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    I own a 2000 528i 5-speed with sport package and love the car, and have so far 22,000 miles on the odometer. For the last few months the tires made a disturbing loud noise and after taking the car to the dealer, I was told that I needed new tires. As part of the sport package it came with high-performance tires (Continental ContiSport Contact 235/45 R17 94Y). It’s one thing having to replace the tires so soon but it’s an entirely different thing to pay $1,200 for a set of four new Continental tires, incl. installation. Did anyone have a similar experience with excessive tire wear, and what other (cheaper) tires are recommended?
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    8% high compared to other cars, which are designed to read 3-4% high anyway, means that your car may be reading 11-12% high. I'd have it read by a police officer with a radar gun.

    You bring up an interesting point leasing-wise as well as for buyers. Class-action suit!!!!
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    Relax. EVERY BMW I've owned since 1983(five and counting) have read @5mph fast at highway speeds. Big deal. And anyway, the OBC average speed function is spot on.
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    Here is the scoop- am getting rid of my 99 Lexus RX300. too much of a female friendly car, and I want something bigger and more comfortable. My search is all over the place-from Chewy Tahoe to 540i. Base criteria is to be able to ride in great comfort for 4 hrs intervals, 4 people, and in a suv type all wheel drive. Since I just finished driving a 540i I am willing to consider dropping the 4x4 thing. Price can not exceed
    $50 grand. Here are your choices: Lexus GS430, Audi A6 2.7t, BMW 530 or 540i(can you get a 540i for under 50?. At 6'-2" I need some good interior room for 4 people. The 540i did not look that big in the back, and what's with the big hump in the center?
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    The 540I (or the 525 and 530) is not a big car interior-wise for it's category. Four people will be quite comfortable however. The 540 is the finest sedan in the world regardless of price, almost every publication agrees. That said, it is a bit smaller than a 7-Series BMW or Mercedes S-Class. It will be difficult to get a 540I for less than 50K with taxes etc., but you will be close. Unless you go for an SUV, forget the other cars you mention, they are not nearly in the same league. The hump in the center is called the drive shaft tunnel, BMW's are rear wheel drive, like all cars should be. I just sold my 97 540I. It was the finest car I ever owned, but I'd recommend the 530I for the US. Why throw away 5-6K on a motor you'll never use here.
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    Agreed. The 5 series is a very smallish car on the inside, smaller than its exterior would suggest. I would take a serious look at the Audi A6 4.2 as opposed to the 2.7T. It looks much better than the 2.7 and could be had below your 50k with some bargaining. Its got strong v-8 power, albeit not quite as strong as the 540, and makes killer snarly noises. The interior is larger than the 5 series and definately much nicer and with more class and better materials. The nicest of any.... I am being objective on this as I am in the markey for a new car as well and at this point don't own an Audi or BMW. I test drove a 98 528 on Sunday and was not impressed, though. Don't fall for the BMW is superior hoopla..Bad10
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  • leothelionleothelion Member Posts: 14
    Why not fall for the BMW is superior hoopla? Is the MB320 better? Or do you have your heart set on the AUDIE 6, 420--and, if so, why?

    Thanks for your reply.

    The Great Dane
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    I'd go with the A6 2.7T. The A6 4.2 and the 540i are really nice cars, but you can't realistically get one for under $50k. The A6 4.2 base price is $49.4k, while the 540i base price is $51.1k.

    The 2.7T is a really nice engine, even if it is a little less refined than a V8. I suppose if you value comfort above all else, the GS430 would be the better choice. If you enjoy driving at all, however, get the A6 2.7T.
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    Has anyone been able to receive low prices based on the dealers true cost foa any type of new Bmws for either the Euro invoice or Ud delivery invoice????
    please email direct to: [email protected]
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    AUDI: Actually, the 4.2 has very few available options, since it comes so well equiped. A nicely loaded one msrp's around 52k and you can get them for usually around 1500 over invoice which will put it well below 50k.I don't care much for the looks of the 2.7, but it is a great value. I am a little leary of a turbo car, as well. Though I do hear the turbo's on that car are pretty bulletproof. Something about the flared fenders and longer front end of the 4.2 that really do wonders for the looks of the car vs' the 2.7. To me it just looks so much more agressive and gets my blood boiling, while the 2.7 just looks too plain IMO. The audi interior is soooo much nicer than the BMW's, plus its larger and more comfortable. Quattro is a huge feature for people that deal with nasty weather, which I dont.
    BMW: When I first started looking I was dead set on buying a 5 series. The more I looked, and drove (528/530) the less enamored I became with the car. It is very small inside (I'm 6'5" 225lbs) and the more I looked the more I noticed the lack of features and cost cutting. I just dont find the interior all that appealing. I also think the current generation 5er is getting a little long in the tooth. The exterior styling was once a high-point for me but now its starting to look dated IMO,along with the interior. Don't get me wrong, its a good handling car and likes to be driven hard but especially in 528 form I find it to be woefully underpowered. Obvoiusly, the 540 is awesome (for a sedan) powerwise and the 530 is margianally better than the 528 but I just decided that I wont step up to a new 530/540 and incur the huge financial hit of a new car when its new version is going to be out in + - 1 1/2 years. Throw in the fact that I see 50 of them on the road a day and they have become somewhat nauseating. What initially seemed like an exclusive car somehow just doesant seem so special anymore. The 5er seems like a "ME TOO" car now. No offence to you BMWPHILES out there.
    Mercedes: the e320 bridges the gap, powerwise, between the 2.7/4.2 and the 528. Doesant handle as well as the BMW but I could fix most of that since I would change springs and tires anyway. The interior is somewhat stark and looking dated as well. However, I am one of the people that still likes the looks of the exterior, especially with the wheel upgrade. I won't buy a new one of these either because, like the BMW, the new model will be out in 1 1/2 years or so. I see far fewer of these cars on the road in San Diego, which is a plus for me.
    In closing, the BMW is out for sure, this was solidified after I drove a pre-owned 98 528 last sunday.....weak power and it didn't do much for me in any other catagory. So its either a new Audi 4.2 or a used 98 E320 and then wait until the new 5 series and e-class comes out,as I cant stand driving only my truck any longer. BAD10
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    I tested the a6 2.7t and the gs430.Since I have never owned a German auto, the interior styling leaves me mystified. I get the impression of it being 20 years out of date compared to the Lexus. Talk about cup holders-the ones on the Audi and BMW were pathetic. Little things like my right knee knocking into the center console that protrudes into the cockpit are unsettling. Maybe I am not enough of a carphile to appreciate the subtleties of German design, but the Lexus appeared much more up to date with the interior style.The GS430 had awesome power and control, but not much room for four adults. I wonder if the Audi is something that grows on you after awhile. Any comments?
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    yes, the Lexus is nice on the inside but for the choice and color of materials which I fine derivative. The styling is of course subjective and the GS is nice nevertheless inside. I personally prefer the interior of the Audi, something about the combination of leather, wood, and real aluminum that I find very tasty and unique. Cup holders I would probably never use so they are not much of a factor for me. However, I find the exterior of the GS to be absolutely hideous, especially the droopy rear. Also, it handles like the living room couch compared to the BMW and AUDI. Its off my list, obviously.
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    I don't know if it is all "hoopla" with respect to BMWs, it's just that they are designed and built with performance (not just straight line) in mind. Cupholders don't receive big design budgets at BMW. Most "enthusiast" magazines always rate them very high, while "consumer" magazines rate them low.

    Furthermore, the 525 and the 530 are, in my opinion, better suited to the manual transmission. The torquey 540 does well with the automatic, but after driving my new C-320 a few days, I have to say that the Mercedes automatic is much more refined than the automatic on the 540 I just sold. I think that BMW (3 and 5 series)is not the best car for people looking for a luxury car with many amenities, luxury/amenities/space utilization are not the major focus of the design team. I think they try to achieve an acceptable level of luxury/amenities/space utilization, but it is not their goal to be number 1 in these areas.

    If you have a chance to look under a BMW you will see where the money goes. Suspension components are huge compared to the Japanese luxury competitors, and are designed for stability in 100+ MPH sweepers one finds on autostradas and autobahns, this is not a big requirement in the US. Cooling systems are designed for hours of 100+MPH driving, another requirement that is not placed on cars designed for the US market like the Japanese luxury models. If it wasn't for the fact that BMW has an image, which many Americans aspire to, they wouldn't sell many, as there are luxury cars better suited to the US market. Mercedes, for example, tries to achieve an acceptable level of European level of performance but doesn't have absolute performance as a design goal, they try to be number one in comfort, amenities and space utilization in Europe, but they also must meet the stringent requirements of the European luxury car buyer, so they have spend a bit more than the Japanese on design and production of chassis, suspension and motor while maintaining the lead vis-a-vis BMW with respect to luxury/amentities/space utilization. Audi is a strange fish, they have access to mass-produced componentry used in VWs and can add some high-level content. The closest things to Audis are Lancias and Alfa-Romeos which are not sold in this country. Good cars, but based on cars for the masses basic designs, not really in the same league as BMW or Mercedes.
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    I'm planning on purchasing a 540i and want to do the European Delivery pgm. I spoke to some dealers and they are quoting somewhere between 7 to 9 percent discount off of msrp. Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? What else should I consider if anything?
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    What do you think? A minimally equipped 5 series euro delivery seems the better deal. Which would be the better car in your opinion? They are close to the same price again Euro delivery and the BMW while small is a little bigger than the C. Your response is appreciated
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    While the 5 has a bigger exterior dimension, I find the C actually rommier inside. The 5 will have a new style in a year or two while the C will probably remain unchanged in the next 5 years
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    BMW Gurus,
    I am looking at buying a 97, 528i with 38K miles at around $30K. This is from a non BMW dealer but one who specializes in preowned BMWs. Is this a decent deal ? I am a BMW newbie having drive Toyotas before. Is there something I should be looking for ?
    I have not put out $30K for a car before but have done my nada, edmunds, kelley surveys and found this price below all of them.
    This dealer claims his own 250-point inspection is better than the certified pre-owned inspection. How can I tell ?
    I am two days away from a buying decision.

    Looking for your advice and thank you in advance.
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    Just ordered a 530i with sport/premium for ED on April 26th. Got what I think is a pretty good price from CarMax ( (888) 607-9898. They are an actual BMW dealer in Chicago.

    Got $2,617 below ED MSRP, and that's a "no-haggle" price, meaning you will just get that price. No B/S. The local dealer here in Columbus wouldn't budge at first from ED MSRP. I showed them CarMax's price, and they still didn't match it. Maybe they didn't believe me...

    Details of the deal:
    US MSRP for this car is: $44,345.
    ED MSRP is $41,485
    CarMax ED price was $38,968

    It's not surprising that CMX does a LOT of ED's. They did 60 last year even thought their domestic allocation (which doesn't limit ED sales, despite what a dealer will tell you) is only about 120 cars!

    In case you're interested, dealer invoice on a base 2001 530i for ED (the only component of the ED discount) is $32,975, or a $2,645 discount off of US invoice.

    If I'm doing the math correctly, with destination charges, etc., the dealer will make about $1,700 gross on my car at this price.

    The only drawback in all this is that you have to pick up the car in Chicago...!

    (Full disclosure: I used to work at CarMax corporate... but this is an "arm's length" transaction, and again, anybody can get that price!)
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    I just drove the 540i today. Incredible ride over the CLK430 and Lexus430. Dealer wouldn't budge less than $55,990.00 for a Sport Package in Anthracite Metallic. The price seems alittle steep although the car is worth the financial woes.Any suggestions??
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    I was quoted a price of $59,784 for a fully loaded 540iA Sports Package car. This car has everything but the Cold Weather package, and In- Dash CD player, and the Park Distance Control. Momentum BMW in Houston quoted that price.

    The MSRP was a tad over $62K. The Euro price includes all TT&L...

    Once again, this is Euro delivery price. If my math calculations were correct in backing out the tax, title and license, that should make the car about $53K...

    I would be very surprised to find any BMW dealer who will really deal with you on a 540i..they are simply to hot to sit on a showroom floor.

    An earlier post mention a $55K price, but that person listed no options other than a Sports Package.

    Regarding comments made about the 540i's interior being too plain, I am sort of amazed by that. Cup holders are not an issue with me, nor are they with the 99.99999% of German drivers who are more concerned with the road, and not their coffee, morning papers, cell phones, make-up, etc...

    Personally, I find the Audi to be stiff, and lacking any sort of refinement..(MHO).

    I dnot care for Mecedes, because the C class and E Class that I drove were not fun, and the M/B salesman's snotty attitude did not help at all....

    Maybe the styling of the E39 5 Series is getting a bit dated. It will be a 2004 model that will come out in late 2003 for the new 5, and it will most likely have the new V-8 that is coming out in the new 7 Series, which will be at least 347hp.

    I can certainly live with the styling of the current 5, and despite a few drawbacks with the inside styling, it will also do just peachy until late 2003!!!!

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    Can anyone tell me what I can expect to get off MSRP for a 2001 525/530?

  • nolefsunolefsu Member Posts: 8
    Thanks so much for the info "540i rocks". This car does include the BMW in-dash CD. Its loaded except for the cold weather package and park distance control. MSRP was $56,920. Dealer knocked off a $1000. Total cost with TT&L is $60,400. Thats out of Florida. Dealer is sticking and giving me a day to decide. You're absolutely right.....there is a lineup behind me for the car. Guess dropping the deal another $500-$1000 is asking for too much?? This car is a winner...what a ride,and I've driven everything above( AUDI,MERCEDES,LEXUS ETC.). Sounds like a decent deal compared to Houston dealer. What do u think? Would u recommend holding out for a Eur. delivery 540i?? Not familiar with this process....
    Thanks for your help.
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    I ordered a new 525i sports wagon 2 weeks ago.
    Does anybody have experience with BMW's on-line order tracking system?
    How long have other people waited for their car? The dealer told me it would take ~ 2 months.

    Btw, I drove the new 530d wagon in Germany a few weeks ago. Its a shame BMW does not offer it in the US...
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    I am interested in the BWM 530iA sedan. The question I have is how does this car perform in the snow/ice with the rear wheel drive? Does the traction control help any? My first concern is about driving it up a snow or ice covered driveway or hill and was wondering how it handled, will it get stuck going up a hill or will traction control eventually get you up it? Second concern is driving on a snow or ice covered road and also driving in the rain. Usually cars with rear wheel drive are terrible in the snow and sometimes even spin out in the rain and I didn’t know if the BMW was different. I currently drive a 4WD SUV and basically it goes where ever I point the wheel, so the BMW will be a big change for me. Would like to hear comments from some owners of the 5 series about driving in various weather conditions. I was also looking at the 330Xi All Wheel Drive and was wondering how this car performed in various types of weather. Any comments on either the 330Xi or the 5 series would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    BMWs actually do quite well in snow if they are equipped with proper snow tires. Most people who drive rear-wheel drive cars in the snow belt have two sets of wheels/tires - one for winter and one for the rest of the year. Consult Tire Rack ( for snow tire tests and comparisons.
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    I'm planning on purchasing a '98 or '99 bmw 528i. Are there major differences between the two models? Should i save the extra $$ if the '98 has really low miles? Please advise.
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    As an owner of many cars, I find the BMW 5 series and 3 series far superior than others in its class such as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. What amazes me most is how comfortable and practical the BMW 5-series interior is. It may not have massaging seats, 10 square feet of wood, or 20 way adjustable seats wrapped in 10 million dollar leather, but the seats support anyone wonderfully!

    Best of all, I chose BMW because if its safety. The 3, 5, and now the X5 achieved great scores.

    What amazes me the most is their performance. The handling is best in class, yet the ride is almost as good as the Lexus GS300, without the floatiness. The engine does not produce a lot of horsepower, but feels powerful and is quick! The manual transmission is perfect, but it's the Steptronic that is the best in the industry. It shifts so smooth, and can be used as a real manual.
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    In edmunds description of new features for the 1992 BMW 525, there is no reference to engine changes, yet when I see pictures of that car, the engine looks very different from the 1991 model yr. Can anyone give me engine difference info?
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    the last bmw i owned was an 86 528E..i loved it.
    I am thinking of coming back this year with a 2001 530ia...or a used 2000 528i....I have some questions....the 530 has 28 more horses than the 528...what will 0-60 be as compared to the 528? are their any other major diffs between them....and finally..what % off msrp can I expect on a sharp more finally! about a quote on a lease for the 530ia..36mo..0 down..15K miles per included. thanks..VEEIKLE
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    In late 1991 BMW switched to the M50 engine in the 525i. Unlike it's predecessor, it has a timing chain and hydraulic lifters. It's a jewel of an engine.
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    I noticed from several posts some pretty high prices being paid for 540's. I'm not probably not buying until later this summer and am still considering an M5 (#2 on the waiting list). However, here is the deal I've reached if I decide to get a 540 European Delivery:

    540i 6-speed US Base MSRP $53,900

    Euro Delivery Base MSRP $50,125
    My Dealer Discount off Euro Delivery ($2,500)
    Options at Invoice:
    Navigation System $1,530
    Premium Hi Fi $1,020
    Rear Airbags $470
    Rear Sunshade $490
    Parallel Wheels $255
    Total Price Euro Delivery - $51,390

    Add Gas Guzzler $1,400
    Add Sales Tax (7%) $3,597
    Grand Total - $56,387

    Personally, I would have a very difficult time not jumping to an M5 if I was paying close to $60k for a 540 before taxes. My M5 at full MSRP will come in at $71,520. I think a 540i 6-speed for $20k less is a reasonable compromise. For only $12k less ...??
  • ammecammec Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone have any idea on the approximate delivery time for a 530iA? Are they readily available at dealers or do they have to be ordered? I've heard some delivery times as long as 4 months, is this the case all over? Thanks
  • kechalkechal Member Posts: 10

    I'm looking to purchase a 540iA (first BMW). I'm sure I'm getting the sports package, cold weather package, nav system, and 5 spoke wheels. Not sure about the comfort seats or rear sunshade. Can anyone comment on how the comfort seats feel vs. sport seats and whether the sunshade is worth getting? I've received a quote, via internet, of $58,545 (includes guzzler tax and destination charge). How does this price look? Also considering Euro delivery, anyone know how to get pricing on ED? Thanks.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282

    For ED prices, check out the website: Note that, according to the guy that runs the site/buying service, 2001 prices are the same as 2000 for the 540's.

    Check my post #296 for a rough idea of what you should be paying, assuming you can find a dealer willing to discount off the ED prices. I think you should be able to get your car for about $53,000 including guzzler and destination.

    By the way, my business partner has a 2000 model of the same car that you're considering (i.e. loaded 540iA sport). He got the automatic to appease his wife. However, he is now trading for an M5. Even though the automatic with sport and 6-speed cost about the same new, the trade in / resale value is at least $4,000 less on his automatic. It's a perfect car with only 16,000 miles. He is charging his wife the difference!! You may want to consider a 6 speed if resale value is a consideration.
  • peteropnypeteropny Member Posts: 15
    I guess it depends on what area of the country you're in. Both of the local dealers in Cincinnati have them available on the lot.
  • blitzerblitzer Member Posts: 3
    To those considering European delivery, I highly recommend it as a wonderful experience. Not only do you save on the price of the car but you will have a blast on the autobahns and tootling around the Alps.

    I put 4 Blizzaks on my 540i for winter here in Connecticut and have it to be very good in the snow. I live on top of a hill and have an uphill driveway. The grip is excellent with the snow tires and the traction control has been wonderful. This was a large concern I had before purchasing the car but not any longer. I've been very impressed with its handling in the snow.
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